2 pics at 6 months yesterday

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I woke up from a hysterectomy and realized half my...

I woke up from a hysterectomy and realized half my life is over(i'm 42). I have always long for a butt and now I want one. I have to wait 6 months after surgery to get anything done. So October here I come. Hubby is ok with any choice. but i see when he peeps a the women with big butts :/. Duran ? Yilly? Jimmerson?? who knows. I* should be saving for retirement because a have no 401k or retirement; but i do make money. IDK!!!! just up thinking any advice. also yily doesnt recommend a place to stay anymore?


anybody going to yily, duran or cabral in October 2013. I've decided to do my BBL. I cant wait. Why isn't anyone just staying a cipla for a few days wouldn't it be better than any RH ? whats the best place to stay? and I would love to start a Over 40 BBL in October 2013 Group[

who is baez? where are her b4 and after pics???

ok ladies who is baez? who is willing to post her work? is it true she doesn't require a down payment and as on june 22, 2013 what is the best rh or hotel to stay at?????? Why are there no photos of dr. baez work?

duran 411?

emailed duran on faced book no reply; whats her status? how do you ladies plan to handle questions about your new body I meant BOODY. I'm a lil nervous about that

unwish pic lol

P S Simulator

what I look like now and what I hope to look like after

this website is CRACK

im going to bed to dream of wish pics LOL. Goodnite rs ladies

where is best place to stay in DR

need advice, hotel, best rh, best nurse, and WHO HAS PHOTOS OF BAEZ WORK please email me

Baez buddy needed for 10/18/13 date

Hey ladies I m going to baez on October I would love some buddies to partner up with? looking forward to hearing from u. Where are u guys getting these wish pics?


I took my measurements waist is 38 and hip were 39. very sad. I said I would like at 44 hip hubby said get a 49 hip!! If you are gona do it do it big. I was shocked. But it is nice when the Mr. Big's come on board. Does anybody have Baez pics? Please inbox me so I can see them. Does anybody know what happened to palm 7777? I might go to DR in August to check docs and hotels out . I want to make the right choices and I want to help other girls make the right choices. I will keep you posted. I will need the number of a driver when I amthere in august to see as many places as I can. any recommendations?

X ray done ekg done blood work next

I wanna know NOW what I need to get my body ready for bbl. I got some vitamins and some other supplies. I need to get a script for Percocet or vicodin . Im scared to get lipo of arms, people are complaining about not being able to use their arms after xs. There are so many different rh's out there now and so many fake profiles idk who to believe . Im going down in 3 weeks to check things out for myself. I will keep u posted on what I find. Where are the Baez barbies or beauties on F/B?

so much into rs I foregot mediatakeout and tmz LOLOLOL

this site and surgery is clouding my mind

I met The Queen YILLY on Monday but still going to BAEZ

Shout out to Dilly 6695 and her daughter for taking time out to talk to me and my buddy Monday Happy healing. Baez did her and she looks good. Her daughter went to yilly and she looked good too. Also another shout out to a girl form NY I cant recall her name she said it was coke bottle something!!! well Thank you for taking time to talk to me. She was a yilly doll and she looked good. Yily had me star struck. I said you are famous on the computer!!!!! To address the rumors she doesn't perform the surgery she says all docs need help she cant possibly operate on you and then move you she needs help she said all of the doctors here have assistants. She assured me she does her own surgeries but she does have some help. That aside she knows her business , does have a phat ass and treated me and my buddy very nice. I will tell you my buddy went to cabral and he gave some girl a huggge ass Shout to her . when my friend came to get me to show me cabrals work ana yanked me off the elevator asking where am I going!!!! LOLOLOL I said nowhere and went and sat back down lolololo. I don't want no drama. I can be a bitch but not in DR with these chicks . It was crazy. JOSE BRITTO IS THE BEST BEST BEST and cute. He took us around waited for us and made sure we ate and were safe. He complained about a girl who didn't pay him . He was holding the steering wheell real tight talking about her lol so I paid him half his money 1 day and the other half the next day. again I don't want any dramaaaaaaaa. Dr. Baez is sweet but what sold me on her were her 2 clients I was able to see, they looked good and that's what I went to DR for. I wont have a Donk but I will get a booty. She said 700 cc would be nice I said ahh well since I might loose 30 pct to absorbsion give me 900 ma. with that Im dong bl and TT. I will be sleeping on my butt. Every girl I saw on Monday was sitting and sleeping on their butts idk smh idk. The best Recovery house I saw was named Recovery House with Juana Taveras. we did a surprise show up and everything was clean and nice. we were happy and jose britto had never been there so he was happy about it and he will be recommending girls there. It was good Jose met me Monday.Silhouette was nice and a girl at yilly was raving about Aromonia recovery house. Flight was fine , customs was fine, . Its a poor country , be careful and keep your head up. I stayed at the renaissance hotel, it was nice outside but soso inside bed was great,. I got the garden view room with the breakfast it was good. That's my trip I;m at peace with my choices. If you have questions hit me up. Nite ladies also my hemo is 12.8 GET OUT. Its going down Baez beauty 10/19/13

