TT, BBL, Liposculpture with Dra. Australia Fragoso Baez :) March 31st, 2015 I Can't Wait !! - Dominican Republic

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Hey dolls!! I decided to make a new review seeing...

Hey dolls!! I decided to make a new review seeing my surgery is now set!! :) yess girls, its really going down this year God willing I will be getting my surgery with my lovely Doctor, Dra. Fragoso Baez on March 31, 2015!! I will be getting:

-TT, BBL, LIPO of abdomen, waist, armpit area, my back, flanks & hopefully my arms if God & my hemoglobin will allow. -

I will be going to DR the 28th of March with my mother & my sister who is also getting surgery (BL, arms & TT revision). The fact that I'll be able to enjoy my weekend is awesome!! Ill be getting my first consult with my Doctor that Monday the 30th where I will get all my exams done & n if all goes well I'd get my surgery the 31st! I am soo excited_^ !! I received a quote from other doctors too such as:

Dra. Robles - $4600
(Her assistant Laura is very nice I communicated with her via email. I got my 1st quote right away, But during the end she asked for my CBC test after I had already sent it to her Lol. She asked in order to see my levels because in order to do your arms your hemo must be high 13's-14. Still, LOL!)

Dra. Yily - $4,800
(Was my 2nd choice, her email is completly automated and you can tell when its really her replying. When she did she was very straight forward. would have went with her if I didn't find my doctor!)

Duran - denied my case until I lose 20 pounds :(
(I was type hurt honestly because she was my 1st choice! she's a really good doctor as well. It was really hard to get in touch with her though it took like 2 & a half weeks for a reply! But she is amazing & if I wanted to wait and had the money cuz I heard she's expensive too, she's worth the wait I was told)
My doctor- Dra. Fragoso:
- $4100!
& she does a great jobbb! Especially on BBLs!! Can't wait for my new ass Lol hann!

Here's a breakdown of my expenses:

TT, BBL & hips, LIPO of abdomen, back, armpit area, flanks,

$3800 my quote for surgery!
+300 for arms if hemo is good!
=$4100 total for surgery
-$200 down payment
(=$3,900) surgery
+ $250-300 for 10 messages !
+ $300 for miscellaneous -
(Garments etc, blood if needed, etc. any other expenses for surgery or w.e)
=Total of $4,500 for surgery!!

+ $500 for food, gas, etc. While there (March 28-April12- hoping till the 25th! Extra 2weeks) will be going half's with my sister.

TOTAL: $5,000 take with me!

That's not even close to how much I'd spend with other doctors, that's wat I'd spend with $800 extra for everything else compared to just having the surgery. I'm saving $1000 & then some with my doctor! #winning!! so I've based my decision on 1. Great Price for all procedures 2. My wonderful doctor who has been very kind thus far & because off her great work on TT scars & bbls!! So, DRA Fragoso Baez it is!! :)

I also have to pay $1,500 for my car to my brother in law. All these are plans that I have with my income tax money which I'm hoping I get a great amount this year seeing Ive made 18 n change an hour since March which was when I was initially getting my surgery last year Lol, it wasn't my time then but hmm let's see lol. I also claim my son which I didn't claim during the year to get more at the end. So I'm hoping for a good amount Lol !!

I will also be buying my moms ticket along with mine, both one ways but this will be with my check money. I am planning on purchasing our flights this friday the 19th along with making my deposit of $200. My date is already confirmed with my doctor this is my last step & then it becomes real Lol . I will then be focusing on loosing 20-30 pounds before my surgery & buying all the pre-op & post-op things I will need ( I already started researching Lol will definitely be getting my make me heal pack for pre op & post op healing!). I will update you all this Friday!! :)) wish my luck ladies!!!! xoxo

Also feel free to look at my old review.

wait till you see my OHH....

Shoot, I can’t wait myself, to see my brand new FAT ASS that is lol dead ass I’ve been squatting more too lol_^ the struggle is real, I NEED projection it’s like I got two lil bumps in the bottom but my ass is still type FLAT & I hate it. Then again it could be worse I could have madd cellulite which sucks, doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m on backwards tho :/ my stomach sticks out more than my ass smh this tire I wear around my waist needs to go, NOW. I can’t believe I let myself get like this, it’s Sad, but there is no use in mopping and feeling bad for myself, its time to change my life and the only person who can do that is ME. I started working out again this week wooop, had to take last week off due to my period, I swear I’d bleed out lol I did P90X core synergistic! Shyts hardcore but it works; I recommend it to anyone whos serious about loosing weight. I went down to my smallest 4 years ago, down to 143 from 185 in 3 ½ months doing p90x and eating healthy. I looked great!!! it’s crazy how different you look when your thinner right? My face looks long and beautiful with my high cheek bones poppin lol hey I gotta love something about myself right? ugh, I’ll be doing p90x Mon-Weds, gym on Thurs, 30 minute home workout on Fridays and rest sat & sun. I still have 18 more pounds to lose but I want to lose 28 so Wish me luck! LADIES, to those of you who are trying to lose weight for surgery, STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF too much lol it’ll only make it worse on yourself when you don’t see the progress you want right away, when you start working out in the beginning your body fluffs, it’s not that your gaining weight, you gained muscle which is underneath your fat which will make your stomach stick out a little more because your muscles are swollen underneath, take fish oil pills before bed, I’ve changed my eating habits and I’m eating pretty healthy, to be honest I’m not doing the calorie counting or going tooo crazy, I’m just eating portioned healthy meals, breakfast snack, lunch, snack, dinner – water, LOTS of water- fruit- no eating after 8 pm (most of the time I don’t eat after 7) My off days are going to be Saturdays and that doesn’t mean I get to pig out, pizza? Great, 1 slice, instead of 3, & burning that off by doing standing push ups or squats or something that will get your heart rate up like dancing or bicycling laying down. I know I can do it because I’ve proved that to myself before so now it’s time to execute, 28 more pounds to go! BTW – I spoke to my lovely doctor (she’s such a sweetheart


