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Hi everyone, I'm 33 years old mother of 4 and...

Hi everyone, I'm 33 years old mother of 4 and newly married. I've been thinking about this for years. Im soooo nervous. Well I'm so happy I found this site, I've learned so much on here which helped me making this decision easier. I will be going to Dr medina, so far she's the only one I spoke to. Dr Duran is very hard to get ahold of.. I'm sooo excited, nervous, can't even think of my next move lol

my fat belly

So I finally got some vitamins today and started my diet, I don't want to lost to much weight thou. I need my fat for BBL ???? I'm so scared, but everyday my mind is getting stronger towards getting my new body. I tried picturing myself and how I might look smh, lol I have no idea, I'm just praying I look good. I'm working 5 days a week, 12hour shifts to get my money up. My husband said he would help me pay for it, but I said no. This is my body, I want to work my ass off to get my ass????????????that way in case we don't work out, he can't say he pay for it... Finally work up Tha nerves to post my pictures on here ????

someone from duran contact me today

Someone from Duran office contacted me via email today, its been weeks since I emailed her???? And yily Contacted me too today, asking for pictures so I can get a quote. I emailed them back with the answers to their questions and pictures, but I'm pretty sure I'm staying with Medlina. I'm not gonna stop researching thou. The more we research the more comfortable we will b having sx. But I really comfortable with Medlina right now. She answered all my questions and she always respond back which is very important to me. I don't want to have to beg someone or running after them to answer my questions when I'm paying them. Shit...I feel like its so hard to reach some of these doctors now, what about after sx, what if something go's wrong or you just need an advise. They would b impossible to reach. So I'm sticking with medlina.

duran quote

So I finally got a quote from Dr Duran of 5000 and that include Tha $200 for Tha person who help me get in touch with her????i think I would stay with medlina. I'm sooo ready to get this done and move on with my life


Yily quoted me 5500 including RH, I really love her work too but it took a long time for her response, just like Duran. Oh well I will make my final decision next week and pay the deposit. Right now I'm just reading reviws. I pray for all dolls having sx with a safe and speedy recovery.

quit smoking :-(

Its so hard for me to quit smoking but Im doing pretty good. I know I need to be in the best health for this sx. I crave smoking but I crave this new ass even more lol. Can't wait till next week to make my deposit


So I got a spirometer today, it help excise your lungs, they usually gives u this after sx. But I figured I'll start using it now, cause I smoke and trying to quit. Omg I only go up to 1000 lol I need to breathe up to 4000, I really need to quit smoking asap. Well I've been losing sleep staying this is site smh it is so addictive. Thank all u dolls for your post and updates

how can i get tt, bbl and ba?

I'm going back and fort about what I really want done. I need a Tt, BBL but I also need a BA :-( I really don't know if I should get them all done at once or get TT and bbl first or get bbl and ba and wait on Tha TT. And suggestions rs?? I don't want to have to wait months to get a tt


So I don't understand why so many woman start off this with a great nice positive attitude and just rs" tomorrow is the big bay" or I just got sx and I'm weak and tired I'll post more late" and we never hear from them!!! Real, means keeping it real...just say u no longer what us to follow you. Plan and simple, don't just have us sitting here worried if u ok. Well whatever, anyways i have my deposit, but I'm not in a rush to just mail it out. I'm still doing research.. I know I need to stop and just stick with a Dra but my life is more important to me than a great big ass..

ok so i got alot of my supplies

I don't exactly had a date yet, and I'm not a 100% knows who I'm going with, but I'm 200% sure I'm getting this sx in Feb... So I'm making sure I have everything I need ahead of time. I know going to the DR is cheaper, but ladies it all adds up and if we wait till last min, we will be stress and going without enough money. Start preparing early... I plan on going down with at lease $2000 just in case. It most likely will be too much but I rather b safe, than to b wishing I would have...

deposit going out today

I'm up and waiting till Tha store opens so I can send off my deposit.. I need to get this ball rolling. I'm so ready for this sx. I'm tired looking the way I do. 2016 is going to b my year

confused, and scared :-(

I didn't send out my deposit yet, due to a bad review I saw about DRA Medlina, i think tht was the only bad review i saw so far about her. im so second quessing myself because im afraid, and I really want aggressive lipo and a big butt lol and dra Medlina is not really aggressive, and idk if I have enough fat for y butt lol

I did it. deposit is out...