noticed some bad surgery in DR

I saw several docs in DR. One girl said her belly button closed up on her and she no longer has one. she was there to get a revision. I asked her why don't you get ur arms done and she said I DID GET THEM DONE. She made me touch her arms and feel that hard lumps. This young lady's arms were huge and she was 3 months post op. we couldn't talk as openly as we wanted but I got all the things she wasn't saying. She was back in dr to do round 2 to fix or make her belly button. at a rh a older woman was there looking miserable and when we asked what she had done she wouldn't say. but she she had on a compression garment. but from what we saw.........we couldn't imagine what was being compressed she had a belly no butt and no chest.... idk . Just be careful ladies. listen to all reviews and look at pics. the girl are putting up info for a reason. I will not say docs name because I don't want dramaaaaaaa. but read those reviews ladies and look at photos om alwayswantedabooty.


Today makes 60 days till New Me. Wow. flights are booked. reservations made for RH. now I need supplies. Hubby is gong first 5 days to make sure i'm ok. I have mixed feelings about that. I have a buddy also.. I'm only getting a bbl .Mr. Big doesn't want me to touch the girls. idk about that either.my mom I worried so im gonna tell her im not doing the surgery, to put her mind at ease. then day of call her. I will still need her prayers.nervous about showing off new body. what in the world do u say when people KNOW you did work. I was in Costco saying why am I doing this and a girl with a ASSS walked past filling out her dress and I said to myself. THAT'S WHY. We know how its supposed to look back there. oh well nite or should I say morning.

I Need Armonia REcovery House information ladies

Everyone keeps raving about Armonia house. L really like Recovery House(juanna) but im curious now about this other one. ladies please send me info. Thank You

shoutout to Lookbackatit

I a funny phone conversation with lookbackatit tonight. guys she is cool. I realized with talking with her how important it is for us to tell our stories , so others can see how Real it is having plastic surgery. ladies keep posting , keep laughing. Shout out to Vambie she is the only one who gave me RH Armonia info ,today. Thank you. And my new quote I stole from lookbackatit is " when you look at my ASS I want you to question your sexuality!!!!!!!" LOVE IT

carbral patient Died on Thursday?

God bless her soul and my he help her family. Does anyone have the real information the real story?

30 days left

Time flew by. I cant imagine in 31 days all this planning and worry and eexpectation will be over. Im stillpacking in need sleeves, ab board , boppy pillow and 2nd garment when mine is being washed. I ran into some job issues; I feel like its robbing me from booty joy, but as time gets closer I will feel more excited. I hope my doc gives me pain pills b4 I leave for DR. I'm not playing somebody gonna give me something. I know better that to show up in DR with no extra pain pills....... Praying for everyone who is having surgery to comes out well and happy. Its 347 am and I cant sleep....... booty on my brain

Travel insurance and Registering at embassy

only saw 1 person talking about ordering travel insurance!! who is registered with the us embassy in DR??????. Who has had that talk with the family JUST IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENS. Im getting my folder in order this weekend.

21 days left to my big baez booty

lol yall know baez booty's are not that big lololol. so I will take a medium big. I got big tits. I got big lips all I need is the butt to go with it. But I want to have a safe procedure and I want to reach out and touch my doctor; So Baez Babe I will be. but its just about 3 weeks away. wow. I need another garment and some foam and my hair wipped ($300) Brooklyn(no other place like it) and im ready. I guess.

why take pic in dirty room

why are ladies taking pics in dirty or untidy rooms? come girls for the 5 grand you are about to spend u can do better


cholera in DR

dr strike

doctors and nurses are on strike in dr. smh


I love my pcp. I love her. she gave me 30 pills and amoxicillin. . all I need is lipo foam.
still didn't get insurance. its been a busy week but I will get on it by Friday. my doc has been answering my emails within 24 hours I love it. not much more to report . got tell hubby to start packing. hope he packs small so I can put things in his suitcase. I have kept some of the things happening in DR away from him. We will see how long that lasts

17 days wow

or 17 and a wake up. jail heads know what i'm saying

insurance companies that cover plastic surgery

insuremytrip does not cover incidents revolving around plastic surg. Their policies have exclusions. That's why I need insurance in case there is a complication and my us medical coverage cant pay for it. If any knows of such a company feel free t let me know. Thanks

