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I am 29yrs old 1 child 5'6 167 lbs I have in...

I am 29yrs old 1 child 5'6 167 lbs

I have in interested in the BBL since about 4 or 5 years ago. I have a family member who went to an island off Venezuela to have implants and I was interested but never liked the idea of implants or butt shots so I started doing my own research. Originally I had my quote about 2 years ago with Dr. J but he became too rich for my blood although his work is uffff outstanding, my fiancee was amazedddd and hes against this lol. Anyway I really wanted to finance since I do not want the added stress of having to penny pinch and save on my own so I never considered leaving the country until I heard about Dr. Yily De Los Santos. Im Dominican and had an aunt die and a cousin almost die both during surgery so I was completely against it. I have a another aunt who went to Dr. Tajah and he is amazing but he couldnt give me what I want so I think I will be taking the first step and getting my quote from Yily!

would like to have my new body by nxt summer so we'll see!! love this site! good look to all you ladies out here! kissessss

Merry Christmas ladies!! Blessings to all of you...

Merry Christmas ladies!! Blessings to all of you and the loved ones. My xmas gift to u is my flappy gut and non existent butt lol sorryyyyy for the eye sore!!!

Hi ladies! Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday...

Hi ladies! Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. I have my heart set on Dr. Yily for nxt year hopefully before the summer or even March but over the holidays my fiancee started backtracking on me......

He has 2 boys from a previous marriage, I have 1 girl and now he's saying he wants a child. My thing is do you know of anyone who has had kids after a procedure like this???? He says I can wait another year or two but im turning 30 in a few months!! 1. I dont want to be 30 something and pregnant and 2. I want my body NOW like right NOW if I had the money!! Its not fair......I want lipo only no tt and the fat transfer do you ladies think its ok to have kids after this procedure???

Pleaseeee any thoughts will be appreciated!!

Happy New Years ladiessss. Hope you all had an...

Happy New Years ladiessss. Hope you all had an awesome new year. I had sent my pics over to Yily for a quote and was amazed when I got a response yesterday at 1pm. The price was good considering it includes 1 garment, pre op tests, cardiologist, anesthesiologist, and clinic costs. I asked how she received payments and about post op stay.

Now.....My fiancee has been getting on my nerves lately about not giving me any money towards my surgery...big woop I'll pay for this on my own and when he goes to grab my new ass or small waist I'll charge him a fee!!! What I have decided to do is join a "sociedad" lol I dont know what you call it in english but basically a group of ppl get together, everyone has a number and you pay a set amount per week until the end and when your number comes up you get paid. Its a way to save money for those that have trouble doing so.

Anyway I'm going to do that to finance my surgery. I hope I get a low number so I can just get it done early and just pay it off. I'll add the pics I sent to Yily later lol they'll be my Trick or Treat to you guys!! :P

Sorry ladiessss during my rant I didnt realize I...

Sorry ladiessss during my rant I didnt realize I didnt put how much!! Yily quoted me $3000 for my procedure.

Problem is I showed my mom Yily website and my previous choice Dr J website and now my mom wants me to go to Dr J............I dont know what to do because the price difference is sooooo high its ridiculous. She says its best to wait and save and get something that looks soo much better and she's scared for me to go to DR but idk. She couldnt believe her eyes when she saw Dr J's curves lol. I must say he is amazing but I'm kinda skeptical of the volume he achieves. I would like to look at patients at least a year post op. I may email him and ask for more info......

Ive been looking at some wish pics according to my...

Ive been looking at some wish pics according to my size and what I honestly think is achievable. Im so excited and cant wait for this to happen!! I know a lot of bbl sistas arr getting done this month and nxt and I cant wait for their updates.

Want to which all of them a safe trip and healthy recovery

:( Just measured myself and its NOT at all what I...

:( Just measured myself and its NOT at all what I expected Here it goes......

Im 5'6 37 35 42 and 162lbs someone shoot me!!

I really thought I had a like 31 32 waist.......::Digs back into her pork fried rice and shrimp lo mein::

Well ladies my journey seems to be on hold :(...

well ladies my journey seems to be on hold :( Sunday I woke up and the left side of my face felt numb but I really didnt give it much thought since Ive been having numbness in my arm and leg too (quick back story I got a tick bite bite a while back)

anyway I spent over 15 hourssss at the ER a bunch of tests done including a contrast MRI and know Im on antivirals and steroids. FMLLLLL still have to wait for blood tests because there were special tests done that would not come back right away so now idk I have to concetrate on getting well now.....

side note (AND NOT LOOKING TO OFFEND ANY1) I was asked at the hospital why I hadnt seen a dr earlier and although i know that was my lapse of judgement honestly I never went because of lack of health insurance. I work HARD and although i must thank God for my fiancee who I honestly could not survive without i gotta say im frustrated that the govt does not help ppl like me I make about 350/w after taxes and they seem to believe this is enough for my daughter and I to live on!!!! where??? I get no health insurance, food stamps, child care NOTHING smh I'll leave it there bye ladies :( waiting on this hospital bill.....

Hi ladies.....so im on meds for the bell palsy and...

Hi ladies.....so im on meds for the bell palsy and I just heard back from Yily and she feels I need to fully recover before proceeding with her. I love that shes actually worried and not pressuring me for my deposit or anything shows she has very good ethics. Im just frustrated because I wanted this for so long and its always something. first my fiancee then the money now this!! whats gonna come nxt!?!? idk I thought this was gonna happen for my 30th bday but now I doubt that.

anyway just venting. Good luck to all you ladies getting sx! happy healing.

Hi sisters, I wanted to do an update regarding...

Hi sisters, I wanted to do an update regarding post surgical care just because I read a lot of journals on here, Not just those for Yily and I see so many girls not factoring in recovery when planning for this surgery. Ladies pleaseee take into consideration that this is major surgery and if you have never gone through something like this you dont know how your body will react or how long you will need to recover. I wish all my sisters speedy and uncomplicated surgeries but we need to take time to properly heal.

I've read girls taking 2 or 3 days off and going back to school or work Monday morning. Which if your up to it AMEN! but how can you be sure??? I would like to ask that you ladies really sit down and take all these things into consideration before having this procedure done, Including lymphatic massages and draining, Real Self sister prettygirlslim did a great update on this!. Those going out of the country, whether its DR or Mexico, Sisters please accommodate into your schedules at the least 5-7 days to recover NEAR your ps. This way if there is any fluid build up or complications your doctor is there to help and address the situation. I dont know about Mexico but but in DR patients from outside of Dominican Republic must get an insurance in case of complications. Covers up to $ 15,000 dollars for 30 days, inside and outside of Dominican Republic.You could get it at the clinic where you are going to have your surgery. Costs from 150 to 200 dollars, which is not included on surgical´s fees. Please ask your ps about this!!!

I know a lot of girls decide on Mexico or DR because it is so much cheaper for the quality of work. Deals are always good but please dont skimp on recovery! Instead of staying at a hotel make every effort to stay at a legitimate recovery house where the staff is knowledgeable about post surgery handling and are able to care for you.

If any of you are considering going to DR and would like to ask any questions about what it is like over there and what to expect from people please feel free to message me or just comment. But I would like all of you, no matter where you are having your surgeries to please read this post and take what I have said into consideration.

Blessed day ladies!!

Ladies found this on the web about medications you...

Ladies found this on the web about medications you should NOT take prior to surgery!!!

"Keep in mind that you will not be able to take Aspirin, or products that contain Aspirin ( Bufferin, Anacin, Excedrin, , Nuprin, Anaprox ,Advil, Ibuprofen) by 10 days before the surgery, as well as supplements l Echinacea, Melatonina, Gingko she-wolf, Yohimbe, Garlic, Gingseng, , Kava Kava, and Vitamin E. These medications act like an aspirin making the blood thinner.

Do not take birth control pills at least one week before your trip."

Really want to send in my deposit but I read WU...

Really want to send in my deposit but I read WU cut her off.....ladies please share if u have heard from her re what she will do now thanx!!

Hey girlys so this is where I am now. My tests all...

Hey girlys so this is where I am now. My tests all came back and get this........There wasnt enuff blood to run all the tests.....(Insert dumb look here) I was seriously like huh? how does that happen? She then proceeds to BS me how 1 tube of blood sometimes isnt enough for all those tests. I agreed but I didnt have 1 tube removed BITCH I had 4!!! Anyway now I have to get re-tested......yea right and get another bill!? NO THANK YOU!

I decided to get a complete check up in DR when I go in March for my vacay. I'm also hoping to squeeze in a consult with Yily :) we'll see!

i'm going to take this time to get a little fit since it doesnt look like I'll be able to have my surgery by April which will be my 30th bday :(

Ive started cardio, mostly running on the treadmill and I'm going to star doing Zumba twice a week. I want to lose at least 10lbs for my bday im 5'6 and 159 now :) lost some weight. If I do need to regain anything I'll do it before my surgery, which will probably be for late August early September after those flights go down.