and I wont be handing in my deposit this Friday due to my expenses especially Christmas right around the corner, so next month I’ll be sending that over, my surgery is confirmed for the 31st tho, and I will still be buying my ticket along with my moms this Friday! No fuimossssss flat side here I come :D


Before weight loss - 197 lbs

It's getting so real !!

Hey ladies, the days are getting closer & closer!! I had a change of plans in regards to the day I would be leaving once I started looking for my ticket online. Im leaving from ny to samana which isnt an everday fght so it depends, I wanted to lv the 28th since my surgerys the 31st but if I left the 25th I would save 120 bucks per flight since I'm buying my moms as well, so I was like fk thattttt Lol wherever I could save money I'm down for it since I might also have to move before I leave, & also in order to take vacation off at my job I have to have time in my bank. I had exactly 9 days played off which I had to lv 1 day in my bank so 8 days played it is. They wouldn't want to approve 2 unpaid days if I left the 28th (I'm off on weekends) to come back the 13th. Soo I requested for the 25th, to b back for the "6th" of April. I win, save $$, I get time to enjoy before I'm in pain Lol basically a mini vacant, & I also stay longer cuz I asked my St if she could send a note for me stating I need to stay out if wrk for 2 more weeks due to medical reasons. So the 25th it is, I also asked if my doctor if she has the 27th available by any chance since we had already confirmed the 31st, she told me she can squeeze me in if someone doesn't make it on the 27th or the 30th. Sounds good to me :) my advice to all of you dolls planning your trip is not to rush , n really think about the best way to accommodate your time there. Sometimes we want to rush n get everything done n stuff but really, really think about every aspect k.

My vacation was excepted for the 25th last week :) I bought my ticket yesterday wooop for me n my momma, i also sent my doctor my deposit yesterday :D im so exciteddd its becomimg so real girls!! Ill update again below with information for down payment.

Weight loss: girls I am now 188 been going up n down cpl lbs but what's been helping me is a blend of garcinia cambogia, raspberry key ones n green been coffee bean from natures design which I bought on Amazon! They are great!!! I recommend them to anyone. Great fat burner n fat suppressent. I'm also taking Alive multivitamins 1 a day green foods energizer which is alsooo great i love them! Good look to all you ladies working to lose those pounds. I have a good 10 to 15 lbs more I'd like to lose, wish me luck.

BTW, I haven't uploaded pics of myself bcuz I've been taking my before pics on my camera & I lost my wire. Womp, but I'll find ur n show my progress soon. Cnt waittttt till I'm on the flat side Omg so excited !! Wish me luck ladies

down payment

Sent to:
Recipient: Australia Altagracia Fragoso Báez

Address is Bolívar Av.  208, suite 405, Gazcue, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

City: Santo Domingo
Country: Dominican Republic

Sent in dollars not pesos, through a place I usually send $$ to my fam in DR.

hope this helps ladies.

...patiently waiting.

Wow so my mother in law is totally against me getting my surgery! Honestly that's ok, at the end if the day it's not going to stop me from getting my surgery she dead ass even told me I was going to stay the same!! Tahhh, we'll see. Con dios por delante Ima be iight god willin I'll be on the flat side soon, ...patiently waiting :)

it's crazy how fast things change..

So I was originally going to DR with my sister who was also getting surgery & my mom, but now that's not happening. My sister can't go at all anymore & I'm heartbroken. I completely understand why she can't go at the end of the day priorities are priorities, Period. But it sucks cuz I really wanted to experience that with her & also u kno two is better than one u kno financially its a big difference as well. I can't wait till I get my W2 ladies Lol yesss i will be filing the next day, yea it's that serious lmao I can't wait to see wat I'm working with, I have so many things to pay off & things to purchase, wish Me luck ladies!!

closer & closer...

hey dolls!! So I filled my taxes and I am going to have enough to pay for everything THANK GOD! so excited because I was supposed to have my surgery last year in march and due to my expenses and tax return I did not have enough, so thank God this yr I have enough for surgery, $$ spending money out there, pay off my car & give my mom a lil something of course lol God is good! this is my year girls & to each and every one of yall going thru this transformation this yr, we on!! lol I am beyond excited and just a tad bit nervous lol I think that'll set in more once March is here. I still need to lose some more weight hopefully I get to 175 before surgery atleast, wish me luck !! I have been working on my supply list and will post it up soon, I'm hoping to start purchasing things in 2 weeks. This is becoming so real and I'm kind of in shock that things are falling into place so well lol hopefully things will keep going smoothly :)

Supply list !!

