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Looking for a sx buddy planning on getting dolled...

Looking for a sx buddy planning on getting dolled up by Molina in February of 2017. I'm going to Dominican Republic to get liposuction and BBL. Aiming for a flatter stomach and bigger butt. So far great communication, answers in a timely manner. Board certified and work looks great on others and most importantly no deaths

Sx Buddy

This is my second time writing this but this time I'm going to be more precise.

1. I am a real person and looking for another real person to be my SX buddy

2. Please do not write me if you are unsure and playing games (i'm very serious about my procedure and time)

3. 'IF' you would like to be my SX buddy I want to meet you in person before going through with this process together. I say this because I personally want to be sure the person I have as a SX buddy is someone I can deal with.

4. When traveling and communicating with someone you do not know I think it's fair enough to briefly get to know each other before going through this procedure together. That is why I prefer someone from NY or in the tristate area so we can arrange a meet up before following through.( I NEVER see anyone talk about a meet up beforehand on here and I feel that is so important)

5. I am no weirdo I am just VERY concerned about my safety and who I come in contact with and I would hope that you are too.

Booking Flight

Is it best to book flight one way or round trip? I'm about ready to book my flight but debating if I should do one way or round trip. Please give me some advice and feedback. Looking forward for feedback from people that had traveled for plastic surgery and underwent surgery already. Also thoughts about this "Zika virus" and traveling to areas affected by it
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far so good

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