"The Next Time You're Thinking About Beautiful Things, Don't Forget to Count Yourself!" -Sx completed-8/27/16-Dominican Republic

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Like most on this site, I've been watching and...

Like most on this site, I've been watching and reading. I'm new to the site and just recently decided that I would do something for me that makes me happy with myself! Since making this decision, I have done extensive research, interviewing various doctors, making myself aware of the complications, taking all necessary precautions pre-surgery and looking into ways to maximize my results while maintaining realistic expectations. Now that I have my mind made up about moving forward and have been in contact with several Doctors, I'm ready to start this journey. I had been really indecisive about which doctor to choose but am leaning most towards Dra Tania Medina! She seems to be such a sweetheart and always responds promptly to my emails and text messages. I feel most comfortable with her and any modifications she can do for my image will be an improvement! I'll be getting a TT, Lipo and Bbl in August and can't wait, although I am a bit nervous about the surgery and recovery. I am confident however, that she'll deliver me great results!

3 Months Pre...Baez Doll

OK RS sisters, I have made my mind up and am now going with Australia Fragosa Baez for my sx!!! This has been a hard decision for me because Medina is awesome but Baez's work simply appeals more to me than Medina's. I also felt that Medina wouldn't give me as much butt as Baez would since her results are more natural looking and honey I want more junk in this trunk!
I paid my deposit today and secured my sx date for August 25, 2016 and I am both excited and scared at the same time. It's still kind of unreal that I'm going to actually go through with this but I'm sure as the days get closer, it will definitely get real! I've also started buying my supplies and taking my vitamins, drinking green smoothies and working out a little-the goal is to loose 30lbs prior to sx and get my hemo over 14! I go to get all my labs/testing done in 2 weeks with my pcp so I'll know after that my current hemo levels and anything else I might need to get a jumpstart on. I've already booked an apartment but I've still been researching RH(s) because I'm not positive that my mom and sister are serious about coming along...that's still up for discussion. I've started looking for flights as well and I think I might book one this week just to get that out of the way; I've traveled abroad before so my passport is still valid, Thank GOD! Well, that's all for now, I'll keep you guys posted on my progress!

Baez Barbie 2016

Ok to my RS Vets and Newbies (All opinions welcome)....Is it better to arrive in DR the day before surgery or 2 days prior? I'm not sure about when to leave for DR and I'm looking to book my flight! One would think that arriving 2days prior would give you some time to allow your blood levels and hemo to return to normal... I just don't want my hemo dropping, causing a delay in my procedure! And, any suggestions on an affordable, quality RH?


Y'all, Instagram is addictive; if you don't have a sx page, you better get one! I've been stalking my Instagram 24/7 for updates so I haven't been in here much lately. I'm still gathering my items for my trip and slowly but surely working at loosing 20-25lbs over the next 3 months. My RS Sistas, my sx is in August and I'm sooo excited! Still looking for a sx buddy though however, it is what it is and if I have to do this solo, ain't nothing stopping my show!

Weight loss

I'm getting serious about weight loss before my sx date now....I can't believe how much weight I've gained over the past few months; now it's time to get rid of it. What's even more frustrating is when I got my quote, I was 15lbs lighter and at that point Baez suggested I loose 20lbs, which I had already planned on doing but now, I have to drop 35-40lbs over the next 2 months! Grind time, this is not going to be fun but I have to be in optimal health... I HAVE to do this for my babies, myself and to combat any room for complications to develop. Pray for me dolls!
Height: 5'7
SW:225lbs (today)

Time keeps on ticking!

Patiently waiting for my time.

I'm patiently waiting for my sx date and trying to lose as much weight as I can before my sx. I spend most of my time on Instagram so it's been a while since I've been on here. I just got serious about weight loss because I don't really want to lose much. My starting weight July 3, 2016 was 230...my current weight today is 215lbs...pretty good! My goal weight is 195 and sx is August 25th, I think I can do it... Wish me luck dolls!

Weightloss update!

Ok so I am still trying to lose weight, I'm down 20lbs since starting July 3 and I'm working hard to lose another 10-15lbs within the next 3wks, we'll see! So far I'm really proud of myself whether I achieve my goal weight or not. Basically, I'm trying to keep my daily calorie consumption to less than 1200 calories and I drink lots of water, working on increasing my workouts to 4-5 days weekly for optimal weightloss!

Arrived in DR! Unable to get sx on 8/25????

Ok so I arrived on August 24th, completed all my labs and learned that my Hemo was low so I couldn't get sx August 25th! Realized that when I donated blood 7 days prior(at that time Hemo was 14) it caused my Hemo to drop(now it's 11.4). I went back to my recovery home(Serenity 2) & started iron IV infusion treatments and took my vitamins to try to bring it up. I go back to get it retested today and if over 12, sx will be tomorrow...we'll see! Oh and yes, I was also able to start my dental work when I arrived so next Friday I will go to get my permanent veneers. I have temps in now!