So I said fuck it and sent my deposit , I'm so happy, excited, relive, nervous all once. But I'm so ready for a new me, I'm tired putting myself last and its time for me to do something for me. Sorry I'm being selfish until I have this sx.

work, work, work

I'm at work 5 days 12hours now till the end of the year :-( I'm tired of it already lol but I want to be on Tha flat side so bad, I'm gonna suck it up and do it. How long ahead do you have to buy the tickets to DR??? If anyone have the answer please let me know. Thanks

wish pic

I would love to look like any one of these ladies

change of heart, somewhat...

Ok guys I've been doing a lot of thinking and Im thinking about changing DRA. Yup I may keep medina for the BA cause I already made my deposit. But I think I want DRA Duran to do my BBl and TT. She already send me a quote and I feel like she provide the results I'm really excited about. What u dolls think???

quit smoking and changed my diet

So I finally quit smoking smh I still have the erg to sometimes but I just brush it off, and no I sure did not go cold turkey.. I'm taking chantix, I don't think I would do with without help, but its more mental than anything. So when I feel for it I just think of a huge ass lol but I went food shopping this weekend and my husband ask me where is Tha food lol if I'm gonna eat healthy, everyone gonna too...cant only change the outside, we have to change what we eat too, after all I'm not going through all this sx and pain to come out still putting shit in my new body..


OK ladies I know I've been MIA for a min, but that is because I'm still researching. I have learned so much the passed few weeks is crazy Lol so I decided to go with Duran even thou I payied my deposit to Medina. I know, wasting money, but hey thts what happens when u make a deposit to fast. So, if anyone trying to reach dra Duran, it's 2 ways to reach her. U can pay $200 through Laura or $75 through Phe Mom Bea Uty on Facebook. OK guys so I got blood work done today, hoping to get results back Monday to see where my hemo is. I'm ready for whatever the number may be. I got this tea that a lot of girls said helped them, thought I should share. Most of my suplies are sitting in my suitcase already lol

hey hey hey

Lol I know Ive been MIA for a while, but I've been busy working and researching lol so I got my blood work done today and can't wait till Monday to see where my hemo is...I finally quit smoking and feeling great. Well almost all my supplies in already in my suitcase Lol and I bought a lot of victims to boost my hemo .so I'm ready. Change my diet somewhat. And trying to increase my daily fluid...And I don't know if u mentioned that I'm going with dra Duran now, even thou I already payied my deposit to Medina. I just think I'll get better results from Duran..can't wait...

hemo results

So I got my results back today and was very surprise that it was 12.2 I really thought it was gonna b way lower than that cause I sleep all day, work all night and eat very unhealthy. But Im trying my best to do better Lol I need to bring hemo up to atlease 15, yes I want it at it's highest and since I'm 5 mouth pre up I think it's doable. One more thing I have to do b4 this feels real to me and is getting my passport smh I think that is that hardest part for me, but next week I'm starting to work on that. Right now I'm mentally ready for sx. I need to start going to the gym thou Lol

random thoughts

So ladies I quit smoking which was really hard for me. Sometimes I still gets Moody Lol but it had to be done. I've been dreaming of my new body Lol talk about it so much I even have my BFF thinking about going too Lol she's been very supportive as well as my husband..I've never been so excited to by in pain Lol but I'm ready. ready next week I'm going to New York to try and get my passport renewed lord I hope I get it. If not shit I'll b using my sisters passport but I'm getting this damn sx one way or another. OK so anyways it feels like more I work more I spend with!!!! Saving is hard lol I only have $1500 so far and I've been working my ass off smdh.. hopefully I'll have the full amount in time. If not I guess I'll have to hit up my husband Lol I was trying to do this all by myself but we'll see. Hoping all u dolls are save and happy with your results. Folks please, please do your research and please have more than one dra in mind that I would love to do your sx. Pl research more than one dra. Ladies anything can happen and u may need to havd sx with a different dra. Don't get to the DR and randomly pick someone u never heard of to slice u up. That makes no damn sense. I gave seen this happened, I have a few choices. But if I do end up stuck last min shit to Cabral I go. If I'm gonna risk my life with a radom dra... OK I good night Lol just thinking..

4 months po

I just wanted to do an update for the new dolls that is looking and reading. When I started my research I used to get upset when dolls just stop updating lol so I'm 4 months op I love my results, I had a hard time deciding which DRA to go with for a long time. Finally I decided on Dra Cabral???? I know a lot of Ppl think he's risky, he have deaths, blah blah blah. Every six is a risk, n every Dra have deaths so I'll let u decide, look at my b4 n here is the after results. Good luck
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She is very sweet and caring

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