Cabral or Duran doll 2015, without the support of my loved ones - Dominican Republic

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After years of lurking on RS, I've finally decided...

After years of lurking on RS, I've finally decided to post a review/blog myself. So reader beware!!! lol

I've have finally decided to have surgery. Yes. I. You heard me right. I have never had cosmetic surgery, never mind surgery period. I have no children but have a gut and some ass. My boyfriend (the inspiration for this blog) thinks that squats will magically solve my problem. But guess what. I've been doing squats all my life and guess what? Still no ass. ;{. Yeah, I'm tired of these Instragram chicks selling me false hopes. Sell me a referral number please and thank you. However, they aren't telling their secrets so I had to do my own research and discovered that many of these women have surgery in the Dominican Republic.

Back to my inspiration, my boyfriend absolutely refuses to support ANYTHING surgery related. He's even refused to drive me to the airport. smh. I'm really sad about the whole situation. He's supportive in every other aspect of my life, so this situation is new, rare, and thorny. Today, I caught him on the right day and he agreed to take before pics for me. Well, truth be told it was him or my gay guy friend...which he wouldn't have wanted since my friend is a guy period, even if it's just for surgery. Anyways, my boyfriend is giving me a hard time, which is new and heartbreaking. He says he loves me the way I am and I just need to get back to working out. I hear him. God knows I don't hate myself. I've gone through my phases of gym ratness so he speaks some truth. However, I want curves that I will never gain in the gym. Let's not lie to ourselves. I could do squats all day and will never look like XYZ model who I stalk...I mean follow on Instragram. No, I'm not a lesbian (if I was I would have totally made her my girlfriend) but she's hot and officially my wish pic.

My best friend has threatened to tell my whole family if I even leave the country. She's an alpha female so I know she's serious.
I'll tell her about the surgery when I'm back in the states. She can be cray cray and I'm not ashamed but I don't want everyone knowing my business.

Essentially, I've started this blog because well I have no one else to talk to about my life long dream (P.S. I have other dreams than getting an ass but that is besides the point smarty pants). I know my loved ones are against it because they love me and are concerned for my safety but never would I have thought I would feel so isolated and abandoned. Even if we disagree, at least they could support me.

In conclusion, I'm sad and a little loopy from this bottle of wine ;) but this is my truth. I'm not sugar coating sh**. This is my reality.

Synopsis: I want surgery and those closest to me are doing everything to discourage me from getting it.
I hope to help those in a similar situation and those coming behind me.

Be great.
Love DollMADEinDR

*excuse the typos grammar police

Surgery Diary: Duran, Roble, or Contreras

My journey from the beginning to the end with the aid of a bottle of wine :), which means I will give you the truth and nothing but the truth. Smh...I gotta make 200 characters so here you go...blah blah blah...I want a big booty. Who doesn't but those who already have one. I don't want a donkey on my back but at least a nice hump maybe?

Cabral or Duran but leaning towards the The King of Barbies

So, I sent a message to Cabral on the Whatsupp application and he responded in the evening. I only asked for a bbl and he quoted me a really cheap price, which made me do a double take. I'm guessing it's because I'm slimmer? Maybe? I'm 5'7'' and weigh 165 lbs. I already have an okay ass and some curves, so he won't have to work too hard. lol

My boyfriend and I got into a MAJOR argument over this sx today. He even threatened to break up with me. I told him to not make threats and if he's serious to just do it. Shoot, I know it's a little twisted but a breakup would motivate me even more to my body snatched. lol. Yeah, I know I'm co co. Long story short, he cooled off and ended up bringing me flowers, chocolate, and a card to my work place for an early V-day and to make up for the fight. God, I love that man. I'm bummed he won't support this journey I'm partaking in but I'm grateful to have him. And...even though he already love how my body looks I hope I'll like the new version. lol.

Back to surgery, I emailed Duran and now am just waiting to hear back from her. Her and Cabral are my two choices. Dr. Robles was too but from reading the reviews, her specialty is TT and I don't need one and don't want one. From reading other reviews, Yilly has an attitude problem, which I personally don't want to deal with since my life will be in her hands. Before the barbs come out for my blood, this is just my opinion and what I've gathered from reading the other reviews. Yes, I know that Cabral has a bad history...but I'm prayed up and am in good health. That's why I decided to just have a bbl and not the breast lift too, fewer complications. I'll have my breast lift done in the states after I have children.