On another note I want to send out prayers and healthy vibes to all our Yily Dolls who have sx coming up!!!! Well wishes to all u ladies!!!

Hi Ladies, So my sx is postponed for now trying to...

Hi Ladies, So my sx is postponed for now trying to get healthy and all, Im thinking a late September early October date right now so for those just starting their journeys welcome and you will see me for awhile ;) The reason I pushed it back so far is because im having everything lipoed!! arms thighs chin the whole enchilada!! and I seriously REFUSE to be wearing a HOTTT as* garment in the middle of summer long sleeves and all!! Hell to the effin NO!

Anyway in the meantime I'm taking Womens Ultra Mega Wellness pills from GNC ; I just ordered Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder from Amazon. Oh and ladies those that bank with Citi I used my Thank You points to get an Amazon gift card worth $25 so it basically cost me like 3 bucks!
I'm also looking to get the Spilurina powder but I wanna see how it goes with the wheat grass first. I'm a very bad drinker :(

I also started getting my list together from Yily vets and those getting ready for sx now. So far I have

1. Colace
2. Fiber
3. Foam
4. Board ( A Yily vet mentioned she used a microfiber dish drying mat may try that)
5. Squeem
6. Weewee Pads
7. Hospital socks; the one that are non skid LOVE THEM!
8. Boppy Pillow
9. Wife Beaters to wear under garment
10. Robe
11. Maxi Dresses
12. Flip Flops
13. Baby wipes/ Feminine Wipes
14. Funnel
15. Make Me Heal Harmony Healing Kit
16. Maxi Pads the thicker the better
17. Hibiclens soap
18. Water Pills
19. Protein Powder I use Designers Whey
20. Purell
21. Dark Colored towels
22. Bacitracin

23. Iron Pills
24. B Complex
25. Folic Acid
26. Vitamin C

I also plan on going to like Target or Marshalls and getting a cheap mattress cover they cost about $15 to put over the bed at JM I just think maybe some fluids penetrate the sheets and who knows how old those mattresses are.

Also ladies remember you need to have $10 American dollars for the tourist card you purchase when you get there!

On a side note my fiancee is the cutest ever!! lol he sends me pics of asses he likes and I laugh cause think about it ladies....this is the only time they can look at butts and we wont get mad lmaooo. I asked him is this what you do at work?? lol so cute!

So thats all for now!! Any questions lemme know I'm a full fledged Dominican so if any of you want to know what its like over or what to expect from locals etc lemme know either through pm or in the comments below :) I'm still learning everyday and I ask tons of questions so feel free to do the same!

Hi ladies! I hope all of you are doing well in...

Hi ladies! I hope all of you are doing well in your journeys. I wanted to do an update and just say a few things that were on my mind concerning how you decide on a PS

This is the most important part of your journey. Your are choosing the person who is responsible for your well being and essentially your life!! Therefore you should check this persons credentials to the full extent of your ability.

That being said I see so many sisters (excuse my wording if it offends anyone, not my intention) jumping on a Drs. bandwagon, scheduling and paying deposits and THEN asking questions like "Is this a scam" "Is he/she Accredited" "What board are they on" etc etc.

Ladies THIS IS SERIOUS SURGERY!! Again I do not wan to offend anyone but PLEASE no matter who you chose as your ps PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH.

This day in age everything is at your fingertips. Use technology to your advantage. Google!! See what degrees this person holds. If you are on their website confirm the info they have for the surgeon is legitimate; they will list the boards name right on there along with their license number and any accreditation's and affiliations they have. It really isnt that hard.

Of course this is a haven for all of us to communicate and support each other but take the time to do your homework outside of Real Self. Google your doctor, find out what board they belong to, where they completed their Plastic surgery residency etc. For those that chose a ps outside of the US you can still do your homework visit that particular countries website. A lot of popular Latin destination for surgery have a link you can visit to find info on Drs.

Please dont rely solely on whatever you read on here. Its irresponsible to put your life in the hands of a Dr you know nothing about. In previous posts I have said that I am willing to help some ladies out with the language barrier with Yily and I meant it. If you want me to translate something you want to ask or need help navigating her site I'm more than happy to help.

Hope everyone has a great week and Happy V-Day :)

Hey ladies forgot to add that I found this no...

Hey ladies forgot to add that I found this no rinse garment cleaner on Amazon it has good reviews. I posted a pic of one made by Squeem but there are other brands. You just mix it with water and put on a damp cloth and just clean ur garment. It supposed to help the garment keep its shape and elasticity. Check it out!

Hi ladies I see a lot of Yily Dolls are in the...

Hi ladies I see a lot of Yily Dolls are in the making!! Want to wish all the ladies on RS not just the Yily Dolls a safe sx and speedy recovery! I think we should all take a little time in our day or even before going to bed to ask God to watch over these ladies; just how we would want someone to do for us!!

My sx wont be for a few months (sep or oct) so im looking into getting some other work done like dental and laser hair removal lol I found 2 Derms on Realself and have sent in my info for a consultation. I also found a place on Yelp but if any of you ladies have gotten laser done lemme go cause there doesnt seem to be much movement on that thread!

I have been around but refused to update or...

I have been around but refused to update or comment cause of the craziness that was going on on RS smh really was a damn shame...

Anywhooooo sooooo I went to the dentist and will be getting braces soon :D I'm excited! lol

My Bells Palsy is under control and my aunt and I went to get some acupuncture done in Queens which I must say is kinda relaxing.....My mouth is a little bent and I feel a bit self conscious when I talk to people cause its very noticeable but it is what it is! def not stressing!

I still havent chosen a date but I know it will probably be October since flights will be low and I can wear my garment with no problems during our NY winters :)

Best wishes to all u Yily Dolls out there!!!

Hi ladies so now that more girls have actually...

Hi ladies so now that more girls have actually GONE to Yily there are more reviews and of course more unhappiness. There are a lot of reasons why this is happening but im only going to address a few.

1. Most ( I DID NOT SAY ALL) are choosing to see a dr outside of the US for one reason only and that is $$$. While you may think you are saving money please realize that you are LEAVING the country. Things are just not done or handled in the same manner over there as they are in the US. The after care may not be as ur accustomed, heck nothing really is! If you have never traveled outside of ur comfort zone I would NOT recommend doing so for sx...IMO

2. Most are not researching their elective procedure enough and hence have NO IDEA what can go wrong.....(PLEASE VISIT PETITEMAMI BLOG)

3. Most are not researching their PS enough or in the correct manner. Just cause you saw some nice pics on RS, MMH or some other website that does not mean this is the right Dr for you! Those nice pics should just fuel ur desire to want to learn more about that Dr.

4. Unrealistic expectations....some of us have wish pics which in no way resemble anything plausible on our current body type and frame.

5. No pre-op care (Vitamins etc) No time dedicated to healing and Post op care. (SEE PREVIOUS POSTS ON MY BLOG)

I have seen all the recent reviews on Yily, my heart goes out to u ladies that have experienced complications or just unhappy with ur results, but that has not changed my mind. Its not because I dont believe them or I think it cant happen to me but because I do, and I know it can! I realize there can be complications but I have seriously researched this up the wazoo. I have a clear head going into this and will be at peace with my results. If you have ANY inkling whatsoever or any little voice in ur head doubting ur choice DONT DO IT. I'm not saying something is going to happen I am just saying that something this serious should be done with all ur heart and mind. You should not be having second thoughts about ur Dr. You can be nervous yes or even be getting cold feet but it shouldnt have to do with lack of an informed choice.

So yes I am still #TeamYily and when I am ready for my surgery I will be on my way to see her.

Disclaimer: I am not bashing anyone, throwing subliminals , or taking away from anyones experience. If you have followed my blog or seen my comments on ppls pages you know I do not partake in drama. I have no time for it, I have too much going on as it is so please dont bring it to my page...


Hey ladies so RS reminded me I havent updated in a...

Hey ladies so RS reminded me I havent updated in a month so here I am! I have all my money saved and I went ahead and put it into a CD so I can at least make some interest since I wont be having sx till October. Its also my birthday this week so festivities have been high!! We went to a spot out in Dyckman smh if you're from NYC I'm sure you smh'ing also lol I thought I had just walked into a 2 Chains video!! There was Booty booty booty booty rocking everywhere!! My boo kept whispering in my ear how I was still the most beautiful girl in the room.....*igga please!! I def did not wanna hear that!! I appreciate him keeping eyes on me all night but damnnn I was staring more than the men!

Which brings me to my next point. I was debating on doing the arms since I read a lot of reviews where girls were VERY thankful they still had use of their arms BUT my boo, his brother and I would all comment how some of the girls looked "done" they had tiny waist, fat butts and huge arms...Since I do want to look natural and proportionate I will def be doing my arms. A few looked weird having nice waists, flat tummy and then the big arms we didnt like it.

