A Step by Step of my Journey with Hector Cabral - Dominican Republic, DO

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I am looking to have a bbl with lipo of the full...

I am looking to have a bbl with lipo of the full stomach and back. I've looked at many doctors in both the United States and internationally but have decided to go with hector cabral simpler because of his work and his price is not so bad. I sent him a message through whatsapp as of now I'm waiting for him to respond with a quote. I am seeking surgery in June or early July. I am currently 5'6 167lbs. I am hoping to be between 150 to 159lbs for surgery. I've included before pics as of a week ago at around 170lbs. Let the journey begin.

Hector cabral is out! Harold Villalobos is a go!

Well hector cabral hasn't gotten back to me on the whatsapp which in a way is a good thing because I had time to really contemplate my decision to choose him as a doctor. Yes he gives the huge asses and small waist but 99% of the women who have gone to him stomachs end up looking disfigured in some way. He has no ethical code as a surgeon as far as limits on how much fat we will take out or inject I've seen numerous women that's he's burned and Made sick ... I really had to ask myself is it that serious?! I don't think so. Harold villalobos is a good doctor from Colombia I was sold after I saw one of the girls here on real self who went to him. Her body was very natural and proportionate still wit a tiny waist and smooth stomach. He goes by what your body and shape can handle. Which is fine with me sometimes the need for excess is what gets us into trouble. I was quoted 2800 for the bbl/ lipo sculpture which also includes 2 garments, insurance, 10 post surgical massages. I am looking in to tickets now to Cali, Colombia for July which all seem to be around 900$. After adding the ticket, recovery house, meds etc I think I'll be spending just under 5000.

Thank god I'm not going with shady cabral

So hector cabral finally hits me back on the whatsapp. Mind you I've asked for specification as far as him using a smaller canula my issues with the stomach and his response is this.....wtf
Hector cabral

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