Back to Cabral, they call him the King of Barbies for a reason. I love how he gives all his patients very tiny waists. Yes!!! Also, he seems to be very polite and professional. I’m nervous but I know God has a plan for me and that plan doesn’t end in D.R.

Well, I will email Duran one more time this Sunday, since that’s supposed to be her magical day.

Please keep it positive. We are all adults and if I remember correctly no one here pays my bills or puts food on my table. I will do as I please. If you disagree please vent somewhere else. Thank you.

Cabral gave me too different prices. WHAT DO I DO?

So, I messaged Cabral on the Whatsapp application and sent him an email. He gave me a lower price on the Whatsapp then in the email. Now, I'm trying to figure out if I should continue the conversation with him through Whatsapp only or bring his attention to the pay discrepancy in the email. Do two different people do the quotes?

Any thoughts ladies?

By the way, I'm going back and forth about posting my real pictures up here. I have big goals in life and don't want my naked pictures showing up 20 years from now. Maybe I'll just pictures of me in my clothes right? Yeah... I might do that instead.

Be great. Get snatched.
Future Cabral barbie

Finally got a date with Cabral

I finally secured a date with Cabral but I think it's too soon. Today is Feb 16th and my surgery date is March 23rd. Is that enough time for me to get my hemo blood up and make sure my finances are straight? I'm not sure but I hope so. I hope to have all my bills paid at least one month in advance because I'll be missing a pay period when I travel. Therefore, this week I'm shift everything into high gear.

If anyone is going around that time, hit me up!

I finally have posted pics. Please see attached.

Boyfriend issues about sx, waiting for Duran and DEATH in DR.

So, I was talking to my bf about surgery, which I try not to do but he's like my best friend so it's hard not to do. I NEED A SX BUDDY ASAP. Anyways, some how the conversation got on to him saying that he thinks my body is fine and I already have a nice shape. I respond that after sx my body will look even nicer. THEN, he says, "Whenever I'll look at that booty, I'll be thinking 'fake booty'".

Listen, this surgery is happening with or without his approval but at least I want him to accept my new body. I don't want to come back from DR and my bf is looking over my body in disgust and telling me "oh I miss the old you".
My bf is a GREAT guy but this shit is starting to stress me. God why am I giving him so much power over me?! It's because I love him and want to continue to be accepted by the man that I love. Ahhhhh!!!! I don't know what to do with this guy. I told him the other day, "It's happening. Whether you want it to or not." Maybe, I need to mentally prepare him for my transformation. After surgery, my body will never look the same, which I love but him not so much. I wouldn't want a guy who is too excited about me getting surgery but I would like for my boyfriend to at least be supportive or neutral. The other day he asked me if I hated myself and did I suffer from low self-esteem. I hung up the phone on him. I realize I can't talk to him about sx. He's there for me in every other way but this sx is turning him into someone I don't recognize.


Anyways, on to sx related news. My new surgery date is mid April 2015. I’m excited about that. That will give me time to save more money and pay my bills in advance. I don’t want to come back here and stress about money, especially since I’ll miss so many days from work.

I think I found a sx buddy but she’s not really friendly…I don’t know if she’s supposed to be either. Lol. No, I’m not expecting us to be best friends but she’s very straight to the point. Though we did converse a little on WhatsApp, I was the one asking most of the questions. I think she’s cool though. Maybe I had unrealistic expectations of what a sx buddy is supposed to be like. Either way, I’m down for a sx group if anyone is going to DR around that time.

Who will operate on this fine booty: So, I spoke with Elizabeth on Monday and she said Duran will email me back a quote by Sunday. I HOPE SO bc honestly….don’t kill me barbs…but I feel safer with her than Cabral. Yeah, I said it. BOOM. I’m not nervous about Cabral or think anything is going to happen to me. It's just his track record makes me pause for a second. I’m pretty sensitive to my intuition and I haven’t had any bad feelings about doing sx with him. It’s just that I can only imagine how I’ll feel on the bed waiting to be transferred to the operating room. Essentially, the less anxiety I have the better. I want less “sx gone wrong” scenarios to think about.