Jusin Beiber in Dr on 10/20/13

lol I cant wait. lol


I always looked at the list and said the girls are taking way too much. low and behold i'm one of those girls now.
Wife Beaters
no wire bra's
big panties
1 snuggle for after surgery
cocoa butter stick for lips
flip flops
1 pair of sneakers
1 set of sheets(idkwhy)
perfume spray for unique smell hubby gives off :)
Lysol spray
lipo foam
pill case feilled with 14 day supply of medicine and vitamins
500 mg Amoxicllian
Percocet( love my pcp)
stool softner w/glycerin suppositories
arnica gel
Benadryl itch cream
hibliclens wash
bacitracin ointment and mini Neosporin pack
lever bar soap(hubby)
desitin for garment burns?
dial antibacterial soap
poise pads
compression sleeves
compression socks
2nd garment
probiotic gummies
cotton swabs
hospital tape
perfume roll for behind ears and elbows lol
lactaid pill(that sucks)
bug spray
lotion 1 Gatorade(after surgery)
female urinal
1 airlife apparatus I got when I had my hysterectomy- you breath into it and make the ball rise. its suppose to help clear lungs. idk. im bringing it
2 garbage bags. idk whay i'm bringing them.
1 boppy pillow
1 silk pillow case
1 pillow for hubby
hair clip
hair scarf- yes i'm bringing my rag lol
ace bandage.
liquid dial body wash
heating pad and crackers.
playing cards
play station(hubby)
job receipts to go over
just in case after all those antibiotics(yeast med). Thanks Vambie
I wanted to bring a case of water but hubby said no.
baking soda . That's the list. Im packed. im still working on insurance. DR. is confirmed RH confirmed, flights booked. weave on Thursday-long lasting pedicure on Saturday and Im done. wait I have to go over paperwork and my last wishes with the family Just in case. going to church about 3 times in the next11 days. its not a game. God you know I wanna come home with a healthy big booty lololol. God forgive me. I mean Thank You for my life and please see me thru yet again. In JESUS name AMEN.

i foregot wash cloths

6 wash cloths.

OMG dangerouscurves just threw my doc and Rh under the bus

I am waiting for part 2 of her response. Imma be up all nite waitin for this. I have spoke so highly of Baez and Armonia House. I wont jump to conclusions; but that is one hell of a statement. You were not on schedule and you paid the day before.What? Jesus that girl is from chi- Town but i'm from BROOKLYN. But Imma pray that my real emotions are kept calm and medicated and that all goes well. Amronia house not picking people up??? what. armonia house not getting you to surgery on time What? Dr. Baez refunding you most of the money and not all of it What? I leave in 9 days SMH.

My inbox to Dangerous Curves

alwayswantedabooty Oct 8th, 2013  9:23pm

It was. smart idea to come home. that was crazy hunny I might not have ever gone back. Im not happy with Armonia house, still don't understand why baez wasn't calling you or armonia house. why didn't baez reprimand the receptionist ? Did baez ask you can / or would you be ok with a public hospital? Baez has a good driver name Jose Britto what happened to him,. Do you feel baez was playing games or it was just straight incompetence of their part( meaning every body but you)?

Dangerous Curves Reply to me

Dangerous Curves Ahead Oct 8th, 2013  9:47pm

Well, I have to assume some responsibility in the mess too. It's unfair for me to point all the fingers at someone else! Lol. For example, I could have NOT paid her in advance and I wouldn't have been as stressed that next day.

Jose Brito was my driver back to the airport. He was supposed to pick me up at airport too but he had a problem a d sent someone in his place. He called to apologize and checked on me several times during my stay. He is a good guy.

I don't know if Baez called Armonia.Keep in mind there is the language barrier. All I know is that I was the only girl going to Baez.all the other ladies were going to someone at Cipla. Cipla is the busiest place with the mist popular doctors so of course that's who the recovery houses cater to.

No, I don't think Baez was playing games at all. She remanded kind and patient throughout. I think there was definitely a communication breakdown that she needs to address on get end as far as it goes with recovery house and her other support people. But it's clear that she is newer and those things will come with time. Things are just hella disorganized there.

Can I ask you a favor? Can you post your last message publicly so that I can also post this response. I don't want it to seem like I'm slamming anyone of not assuming any responsibility

tired of fake b**ch Profiles and Chicks with no real profile

its getting on my nerves. The closer I get to surgery the more seem to come. WHY ladies Why. Im not changing docs, or RH or Driver so lets get that straight. save the drama for yah momma.

