TT, BBL! 25 Years Old One Kid, Looking to Get a New Body! - Dominican Republic

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So far have no idea where to start so many doctors...

So far have no idea where to start so many doctors out there, I know I definitely want to go overseas more than likely to The Dominican republic. Little hesitant because I have no idea which doctor to choose that so many of there and also haven't been on a plane since I was five years old which I could get him because I want this procedure done so badly!reaching out to anybody but he gave me some good buys on finding a doctor and some personal experiences I want the best result possible - willing to spend about $6000! PLEASE HELP!

I made my deposit!! #teamduran

So it's official I made my deposit of $450 for Dr. Durand and I'm so excited still waiting on an exact surgery date so I can buy my tickets etc.

Bbl tummy tuck on my bday 11/18/2015!!

Future Duran doll!
My stay will be 11/16 to 11/26 coming back on turkey day!

Tt bbl supplies

So I'm showing what I have so far.. Still need a few more things. Anybody have advice on how to sleep post op? And how do I know what size faja to get for stage two??

Flight is booked passport arriving shortly!!

I'm excited, and nervous, and just driving myself nuts lmao! I want everything to go as smoothly as possible and I know it can't be "perfect" but this is something I've been waiting for for- forever! I know I'm about to go through some sh*t and its gonna be painful but I'm 100% ok with it and keeping my eye on the Prize!!!

Hella stretch marks before

Documenting before
So I just wanted to document this shit shit load of stretch marks and have now so that I can see where they fall after I know that they are definitely going to be there because I have so many that are above my belly button! >:(


Some of the stuff that I got so far I'm still trying to pick up whatever else I'm missing I have to take vitamin D since my levels are low but my blood work show my hemoglobin level is 13.4!

Bbl pillow- is this one OK??

So my mother got me a doughnut shaped Cushion instead of a Boppy pillow, saying that this one is better according to a friend she works , with can someone give me their input on this- is it good/better or at least = to boppy

Pre op pics

5 more weeks :-)

I've gained 4 lbs tryna gain a little more

Put on a couple of pounds I'm trying to put on a few more before my surgery then I'm not going to force it but I already see a little bit of a difference…

Weight gain!!'

Packing on the Pounds fast

I'm up to 166 pounds surgery in 21 days!!! Idk how to feel about this weight gain I hate it but at the same time glad I was able to get thicker before surgery so I can get the results I want. One the plus side my boobies are back! Lol

Weight gain bugging me but 2 wx left

This fat gut is bugging me ????
Uggghh I gained the weight to the procedure which I'm glad about!! But this fat needs to goooooo I can't stand it! Lol but two more weeks!! Lmao

One week out!!

My surgery is next Tuesday on the 17th I'm so excited!

Pt 1 uodate

Update. Surgery and one week exactly

Armonia recovery house

I'm loving this recovery house! Mayra (the owner) is such a sweetheart :) they make you feel right at home!!!
-Great food
-great staff
They literally spoil you here, OK SO I GOTTA KEEP IT 100 and list CONS!
-water temp (for bath/shower) is cool/ Luke warm... BUT! It's f*ckin hot af in DR sooo it's really not affecting me whatsoever!

Surgery is tomorrow!!

Not sure if it's just the warm welcome or God giving me peace, might be that I have my mother here with me.. But im not nervous, I'm excited and just ready to get this surgery and recovery over with! Posting pics soooon!!

Airport/ car ride

Window seat
CaB ride to Armonia With Pedro
Pics n a tiny bit of footage!

Last pre op pics

Ughhh lmao some naked pics and some of my and my momma at Armonia!!!

Pic with Duran lol

Duran, nails etc
So dr Duran, let me take a pic with her preop… And then she shouted me out on Instagram for having nail polish lmao she is super cool/sweet/ sincere! Love her

Surgery uodate

Short vid sx

Today recovery pics

Day 3 focusing on recovery but here are some pics recovery house food amazinnggg- I love my results so far!

Curves thanks to duran

I'm already excited post op day 3! Swollen and still look snatched

Post op day 5

Some pics getting ready for massage #3

Home safe!! But upset SEROMA!!

If anybody out there has any advice on what to do about us aroma once you get home please let me know… I was still love my results I just have a pocket of fluid, I'm a nurse and contemplating if I should just drain it myself because I went to the ER yesterday and they said they weren't going to drain it Because your body will just reabsorb it by itself

Draining my own seroma

So I decided to go ahead and go to my local medical/surgical supply store and buy needles and syringes since I know how to join myself and I confirmed last night at the ER that it is just a seroma and I have no infection or anything.

Pics from other day! missing DR

These pics are from two days ago and I was still at the recovery House I actually miss it there I had a really great experience..

2 weeks post op

My butt is feeling a little less hard LOL but still a lot of swelling and soreness

Quick vid update on how I'm doing

Slightly hunched/ swollllen

Loving my results omggg

New faja I loveee

Vid update

3 weeks post op

3 weeks and 4days!!

Period late.. Confused

I'm four weeks and two days post op.. My period is three days late I'm not pregnant and wayyy too young for menopause LMAO wtf is going on?

Duran doll- Almost 5 weeks Post op!

Showing my scar and how my feeling is going overall pretty happy!!!

7 weeks post op!

7 week update

Scar update

10 weeks post op!

I'm in love with my curves

Almost 12 weeks post!! Tattoo??

Still loving results I'm gonna get my scar covered with a tattoo!

Weight gain feeling great

So when I started I was around 158/160 pounds and now I am somewhere between 185 and 190 never been this heavy but everyone keeps telling me how great I look! My boobs are huge and so are my thighs and the fat definitely went to my butt too so now it looks even bigger

Next month I'll be one yr post op! DURAN IS THE BEST

So I'm loving my results still, I have a little bit of swelling/hardness below my belly button I'm not really sure what is going on but I'm going to have her check that out… I'm thinking about a round to just to lie bought my inner thighs because since the surgery. I had gotten up to 205 pounds lol but now I'm back down to 195 pounds… I still look amazing boobs are huge now I'm a 40DD no one even believes when I tell them I'm almost 200 pounds they actually say I look better at this weight. Ladies be ready THE ATTENTION I GET IS RIDICULOUS! Honestly it's a little annoying sometimes but other than that DURAN IS THE BEST!

Tattoo over The little dot from the BBL

Tattoo of scar on back
It was driving me crazy so I wanted to cover it I just got a scorpion because that's my zodiac sign

Currently 198 lbs lol I gained post op

Here's what I look like one year and four months. I actually gained all the way up to 209 pounds whereas when I first came back I was in the 170s… Now I am currently 198 pounds I still love my results but I'm looking to get back down to 185 to 190 lol
Dr Hilario Duran

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