So for my actual Birthday I was seriously thinking of having a huge bash at a lounge but instead I'm just gonna go away somewhere for the weekend and then have a girls night with my ladies the following week :) I plan on being 29 *cough* 30 *cough* a few more times so whatever. Since I cancelled my bash my babe gave me extra sx spending money, a LV bag and my first pair of red bottoms so I think I won!

Anyway my mom is thinking of having some work done also so I may treat her to some lipo if all goes well with my taxes, I STILL HAVENT RECEIVED MY MONEY!! if not I may ask my brother to chip in and get her something done my mom is the best and I would do anything for her! :) I was going to stay at a recovery house since my fam isnt from the Capital but my aunt ( by marriage) offered to go with me and take care of me, she has a huge house in the capital and has cared for nieces of hers that have had work done so I'll be good.

Well thats all for now, just looking at all the brand new Yily dolls in awe :) all of you look great!

Sooo I need to vent!!! Went shopping this past...

Sooo I need to vent!!! Went shopping this past weekend at the outlet mall and almost spazzed out!! I havent been weighing myself purposely because I do not want to obsess but I was having a hard time. I wanted to be positive and say it was because of the brand; they were Hudson and Paper Denim oh and 1 Jbrand jean but seriously though I'm Dominican I have HIPSSS none of them went up my thighs I ended up buying the J Brand jeans in a size 31 so now I have a huge gap in my waist and have to put my belt xtra tight for them to look decent! I cant wait for October these will be the longest 5ish months of my lifeeeee

Anyway good luck ladies!! All of you!! I cant wait to read more reviews :)

5 Months to go :(

Hi ladiess!! I'm doing a little update on my journey so far. I'm still set for October, dont know what day since Yily hasnt gotten back to me, and I have just been taking vitamins and losing weight :) I am 155 now shooting for at least 150 so I can get the best results possible.

I'm taking pre natal pills to get my levels as good as possible and then a month before I will get that pre surgery kit from make me heal, they seem to have everything. I'm taking Pre Natal Multi + DHA from Nature Made they were on sale in Target 2 for 1 a while ago so I have 1 at my job and 1 at home so I dont miss any pills.

I'm soo ready for this! :)

Phone issues

Hi ladies so I have been reading a few journeys on here and a lot of girls are worried about not being able to call/email/txt their families back home while out of the country so I wanted to share what I do when on vacay.

I had an old iPhone 3 unlocked for like $50 here in nyc to use when on vacation. We went to Jamaica 2 years ago and at the airport purchased a sim card and minutes Spent 6 days there and still had minutes left at the end. We do the same in DR you can buy a sim from Orange (cell company) and just add minutes while there. Calling cards dont give that many minutes but if you have trouble accessing wifi or using your phone its a good alternative.

Hope this helps someone! Oh and I'm still waiting on Yily to confirm my date.....may just give her a call today.

Need to set a date!

Tried to contact the office to see what the calendar is like. I really want to be the 1st or second of the day :( will try again tomorrow. Anyone going in October???

Santo Domingo Plastic Surgery Center

Hi guys I know a few Yily Dolls are panicking because of the Cipla closing earlier this week in any case I spoke with someone out there and told them to find out what is going on for me since when I call, usually after 6pm, I dont seem to reach anyone. Anyway she told me that yes it is closed BUT not because of any deaths they just "failed" a health inspection. Now if ur Dominican you will know and understand that it takes A LOT for a clinic to be shut down out there and 9/10 it isnt because of what is stated as the reason. What I mean by this is usually there are ulterior motives behind something like that.

Yily is apparently operating out of Santo Domingo Plastic Surgery Center which is where Bello is. I have the link so you can check out some pics.


I would not worry too much but I know that those who are traveling out of their comfort zone can be freaking out right now especially since it seems Yily staff is not communicating with patients, big ball drop on their part, I would call and verify all this since I did have someone else call for me and did not speak with anyone myself. I trust 100% the person I had call but you girls dont know me or her from a hole in the wall so I would advise every doll here to take some time and call and find out and not to depend on the grapevine AKA RS to find things out.

In other news lol I received my Iron pills and liquid iron and I'm starting those soon. My boo is no longer coming with me cause honestly he'll be more in my way than helpful so I am just staying in a hotel room and having my ex mother in law who is a nurse take care of me. I know she is going to scream and yell and probably drag me to her house lol but I rather be in a hotel. My aunt cant accompany me anymore because she is taking her grandson to DR with her and coming back before school starts so oh well.

If anyone is going beginning to mid October lemme know!

Got 2 more quotes

So ladies I wanted to be completely honest and open with you all and pleaseeeee do not turn my blog into a crazy discussion but I felt I needed to be an open book when it comes to ny journey.

First I really dont think I will be going to Yily at all. It has nothing to do with her skills, overbooking, attitude or etc. It 100% has completely to do with the clinic she chooses to operate out of. I can not knowingly and whole heartedly go into surgery with her knowing the things that have happened. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DEATHS EITHER I am talking about the sanitary conditions under which the hospital operates. Granted if I would have had my surgery pre Bells Palsy and around when LPB and PrettyGirlSlim went I would def not feel this way but I just cant. If she was to leave that clinic today I would go to her in a heartbeat.

Quote 1: I went ahead and got a qoute from Dr. Luis Lopez Tallaj ( I misspelled his name in my first post ever) he did my aunt and a cousin of mine and he REFUSED to do another cousin, the 1 I mention in my first post that almost died smh, she went to someone else. Tallaj quoted me $4000 for the bbl not including tests or faja.

Now Dr. Tallaj is not a current member of sodocipre, this does not worry me, but he is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons where he is the director of the international comittee and the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgeons. That is good enough for me!
Here is his site if anyone wants to take a look: http://www.drlopeztallaj.com

Quote 2: My second quote was from Dr. Cortes in Houston. My mom lives in Htown so I contacted him to see and his price was $9,500 this includes bbl, lipo to all areas, he does not charge xtras, hospital fees, pre op testing, 2 fajas (Colombian) and up to $5000 insurance in case something goes wrong after. I would need to pay for my meds post op seperately and for massages but he has a lady for that. I liked him a lot, so did my mom and sis, and Cortes has no sanctions or claims against him.

So there you have it ladies I am now torn between these 2 doctors any constructive comments are appreciated and if anyone has any questions just ask!

Again NO DRAMA, DOCTOR BASHING, OR PLAIN IGNORANCE ON MY PAGE!! I wont feed into it :) I still LOVE Yily and have confidence in her skills its her clinic I cant tolerate.

Thanks ladies!


How can I change Yily as my Doctor?? I would like for it to be blank for now........

Labs done

I went to my primary already and told him my plans and what I needed to know as far as blood work and he was relatively supportive....hmm anyway he got my cbc done and told me he was also going to add liver tests and a test to check how my blood coagulates and he wants me to go back to my neurologist to check the Bells palsy. He asked how well I had researched my doctors blah blah lol I love him he's sweet but very to the point kinda like a grandpa lol.

Anyway I'm still in the air about DR vs Houston but I am leaning more towards one than the other, we'll see how it goes so far both are very responsive and available to questions. Once I get my results I will at least know how I am am health wise and what I need to work on if anything.

till later :)

FYI Dolls

Hey Dolls hope everyone is well I havent been on here much. I just feel this site has changed a lot but I do still want to update if only to keep track of my thoughts :)

A lot has happened since my last update. My grandma passed away and that alone has affected me deeply, then my brother got into a motorcycle accident in Houston, had to send my daughter to my moms for a while and decided to move from NY to TX within the next 6 months. So now I have to get all my stuff together and figure out the best way to go about all this.

Cant have my surgery by October like I planned but I m not letting this stop me! I'm one of those that believes in karma and aura and honestly I think ppl sometimes just drain others and are so jealous or negative that it affects those around them. I'm just venting here lol dont mind me if I seem to ramble or change thoughts mid sentence. Anyway I dont really let people get to me I just feel bad for those that look for flaws in others just so they can feel better about themselves and their pathetic lives. I say this because since I have been very vocal about my surgery and things havent exactly gone as planned I actually notice the smile coming across their face right before the "aww I'm sorry" *itch please! lol Its soooo sad to me that ppl dont have enough self esteem and rely on other misfortunes to make them feel good about their own shit oh well! My circle is TIGHT the smaller the better when it comes to friendships everyone else is just an acquaintance.

All my labs were good my Iron was a 13.2 :) but I am still taking all my supplements in case. One of my friends (I only really have 2 lmaoo) got her quote a while back from Yily and we have decided to this together in March so she can get her finances in order. I can wait, its funny how things change by now I thought I would be at least 6 months post op oh well MY TIME SHALL COME WHETHER THEY WANT IT OR NOT LMAOOO

tata ladies! XOXOXO

Pinky Swear :)

So when I first discovered this site I noticed that a lot of reviews stopped quickly after the procedure; I promised myself that I would stick with this no matter what but honestly this site has changed a lot......not going to go into detail or dwell on the negative but since I did promise to myself that I would update regularly I will do so.

