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After searching and stalking this site, internet,...

After searching and stalking this site, internet, youtube and instagram for 2 year now I decided to take action and get rid of this stomach and while I'm under enhance my little trunk. My husband loves me and the way I look and encourages me to go to the gym. No problem but after having 3 kids this stomach is not going any where. So I contacted a few of the surgeons in the DR by real self and have to say everyone has responded in a timely matter. One quote I am waiting from is from Duran but she is on vacation till the 14th of September. Out of the 5 surgeons Dra. Yily is the only one that said I do not need a tummy tuck. Im looking at this stomach its not big but there is a big difference when I suck in or when Im relaxed. Big difference. Now its all about choices. Almonte was not available till March but can't do it. Only time that works for my family is January with the least disruptions. So with a tear I move to the next. Dr. Manon has done some beautiful work and his quote of 5300 comes with RH for 10 days, Insurance and everything else standard like I have previously read from other surgeons. Dra. Lily is the other Surgeon that is available in January but no TT. I want a flat stomach, small waist, flat stomach, and bigger rounder, fullier booty. This stomach is not going anywhere without a fight. Her quote was 4050 for BBL, Lipo and 8 day recovery house plus transportation. Lis low price quickly adds up when you add in the extras to 5100. Which is still not bad but Im not looking to do round 2 due to having my stomach return in 4 months. So if anyone can chime in with photos of before and after without TT and your stomach is still flat please help me out. While I wait I did make my deposit with Manon but still searching Yily's site to see big stomach that is flat w/o TT. Now Im waiting on clarification from the recovery house that Manon assistant gave me to choose from on whats is included. Even opened an instagram account to see pics. Not really doing a lot of social media but needed to be sure about my choices since my hubby is coming. The two RH is New Life RH and Maria's. Next booking my flight. Thank God for sky miles. Love to travel. Ok a little about me 39, 5'9'', 205 and stated previously 3 children.

Plane Ticket Booked!!!

So happy my flight is booked. I will be leaving Houston on Jan 1 and I arrive in DR by 1pm. no night arrival for me or 2 stops. Now I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they are having any problems with Dr. Manon assistant replying back? I have been waiting for her to answer my questions. The only reply was yesterday that my surgery was confirmed and not the rest of my questions. Ladies if you know can you help me out.

The quote consisted of 10 day stay at either Maria RH or New Life RH. Well since my husband is coming Maria said that my total for my stay will be 1480 but need 100 deposit to hold my spot. Well New Life RH told me its an extra 1580 from what I am paying DR. Manon due to needing a private room and the extra days. ( Landing on the 1st, surgery on the 3rd and leaving the 16th. My husband will be in DR on the 2nd. ) So I asked what was the amount without RH? Still waiting my answer.For ladies who have stayed in New Life or did surgery with DR Manon please chime in. Thanks in advance.

I also am waiting for a quote for the mommy makeover but I am sure my hubby would think I lost my mind. lol
Dr Manon in the quote said I can stay at a hotel but it has to be first approved by him. Is Dr. Manon still at Cecip because the address on RS is different? Any help would greatly appreciate it.
Uploading breast pics my girls need a lift. I breastfeed the last one for a year and half.

Confusion, Confusions

So after waiting for Dr. Manon assistant to get back to my questions. I get two word answers. One was on the inquiry for the MMO (6400) and the other " 16 Available". I was like what is that you already confirmed a date. I brought my plane tickets and even set up my own recovery house? So now I am waiting for a response. No way can I do it then. Argh. I might have to go with Yily and then request my deposit back if that is the case.

Well either way I will be at the Armonia Recovery House with my hubby. It was just a few dollars more than staying at a condo, renting a car. Plus he is happy that he would not have to do it alone and most of the post op supplies are provided.

Oh My 117 Days Left !!!

Just realized that Jan 1 is right around the corner. To be exact 117 days left. Man I can't believe it. Well I just scheduled a doctor visit to see where my levels are at right now and to talk to my physician about my up coming surgery. She might think Im crazy but I know she will listen and then give me my labs. I will show her my email from Dr. Manon and see if she will give me my meds when I get the official email. I already know she won't give me Heparin. Thats fine but I hope she gives me some pain meds and antibiotics. Well I already have a running list for my supplies on Amazon and will by a few each month. Its real. Hopefully my levels will be up from the last time. It was 12.4 but that was in Feb. I was so shocked because it has never been that high before. I need it to be over 13.5 so I can get all my procedures done. I am aiming for over 14. We will see how that goes. 117 days to go.

Labs are In!!