Hey girls here's the supply list I told y'all I would post, of course some basic stuff is missing but feel free to add anything!

Buy for trip:

-Buy it works wraps pack - do all 4 starting March
-Make me heal online surgery pack (pre & post op vitapack with Bromalein etc. no vitamin E)
-Arnica montana gel (Pills n cream- do not put on bbl)
-Stool softener (drink the day before)
-cold/heat therapy
-buy Heat therapy wrap
-Toilet paper
-Sleep medication!!
-Dressings gauze
-antibacterial tape
-Antibiotic cream
-Antibacterial soap & lotion
-Water pills
-Wash cloths
-Underwear (cotton)
-Pain meds
-Maxi dresses
-Work out bras/comfy
-Maxi Pads
-Bobby pillow
-Tank tops
-lose shirts
-Comfy shorts
Will start cilicon sheets wen return to states .

Well I hope this list can be of some help dolls ;*

hey wassup hello!!!

then get all fat again ? HELL NO, I refuse! So its a lifestyle change ladies, you can eat w.e you want really its just important to portion your food, the healthier the better of course, eat 3 meals a day 2-3 snacks n of course burn some calories, thankfully I know how to maintain my weight its just so hard to lose body fat but I kno once I get my surgery I will continue to lose weight God willing, about to start going hard in the gym next week, no progress without hard work right? Well best of luck to us & to all you new dolls happy healing!! Pictures aren't uploading for some reason will try again

last post

Uh not sure why my last post was cut off lol i said...Hey girls, whoa it's fkin brick outside 3° today where I live, brrr Lol hope your all well tho n that those of you who are about to go through this transformation soon like me are preparing themselves mentally for the process n procedures we're about to experience. For me this is not just a tummy tuck & I'm sure there are thousands of you on here who have felt like I have for so long with this apron, but its time to change that & it starts by mentally preparing yourself for this change, no more eating the way you used to n letting go which got us to where we are now, we have to train our minds with the new changes in our diets, exercise n most importantly how we can maintain our health. I honestly can't wait till I can work out once I'm cleared after surgery, after all this money I'm about to spend n that's the least of it I'm putting my life at risk, my LIFE which is already borrowed at that, to have the body I have wanted for so long now, previous post above contt.

& I still cnt upload pictures. :/

Some pictures _-

I feel so ugly most of the time :/ wats crazy is that underneath all this fat which is also known as my dreadful apron I inherited after pregnancy/my c section, is actually a nice body. Minimal curvage but manageable lol n I swear ima have abs one day, watch lol we wrkin!! This is our yrs ladys & im ready to take it by the balls & roll wit the punches to gain nothing but success God willing Don't let nobody tell you othotherwise! ! :*

My own wish pick

I think this is achievable no? I think my ass would obviously look bigger of course with my hips but im hoping to look at least something like this lol ;) lets see


Idk why I cnt upload pictures ;/

Before @187 lbs

Hey dolls here are some new pictures. I would like to be 170-175 before surgery so I have a month to lose 12-17 lbs wish me luck :)

supplies so far

in the process

2 weeks left

I'm almost there girls... I can't wait honestly, yea the nerves are kicking in a lil but it's not that serious seeing once I'm in Dr and OMW to see her is when I feel l feel ima be like OMG this shyts really bouta go down lol I wont be on backwards anymore :p I lv the 25th and get surgery the 31st, dnt ask why I'll be there before it was the whole issue with the ticket n my job, but I'm meeting with FMLA today and fortunately I will try to stay 2 weeks more instead of having to return the 6th to work, so impossible, I'm trying to return to the states on the 18th and to work the 20th. we'll see how that goes, I did talk to my doctor tho and she's down to fill in the paper work n stuff for medical lv, so I'm sure i'll be ok. just trying to make sure I still have a job to come back home to lol shiettttt deff aint tryna be assed out I need this job. my om will be dropping me off in my car the first cpl of weeks till I'm good to go, might not even needd her to who knows.. we'll see. since I've been trying to make sure I have everything to help me heal faster, remember ladies no Vitamin E 2 weeks before surg & make sure you stay up on your pre op vitamins & Iron which is beyonddd important for your Hemo. I'm hoping I'm at 14 ^ to get my arms UGH prya for me ladies, i'll post some pictures later on today. smooches :*
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far she has been very nice, I cant wait to meet her :D! I got my quote from her the first day that I contacted her which is AMAZING compared to other doctors. I began communicating with her via email and we then switched over to Whassup which I like even more, she's such a sweetheart! I will give a more datiled review of her once my surgery is complete, can't wait!!!

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