So now I'm in the gym since I gained some weight womp womp. I'm 170 now and I am trying to get down to 150-155 lbs and be fit at the same time and honestly I love it!

I'm gonna be putting up pics and videos of my workouts to help whoever wants it. I do legs, arms, abs, and cardio. I'm really trying to work out my arms because I dont like how some arms look after lipo so I want to get them toned plus I'll be needing all my strength after surgery :p

Thats it for now!

Body Slimming Wrap.....Okkkk

So I get pampered regularly at the spa and my girl use to sell those pre-packeged wraps that are black and green but she stopped because she did not like the quality anyway she decided to do the wraps herself and so far I have had 2 done!! Im going to post up the pic once I cover up my tats but just to let you ladies know:

I had 2 wraps 1 week apart.
I had them done in the early evening after work
I also exercise 3 to 4 times a week mostly cardio some weights.
Not really dieting but Im doing portion control and eating better
Stopped all sugary drinks NO soda in over 2 months :(

I'm still arranging our move to Houston so Its been kinda hectic I would like to get a part time job first and then after my surgery commit to something full time but I also dont want to put the entire household burden on my boo. Here in NY he gets paid GOOD money over $1200 a week but we dont know if he will be getting paid the same out there cause of the cost of living idk guess we wont know till we take the plunge!

Body Slimming Wrap Pic

I covered my tats and put some arrows so you can note the difference. My back roll is almost gone and my tummy is sculpted :)

Soooo No DR For Me

So I have been heavily researching my options outside of RS ( Sorry for cheating lol ) now my boo has been on board for this for a while now but lately he just kinda goes along with whatever I say so I sat his ass down and asked him to be up front with me and tell me how he really feels and he did! He said he is really uncomfortable about going to DR and if I am really going to do it I should stay in the US.

I dont want to shut him out...I really want to include him in this process. We are engaged and ready to share our lives together so I really want him to feel like this is our journey not just my butt thing. So I am honoring his manly wishes and staying here :)

I thought this would be easy like ok I'm going to Cortez nope its not easy. If I go to Cortez its good like my mom is there she can take care of me dont have to pay hotel etc etc plus he doesnt charge extras its all good.. But then I came back on here just to look!!! and I like Ghurani now :( so I got a quote form Nancy for $7,799, we are still going back and forth a little.

Anyway I saw a Cortez patient LADYB2011 who got fat injected into her lips and they look hella HOTT!! Shout out to LADY B she has a VERY good and detailed post ya should read her story! Its all in there the good and the bad! I loved her results so now I want fat to fix the fullness in certain parts of my lips so I asked Nancy about that.

I will also be adding inner thighs so my new price should be $8,299 I found flights through United for about $500, for my hubby and me, in February though I may switch to March or April depending on how our move to TX goes. I want to do this before we move.

Thats all for now! Hopefully I dont change my mind again but I feel really good about this!! I may just put my deposit down with Ghurani and just turn off my computer!!


I think I'm guilty of self sabotage...

So Nancy let me know Ghurani is not a fan of injection lips with fat.....womp womp. she said its because it doesnt last and suggested I do Juvederm. Well I dont want Juvederm and I dont care if it doesnt last I want my fat in my lips!!

So right away I was like oh well no Ghurani for me.....then I thought hmmm am I being a little tooo picky or dramatic?? I feel like I'm sabotaging my own surgery!! I'm just dismissing docs left and right! Are my lips that important sheeshhhh anyway I'm still leaning towards Ghurani idk something about Cortez he seems to be good for the ladies that want the huge badonk and big hips. I'm going for something more natural so I really dont know about him.

I may just out my deposit down and suck it up!!

Finished my wrap sessions!

I thought I would upload a pic not that I finished my wrap sessions :)

My before and after measurements are right on the pic! I'm so proud lol


Hi ladies so I wanted to update you guys on my journey so far. I talked to Nancy and omg she is just the sweetest person I felt like I was talking to a family member or something getting advice on surgery. So I think I am ready and will be putting down my deposit w/ Ghurani. I am not losing anymore weight and I have stopped the gym :(

The reason I had to stop is I keep getting these heart palpitations and they hurt. I have an appt on Thursday with my doctor so we will see what he says. I am also getting my braces on ( I am going to be hot from top to bottom ladies! ) I was supposed to have them this past Monday but I had to have a filling removed and currently have a temp filling to see if I need a root canal or extraction which is a bummer since my orthodontist said I already have too much space.

So my surgery cost with Ghurani is $7,799 :) I'm happy with the price. My mom said she'll go with me looking into condos on airbnb

Thats all for now ladies!!

Got back from mu Dr.

So this was my issue, I had to stop exercising because I was getting painful heart palpitations and shortness of breath so I made an appt with my doctor. Well he examines me and says he can hear a faint beat in between my normal heart beats....I'm like huh?? he's like it sometimes happens with people are you under stress?? I'm like EVERY DAMN DAY!! so he decides to do an EKG right there so the nurse comes in with the machine and I'm like hold up I have to take off my waist cincher lol she goes oh did you just have surgery I say no but I will be in April, God willing, so she tells me how she just had sx in Dominican Republic. Now I can tell shes not Dominican, Spanish yes, but not Dominican. So she pulls up her shirt and shows me these keloid scars she has on her waist and tells me she got burned a bit, now she is light skinned so the scars are very noticeable.

I'm thinking to myself wow bad stuff can just happen to anyone. I ask her who was your doctor and she says Cabral............I tell her I was planning to go to his clinic but for Yily but I decided against it. She asked me who I was going to now so I told her I was going to Ghurani in FL.

Anyway back to EKG everything looks normal my heart will not be popping out my chest and I can start exercising again!!! Yeaaaaa

That's all for now! Till next time ladies :)


I am loving all these bangin bods I am seeing!! :) All the docs are doing their thing and my man Ghurani is dishing out some wonderful masterpieces! Good luck and speedy recoveries to all the ladies in healing!

All I want for Christmas is a Big Ol Booty :(

I'm getting Booty envyyyyy Lmaooooo nah seriously though I am seeing ASS hitting me from all diff places!! Good looking booty too! Congrats to all the RS sisters recovering out there. You all look great; cant wait for my time! :)

Long Road but I am Getting There!

Ughh honestly ladies I am trying to stay positive and on track but God is def testing me lol Soooo where do I start.....I spent Thanksgiving week in Houston with my daughter and the fam that was good but I was going through RS withdrawl no lie lol just couldnt find the time to sit down and go through all the posts and on my phone some blogs just wont load completely it cuts stories off.

Now I had a bitchy moment at work so I gave my notice and will be leaving at the end of the month where?? Idk but I will not be here! I make good money but for all I do I feel taken advantage of and underpaid and I cant put up with it any longer. I have some interviews set up starting tomorrow and even got a response from a job in Htown so we'll see how that goes I am leaving again next week to run some errands and stuff so I will set up an interview there also.

All this but I still plan on seeing Ghurani April or May as long as I find another position. I will just let them know from the start I have sx planned nxt year, dont have to say what kind, and I need 2 weeks off. Has anyone done this?? How did it workout?? Any opinions are appreciated! That is all for now :)

Ran out of Supplies :(

Aint this some ish!! I havent even had sx and I have to buy all new supplies aaaaahhhhhhhh woosaaa

So last night I was cleaning up the home since I leave nxt Wednesday again for TX and I notice my pur absorb iron is finito! so is my spirulina, but im sure I know the culprit for that!, and my vitamins that were left expired! Now you know how long I have been on this journey lol cant complain they worked my iron was a 13 something last time so I will have to start up again, get all new supplies etc.

Not bad for a woman who is about to be unemployed :)

Been MIA I Know But I'm Back!

Hi ladiessss!! I missed you guys! seriously lol!! Merry Christmas/Happy New Year all that good stuff!

So last time I checked in with my girls I had a moment of pure lunacy and had quit my job! Ughhh somewhat glad I am still here with the raise, less responsibilities, and an xtra day off :) not bad not bad at all. I'm still negotiating though lol I want some appreciation dammit! :D

I have been keeping in contact with Nancy, just to keep her in the loop and such so all is well on that end. I am set to move by May but I am debating getting the surgery out the way and starting of fresh to deathhhh in Htown or getting settled first then going down to FL for sx.....I dont know what sx is like and I am a big baby so idk. My mom said either way she will be taking care of me so thats good.

I am about to purchase some sx supplies according to some reviews I read recently sorry but I cant remember where I read about each one I just take notes on stuff I think I may need.. I out some new pics up since I am starting my wraps again and heading back to the gym.

