OMG Dr J ALL THE WAY.....BBL with HIPS - Atlanta, GA

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Just had a argument with my man I told him to kiss...

Just had a argument with my man I told him to kiss my ass he said you don't have one I said I will soon now I know for a fact i'm having a bbl w hips and a tt..waiting on my quote from Dr y I was going with Dr j but decided I can use the extra money and even though im not 100% sold on yilys bbl im sold on her sculpts. I just dont want a ass that you can see around the corner but a nice thick plump one not sure if I want the shelf or the upside down heart

Got my quote from Yily looking to leave end of...

Got my quote from Yily looking to leave end of this month. If you want to buddy let me Know? I want to stay at least 8-10days.

Going with Dr J......I figure if you going do it...

Going with Dr J......I figure if you going do it do it right. . With Yily it's mostly the language barrier. And lack of communication. don't get me wrong doctor J office needs to up their Game too. I mean that office is ran by a bunch of Barbie dolls now since everyone there has a bbl. if it was about customer service I would not be going to him. for example I have a consultation already I was given a quoteI call back to tell them I was ready to put down a down payment I did not get an answer or a call back however I receive an email stating I will have a consultation a good with doctor J I found that I odd being that I had already had 1 however I figured since I told them I have my money they were just going to review me again well needless to say they never called so I called in 2 days later spoke with my patient consultant who basically apologize I was a little confused herself okay so now we're talking on the phone for roughly 10 minutes the doctor J which was cool because I already spoke with him. Now it's time to put down a deposit okay so I called make sure the money was transferred over to my checkings call back give them my credit card number credit card declined try it again credit card declined again okay somethings wrong because I know for a fact I haven't okay i'mma have to call you back and see what's going on. I call my name and they stated to me then I could not make a big deposit sorry not deposit payment have to get it it over a overridefor anything over 3 grand so he explained to me that he was have to speak to a supervisor and that they can increase the ability how to make a payment over 3 grand they software events urges try to make the payment twice with that said it looks like a lot of activity so what he stated the bank teller is the wait 24 hours and then I can make the 1 payment so I said no what I'll do is break it into 2 payments. I call back to the office and she did not pick up the phone 2 other people picked up took a message of course nope all that I tried to call back again and this is all mind you what then minutes of me speaking with this patient coordinator. when I call back again the answering service took a very detailed message and again no call back I even told 1 of the rep who answered that I was just trying to make a payment they stated they will have her call me back. Next day I receive an email from a different coordinator stating would you like to meet Dr J please schedule your consultation click on the link below. I was like I was like ohh my God thiscrazy. Anyhow at this point I know that I want to surgery done and I know that doctor jay is the best so what those minor setback and I do look at them to be minor I'm still going to go for it again I just wish he get a professional staff not saying all of them are not professional but the way they handle his business is unprofessional. and the sad part is he's the most expensive doctor doing this surgery and giving great great results however it just makes you wonder does he even know how is potential patients are being treated:-(

Ok ladies so I've been wearing the silicone padded...

Ok ladies so I've been wearing the silicone padded shorts by bubbles which I absolutely love. I figured since I'm having the bbl I should start wearing the shorts so when I have the sx it won't . So susurprising when they see all that azz:-) Well I fooled some people but those close to me asked questions like are you doing squats I laughed so hard and said no and showed off my shorts my sis n law who is a plus size wss like I want one and next thing I know she started tlkg about the ti n tiny show I told her I ws s interested in the bbl and she was too I was so hyped to talk in person with someone about it. She was happy for me and she said she's going to have one too. Okay so I wore my shorts to a shower over the weekend and got many complements actually it was nice having them bc I'm always getting comments of my size 44h I don't have a big stomach I can suck it in pretty good making it seem like I have a hourglass just no its not flat but its not a head turner either. So with all that being said one of my jealous cousins said to me in front of my man thank God he didn't hear her....she had the nerve to say you have on but pads your sister said its your money. I totally ignored her then I asked my sister why she say that she blew up ready to call her I said leave bit alone its not that serious plus I don't want you'll arguing over my fake she was mad bc mu cousin lied but she let it go. I told my sis that when I have my sx my cousin will be the first to know bc I'm going to make sure she sees Dr J curves up front and personal. if the pads got her like that then can you imagine how Dr J curves are going to have her she's a big scheduled for nov 11 however I have six grand put down going to finance the other three grand in house so prayfully I will be on the cancellation list or paid in full list. About my man of 25 years the shorts are fooling him or he's fooling me lol....

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