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Hello everyone. So I am at the beginning stages of...

Hello everyone. So I am at the beginning stages of my surgery. I'm still trying to find a doctor. Right now I am trying to contact Dr. Baez and Dr. Duran. Does anyone happen to have their email addresses they could message me. I will be posting pictures of myself very soon. My shape isn't too bad. I have a good foundation just a lot of fat in the midsection because of too much fast food. I would like to get a breast lift, Brazilian butt lift, and lipo to my arms, midsection, and love handles.

Oh and before I go, just a little about me. I am a 27 year old mother of 1 girl age 8. I'm 5'4 1/2 and weigh 180.
I shall return. Toodleoo

Pictures off to Dr. Baez

So I managed to get Dr. Baez's email address. I actually wasn't super sure I sent them to the right place, but one of the lovely ladies on the site confirmed that it was indeed correct. I hope to hear back from her soon. I really don't want to spend over $5000. Initially I had my heart set on Dr. Jimerson but he received a lot of negative reviews and his prices are very high. I'd probably end up spending double. Hopefully I'll get a good quote. I'll let you all know
***I'll add some pics of me later

Still waiting on a response from Dr. Baez

So ladies, I'm still waiting on a response back from Dr. Baez. It's only been two days but at the advice of one of the ladies on the site I'm going to give her a call in the morning to make sure she received the email. Hopefully she can find it. I hope she quotes me a decent price. The agony of waiting. UGH



So I just wanted to update some pics of me so you all can see the gut.and rolls. UGH. LIPO PLEASE. My butt isn't too bad. It has a good form I just need some more jelly in there. Lol

Another pic

Here's a mid body shot. These darn pics take soo long to come from my phone so I couldn't send this one. It was taking too long

PIC I forgot to post

Heard back from Dr. Yily but no quote

So I heard back from Dr. Yily. First thing she wants to know is how many baby's have I had. I believe she is going to try to persuade me to get a tummy tuck. No thanks. She said if you had a lot of babies and the muscle and skin are flaccid it will hang more where she sucks the fat out. However, my stomach and skin, muscles whatever are not saggy and flaccid. I had my daughter almost 9 years ago and my stomach is still kinda firm not loose and jiggly like some. AND she didn't give me a quote. I'm still waiting to hear back from her, as well as Dr. Baez. I had the wrong email address for Dr. Duran. If anyone knows it could they send it to me please. Thanks a bunch. Will keep you all posted.


Heard back from Dr. Yilly and Baez

Hello everyone. Just a quick update. So I heard back from Dr. Yily and Dr. Baez. Baez quoted me $2700 for bbl, lipo to waist, flanks, back, midsection. Yily quoted me $3200 for the same thing. Yily quoted me $4200 if I wanted to throw in a breast lift. I think I'm going to go with Baez, not because of the price because its only a $500 difference but because Baez says she only does around 1 or 2 surgeries per day whereas Yily does an average of 4. That's double what Baez does not including the other work they do at their local hospitals. I feel that while Yily is good she is a bit overworked. Maybe she's trying to get everyone in before she has the baby. Who knows but I don't want to be on an assembly line when it comes to my surgery.

I was also thinking about getting my arms done and grafting to my hips. Baez says that will only be an additional $300. So I think I'm pretty much sold on Baez. I like the work that I have seen, I just wished she had more pics available. I think she will do well tho. She said she puts in an average of 700 to 1,000 ccs in each cheek. We will see, wish me luck. Just waiting on a date. I proposed a date of January 21st but she does has date in October, November, and December. I chose January so I could lose a little weight and get in a little better shape for the surgery.