German Booty What the HECK???. I got plastic surgery insurance

Girl I gave RS a break for 1 day and German Booty was all over me lol. I tried to clear up some things with Dangerous Curves; that why I posted our comments. But Gurl I'm happy we are not angry at each other. I was gonna put Vaseline on my face and start typing!!!!! lol.This is why we are here to talk it over, get some stories and make more informed decisions .German booty if you could inbox the 1 bad review of Baez; it wont change my mind I just hadn't come across it yet. Ladies I have plastic surgery Insurance. Global Protective solution. look them up . Shout out to tklaus for that information. I'm 7 days away. My hair was braided to day and I have a sinus headache so I'm not nervous, I'm in pain.. Thank God ladies are pulling thru safely with surgery.

It doesnt hurt to register at the Embassy in DR

Go online pull up ; The Embassy in DR, then click onto Smart Traveler Enrollment. In case you have a issue in DR here is the number to there office 809-221-2171.you should also write down the address to embassy .

Sick from anesthia??

I have had several surgeries in my 42 years of life. I have never work up sick from surgery or gotten a headache after. I wonder what the difference is in DR. Quit a bit of girls are waking up sick(they claim from the anesthia) and getting headaches. I want the non nausea non headache medicine right after surgery dammit. MY hubby will be waiting with my pain meds in his pocket with Gatorade and crackers

check check check 4 DAYS AWAY OMGosh

Bags packed check
reservations at RH confirmed Check
Surgery date confirmed check
airport pick up/drop off confirmed check
registered at DR/US Embassy Check
Life insurance policy updated and readily avail. check
Plastic surgery insurance check
Buddy confirmed and ready check
Prayed up check
cash in stash check
pain meds check check check
Mom told where/who/what Im doing with addresses, passport , licensed numbers and all Of DR info(doc,RH,Driver,embassy) and insurance policys check check
Hubby got that vasline to rub on his new bootay check check check :)
Nervous- No,feelings in Check.
wrote out my obituary just in case( I want to be a funeral Director lol)check
Say a prayer for Vambie, and Special one and lina2622 ladies! going in or have gone in , in the last or next 24 hours. Cant wait to hear from them.

Word of the Day from Hour of Power at CHURCH

Trust Him; Have faith............................ I am teaching hubby right now how to long on to RS. The next message you will hear will be from my Mr. Bigg. Lata Ladies.

Mr.Bigg test run

1st update......I think im more nervous than my Baby is, wish her luck

Hubby checking in

Wife got BBL done yesterday......removed bandages today with Baez and my wife got a PHAT ASS.....TY Baez

Mr. Biggs must say

Beaz was amazin, friendly, caring, professional, and a master at her craft.....Made us feel welcomed and cared for, recovery room in clinic kinda rough.....noone but Dr. Beaz husband speaks english, so download google translater before you come

Mr. Biggs

Wife is in some discomfort but in good spirits. BUTT

Mr. Biggs

My Wife Cake

Mr. Biggs

Wifey said to thank you for all the well wishes and prays. Special One and Lina, so sorry we didnt connect but I will reach out in a couple of days when i feel better.

Mr. Biggs reporting for Alwayswantedabooty

Her new name is going to be Igotthatbooty, recovery is hard, pain is hard, swelling is hard, they put her in a xxxs gourmet......and she still looking good lol

Mr. Biggs says

STAY AWAY.......Armonia House is not the place to recover......My wife and I were so disappointed that we left and checked ourself into a hotel. So much to say but I will let the pictures do the talking. And this is only our experience, you may have a better outcome......but be warned, oh yeah the only place in our room to get Wifi was in the bathroom, and they do not make you food to order.......but Wifey still looks good

More pics

Pipe under sink broke and noone fixed it and air conditioner had stain or mold? on it


New Fajate

XXS tighter then the last one, still in pain, slow recovery. The Pain is Real

Mr Bigg checking in

Sooooooo, now we are at our 3rd place to recovery, we are at Juana's Recovery House.....should have been here since the begining. This was my wifes 1st choice but went along with surgery buddy to Armonia aka Crap house. Adding some pics of Juana's, full WiFi, Quite, Very clean, staff attentive, very large room with a walk in closet, night stand amd beautiful bathroom

more pics

Mr Biggs update

Picked up wife from the airport last night, came home and got blessed by the big booty.....wife will be back on soon updating with pics......take care ladies, its been real MR. BIGG

