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Ive been doing research for a month now. Im torn...

Ive been doing research for a month now. Im torn between Duran, Almonte And Fisher I like All of their work. I've recieved a quote from Almonte but find it weird that she told me i needed a tummy tuck, I have no kids and no saggy skin ..... just a little jiggle jiggle lol. I saw that Fisher had a special lipo 12 areas for 5500 but after looking at some of his reviews im not too sure if i want to go with him. Im considering Duran because i know someone personally that used her and she looks amazing!
Anyone has any suggestions for me ?
Btw im 23 , i weigh about 156 and im looking to get a BBL ! Im super excited so all feedback would be appreciated :)

Wishful thinking

Wish pics

Update on my research

So I have completely x'd fisher out of my consideration of DRs not b/c he doesn't have good work but I think Duran has better. I've decided to go through the third party Surgicoordinator to get in contact with Duran I'm willing to pay that extra $200 to get what I want.( $200 fee is due if you go through with the surgery it provides you with a quote , 24/7 service, information on recovery homes etc). I'll post a copy of the email and if anyone would like there number LMK ill post that too :)

Recovery home options

Hey Dolls so I have decided to go with DURAN ! I loveeeee how she TRANSFORMS the body of her dolls. Im so excited but I need your help with recovery homes. Help please !

Bath reviews for DR

So i've been doing some serious research now that i've gotten serious about this surgery. At first i was torn between a few DR doctors but dolls I found some REALLY bad reviews about infections dr.'s not cleaning their needles and and too many gone wrong surgery stores. So with that being said i decided to do more research on US Dr's (FL AREA). If anyone would like links to the pages or screen shots of reviews I've read i'll be more than happy to share them with you. I know every DR may have had a few bad out comes but that trip and just the possibility of getting infected or having complications really scares me.

But right now I'm considering fisher again he does his thing when it comes to BBL's , I also want some hips and I haven't seen him master that yet so i'm still looking...

btw good luck to ALL of the Dolls who are sticking to Duran, Yily, and Cabral this is not to scare you again this was a decision i thought would be best for ME and help my nerves. I don't mind added a few research buddies to the team or Sx buddies. :)

Wish pics

Surgery before kids or after?

I don't have any kids and I'm thinking about having some soon. I'm wondering if I should wait to have my BBL I don't want all my money going to waste but then again you only get one life so why wait !? ???????????????? Any of you dolls got prego after sx? How did your body take it ?

Blinkski's assistant has been MIA

Blinkski's assistant has been MIA. I've emails her like twice and haven't heard anything back yet is anyone else having this problem?

Booked with Blinkski

Booked with Blinkski Feb 8th 2017!!!! I really wanted a sooner date but hey I'm happy I got him sooner than later and that's a month before my 24th birthday :) !

Blinski Deposit has changed to $900

I forgot to tell you future dolls that when I spoke with Jackie on Monday she informed me that the deposit to set a date with Blinski Increased to $900 !!!! She told me to tell my other friends etc about the change. I got so lucky and she was so sweet that she allowed me to still move forward with the original price of $500 b/c I had previous spoken with her months prior to our phone conversation.

Blinski's Instagram page

Here is his page

Blinski's Instagram?

So I went to Dr. Blinskis Instagram and it says it got deleted :(. Did anyone else notice this?

Update on Blinski Booking dates

Right now Blinski is booking July 2017! I see a lot of you ask about what dates are available so this is just FYI so hurry up dolls and get your spot !!!
In other news:
I found his new Instagram page !!!!
@Drfixitmiami ???? or type in his name Blinski and he'll be there.

(Booked for Feb.2017)

Care credit anyone?

So I used my care credit to partially pay for my SX and I saw on the paper they asked me for a card number ..... does care credit send out a card because they've only sent me my account number.

Did anyone else receive a card?

Massage places in my area?

After my surgery I plan on returning home to Tampa after my follow up how do I find places that offer the massages that I need???

Also does anyone recommend staying a certain amount of days after surgery ??

Wish pic

She is everything! I wonder who her doctor was or if she's all natural. Either way she is perfect ??

Booty goals !

Our doctors is BOMB.COM !! This is exactly what I want.

SX friends

I need some pre op / post op friends because my real friend don't understand this process lol! I'm so excited and I know they are tired or me.

Btw am I the only person who looks at booties everyday lmao I need to make sure I have my wish pics lined up for Dr B.

** 2.08.17**

Hips please

HerHipsAreBanging.com ????

2 months and 3 days

Omg it's so hard to believe ... I keep looking at my count down calendar like where did time go I was just counting down at 5 months!!!!! I can't wait to meet Dr.Blinski and his staff because I've heard so many good things and they have all been EXTREMELY PLEASANT over the phone.

I still need to do shopping and get ready for my lab work soon. I'm so excited Dolls !!!!

2.08.17 Blinski Doll

How many days would I take off work?

How many days would I take off work after my surgery? I have to stay in town a whole week after my surgery to check in with the DR. Which I'm cool with but does anyone recommend 1-2 weeks off after surgery ???? I NEED YOUR HELP DOLLS !

Private Nurse in Miami? Recovery home?

Does anyone know or recommend a private nurse in Miami??? I need your help ladies I'm stuck between a recovery home for a few days or renting a condo. All feedback is welcomed help please lol

SX buddy 2.07-2.13

My SX is Feb 08, 2017(Blinski/Miami) ! I'm looking for a surgery buddy around that time that wants to go in on a CONDO. I'm doing research now on places for us to get massages or people who can come to us! Any Dolls in the Miami Area around this time ?

Official Blinski Goddess

I made it to the other side 02.08.2017. These past few days have been beyond crazy!!! Ladies this pain is real! I want to give a special thanks to my SX sisters who recommended staying in a recovery house for the first few days after surgery, in my case it was mandatory I don't think a friend would have been good enough. I won't up weak I barely wanted to eat one of my incisions started bleeed very bad day one which freaked me out. The staff at Miami escape was GREAT very friendly and helpful when ever you needed them. If you guys have any other questions let me know.

Found a great Stage 2 garment - 1 week 3 days post op

I didn't want to risk ordering online so I found a place locally here in Tampa. Btw if there are any dolls in ORLANDO or TAMPA having a hard time finding a massage place I found a place and they are AMAZING! 10 massages for $350 ! After my 2nd massage with them I saw a major difference in my stomach. (harmonia beauty spa)

Back to garment details. After SX I was in a LG (Diane brand) provided by Doctor. Today I went to two places the first place was no luck because they were too small the material was too tight ( Salmonte brand I believe).

My massage lady referee me to a place called SEXY SKINZ they have their own garments and ladies I think I got lucky. :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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