Wish all you ladies best of luck on your journeys and those on the other side...well I see ya looking all fine over there with ya phat badonks!! Lmaoo :) xoxo

Ummm So Huh??

Ladies I am confused as hell right now.......So I go on Elite's website, like I always, and Dr. Ghurani is no longer listed as a surgeon there!?!? Am I like bugging?? O_O

WTH Is Happening!?

Just went on their other site, the miami butt site, and Ghurani is gone from there also!! I am calling when I go to lunch but I swear I am hyperventilating right now!! this is crazy! I want to know what happened.....I feel like I just had the rug pulled out from under me!

My View on This

Honestly I am a little heartbroken.....Ghurani seems to be flip flopping between 2 centers first he was at Vanity then went to EPS now he is off the EPS website and back at Vanity but per Salama ( SEE BIGBOOTYTINYWAIST BLOG) Dr. G tells EPS he is not doing bbl's at Vanity....

I feel hoodwinked! :( and honestly this looks bad on Dr. G cause he is the one at the center of this all....He needs to come clean and commit! I came across Ghurani first at Vanity but when I researched the facility I came across bad reviews on their lack of communication, after care and follow up. I need to know that someone is their for me in case an emergency comes up. That if I have a questions someone is going to give me answer in a timely manner. I am a customer service manager and honestly that is what any business, no matter what field, is based on. SERVICE I was more than willing to pay the xtra $3000 cause I felt comfortable with the level of service I would receive now I dont know. If I stick with EPS is it guaranteed that Dr. G will be doing my sx?? If I follow him to Vanity how is my aftercare?? Will he do BBL??

I have questions! I need answers!


I still havent heard from Vanity regarding the quote I requested which just has me feeling some type of way about Vanity altogether. Second waiting for tomorrow to contact Nancy, she has been my contact point this whole time dealing with EPS and she is on vacation. I will wait and just talk to her since I dont know anyone else at that office......

I dont know what to do! I feel like Vanity is a MedSpa and not a clinic perse like EPS and I like the rapport I have with Nancy but that dont mean ish if I cant have Ghurani! He is the surgeon I want no doubt but all this back and forth mess honestly makes him look bad cause he is the one in the middle. He needs to go on Ustream Youtube Skype idk something and let us know wassup with this mess!

I dont want to have either place take my money and then switch surgeon on me cause then I am stuck! We are giving our money to a clinic not the Dr. so what if they say they cant give us a refund and we have to use that money at THAT facility???

Nope cant have that!

Spoke to Nancy

I spoke to Nancy and she was completely honest and said Dr. G is operating at both locations. She just got back today from vacation and was aware of everything being said. She said she was not going to badmouth any other facilities but they are trying to lure ppl away saying that Ghurani is leaving EPS. I asked why he was off their website and she said the same thing another RS sister was told by someone and that is that they took him off to update his credentials....I didn't want to go back and forth with her on why that didn't make sense so I left that alone.

Now for my interpretation, and I am being honest, I find Nancy very professional and well meaning but there is something going on that they may not want to disclose yet. One of our RS sisters MissezDollFace_xoxo, Hey boo hope u are feeling better! :), just had sx with Salama yesterday and Ghurani was there doing consultations. Why would he do a consultation if he is leaving? But at the same time Im like why are you associating your name with 2 completely different centers charging 2 completely different prices??

Now honestly I like how I have been treated so far by Nancy and EPS but I am still proceeding with caution......

What do you ladies think???


Has anyone gone to Ghurani page on RS?!?! It says he is a surgeon at GHURANI PLASTIC SURGERY in Aventura............Aww nahhh now I am really confused!!

I was just sitting here like lemme check his RS page to see what office it says and BOOM!! I cant ladies smh


I'm feeling so discouraged ladies.....I have been on this journey so long :( I'm sitting here like damn I should have gone when (my cousin name here) went to get her implants, or damn I could have gone to DR when (same cousin) went to Cabral for her breast??

I swear I feel like packing a bag and showing up at Ghurani door like you got a patient NOW!

Just need to vent.....

Great Deals on Groupon!!

Found some great deals on Groupon!

See my pics for details!

Spam Mail Ughhh

So I resent my info to vanity and included that I was interested in Ghurani only and I havent received a response or automatic email. Now I check my spam just in case and I have an email about a January special they have.

Im going to call soon as I get home hope I get a good response :)

Spoke to Jessica

So I called up Vanity and told them I had sent my info over twice in the last 2 days. She was very nice and apologized and told me she was going to transfer me over to one of their out of town reps. I spoke to Jessica, who was also very polite, and told her I was interested in a quote for BBL with Ghurani.

Now I did not at all go into any details about the situation but when she mentioned Ghurani popularity increase I did say that I had a quote already from Elite but was interested in having a quote with them also. I think I will just get my quote first then ask any questions at that point.

So I sent her my pics along with some wish pics she asked to see and now I am waiting to hear back :)

My Vanity Experience Thus Far

Hi Ladies!! I have been meaning to update all weekend but I really didnt have the time :( so I figured I would do it during work :) lol anyway so here is what has happened so far

After I sent Jessica my pics and all that it was like 3pm and I still had not received a response. Normally I know it would take some time but given the situation I was very antsy so I decided to email her requesting an update on my quote and told her I was very interested in booking and could put down my deposit that day.

Well guess who calls me not 5 min later?! Yup Jessica! Now I am being honest about my whole experience so I will say my thoughts at this moment were "Damn so I mention money and get a call ASAP huh" I will say they seem a bit pitchy and sort of like car salesmen, I wont even lie about that, BUT after the experience I had with Elite I decided to brush that off. Why?? Because at the end of the day as long as I get what I am paying for I'm cool. They are very about their business and I dont feel ripped off. I got my quote like everyone else it was the right price. Another thing I think Vanity is a lot more negotiable. If you are ready to pay some or most they give you a discount which is ok with me.

I really liked how I was being treated at Elite, their customer service was amazing but you know what? Soon as the ish hit the fan about Ghurani everyone over there has changed, they look fake as hell right about now. I spoke to another RS sis, wont say her name or nothing for privacy she can share her story if she likes, but I think this whole drama is getting to them. I can understand them being bombarded with the same questions OVER and OVER again all day long but guess what? We want to know what is going on! Its our money!

At the end we each have our own journey to go through, no one does it for us, so we each have to do what we can live with. I can live with switching to Vanity. Now my quote:

Ghurani price is $4500 that includes lipo to the abdomen, back, flanks, and bra roll
I wanted to add arms which are an extra $1000. I may be going alone because I am really considering going in Feb so I asked about the recovery house package and Jessica told me it includes

7days/6 nights
24hr nurse
vedette garment
board (I think foams also not sure)
7 massages
post op meds

I emailed her again today because I had some more questions but I did end up putting down a $500 deposit on Friday. I know some ppl are asking why they charge different deposits. I think it has to do with the total price but idk I put down $500 because originally when I talked to her I had asked for chin, arms, and thighs but after talking with the boo I am going with arms only if even that.

Ladies I have been on this journey too damn long, and I mean journey not RS, it always something! I have never really done anything for myself. Its always been my family and kids. I have always had to help my mom and dad, with bills or helping my fiancee with something he wants like can it be my turn now?? Im 31 years old I want to enjoy my body NOW I want to walk out with my man somewhere and look just as good as he does! I want to be able to put on any shirt I want and not worry that my arms look big or my gut shows. Sheeshhhh I am just READY!

If anyone is planning to go around the end of Feb please let me know! :)

Care Credit Messing With My New Ass

So I have a Care Credit acct that I opened with my mom. Thing is since then my moms credit score has dropped tremendously and all her cards have been getting their limits reduced. So I call up my mom to ask her has she used the card lately and whats the limit, She says no but that my brother wanted to use it to get his teeth fixed from his motorcycle accident. (Care credit can be used for anyone in the family, even the dogs lol, my mom has used it for vet visits) So we go a little back and forth about whats more important my ass or his teeth and I just got really depressed. Its like what I want always has to take a backseat to something sheeshhh so I told her that I already had most of the money it was just in a CD from when I thought I was going to DR but I just decided to let it go. I really didnt want to put her in the middle like that, choosing between her only son and her eldest daughter.

So I went on Vanity website to see what other type of financing Vanity offers and I saw they take United Medical, I applied and got approved but damnnn that would be like my last resort! The interest rate is not bad, at least not with my credit, but all those fees associated with the loan are a killer!!! I rather pay off one of my credit cards and use that! I only wanted a financing deal because of the easy payments instead of putting down all my cash smh. Plus with them you have 36 months to pay off if you pay it off in 12 months its interest free, dont know if thats with every loan or if it depends on your score, so that is good...If I do use it I wouldnt put more than 3000 if even that much.

Still havent heard from Jessica, will give her a call during lunch.