If I could turn back the clock- I type fast alot of typos- sorry

ladies its been a rough unique road. I have wondered how I was going to write my update or Was I not going to write one. would I be n ice about it or would I go the f**k off about it. Here we go 1- Don't go to Armonia House- Myra is liar and for 85 bucks , she is not worth it. The staff were fine but they were going in/out of a girls room when she wasn't home some of the rooms have no closet, no TV, no dresser, and no WIFI but if you were lucky like me you could hook up your wifi from the BATHROOM!!!!!!!I take that back about the staff, one of them came into our room and started to take the cable wire without explantionWTF!!! I was told my messuese would be able to use the massage room when she came -negative they made her use our beds. I never got the door knob I was promised!!! yes I said it . My room came with no doorknob or lock.The bathroom sink leaked all over my items in arominia house, had to throw some away and wash others. the shower leaked and the final straw was when one staff asked me my name and I said why. They wanted me to pay infull on day 3> I was given the bill , I took it to my room and 30 minutes later myra's staff walked in a said YOU CAN GIVE ME THE MONEY... needless to say I was done . I quietly called jose(bitch betta have my money)Britto to pick me up, I packed up ,he came to the door myra said is anything wrong I said no not at all what do I owe u? I paid the fee and left. NEVER accept bullshit ladies NEVER. 2- Dr. Baez that chick laid me out. However the language barrier was real bad, I didn't get that loving let me call and come see you baez. My side effects were ringing in ear(hearing your heartbeat in eardrum). violent jerks in body -like Im experiencing the LIPO, sever swelling . I was put in a size 3xs after surgery. I didn't find this out till day 3 when it was time for that bitch BRUNHILDA.
A size 3xs. I was very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain but I thought that's how I was suppose to be. Dr baez the told me go to store and get the next garment size 2xs which I thought was a lil bigger but no in DR they are different with sizes. It was a smoller garment. So the staff is telling me are you sure this is what the doctor wants and I say yes. not realiing how very wrong it was. garment burns, rashes , and pockets of hard bumps , and severe swollen feet later they realize MY garment is small. Im not even going to tell you in the midst of of this I moved from a Hotel to Jauna Recovery House. Ok so now I have to buy another garment. My lovely Doctor who messed me up didn't even offer to give me a medium garment from her stash-(interesting). I did bring a garment with me but it was a size large. So it was suggested I have it tailored to a size small I said ok of course it comes back way to small. I called doc and said I still have this ringing in my ear. She claims she doesn't understand and I should email her. OK. on my 3 visit to her, 2nd was an emergency visit- my swollen leg had severe shooting pain and my thumb locked up so I told the staff with screams and tears call an ambulance call 911 they couldn't understandme I thought I was having stroke it was horrible I was calling jesus name. They called a CAB, who got lost, took me to baez, she realized my garment was too small , said my side effects were nrormal gave my percsprion for pain pills.OK. as we were leaving clinic the elevator breaks down and I have to walk downstairs(smh). she rips the drains from my body it was horrible no topical solution nothing, the stich up hurts. Her brother in law is translating and he is yelling be quiet be quiet stop yelling. apparently this is what baez is telling him to tell me.This crap is crazy.so finally I get a answer to why my body is jerking and why am I still expericning the ringing in the ear- its the side effects of the anestihia -OK? really that's it...... o and by the way you had touch of anemia after surgery WHAT? OK.I asked for copies of papers from surgery answer no, do you have them in English, no. OK. time to get the hell out of DR. Maybe I got on her nerves , maybe she just didn't like me, but all that calling and visiting she hasn't done to me and I haven't gotten a cll from her yet to check up on me. As a matter of fact I called her tonite to tell her that bitch brunhilda rubbed my incision site stich off my las day there and now wound is open- she said call me lataer- I no undersatand call me when my husband is with me .....OK. I'm Good. 3- DONT USE BAEZ GIRL BRUNHILDA for messages. she is the worst. I had to rat here out to baez about how much she complains and she only stayed on me for 24 minutes. Ladies yousr session is to last 1 hour. make sure you get what you are suppose to have. I didn't know till I hired a girl at juanna's RH. Baez must have got in her ass because the next day trhat bitch took a hour on me. But she got on my last day. that bitch. She rubbed me so hard I jumped up and started to punch her. that bitch left after that. but damage was done. I have a small whole now. wish I knew a bitch down there I would pay for somebody to bust her up. 4- Juana RH . Juanna is a bitch, staff are cool, food is good, place is decent. they have huge waterbugs. just be prepared. come on its DR ladies. 1 RH I went to had a 3 legged DOG wtf.5-jose britto . he is great but he is not free for any thing you need him to do. that's why I now call him JOSE 9bitch betta have my money) Britto. He did recommend a decent cheap hotel which I did use but left because mr biggs was having a tough time with my recovery but when I checked out they do not give refund(wtf). so I get a 3 day room credit. dam... I wanted my cash back. but that credit came in handy my last 2 days in DR. Jose and I agree the best place to stay for recovery is a hotel and to hire a nurse and messuese . he will take care of it for you call him at809-293-1879. tell him that crazy girl from ny with the white husband said WHAT UP. and make sure you use the name I gave him. It will make him laugh. I didn't have a good trip and this recovery is hard ladies. If I could turn back the clock. I WOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT. but I did. The risk in coming to DR is great. Please be careful, or be happy with what you have..
I will send up pics on sunday. I have also had to sit a lot on my butt. there was nothing I could do. its holding up ok. I have gone down 2 inches .my pcp said hole looks ok tonite and I had to but a medium garment yesterday. by Monday I will back into small after my next message. im doiong 2 a week.