Especially considering someone died today. Her name is Ely Pena from what people have said on Instagram. Her doctor was Dr. Juan Oscar Polanco. My condolences go out to her family. God forbid If anything happens to me, don’t yall go talk’n about “she wasn’t healthy. She had complications. Etc”. I AM a gym rat. I work out everyday, at least an hour on the treadmill alone. I take supplements. I mostly eat home cooked foods and I’ve never had any health complications. I don’t have asthma. I do not take medications. I have never had surgery. Nothing! I hate when shit happens and the dolls blame the victim. Yes, maybe the patient wasn’t healthy but damn MAYBE just maybe the surgeon is at fault. I’m not wishing harm on myself. God knows I got a long time on this earth. I’m telling RS folks to know that I am very healthy. So if shit goes down. In my Shaggy voice, “It wasn’t me”. Now I gotta go pray.

*P.S. I posted a picture of what I looked like before I gained weight for surgery.

Wish pics

I want you booty!

Looking for a sx buddy!

I'm looking for a sx buddy. I'll be arriving to the D.R. on April 13th and having surgery April 14th. I'm coming from the East coast, the D.C./Baltimore area to be exact.

If you or anyone you know is going around that time, let me know so we can connect.


Drama on Instragram!

Honeyyyyy child,
Instagram was on fire today. And this doll accidentally lit the match. Whoops.

So, I came across Dr. J. Fisher's bbl reviews on RS and his work is really good. He's a surgeon in the U.S.. Considering his dolls are paying only $4k-5K (almost comparable to the DR prices), this doll (me) got all excited and wrote about it on instagram. And it slowly but surely went down hill from there. One of the dolls, wrote that Fisher gives asses but what's the difference if you still end up having a thick waist (paraphrasing). Now in my opinion, it was a little shade but she was giving me her opinion (which is her right). She later clarified that two of her friends had surgery in the U.S. and now are going to DR for r2, hence her stance so I don't think she meant it to be taken in bad way. Another doll, said if you look like Precious going in with US surgeons, you'll come out looking like Precious just with an ass. Now that was funny and shady. lol. Once again, the ladies were simply trying to help me and I don't think they meant to be mean about it but I was a little surprised by their comments and thought it could have been said in a better way. Well, one of Fisher's latest doll got pissed off and wrote a post calling people mfs and bishes. I was like WTH did I start! No no ladies. Please don't do this!!!! They then went back and forth about whether US doctors are better than DR doctors blah blah blah. THEN, another doll wrote about it on her page and the arguments continued. WHY?! WHY?!

Each party made some good points but I was a little disappointed. It wasn't that deep or serious to go back and forth about, especially considering that each party involved is gorgeous and snatched to the gods.

This ordeal today has taught me a lesson. Unfortunately, I gotta tread lightly on social media with the dolls. I've heard the horror stories about online fights but this honey was surreal.

Though I was disappointed about the bickering within the sx community, I must say I was kinda entertained. lol. I know. shame. I kept refreshing the page. Like *gasp* she said what? Ol' girl was going innnnnnnnnn. The funniest comment was when the Fisher doll said, "If anyone brings up a death in DR, yall bishes do cartwheels." LMBO. Damn. lmbo. That is the truth though...

Once again, each party made great points. I initially posted the statement bc I was excited but after doing more research I'm still going to go with Cabral. I thanked the ladies for their advice and I have learned my lesson.

Peace and love y'all. peace and love.

The impossible happened

Ughhh what is a girl to do?

The red sea has parted everyone. Mrs. Impossible to reach has emailed me a quote. Yes, I'm talking about Duran herself. I can't believe her timing. I had just 10 seconds earlier read about Haz_love , Backwoodzbooty , and sweetforlife accounts with Duran. They all had nerve damage caused by Duran accidentally injecting fat into their sciatic nerves. Haz_love still does not have any feeling in her right foot and Backwoodzbooty now limps.

Now, I'm thinking do I even want to take the risk and If I'm taking the risk to go to DR in the first place, why not just go to the king Cabral himself. Furthermore, these past 24 hours I've been strongly considering Dr. Fisher. His clinic is located in Miami, FL and he gives fat asses and small waists but not hips from what I've seen (if I'm wrong send me a link plz). However, I wonder will I get the same results if I went to DR? I don't want buyers remorse. I don't want to go for r2. One and I'm done.

What to do ladies?! Stay in the U.S. where I feel more comfortable and just pay an extra $1k or go to the DR and be guaranteed a fat behind and small waist with hips but possibly face more complications.

Ughhhhh....So ultimately, it's back to Cabral and Fisher.

I'm gonna sleep on it and pray. I pray for God to give me a sign. My intuition hasn't went off regarding Cabral but I want to make the best decision for me, even if it is choosing him.
Dr. Hector Cabral

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