January 20th is my date

So ladies, January 20th is my date. I can't wait. I am currently 5'4 176, so I definitely don't want to gain anymore weight. Dr. Baez says that if you want good results you shouldn't weigh more than 190. ****Any ladies traveling to Santo Domingo???**** If so we can buddy up. I plan to leave January 19th. I will most likely stay 14 days. Baez says 10-14 is proper recovery time. I will be staying at Yasmins. Let me know. Thanks

Dr. Hector Cabral

Does anyone know DR. Hector Cabrals contact info. They're calling him the king of barbies. I saw some of his work and he gives out big thickkkkk butts. Really. Huge and thick. I really want to see what kind of quote he gives me. The only thing is that he was in the news for some unethical stuff. But if anyone knows how to get in contact with him or knows about his work please share.

Waiting on response from Duran-Downloading whatsapp

So I contacted Dr. Duran to get a quote from her. The only reason I'm checking out other doctors is because I want to make sure I am happy with my results. I don't want to do a round 2 and 3 to get the results I want. I'll be too busy the beginning of the year and I don't want to shell out thousands of dollars. (I'm opening a daycare center :) Love kids) and I'll be relocating to another city. On top of that I have a family. So... I'm searching. Don't get me wrong, Baez appears good, I just want a more stacked look. Round and wide, not just fat and pointy. I'm still trying to download this whatsapp so I can contact Dr. Cabral. I already know he got in trouble for some things but hands down he does awesome work. He gives the ultimate butt. I'll keep you all posted on my search


Emailed Dr.cabral and starting a diet tmrw

So I emailed Dr. Cabral now I'm jus waiting on a quote from him. Il prolly still go with Baez but I def wanna explore my options.

So I'm starting a diet tmrw (ugh). Jus tryin to really get in the habit of eating better. Does anyone here think that's a bad idea. Not sure i I could stand to lose my fat. I need that for my donk.... I emailed Baez and asked her what she thought. Well till next time.


Vitamins and dr clearances???

Does anyone know when I need the clearance from my doc (bloodwork, hemoglobin levels, etc)

Also when do we start takin the vitamins? 3 months before? Anyone take them sooner?

Heard from Dr. Cabral

So I heard from Dr. Cabral and he quotes me $4,200. However everything else isn't included. He told me what I would need and it totaled roughly $500-$600. So that's a total of about $4,800 if I go with cabral. With the flight and recovery house I would be spending about $6500. (Doesnt include massages..ugh. forgot about those) Still not bad tho. With Baez it would probably be a grand total of approx $4700-$5000. I like her quote better bc its cheaper bc its all inclusive. I hate unexpected expenses. At the end of the day tho I wanna go with who will give me the results I want. If Baez can deliver I will go with her.

Now.. About cabral's response. He didn't answer a darn question I asked! He went over the money tho. Lol. He told me what the quote included and all the other stuff I would have to pay for that wasnt included. He didn't say anything about the massages tho. All he questions I asked like how many patients you operate on a day or how many ccs he can give me were ignored. I don't know....

Staying with Baez!

So I've come to the conclusion I'm going to stay with Baez. At the end of the day I'm taking a chance hoping she can give me the results I want but I think I will be happy.

I considered cabral and yily but its too much goin in over there so ima stick wit my gut. I heard some good stuff and some bad stuff and that helped me reach my decision. Il take my chances on Baez. I jus hope she isn't super conservative with the amount of ccs she puts in. Il do my best to make sure I'm healthy and hopefully il get good results. She said she could get in an average of 1300 ccs per cheek. We will see. I'm excited tho. I have about 4 months to go!!!! She told me to confirm my date in November and pay a deposit to lock it in!! Looking forward to it!

Waiting on pictures from Baez

So, I emailed Baez today requesting more pictures of her work since there isn't much available on the web. I'm still waiting on a response. I just emailed her this morning. I just want to add that Baez is very responsive and sometimes emails me back within an hour or two. The longest its taken her was about 2 days and that was because it was over the weekend. She seems very warm and caring in her emails.

My issue is that I haven't seen much of her work and the pictures that I have seen don't really move me. I want that coke bottle shape (small waist, pronounced hips, and a big butt) I told her I want her to give me the biggest butt she can. Lol.