Yo Ladies What UP?

Recovery sucks. garment life sucks but i'm back in a small and on 2nd row of clips. all my crazy symptoms are gone .THANK GOD. The swelling has gone down. :( . She is holding at 42 right now. After surgery she was 44, I miss that 44. Hubby has been great. I still get up every 2 hours to pee at night and the mornings are rough. MY body is still sore in am. even in garment sex life is good Mr. Bigg is HAPPY. I see why vets don't always post this recovery road is unique ladies very unique. The scar from brunhilda is healing fine.My clothing still fit :( but they fit better. I am still a work in progress and I know I still have swelling that needs to go down. To me that means more butt to down. I measure like every other day lol hubby just shakes his head. Its also hard not to eat everthing but i'm doing it. I don't feel great but i'm better than 6 days ago.. Recovery will be weeks long ladies prepare yourselves.im still shocked at the changes baez did.my butt wont be huge but it will be nice. ok when does the fluffing come?

check out new pics

from first day home up until Wednesday afternnon

Dam Dam Dam im shrinking

girls !!!! hips were at 44 when I came home. now I'm at 41. preop was 39. Dam Dam DAm. I might come out of garment buy a corsette and free my hips and butt idk what to do. any advice?

Jesus what is this itching all about

I have never had a itch for 49 minutes. I ripped off the garment, swore the new foams were breaking out my skin, rubbed benadryol on it, took hot shower, took cold shower, banged on back, rubbed off scabs, finally took 2 shots of whiskey , some muscle relaxers and alieve and fell asleep around 140. I got up 3 hours later now here I am at 413 am bugging out. this is unreal. again any advice

OMG 2 doctor visits to get rid of itches. 2 prednisone shots,and allergy pills WTF

I have never prayed so much in my life since this surgery. God forgive. this mess is crazt. I was in docs office looking like a crack head lololo rubbing my back on wall. they felt so bad for me. girls I coulndnt take it. the cream I brought didn't work, alchol didn't work, caliminelotion didn't work, finally a double dose of srteroids knocked it down. yes jesus thank you for healing me skin but man. recovery is crazy. I kept garment off for 2 days. I can get to itches in a faja!!!!!!!!!! well im down top 40 inches now. smh, I was at 39 day of surgery but waist is crazy small. I have 2 messages a week , im sleeping on tummy and my so called dissolvable stitches didn't all come out so my massuse will work on it tomorrow with some bio-oil. Still don't feel it was worth it but its done. I wont complain anymore, I DONT MEAN THAT. well im going to take my 5 prednisone pills now tomorrow Iwill take 4 and Tuesday 3. Oh happy recovery!!!!!!!!!!!. ive been suffering 28 days ladies that's a long time. Think twice about this. as ive said before this is no joke. pics in 2 weeks.

did i mention i was taking nyquil with the streroids lol

its not a game.

pic today 5 week post op

dissovleable stiches did not dissolve

they are now healing to my skin. My masseuse will hopefully take them out tonite with the bio-oil. I lost some volume not a lot . healing is slow. itches have subsided considerably or Im dealing with it better. I had to come out garment for a few days to deal with them. my waist /back blew up but im back in a 2xs garment on 2nd clip.I cut my butt out because garment was giving me 4 cheeks. I brought shea butter to help my skin look better. I will have to buy new bras my cant be a 38/40 anymore and my big tits are shrinking. I'm cool with that. but the bra's still hurt to wear so I don't wear them.after Thankgiving I will invest in a corset and squeem. I will eat good for holiday then regroup. A chick needs some pie to feel betta and whip cream. my hips are at 40 I measure everyday. it is wat it is .looking forward to post op week 8 that means more healing for me and wearing regular clothing. ive been in jogging suits and sweats. big tits in a garment and no bra look weird lol. ok ladies . keep it real.

