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I'm scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Robles in...

I'm scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Robles in the Dominican Republic in June. I will be having a Brazilian butt lift along with a thigh lift and also an arm lift. I know it sounds like a lot but I want to get it over with. In August of 2012 I had tummy tuck ( no lipo) and breast lift with implant. I lost a lot of weight and want to correct my problem areas. I'm not interested in looking like a Barbie or anything. No offense to those ladies that do because if I wasn't a 35 yr old wife and mother of 2 (one of those a 12 yr old girl) i would want that lol. I just want to get rid of the loose skin and feel good about what i see in the mirror. I'm also Latina so i do want my nice round butt back lol...i will feel so good about that! when i lost all the weight my butt deflated and dropped and my thighs are still thick but the skin is loose and very jiggly. I asked some questions on the Q&A board and posted photos there. i also posted pics of my tt/bl under my review for that procedure. My problem is that I'm nervous about scars because I'm not sure how they will look on my inner thighs or on my upper arms. The scars on my breasts are almost invisible so far and the TT scar is still a work in progress. Sometimes it's light and sometimes it dark. But I do see that it's fading. I have been looking at a lot of before and after pictures and some are great but there's a few where there isn't much of a difference. Sometimes I feel like If I'm going to put myself thru this pain and be away from my family for 14 days I want to see a big difference but what if what I want isn't possible? And then I will have scars. But on the other hand if everything goes as plans I will look and feel great about my body. I'm very happy with the work Dr. Robles did on my tt/bl. I know I'm in good hands but I can't help but be nervous and anxious...Who else is on team Robles for late June?

I'm getting excited for my trip. I want to go to...

I'm getting excited for my trip. I want to go to Walmart to pick up something's I might need. I can only think of gauze, tape, silicon strips, rosa mosqueta oil, pads. Not sure what else I should bring...

Some before pics...


4weeks left...cant wait!

Getting excited now! Cant wait for a new me!

Pic of my arm

16 days and counting...

So today I confirmed my sx date and airline reservations! I'm so damn excited I can barely contain myself. I am not looking forward to recovery and am too scared to ask about how many drains I'm going to wake up with. I was thinking about getting a script for Percocet but I've never taken anything stronger than Tylenol with codein lol so I'm nervous about that too! A relative and former patient of Dra. Robles will be traveling with me and she will stay with me for the first 7 days. Thank God because the first time I went down there I wanted to get back on the plane and go home lol I was so scared but it wasn't that bad. So the lady at the recovery house said I only really needed to bring wipes and adult diapers and any meds/vitamins I was taking.

What did you pack that you didn't need and what did you pack that you couldn't have survived without? After the arm lift will I be able to buy some bottles of liquor at the duty free on my way back lmao! That stuff is almost half the price at the duty free shop hahaha


Took my pics down due to the current situation

Getting ready

Ok ladies so my surgery is on for Thursday June 27! I'm super excited and nervous! I have been through surgery before so I know what to expect but I can't control my emotions. I just keep thinking about the scars and how they will heal. I was lucky the first time around so I just keep telling myself I will be fine. I'm not sure how many drains I will have when I wake up and I'm not sure that I want to know. I'm not looking forward to the itching that comes with surgery. I am most anxious about leaving my kids. My baby just turned 5 and my little lady is about to be 13. She is 12 going on 21?! That attitude is in full blast and she went thru puberty so the hormones aren't helping my situation lol she's also a junior black belt so when the hormones rage I go hide lol just kidding but I'm really going to miss them. My hubby will be fine he could use a break from me lol I know I'm not easy and we're together all the time. I'm not su how many ladies will be at Virginia's recovery house when I get there last time it was just me and her. Looking forward to some company...will be updating again soon as my little one is begging for the iPad lol gotta go

Leaving tomorrow

So my surgery is on Thursday and I fly out tomorrow morning. My nerves and anxiety are taking over today. I asked my md for some anxiety meds. Hopefully I calm down. Leaving my kids for 2 weeks is killing. My son woke up with a cough and stuffy nose...I don't want to leave him like that!! I'm very scared right now....this is crazy. I can't control my feelings today

No ass for me...

Apparently ladies i dont have fat to lipo so no new ass for me! I was very upset at first but i am so glad Dra. Robles didnt Try to do a procedure that wasnt going to give me results. I did have my arms done and i feel great, just a little sore. Also she lifted my breasts a little more as a bonus lol now they are really perky lol. Also i had a scar revision done on my tummy tuck scar. I never mentioned in my reviews that i had what i thought was just bruising that had not resolved itself but Robles told me that it was not bruising. My TT incision had apparently opened on the inside causing that discoloration. i knew she was right about that because the day i got back to NY i was on my way home and almost got into an accident. The car swerved hard to the left and i felt a sharp pain there but when i checked it looked ok on the surface. Also she said my scars were healing amazing...almost completely invisible (before this revision) so im hopeful that my arms will heal the same and the scar will barely visible. Im at Virginias recovery house and feel at home here. I was put on a different recovery house (soraida's) for one day only! That bitch was shady as hell!! She kept making excuses when it was time for me to leave and a friends cousin called me saying that she was my cousin and she was wanting to see me because she was in the area...how that bitch told her i wasnt leaving and hung up on her!! i only found out via facebook inbox! At that point i was scared as hell. I told the lady to call my cab...she said the cabdriver said no! I only left on sunday because the cab driver had to take my cousin to the airport. I packed my shit it felt like an escape! I told my cousin if that lady tried to stop me i was going to call cops! I reported all of this to Robles and even she was surprised that i didnt leave on saturday! I told her i had to escape when the taxi came to get my cousin. Robles said that she couldnt believe it and said she was going to confront her about it and swore she would never use that RH again. Other than that craziness everything was great. Im so glad my cousin was with me because God knows what would have happened at that place i started getting scared lol i even had nightmares saturday night about being kidnapped!

Arms at 4 weeks post op

Pre arm lift

Arm lift

Arms are looking great! Still some swelling and bruising but definitely improving every day!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I love her and her work. She did my tummy tuck and breast lift in aug 2012. My price is discounted because I'm a repeat customer lol...

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