So my labs are in and I'm happy with my levels so far but will need to bump it up at least 2 points for all the surgeries I want. I am now 12.5 and want to be in the 14's for two reason. First health and second I am thinking about doing a breast lift. Saw a post where I can take my iron, b12 and vitamin C three times a day. Hopefully I don't over do it. I did order liquid iron and should be here by Friday. I am also going to include beets and carrots juice, one of my favorites at least 3 times a week. Told my PCP about my upcoming surgery and well see her again in Dec for a repeat labs and antibiotics.

Needing some advise

So I already booked by flight and recovery house, I have my surgery date and now I am thinking about staying in a condo with hubby with airbnb. My husband has driven in the DR before so I know that is not an issue. I have read from different reviews that staying this way is great but have not read so much on how ones husband liked the recovery house. Can anyone chime in with their experience staying at a recovery house with hubby? Greatly appreciate it. Im a nurse and my husband said he can do it, just tell him what to look out for. He was also getting prepared with where the local hospital was and where to go for the necessities. Thanks again for any help with this matter.

New Accommodations

So with 62 days left before surgey I have changed my accommodations. We are now staying at a condo from airbnb. There is a gym and a pool. Nice homey feel and has 2 bedrooms. Since I will be there before my husband wanted to have a pool or be near beach. So thats a win. Hubby said he could take care of me and he can cook. Figured why not let him. Now im looking for a driver to pick me up till he hubby gets there with the car. So excited and scared never did airbnb before. It has everything I need and I already brought most of supplies except chuks pads before the recovery house deposit. Now I will just use it them.

22 More Days

My oh my so with 22 more days left, busy preparing the house and working plus the holidays fast approaching no wonder I had a strange dream about my surgery. The first one ever. I know God is with me but wonder if anyone has had a weird, scary or just regular dream about their surgery? Awaiting for my carryon to come in the mail since I will leave my bag I normally travel with. I see no need to make myself more of a target. Plain and simple. My hubby is worrying me with his worry. I love this man and I know he is right. I need to get back to excising and be healthier for this surgery, reminds me if I am taking my vitamins and blood builder due to him knowing my hemo is usually low and then reminding me to make my appointment with my pcp. Well at least I have my airport transport scheduled with Jose Brito but I am still looking for someone to do my massages that will come to the condo. Any suggestions, I need help? Thanks in advance. Ladies that are still planning, happy planning. The ones that are having surgery Im praying for your safe operations and the ones that have made it through speedy and healthy recovery.

Physical/pre surgery check up done

So my Physical/pre-surgery check up is done. Now I awaiting my results. My PCP even ordered a mammogram which I was lucky to get it done today. Hopefully my hemo is at least 13 this time. So with 19 days left before surgey I am playing the waiting game. Successful surgery everyone.

Round 2 ? Betrayed by righty.

I am a little sad because I have to change my plans about my surgery. So instead of getting a MMO I am now just getting lip, tummy tuck with muscle repair and BBL due to the results of my mammogram coming back and I needed a follow-up. I went in yesterday and received another letter in my email from the radiologist saying to come back in 6 months for another follow up. This time I called saying no one has told me anything just keep coming back for follow ups, what is going on. I was told to call my doctor. Which I did and I have a cyst and a mass in my right breast. They think its benign but its a no go for any breast surgery till June. A little bum out but I rather be safe than sorry. Husband is fine with it and he understands and agrees that I should wait till after June. Sad but still happy I am going to say bye bye fupa. lol Happy Holidays everyone.

3 days before I fly

I have 3 days before I fly and 6 days before surgery left. I am calm now but last week I was a wreck. Not a lot of people know just 5 but right now I am happy, greatful and having faith that I will see my children again after this. I am just ready for this stomach to go bye bye. I am 7lbs heavier than when I first got my quote but did lose 6 lbs after my birthday trip. Too much fun.

Happy New Year

So Im off to the Dominican Republic. Happy and excited. New Year, New body.

3rd time trying

I did post an update with pics but i do not know what happened to them. I want to thank everyone for the safe trip wishes. Im here and Jose is a God sent. Picked up from the airport went great. Rosa called him and told him to take me to the clinic. Im thinking tomorrow nope its today. Well my urine and bloodwork are done but xray and ekg has to wait since no tech. Then we went to the condo and he helped me with some issues. In the condo I started to get settled. He comes back as promised to let me know that all the supermarkets are closed but took me where I could get some money and food. Not a lot but able to buy dinner. So tomorrow groceries and rest of my pre-surgery testing.