Honestly ladies I dont know how to feel anymore about all this going on. I will more than likely requesting my deposit back from Vanity but I dont want to say why just yet. I want to give them a chance to resolve my issues first but it is not looking good.

In the meantime I had a consult yesterday with one of my backup surgeons that went VERY well he took the time to speak to me, looked at my pics and even gave me a number I could reach him at (DIRECTLY) if I had any questions. Like I said before service is very important to me. Maybe its because I deal with people everyday but I really feel like I need to be able to communicate in a timely manner with either my doctor or an assistant/patient coordinator. I shouldnt have to be chasing anyone down or looking to RS for updates on whats going on. The lack of efficient communication is killing me. I am waiting to hear back from a second doctor and after that consult I will make my final choice.

Good luck to all the ladies!!

Still Waiting

So I am still waiting on my 2 new quotes. I have really lost all confidence in Vanity cant deal with them anymore, will ask for my deposit back.

In the meantime I have researching my 2 new docs more and looking for other post op patients. In my head I have kinda made up my mind but my ass flip flop so much I will just make sure my choice is doable, price has to be good, before I commit it to blog lol.

So this weekend I went out with my bff and somehow we ended up back at my house with me trying on fajas! lol I tried on her size Large Salome below the knee compression garment. Good thing I did too cause I swore a medium was ok for me post op, nope dont think so. Now my bff has not had any surgeries she just happen to have purchased one to wear to go out. Girllll soon as she mentioned she had it on during Brunch I couldnt WAIT to get home and try it on lmaoooo I had her snap some pics for me to post.

I think the large would be good. I mean we get all swollen plus have to wear the board and foam underneath too. Let me know what you ladies think!

Consults w/ Lagrasso and Salzhauer

Ok so I had 2 consults this past week, 1 with Lagrasso and another with Salzhauer. The reason I decided to go for more consults is because I dont really feel all that confident in Ghurani anymore....idk I just feel like hes in the middle of a big ol mess and I want out.

So my quote from Lagrasso was $5999 it doesnt really include any xtra stuff no garment or anything. I did enjoy talking to him on the phone, did not feel rushed at all! He is really patient and answered all my questions. He says he is very aggressive but I need to see more of his work. What I did like is he uses Vaser liposuction and says his amount of reabsorption is about 20-30%, which is pretty normal, plus he has a satellite office here in NYC. He said he has a lot of patients from NY and comes up often from Miami. Only thing is I need to see more results....

Salzhauer well I think everyone knows who he is! He did Stephanie Santiago first round of BBL and a ton of others. I love his work they're not a lot of post op dolls of him on here but I just to be on another site where he was a lot more popular, before DR and Mexico took over lol, so I have seen plenty of his work. I had my skype consult with him and he was very easy to talk to, super friendly and his office has been very responsive to my million +1 questions. His quote was $7745 and that includes lipo to 4 areas, back is 2 upper and lower, plus abdomen and flanks. Extra areas a $750 but I think they work with you if you are adding multiple areas. The quote includes the garment and 1 post op visit the day after sx wherever you stay. Salzhauer does not use drains :) but he also does not recommend massages....I didnt know this till after my consult with him or I would have asked him directly but I asked Arianny if they have a masseuse and she told me they are not necessary and are just an extra expense. Now I dont know if this is because his lipo is just THAT good or why but I may still get a few if I go with him even if just for pampering :)

Well if you ladies have any thoughts or constructive criticisms for me I would appreciate you let me know! A girl need help over here making up her mind :)

I'm Obsessedddd

With Stephanie Santiago ass!!! lol I know Dr. Salzhauer did her first round because I followed her story on another SX website but I cant confirm he did her subsequent round(s) so I have been looking at her older pics all damn day :) sighhhh

Trying to Upload the Pics!

MY Experience

So I thought I should tell about MY experience with Vanity......



So at the beginning I was hesitant to switch to Vanity because of price alone. I had already read before that they were incompetent when it came to customer service BUT wanting to get off this journey and seeing I could save a few bucks I went ahead and contacted them.

Jessica was the one I spoke to and she seemed very nice, that first day we spent a while on the phone discussing what I wanted and the prices. While I am talking to her I am also on my planner writing everything thing down because this is a verbal conversation and I need to keep track! So I put down a $500 deposit to lock in my quote and I ask her for a detailed quote and a receipt. She was raving about how important the receipt was and that I HAD TO sign it and return it to her.

This all happened on a Friday......I didnt get my quote or receipt till Wednesday or Thursday of the following week. When I do my quote is ALLLLLL wrong NOT AT ALL WHAT WE HAD DISCUSSED; at that point I am livid! I keep emailing her for about 3 more days to fix my quote! Mind you ladies I am emailing her exactly what we discussed detailed so she knows whats included and what she promised me. NOTHING! after all this she sends me a new quote with Fisher as my sx......Girls when I saw that I IMMEDIATELY sent an email back asking for a refund and have subsequently opened a dispute with my credit card company.


During our back and forth through email and phone this happens:
Jessica calls me and tells me if I had thought about going to Fisher......Reading about her pushing Fisher I was ready for this! I say no I have never even heard of him. She proceeds to tell me how Fisher is so much better than Ghurani and how Ghurani does up to 6 sx a day and how that is dangerous and he is overworking himself but Fisher on the other hand was much better surgeon and only did 3 a day. She tells me how famous he is in MIA and blah blah blah. I'm like thats nice but I dont want Fisher, she tells me about how they had an office meeting reviewed my pics and ALL the doctors decided Fisher was best for me because Ghurani is not very skilled and he only does well with girls who already have perfect bodies and that their goal is to get girls "bikini ready" and only Fisher could get me there............

Lord Jesus please explain where it is acceptable to SHIT on your own doctor?!?!?! Are they serious??? Ya think that was bad??? Hold up and TAKE A SEAT GIRLS!!!!

Jessica tells me she herself had a BBL and Fisher was her doctor. Im like ok lemme see so she sends me 1 pic of "her" on the surgery table still and tells me that is her and that she is about 6 or 7 months post op and that she had sx in June of 2013. Now ladies I communicate with other ladies on here so I already had seen the pic she sent. Im like well can I see another pic? So she sends me another pic of "her" right after sx..........Now we are talking on a landline and she is txt these pics so as we are talking I am analyzing the pics which are her taking a pic of a picture on her computer moniter......... Ladies I will not post the pic on here because I do not want to violate anyones privacy but LORDDDD the pic clearly has someone elses name on it and it even shows the date it was taken and it said 04/03/2013 explain to me how you have a pic of YOU after sx 2 months before you had anything done????? And Jessica since you here reading reviews I WISH TO JESUS you would call me to argue about that trifflin shit you did!! Not only did you LIE about the pics but you violated someones HIPPA law by divulging that girls pic with her name on them and passing them off as your own!! SHAME ON YOU AND SHAME ON VANITY. They are luring us to Vanity and then making you believe that Ghurani cant give you want you want and you should switch to Fisher SHAME ON YOU!!! Praying on womens need and desire to better themselves!!!

After all this I decided to take my money elsewhere and will be switching to Salzhauer soon as I get my money back I will put down my deposit with Bal Harbour.

I am writing this review to INFORM I am not telling you dont go there etc I am telling about my experience and if you still going there then AMEN! and good luck ladies I will only say get everything in writing and be VERY careful!

Thank you all for reading!!

Girls We Need To Get Our Ish Together!!

Ladies I am glad we are all sharing our stories but like Lovemy2girls said in her blog we need to do something! We need to all file a complaint with the Florida medical board!


On that site you can print the form to fax or mail to them stating what happened. I am glad we are all supporting each other and telling our stories but this is serious! We need to let them know they cant do this!

Florida Medical Board

Good Morning Ladies! So I wanted to inform you ladies about filing the complaints against My Vanidades AKA Vanity Below is an excerpt I copied and pasted from the medical board website to help you ladies before you file the complaint!

How we review complaints
All complaints are assigned a computer generated complaint number for tracking purposes. Staff reviews each complaint for possible violations of laws and rules. Only complaints that are legally sufficient are investigated.

How we determine legal sufficiency
Section 456.073(1), F.S., specifically provides that “…A complaint is legally sufficient if it contains ultimate facts that show that a violation …has occurred.” After review of a complaint, if the allegations and supporting documentation show that a violation may have occurred the complaint is legally sufficient for investigation. The complainant is notified by letter as to whether an investigation is initiated, additional information is needed or the complaint is determined not to be legally sufficient and is being closed. For legally sufficient complaints, the letter will include the name, address and telephone number of the office that will conduct the investigation.

Examples of complaints that may be investigated

Practicing below minimum standards or negligence
Impairment/medical condition
Advertising violation
Sexual misconduct with a patient
Misfilled/mislabeled prescription
Failure to release patient records

Examples of complaints that MAY NOT be investigated
Fee disputes (broken or missed appointments)
Billing disputes
Personality conflicts
Bedside manner or rudeness

Anonymous Complaints
CSU may investigate an anonymous complaint provided it is legally sufficient, the alleged violation of law or rules is substantial, and CSU has reason to believe, after preliminary inquiry, that the violations alleged in the complaint are true.