I emailed Duran over 2 weeks ago for a quote and still haven't received one yet. SMH. I tried to contact her via Facebook by sending her a message and a friend request, additionally I sent her a second email yesterday. She sculpts the waist and hips very well like Yily. Those two produce lovely shapes. I like that heart shaped booty Duran gives but I don't see extreme projection. Hands down she's good tho. I just wished Baez had some more pictures up.

Hopefully I'll get some pics soon and I will go from there. Hope she can deliver.

Pelayo not doing BBL on out-of-state patients??!!

So I tried to contact Dr. Pelayo to get a quote and for some reason they respond saying they are not doing bbl on out of state patients at the top. I wonder why that is... Here's the email i received.

Dr. Enrique Pelayo
3:00 PM (1 minute ago)

to me


Thank you for your interest in having the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure done at Pelayo Cosmetic Center.

Unfortunately, we are not performing BBL on out of state patients at this time. In order for us to proceed with an evaluation, please advise if you currently reside in South Florida or if you are interested solely in liposuction at this time.


Laura G.
Patient Coordinator
Pelayo Cosmetic Center

WTF? Maybe a lot of out-of-state patients are setting up appointments and not showing?? Perhaps. I know I change my mind quite often to get the best deal and work. Maybe others have with him also.


Ok. So yes I've changed my mind again. Baez seems like a lovely caring surgeon but I jus dont think she is going to make me happy. In addition there are other personal reasons i dont want to go into to. I've seen her picture and they don't do much for me unfortunately. I want bigger and more defined, especially my waist and I don't see that in Baez' work

So at this point I think I'm gonna go with cabral. I know I know. The stories but lately he's gotten better as far as ethics are concerned. I did hear about the lady dying and that is extremely unfortunate. God rest her soul however I was told that she didn't follow proper procedures as she was told. If something doesn't feel right you have to stay on top. However I will continue to research so I can know how much of a role cabral's hands played. I have to stay on top of my health. I have a daughter that I'm not leaving!

I will continue to research doctors so I can make the best decision for me. Il keep you all posted. Toodleoo

Back to Baez

I know I know,....So indecisive. So I've been MIA for a while. I had to do some deep thinking and soul searching. LOL. No really, I had to decide is it worth hoping I get excellent results with Cabral but take on the risks of major burns, shady practices, and possible death. NOT A CHANCE. It pains me to make this decision because he can really give good results when he does give good results. However, I have a daughter. I'm going home to her! I would rather take my chances on Baez. At least I know she is going to do the best she can to give me the best possible care she can.

I just can't take the risk. I wanna look good yes. But I have a daughter. (My little sunshine) smile. So Baez it is. I'm trying to reschedule my surgery though for May. She told me she wasn't scheduling for May yet, but I could contact her around the end of next month and get a date. So I will keep you all updated. Toodleoo

Waiting on Baez to email me back

Yeah I know, it's been a while. I'm waiting on Baez to email me back to confirm my date. I had been so busy this past month with work I had put my pending surgery on the backburner mentally. So I had pushed my surgery back to May. I jus can't remember the date. Terrible right. Anywhoo I will let u all know when she contacts me. I'm excited

Another stinking delimma

So May 12, is my date. Only problem is I just started a new job and I cant get off that long. I don't want to change my date again. I don't want her to think I'm not serious about the surgery. If she feels I'm wasting her time, she'll probably stop responding to me...What's a girl to do...

New Doc Hassan-Deposit made

So ladies, once again I've changed my mind, and changed it for good. I'm going with Dr. Hassan from Vanity Cosmetics. Baez is wonderful and I would love her to have done my work, but I"m not comfortable going out of the states. AND vanity lets you make payments. Baez doesn't take a deposit, you pay in full when you get there. I'm diggin the flexibility of making payments and then being able to secure a date once half the price is paid. It works for me. That way I could take a year if necessary to pay it. Once you put down $1,000 the price is locked. AND, he will knock off like $500 if you pay in full. SO..I'm headed to Hassan!

Scheduled for January 2014

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