2 days post op

So the day of surgery was the 4th. Took my blue pill and since im a light weight all I remember is getting in my gown, marki g me up and wheel me away. The next thing was waking up in my room. Thats it. The night at the hospital was going good till my iv infiltrated and was extremely thirsty. In the morning a doctor came and saw my urine out was low so huess what. Iv time. The problem is now im extremely swollen and even though I showed them where they stuck me 15 times till they got one in the place I told them. Emotio al and crying just wanted to get home. Then after the first bag still no urine but I told them I had to pee. They explained I had a catheter. I told them i know but i have to go. Called them the second time And told them that either they take it so I can go or I will. Nurse came in and suctioned aome urine out. Guess 10 mins later bag is full. After second bag of fluids I filled up another bag and was able to go. Lady came in and put on my faja and I was released. I did get 2 mini massages during the night.

1st night home was horrible. Drain kept on clogging. Couldnt find a comfortable position. And by morning all of a sudden felt this extreme pressure on my chest That I couldnt breath. Called mh husband in heart is 119 O2 level 92. Then I vomited. Hubby call Rosa and our driver back to the clinic I go. Cleared drain, another mini massages and Dr Manon checked out my incisions which got cleaned and retaped. So made arrangements for a nurse and to get my massages starting today. Jose took care of it. Ladies even if for 2 nights get a nurse. My hubby did his best but Dennis that Jose set up was awesome.

She came and cleaned up made me some soup since I havent eaten just a couple of bites. Gave me a massage, washed me and cleaned my faja. Even help to finish cooking that my hubby started. I feel so much better now its like night and day.
Trying to load my pictures but it wont let me.

Post Op day 4

Dont worry Im taking photos of my progress daily. I guess i have to wait till I get stateside to load. Well feeling better every day and getting my massages. Had my first and second bowel movements today. So glad I also stop the hard core pain meds due to burping and passing gass I didnt want to slow anything down. Went outside for a car ride and it was both good and bad. Bad was when we got shakedown by the police, good fresh air and sites. We drove down the malecon, passed an old fort I think but due to the uneven roads and fast maneuvers towards the end my stomach was upset. Glad for a long red light made it back to the Condo and had some soup. Felt better, watched some netflix took my nightly meds but I stopped taking my Heparin shot. Im moving more and my drain has been draining clear yellow instead of bloody for a day and a half. Very eventful day but back to bed for me. Good night all.

Stuck in Miami

Once again lovely American Airlines cant get me home on schedule. So after a 4 hour delay in SDQ, sitting in a wheelchair for 5 hours, getting no help getting off the plane in Miami ( wheelchair attendent wanted me to stand to side on the jetway while another attendent comes back. Now there was only 4 people in SDQ and im number 3 getting off why should I stand in a hot jetway till this guy comes back while you have an empty wheelchair right here?) So I walked slowly to the terminal and my hubby finds an abandon wheelchair. Then a guy wanted to tell us he cant push me only airline personnel. My husband told him what happened and kept going. After being passed up by another American Airlines personnel someone finally came to help us. Global entry is nice but we were dropped off where people waited for the wheelchairs to go theu customs. 40 mins later finally my turn and passed thru customs smoothly. Now trying to get rebook is another story. Why we were stopped to get our bags scanned while others walked freely by. So then the rebooking line. Swollen, drain needs emptying and needing to go to the bathroom we waited some more. The lady helping us kept on getting turned down so we waited some more. Tried to tell them there is another side with more agents but the airline personnel would not let the lady take us. Finally done have our hotel for the night. Tired and swollen went to bed.


pics that wouldn't upload earlier

45 days post

So lately I have been having this burning, tearing, tingling pinprick sensations on my lower back and side. I understand it has to do with my nerves healing but it stops me in my tracks. Most of the time I counter it with self massaging the area to counter it which helps. It just feels like my skin is being ripped from my body. Hope it doesnt last to much longer. My burns are healing nicely but where they are is also more sensitive than rest. My lower abdomen is still swollen and my worse nightmare is when I drop something on the floor at work. I just wonder what my patients think. Lol. The slowest squat ever. I just grin and bear it. What helps me through the bad days after a hot shower and self massage is playing dress up and looking at my results so far. Some days I am happier than others but I just remind myself im still fresh. Happy recovery and safe surgery journey everyone

100 days postop

So after going back to work to early I had to take a couple days off. So now I am feeling better and ready to get back to it. Lower back still sensitive and tingles but self massages helps. The itching gets ridiculous at times. The majority of the time is my back and sides. I also have to be careful with type of soap I use due to breaking out in a rash and increase itching. Never use to be a problem before. Lower abdomen around the incision line is still swollen at times. My Lipo burns are improving slowly. My lower butt now has dimples in them when I walk or squeeze them. Overall I am happy which is all that matters. Did see a widening of my incision line but I think that is due to me going back to work to early. The area where it is wider is where I felt the tugging and pulling along with cramping. Happy I can start going back to the gym. Happy planning and recovery.

Lipo burns healing

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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