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I think we all do our fair amount of stalking or...

I think we all do our fair amount of stalking or (research) before saying a word on RS???? the addiction becomes real, real quick. Results, reviews, before and after pics, and the overall experience is something we all need so dearly to make the right decision of where to get our surgery and with whom. For as long as I can remember I have had weight and body issues. Never have had a flat tummy. NEVER. EVER. Even at 5"5 and 130 lbs the tummy hung on for dear life. I remember as a young girl sitting on the toilet and hating the flab on my tummy, wishing I could grab the scissors and cut it off. I am 24 years old now, a recent and proud mother of one sweet and loving 10 month old little boy. My greatest love and greatest blessing. When I became pregnant with my son I weighed a healthy 145 and reached 210 at the end of my pregnancy. Having Recently suffered a miscarriage of twin children 3 weeks prior to conceiving my son, my domestic situation, an abusive relationship and then single parenthood all led me into taking comfort in food in my pregnancy. And now here I am, 10 months Post Partum at 180 lbs. We are reaching our 1 year breastfeeding mark in Feb, and I want and NEED the surgery soon after. Momma needs this. I NEED this. I deserve to be happy and finally wear a Fucking TWO PIECE thong bikini with a flat stomach, small waist and a FAT ASS ?? # YES LAWD
Dra Fragoso Baez from Dominican Republic . That is my doctor, and she may not know it yet but I do !! ????
I am from Arizona, and the most convenient place to do surgery would be Mexico. But they just do not achieve the desired body shape and results I am seeking. I have always just about have wanted to die to have hips and also a butt. Also boobs and now that I have them they are a problem because now I have learned just how far a boob can stretch (thanks to my Breastfed little one) lol so thems need life as soon as possible okayyyy . The hour glass figure is what we have been taught to be the ideal feminine figure, I want it, we all want it!! I know I can not get multiple surgeries at once, so my journey will realistically be a few rounds. And that is all fine with me!! . My health and life is my most important desire after all. And this aside from her results is why I have chosen to pursue Dra Baez as my surgeon. It seems health and safety is her priority. . I will most likely do the bbl + aggressive lipo+ the brachioplasty for Thee bat wings first, and if doable I would also do the tummy tuck. Don't y'all wish there was some magical fucking wand to wave over ourselves and VOÏLA... your perfect body......????????????????
First email answered and one Whatsapp message waiting to be answered so far, already sent my current pics some stats and desired procedure, I can't fucking wait to hear back...
Let me shut up now Baez dolls hit me uppppppp I need all the info/ advice I can get!!!
But damn, we about to be Fine as FCK!! Well,... FINERR ????????????????????

Short communication with Baez

I chose to Whatsapp Dr. Baez after one exchanged email. Her response time has been somewhat prolonged. I do understand she has just had a child, and we all know the mom life. What does have me somewhat skeptical is how general and short her responses are. I speak Spanish and that is how we are communicating, so language barrier is not a problem. Makes me actually question who the hell is writing me.... The last messaged she had asked which procedures are most important to get done first. I said lipo, bbl, and brachioplasty is what I would want done first. I was thinking she would get the most fat to transfer by doing the lipo first, since I store majority of my overall fat in my stomach. She replied today and said I could do "abdomen and breast surgery first" and I could return in three months for the lipo and bbl.....what do y'all think of this ? Has anyone gone through the same or similar surgeries as I am wanting. Need feedback and comments please...
& no quote or possible surgery date yet...

Tummy tuck before bbl

I just want to add, the reason why doing the tummy tuck first doesn't make sense to me is because, that is where most of my fat is. I, as most of us all do, want the most possible cc's harvested from my body and transfered to my booty. So, I'm a little skeptical here... I need some advice from you vet ladies and Baez dolls please and thank you...

Pre op pics

I still can not come to terms with my post pregnancy body. A lot of damage I have done to myself with so much weight gain. Stretch marks and loose skin And fat. I have fat girl arms as a result of constant weight yoyoing. Seeing these pictures makes me realize what a problem my arms are, and even though I'm scheduled for tt lipo and bbl I am going to speak to Dr Baez about doing the brachioplasty 1st round also. Believe or not they bother me the most.

Quote and surgery date

The quote I recieved from Baez for Tt,lipo&bbl is $3900.
For breast lift and brachioplasty (which is removal of the batwings )
We initially decided to split the surgeries in two rounds.
Tf lipo and bbl first found, then go back in 3 months for breasts and arms. Im still deciding if thats whats best for me, because i would really like my arms first round also.Well see how my laha come out then ill present my wishes to Dra Baez and see if she agrees. My safety is whats most important afterall. Im not Taking any risks.
Im also super excited about such soon surgery date!! Its a bit surreal i got to admit. I asked for the soonest date possible and she delivered with March 10th. I still have to pay the deposit to "secure my date" so I will update when I do so. TWO months away!!! OMG i am so ready. I need to start looking into supplies i will need, so girls, do help a girl and let me know what I Need to take!! Thank you

pre-pregnancy pics


I can't believe my son will be a year old next month. I have made so many sacrifices in motherhood and one of those has been my body. Being 24 years old I can't believe the effect two pregnancies, one full term, had on my body. As my sons first birthday approaches and he gets more and more independent I am starting to feel more and more like myself. I honestly can not wait for surgery so I can gain the confidence I use to have. I know my body will not be the same, it will be better. ;) I really feel embarrassed of my body now in many ways it holds me back from a lot because I don't want to be seen this way. Once Baez snatches me up like I'm confident she will, there's no stopping me honey. I'm telling you

Currency in DR

Dominican peso-
The rate is at 43 pesos to 1 dollar.

Small Waist Thick Hips Fat Ass Trying to Get Bodied in DR

Hey Ladies ! So I've been researching and narrowing down on Drs for the procedures I want done. Which are BBl tummy tuck lipo to my arms waist and back (I want a tiny waist) , and also breast lift with implants. My first choice of course is Duran. I have not gotten one email back from her or her team. ???????????? I could cry but I do plan on calling and calling and calling once I am ready to put down a deposit. Yily got back to me asap but I do not like the way she is leaving girls bodies out here . They look so weird to me. Cabral has amazing small waist and snatching abilities and the booties are fat, but I believe Duran is the queen B ON TOP of he game right now. ???? Her tummy tucks are clean her waists are snatched and her asses are the fattest. Lol I mean she just leaves her girls thick all around and that's what I am aiming for. I want a small waist but I know I can focus that on a round 2 it's more important to achieve that thickness first. Cabral quoted me 7400. Now I am waiting for a response to see when he is taking appointments. He has been so good about communicating and he has that one up on Duran oh and also the smaller waists, so if Duran takes her ass too long to even reply then carbral sounds promising.

I've also looked into places like Medellin Colombia because they do some amaze abdominal etching but I have noticed they tend to operate in already skinny or bodied women so I think that place is best for a round two not to get snatched. I am at my heaviest, yes the heaviest I've ever been my whole life and that's at 194. Smh. But low key I haven't tried to lose the weight cause that's a fatter booty in my mind ????. Plus I want fat transfer to my my hips also I want big full thick hips that I've never had.

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