Basically in most of our cases this is an ADVERTISING VIOLATION, please make sure you read what is not a valid complaint; ie arguing about our money is not a valid complaint handled by the medical board. The fact that they are LURING us in using Ghurani name is!! I will be damned if I let them get away with this!! Its unethical and against the law!!!

Ladies if we all tell our story we can prevent this or even worse what happened to MAYA91 from happening to another RS sister. They have to know what they are doing is wrong and illegal!

Good Morning Ladies!!!

Hi ladies I wanted to take a min to tell all my ladies on here how great it is we are all here supporting each other and telling our stories! I want to stress the best thing we each can do is report our experience to the FL medical board. I am seeing a lot of pages popping up left and right please ladies be wary with who you exchange personal info with. I am not accusing anyone nor pointing fingers just please do not divulge your personal info to just anyone.


On another note I requested a quote from Dr. Mel Ortega yea yea I know I am just sooooo stressed ladies. I am really leaning heavily towards Salzhauer but I just want to keep my options open and not just depend on 1 choice you know. So I have been communicating with someone name Karla she seems ok. He has a bunch of bbl pics on his page and apparently he originated at Vanity also, don't know how I feel about that, but so far ok. He is running a special on RS for $4500 including 2 massages. That's it for now ladies. Havent heard a peep from Vanity or Jessica :) still waiting on Chase to get my money back.

Oh that reminds me!! I have read some comments that Jessica is telling ppl that refunding their deposits takes too long and that they should just file a dispute with their cards......Jesus if that isn't the dumbest shit I have ever heard!! and I mean dumb on the business side. I work as a manager in a business that takes credit cards....now I am PERSONALLY responsible for running cards, financing, etc. From the business side of things it is REALLY bad to have customers file disputes for returns. Giving a customer a refund takes me about 2 min then its up to your bank to process it back to your acct. it does not take no 2-4 weeks to process! You may not see it right away on a billing statement but it will be processed and can be verified by calling your bank in at least 2 days since all transactions, on my end, are batched and sent for processing daily.

Now when I have customers dispute charges what happens is our processing company looks at that and says : Oh you guys have X amount of ppl claiming disputes for X amount of dollars so we are going to hold this much of your valid transactions just in case those ppl want to dispute also. This is no Bueno to us cause we don't get the money deposited into our acct because we have too many disputes. So idk why the hell Jessica would tell patients that when it fucks up her employer, I guess its more of her own stupidity at work.....

Good day ladies!! That's all for now :)


I hate this ish I swear! I want a doctor dammit!! After this whole Vanity/Ghurani/Elite mess I feel like anyone I choose now I would just be settling...... :( Ughhh I was soooo close too!!

Just needed to vent ladies :(

Oh and a detailed blog that you update everyday is nothing without pics.... IJS no bueno we need to see it all!

Salzhauer Sexy Kitten Meoowwwww

Lmaoooo funny title huh?? Well ladies I did it!! I'm officially scheduled with Dr. Salzhauer for June 19th!! I am still working out some things with Arianny but I sent in my $1,000 deposit to secure my quote.

Ladies let me tell ya I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! It feels good to have a doctor and a date! :) Arianny is out sick, apparently she has not been feeling well for a few days so if you are trying to reach her or are emailing her please be patient. Girl is sick as a dog and still emailing from her iPad!

Any questions let me know!

How Do I Change My Doctor???

Who do I message or email to change my doctor?? As much as we change our damn minds we should be able to change it on our own! Lol it will save someone a lot of headaches :)

Really Necessary Items List!

So I am trying to shorten my list and see what I absolutely need for this sx. My cousin works at a hospital so I am compiling a list just for her lol so far on her list I have:

1. Chux Pads (ALOTTT)
2. Hospital socks
3. Antibacterial soap
4. Adult diapers
5. Maternity pads
6. Pee Funnel
7. Baccitrin
8. Water pills
9. Gauze and medical tape
10. Compression Socks
11. Wipes
12. Gloves

My list:
1. Arnica Gel (for massages)
2. Poop helpers
3. Maxi dresses
4. Robe
5. Flats/Slippers
6. Leggings
7. Tank tops (non ribbed)
8. Nutri Bullet
9. Whey protein

Once I am there I will do a small shopping list mostly easy no cook stuff and fruits for protein shakes.

Anyone having sx around my time in the Miami area that wants to buddy up let me know!! I found a great 2 bedroom condo that I just love!! Its close to both Salzhauer and Salama office so maybe we can both save some money!

Oh and shout out to BBTW and Shay08! I used them as a reference for this list :)


Just wondering has anyone used or thought of using, care.com to find a caregiver?? I signed up for their services and have seen some really qualified ladies. Feel free to suggest any options!

Follow Your Doctor!!

Hi ladies so I just realized RS has a really cool feature! If you go to your doctors page on RS you can click follow and be updated on all his reviews. I love this especially since I find myself chasing down reviews on other forums :)

Follow Your Doctor!!

Yessss it does work as I thought! Ladies if you follow ur doctor you get updated on all his new posts!!! I was just notified of 5 new reviews on Dr. Salzhauer!!

On other note I have 125 days till sx :) AHHHHH cant wait!

I am SOOOO excited!!

I need to give 2 special shout outs today!!! Azzmatazz and of course to Bellisima2013 ladies anyone considering this sx in general, not just Dr. Salzhauer, should check these ladies out! They have good info and their ass is ridiculous! LOL

Also I spoke to Arianny today, she sounds a lot better after her cold. Arianny is a great patient coordinator and is always quick to answer my questions and concerns so be sure to reach out to her for anything you may need!

Post Op??

Ok dont judge me!! lol So yesterday was really slow here at work :) my boss is on vacay so ya know what that means lol. One of my co workers and I decided to stuff paper towels down my pants to see how I will look post op!! Yesss ya heard me right! I suffed my ass with paper towels!! Hahahaha

Ladies I walked around the office like that all afternoon! Verizon techs came by, cause our phones have been out for 2 weeks ughhh, and I swear the looks were crazy lmaooooo. I drove home picked up my hubby at work, cooked dinner all with my "new" ass lol the boo couldnt stop laughing!!

What ya ladies think of the pics?? lol

Some Stuff

So I have narrowed my condo choices to 2. I love both and have already been pre-approved for my stay but I am still trying to haggle prices lol a girl has got to save where she can!! They are both in Hollywood, Fl, on the beach but one is right by Hallendale and a very large intersection so there are more things walking distance so I really want that one.

Oh I am also putting a combination of Baby oil and cocoa butter (not lotion) on my ass. I did this religiously through out my entire pregnancy and I have no stretch marks! I know DNA has a lot to do with it also but I loved it lol my nurse and doctor would laugh at me every month cause my belly was always xtra greasy lol hey I'll try anything to make sure this sucker takes all the cc's it can!!


I'm sitting here at "work" (lol) looking at pics and sometimes I just wish I could put some of you ladies arms down! Idk but I feel like those pics can be misleading.....when you have your arms up everything is smoothed out and extended so you may be hiding some imperfections. Ladies this is just my opinion I am just thinking out loud!! Dont shoot me!! lol

I, solemnly swear, to try and post pictures at all angles not just the cute pics!

So help me Booty Gods!

Amen! :)


Ladies Old Navy has 40% off all dresses only until 11:59pm!!!! The code is DRESS and it's valid on all dresses! I didn't see not one dress over $30 and with 40% It comes to $18

Free Nursing Pillow!

Hi Ladies I came across this deal and just had to pass it on to my ladies!!

If you go to nursingpillow . com and enter code ENBABY you get the nursing pillow for free! Now I think it may be too soft for some but my mom said she would just fill it up more with filling. She sews so if she volunteers hey :) cant stop her!

Ya Making Me Anxiousssss

Listen ladies all you brand new Salzhauer booties got a RS sister feeling some type a way!! lol Looking all good and bootylicious :) so happy for all the ladies who got their sx!! Just one day closer to my date!!!

:) Happy healing dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On The Real.....

Hello ladies! So I am updating for 2 reasons :) I got a call yesterday from Joanna at Bal Harbour, she was calling to go over my pre op schedule, my sx date and my balance. Very sweet girl, I asked about some other dates and she informed me that Dr Salz was ked but I should keep in touch with Ari in case something opens up.

I may have to either rush my sx or push it back for personal reasons. Ladies this is definitely a JOURNEY. It has its ups and downs. Instead of getting discouraged and depressed I have decided to take a deep breath and take it in stride. I have a doctor I love and feel safe with and that's all I could hope for.