I've been MIA lately but healing nicely, no worries

Sorry dolls, I've been MIA but healing nicely. Today I am 23days post and most of the itching and pain has subsided. I am still very swollen and some days I swell more than others but so far, I am happy with my results. I've neglected this site a bit as I've found myself updating more on Instagram instead. Thank you ladies so much for the warm wishes, concerns and support. If anyone has questions, please DM me as I get those notifications and can respond more quickly. I was scheduled for sx 8/25, my Hemo was only 11.7 so I got iron IV treatments for 2days and brought it up to a 13.2. It was 14.5 the week prior but I donated blood to find out my blood type, which was a bad idea. I had sx 8/27, I got lipo, TT and BBL and had no complications, no excessive bleeding or bruising and did not have to get a blood transfusion, which was my fear. My Hemo dropped to a 10 after sx. I stayed at Serenity2 recovery house and overall, I enjoyed it. I had a private room which was very clean and my laundry and room was cleaned regularly. The food was good, some days it was heavy but each meal included salad and it tasted really good. The cook brought me snacks throughout the day and always made sure I drank lots of beet juice to keep my Hemo up. The nurses allowed me my privacy and I was able to relax during my recovery. Only 2 nurses spoke English and they were at the recovery house on seep rate days, the other nurses and I often used google translate and the wifi was good in the house the majority of my stay. The in house masseuse Sarah was the truth, I loved her because she did awesome work, paid attention to my body and called my doctor personally when my drain broke and I couldn't reach her. I got 8massages total and left DR at 8 days post to come home. My flight was great and I had no excessive swelling.
When I arrived in DR after I completed my labs for sx, I met up with my dentist to get fitted for my veneers and then I had my temps placed, it took about 4hrs; I was so tired because I had been in airports all day beginning at 2am and upon arriving in DR, I had to go straight to the clinics for labs. I arrived to my recovery house that day around 9pm, ate and went to sleep. I completed my dental work the day before I left by having my permanents put in place. Dental work was painless and fast; Dr. Beltre did an awesome job and was very attentive and upfront with me. The cost was great and it was definitely worth every penny! I would recommend him any day.
Ok, back to the sx...the first 2 days post were most difficult for me as I was very sore, broke both of my drains and couldn't do much on my own, basically I stayed in bed and did minimum walking. I was so afraid of getting a seroma or something worse since my drains broke and I could t get in contact with my doctor after the sx, her communication was very poor after, before the sx it was amazing. I ended up getting a fever, didn't have much of an appetite either so I got 2 additional iron IV treatments. Ladies, please bring extra cash for the unexpected! Most of my extra cash went to Meds and IV treatments! Day 3 was better, I got my 1st massage, one of my drains had fallen out so the masseuse removed it completely after talking to Dr Baez and I forced myself to get up, move around and care for myself. Day 4, everything turned around for me and I was feeling pretty normal. I was up and about just like I hadn't even had sx! I wasn't retaining much fluid, thank God and I ended up rigging my drain so that I was draining something. Day 4 was my first follow up appointment and the doctor removed the second drain since it was also broken and she told me compress,compress,compress; I did not get it replaced. That day, I had my first BM without any problem(probably because I had started taking stool softeners 3days prior to sx) so that battle I won! I did not buy a stage 2 faja in DR, I brought 2 extra Fajas with me and just got my stage 1faja taken in from an xl to a small waist and did the same for one of the others I brought along. I packed my faja that day with 3 lipo foams, back board and 2 foam belly boards I purchased from my masseuse since it was softer than my ab board against my TT incision, I did use my ab board but not until day 7 post. Oh also dolls, don't stress yourself out, I was in pain so I decided to not sacrifice my comfort and be miserable during my recovery so since day 1, I've been sitting on my bum periodically; I do not think it's gone anywhere. The week I returned home, I gained 9lbs... Stay away from the scale, it could have been just swelling and inflammation. I'm now back to my pre-surgery weight and hoping that I lose more as the swelling continues to go down. Well, here's some pics of my journey and progress.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Australia Fragosa Baez has been great! She has responded promptly to all of my emails/questions and had a quote emailed to me within 24hrs of me sending my photos. I don't have a problem at all getting in contact with her and she seems to be caring. She does not speak a lot of English so I correspond via Spanish with her and English with her assistant, I just use a translator to covert my messages and emails to Spanish which may be why I get responses so quickly! After my sx, I was not as successful getting in contact with Dr.Baez. I only communicated with her twice at my post op appointments and could not seem to get her to respond thru whatsapp in between when I had questions or concerns. I'm satisfied with my results and yes she changed my life, however I wish she was as attentive after the sx as she was before.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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