I wont miss you faja I wont!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes I said it, I said it, I said it.. NO more FAJA. corset and cincher are my new best friends. toning and cardio starts 12/1/13. I suffer with garment NO MORE. I wish I didn't do this so close to holiday. Temptation is a mutha im losing battle. but by12/1 ill get it back together. dam its been 39 days.im not where I was but im not where I should be and not where I yearn to be. I yearn for fluffing phase. from reading I see it can start at 2.5 months and up. time will tell. I slept w/o garment last nite; it was ok. lol but I swear my tummy expanded. lol. HAPPY THANKSGIVING LADIES

The faja had to come back(literally)

SOOOOO! the corset and cincher were ok but my upper back started to expand and it looked like back rolls were trying to come back.wwwtttfff. So I had to dig out of the back room a bag I buried in the closet. now i'm back in a 2xs fafa but I cut the butt out. words cant express my sorrow. but in 2 days I saw the difference. of course Im swollen again but I know why. I went to a roof top lounge on Saturday and got a small taste of the potential my body has :). I was shocked actually. The pants did not fit all the way up and I started to wear a belly shirt or a sheer top . Hubby gave me a look I said OK. only because my skin still feels crazy with out some form of compression. But I made it clear GET RTEADY when im fully healed and I know my new booty is ok, its a wrap. he is gonna have to walk around with a fucking cape to cover my body. I cant wait. So I will still bake my butt,waist and back. Hubby has a few more weeks to relax and chill. I cant wait to go shopping Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. but for now I will take my knakles and go lay my faja ass down somewhere. I still have the tingles/ itches but not that bad.

Yesterday 40, today 41

Fluffing? Swollen?

So no suits for ushering fit!!!!

I m only going to wear this get up 1 time. This is my first time back In church in 8 weeks. If I don't get kicked off usher board tomorrow I will get suits tailored . GOD forgive me butt I'm showing off . Also I was swollen because of faja and diet. Butt is back to 40 Whatever. I'm cool

this is not to discourage anyone it is to honest. I will try my best to keep it real

So after my heavy dosage of Prednisone my tummy was upset. I figured my system had to calm down from me and all the medication I put in it. Plus on Thanksgiving I ate well- not healthy. 1 week after the 7 day treatment of prednisone I still had diarrhea . OK so I took immoidum AD and it was good for 2 days then back to being sick aka diarrhea. I call my pcp she acted like she was pissed I went to DR(she told me not to) and said she would have to take out bloodwork to see what was happening and gave me an appointment. R U SERIOUS!!! Im crapping my brains out in a faja and you give me an appointment!!! So I went to the ER. ok They gave me CIPROFLOXACIN(antibiotic to clear up infection) and in 6 hours I was much much better.. They say prednisone shouldn't have made me sick or recovering should not have made me sick but WHATEVER!!. My appointment with my pcp is Monday(thatB**ch). Ill deal with her then. So ladies things do happen during recovery. I do remember reading a profile about a white girl who had dirarrhea for 6 weeks. she had c-diff but the er ruled that out for me.funny thing at er the PA had smart lipo 2 months ago and paid 7 grand in ny.. She didn't look better than me!!! and her surgeon told her not to wear a garment after 30 days. I strongly suggested she put it back on and she start getting lymp. messages.I asked her about the itches/scratches. She said it can last up to 6 months(Jesus). I happy nobody came in and saw us showing the other their body!!!! lol. pics on the 19 of December ladies. was shopping at Century 21 I was very Happy . My options are different its amazing.So I still hate this dam recovery but shopping was amazing!! I did I say that already?

My pcp won't rule out c-diff

My pcp and her nurses appeared excited to see body and were happy with my results. So this threw me off my angry attack I had planned for her. She wants to check my kidney function , they are doing catscan of belly with contrast(??lol) Wednesday . I have them stoole samples and was told to stop the other antibiotics. I told doc I wasn't sick like this till after I had the double dose of prednisone . She said the infection prob came from bring in dr (drinking water,shower, food) I said I was fine in dr. No tummy issues like this. She said sometimes its just in your system and it is showing up now. I have had tummy issues in past but nothing like this. They also want want to check for diverticulitis . Folds in intestines that get food particles in it and become inflamed and cause severe pain and diarrhea. But I have no pain, no bloody stoole . Friday nite and sat I was good Sunday it was back. So now I'm on a liquid diet with no FAT. Stop playing my 40 but is gonna go to a 10 lolol . So u know I'm starving now . Lata ladies

