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At the moment I'm still looking for the right...

At the moment I'm still looking for the right Doctor. So far I'm leaning towards Dr. Duran or Dr. Fisher. Saw some of the dolls here on RS and they all look great! I was just wondering for those who had there bbl done by Dr. Duran some of them end up with burns. Does this normally happen to all of her dolls?

I'm addicted to this site and looking forward to one day having it done. I'm looking towards next year hopefully by then I have a doctor in mind and can have a great transformation.

34 Yrs Old Needing to Float from Behind BBL. Have 1 Child

I've decided to go with Dr. Emmanuel Mallol. For the fact how quickly he responded to my emails and his staff. They answered every question I had and are very helpful. Also gave me a good quote and wasn't as much as Duran and fisher. Although I really wanted to book with Duran nothing was really included in her quote and I would be spending more. With Dr. Mallol everything is included and I've seen his work he knows how to carve a masterpiece. By staying in contact with me shows me that I won't be ignored and he will be attentive. I'm excited and looking forward to my journey to become a Mallol doll.

Date is scheduled! March 2017

I've chosen to go with Dr. Emmaunel Mallol scheduled for March 31 2017. Whenever I have a question the doctor and his staff are prompt in answering any question I have. As a future Mallol doll it makes me feel confident that he will address my needs when I have a concern. I'm excited and new at this. Don't really know what to expect but mentally I'm trying to prepare my self since I heard the pain isn't fun. Although I do have a child and I felt like my vagina was about to fall out when giving birth and having kidney stones 3 times <-----it's no joke. I have a feeling I will be able to take the pain. If there's anything I should know please don't hesitate to leave a comment. I would like to meet more Mallol dolls <3
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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