Couldn't help but take pic

Kitty boutique looks awesome just saw the web site

My visit with Gastrologist today

So my pcp called and said my cat-scan needs to be read by my gastrologist. she called him, I called him and they recommended I come in this morning. So there is no c-diff or parasites. the lower half of my intestines is compacted with S**T and the top half is filled with fluids. They feel the pain pills I took in DR really backed me up but the prednisone helped bring attention to my issues.!!! OK?. I said that is what is causing my sickness? ok there is more. this is a pocket of fluid in my tummy to the right(really?) I said ok I thought it was a part of tummy that was expanding and needed more compression!!. He feels maybe that pocket is infected causing me issues!!! ok. . So first a double laxative aka 2 bottles of sodium citrate 2 hours ago I drank, and I have to start Metamucil. I am on another antibiotic that may cause diarrhea lolololol but this is suppose to help reduce the swelling/fluids?? ok. I did go the that prayer closet that I haven't been in for a while and I hope it starts this healing process. I am getting weary guys. so I hope the clean out is the answer . My gas doc would not drain fluids . he wants me to follow up with plastic surgery doc. lolololol. ok so I have to find a massuse who will drain it for me. my all white proper one would never do it. girls in the nyc area I need a massuse who will drain pockets of fluids. please inbox me or reply to this message and let me know. thanks in advance. with weight lost im down to 39.5 id go down to a 35 to feel 100 pct healed.

need masseuse in nyc

need masseuse in nyc to drain fluids

Hot 97 goin in on fake bootys

A young lady explained to the radio station what a bbl is all about; they were dogging her anyway about doing it. She then goes on to say she lost it all after 8 months. Please please please lord don't let that happen to me. I thought after 12 weeks if its still there it's yours. So I got to thinking would I go somewhere else and do this mess again? Could I live without a med. butt?...... Round 2 it is. F$$k that. After all this NO BUTT...... Can't do it ladies can't do it. My 43 bday is in a few days I ordered dresses from kitty Kat boutique and my 3 month booty anniversary is coming up; will post pics then with dresses on.

3 month pics w/kitty Kat dresses


Pink dress to small

Gotta send pink one back my tits are too big



Whatever j-Lo whatever

I'm feeling that jean outfit

40 and 1/2 up from 40

Is this a fluff ?

it went down.this is bullsh$$t. lol

I give up.I wont post anymore fluff pics till its been at least a week; the extra butt stays around. hubby thinks its weird I poof 1 day then go back down 2 days later. I feel like I want a bigger mirror in bedroom. this is the most I have looked at myself.

where my dress at?

ok I sent back pink dress because my tit's are to big. followed their policy and sent dress back within 24 hours. YO where is my new dress and why is no one answering my email 's anymore??? Baltimore42 what ever the number is!!! YO WHERE U AT MA? Dam I expected more. I was gonna order something every month just because I could. Bad Business. Where is my money or where is the dress?

Few pics of my 43 yr old body

Dress came

At Ruth Chris and Wicked all eyes on me

Hubby said ass was looking good. Don't know how to crop pics to hid face and remain real on realself(lol)but posted what I could . This might have been worth it!!!! Prob. Was!!

Worth it

Still not feeling Baez but my ass is alright!! B

No compression garment for 2 days butt went down

Dam Dam Dam!!!!! So after hanging hard I left the garment off for 2 days . When I woke up I noticed I wasn't as plump. So put agreement back on and fluffed up a lil. So I did a little experiment . No garment again for 2 days and again my butt went down!!! Ill be damned ... Idk if I can handle not being a 40/41. The hips went in alot also . But the butt is most important .... I can't believe Iam saying it; round 2 in effect . Don't know when butt I know it won't be in DR. Any advice ?

2 pics

Trying to hold on to it !!!I still wear corset. 5 months flew by

Shout out my gurl

Luv u. Hugs and kisses

6 months with pic

Today makes 6 months. I still wear my compression garment(corset) almost every other day. Won't stop anytime soon . I have list alot of volume . I wish I would have waited the 6 months to show off but because its def. smaller. I have done the squats yet or weights for arms(looking flabby) . Meeting my surgery buddy tonite in city will post more pics. I just wish I had a bigger butt and more hips. I still won't rule out a round 2..

2 pics

2 pics 6 months want bigger . Volume is gone

2 years later... no regrets, volume and projection lost but loving and missing it it anyway

If I could do it again I would,Mr. Big brought me a hot tub instead. but if extra money comes my way I will re-up. There is nothing like walking into a room with your head high waist small tits big and a nice size ASS to go with it!!!!!!! I am much smaller now but still got a little something. I came from nothing so its still more than I had. Wish I would have kept garment on all the time,, wish I would not have gained weight and wished I would have done squats. with that said it is waist training and squats instead of surgery for me. :( pics soon come

Pics before and now

2 years later
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Im going with BAEZ

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