On another note I want to invite you ladies to read Upgrdme review. She went to Dr. Contreras in DR and her story is so sad but so necessary. Ladies we need to realize that going for sx in another country where you don't know the language or the customs is not a walk in the park! I wish our fellow RS sister nothing but the best and I hope she is resting and healing comfortably.

Till next time -95 Days

Mini Vacay!!!!

Hi ladies so I will be taking a mini vacation this weekend :))) I am super excited as I really need it!! Like REALLYYYY I am just so tired of my day to day life its unbelievable! I feel in a rut! I need a change in scenery lol so going home to my mommy so she can cook for me and cater to her first born and most loved child :P

In other news my boo leaves on vacation in 2 weeks and he knows his damn place cause he has been telling me all weekend that when he gets back his working hard to pay off my sx....(side eye here) He knows he better start paying up if he ever wants to touch that new ass!! Nah but I love that man cant really complain thank God.

Till next time dolls! -93

Im Back Dolls!!!!

So I am back from my mini vacay I miss my mini me so much :( my daughter is with my mom till the big move didnt want her to start a school year halfway so it sucks. My other baby Max missed his mommy so much he peed a little when he saw me lol ( I have an 7 month today Yorkie) My man was going crazy with him he would run to the door and my bed back and forth crying for his mommy :(

So while in Houston I got to meet my boo Lovemy2girls hey girllllllll!!!!!! We meet up for an early dinner and I must say we clicked instantly! It was like I was meeting up with an old college friend I had not seen in years!! Funny how you meet good people like that. Anyway her date is coming soon along with Mommyof3kids, K93, femininesymmetryplease, and of course D'sWifey!!

Ladies I wish you all nothing less than a successful sx and a big booty!!! :)

Oops almost forgot

I purchased the garment Azzmatazz wrote about from Burlington it is very comfortable and seeing how she destroyed hers ( Girl your crazy lol ) I will make sure not to cut mines up!! lol

Also wanna shout out my crazy boo cutiewaitingforabooty girl may be getting sx before me at the rate shes going!! Almost paid off with 5 months left! Now she just needs to stop adding extras! Ima have Arianny cut you off lmaooo NO MAS!

84 Days to go!!!!

Congrats to D's Wifey!!

Girl is looking awesome!! Like I knew she would!! :) Happy healing hunny which you the best!

I felt like I should put my two cents into this whole first of all what is a "Third World Country" that phrase seems to be used plenty when referring to the Dominican Republic and I feel that most of those using it dont even know what it means.

Third World Country: A Third World country is a country whose views are not aligned with NATO and capitalism or the Soviet Union and communism. The use of the term Third World started during the Cold War and was used to identify which of three categories the countries of the world aligned with.


Third World
noun ( sometimes lowercase )
1. The underdeveloped nations of the world, especially those with widespread poverty.
2. The group of developing nations, especially of Asia and Africa, that do not align themselves with the policies of either the U.S. or the former Soviet Union.
3. The minority groups within a nation or predominant culture.

I understand the concerns of those who chose to stay in the US for sx. Heck I am DOMINICAN and changed my own mind BUT I do feel the certain terms should not be used for a culture and country you know nothing about. My country is RICH in agriculture, minerals, and is very self sufficient. The fact is those running the country are not capable of cultivating its richness for the better of society is a whole other subject. Poverty and illiteracy is not a "third world" problem exclusively. Some of the most "developed" countries have rates of poverty and illiteracy that should put them to shame. I just really wanted to share how I feel as the comments I have seen have gotten a bit outta hand.

Again I am not going to DR and my reason was health related and the sanitary conditions at the clinic but please dont throw around terms.

Thank You :(

I Have Some Typos :)

I'm at work writing this update when I should be working :P so please excuse my typos and understand where I am coming from.

Questions About Arnica Pills!!

Ok I need some help ladies! So I am purchasing my Arnica and Bromelain pills and I noticed there are 2 kinds of Arnica tablets....one says 30x the other says 6x. I got the 6x ones because they are more pure/strong but I have seen others getting the 30x......Did I get the wrong stuff??

Does anyone know which strength we should be taking???

Homeopathic Dosing

Okay so one of my MANY majors in school was nursing so in dosage between 30x and 6x the 6x dosage would be stronger because it is less diluted.

BUT in homeopathic medicine the more diluted the drug is the more potent it becomes so that means the 30x is stronger. This shit goes against everything I was freaking taught in Pharmacology! Ughhh well at least now I know!

Excerpt From Homeopathy Website

Which is stronger 6X or 30X?
Less is more in homeopathy. 30x is more dilute, but also more potent and therefore deeper acting than 6X. The benefit of 6X is that it requires less precision in selection and can be ideal for light, repeatable dosing.

More Arnica Dosage Info!

In homeopathy, the X, L or C pertains to the number of parts of water (or any other diluent) that one part of the Arnica tincture is diluted in. The letters X, L and C are roman numerals which signify 10, 50 and 100 respectively. The number before these letters refers to the exact number of times that the Arnica tincture was diluted by that amount.

For instance, Arnica montana 6X would simply mean: 1 part pure Arnica in 10 parts diluent, diluted 6 times. The final concentration then is 1 in 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10, or 1 in 1,000,000. The letter M is an exception, and it refers to 1000C dilution and not 1 part in 1,000.


As a general rule, chronic illnesses and long-existing conditions are treated with high potencies of Arnica homeopathy medicine (30X - 200C), while acute illnesses and relatively new conditions are treated with low potencies (6X or 6C). There are also cases when potencies have to be varied, such as in accidents, where a high potency is given first followed by a lower potency towards the end of the healing process.

Another factor that determines how much and how long to take it is the homeopathic sensitivity of a patient, as some tend to be more sensitive than others, as well as the kind of remedy being taken.

For relieving pain after surgery, two doses of a 30C potency should be taken 24 hours after the surgery, or one tablet of 2C taken orally twice a day. For muscle soreness, one tablet of 30C potency is usually recommended to be taken three times daily. 24 hours before exercise and continued until the muscles recover and feel less sore. Arnica ointments and lotions are usually of 1X or 6C potency and are usually applied on sore areas two to three times a day until soreness subsides.

When Garments ATTACK!!!

:( So I got my garment from Classic Shapewear............The day after my order they emailed to say the XL was backordered so I thought what the hell let me get a large since the one I tried on that was my girls was a large.........................BIG mistake I cant get it all the way up over my current non-existent ASS so Idk HOW this thing would fit post op!! I cant even stand straight in it!

See Pics Attached AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Almost forgot!

My order came with a 20% off promo code I left it at home so this afternoon I will upload the code in the box!


SO I have been wanting to make the final payment on my sx for some time now and today I finally decide to take the plunge and I email Ari and tell her I want to pay and such after a few hours I decide to call and find out THE OFFICE IS CLOSED ughhhhhhhh I so wanted that weight lifted off my shoulder but oh well!

I also uploaded a pic of the 20% off coupon I got with my classic shapewear order so sorry im so late ladies but I couldnt do it from my phone and I had not had a chance to log on from my laptop or work computer.

Lemme see what else! Oh my bff came over and helped me get the faja on lmaooooo it took us a min but we did it! Lo hicimos! (Dora voice) I will upload those pics later! anyway still trying to book a hotel, I decided against the Airbnb route, I really prefer a hotel....

I have 65 days left till sx!!!! Yeaaaaaa meeee! Oh I also uploaded a cream I asked my boo to bring me from DR its called Thrombocid and it helps with bruises :)

I SWEARRR Im Cursed!!

Sisters I kid you not! This journey is going to give me a heart attack! So I lost my job the same day I was giving notice.....aint that some ish???? Lol not that big a deal the boo is still on board with me getting this done. He hugged and kissed me and said don't worry he got me that this is what hes here for, to have my back, so sweet my boo love that man! Anyway this means I have less spending money to waste so I need to really bargain hunt for the rest of my necessities. I still have about $100 in rewards on my Citi and Amazon cards so I can get some stuff I need.

Im going shopping this week for cheap throw away fits and such.

Cant wait for the office to open up tomorrow I need Ari to move up my date since I am not working anymore :P I already did my docs apt for May 19th so that's off my list

Any ideas on where I can find some deals??? For supplies, clothes, etc...


Oh YESSSS I paid my sx off!! weight lifted off my damn shoulders!! That's outta the way :)

::Happy Dance::

Ok so I talked to Ari about moving my date up, If you are emailing her or Dr. Salz please be patient its there first day back in the office after Passover, and had 0 luck! There are no dates available. Man, Dr. Salz is blowing up AGAIN :P anyway I am getting antsy ladies I mean its really happening!! :)

I am for now booked at the Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach very nice hotel, has a kitchenette and everything, but I also looked into some condos I saw on another sisters blog their rates are very affordable so I will see.

I have about $100 in rewards on one of my credit cards and $25 on another so I am trying to get all my supplies extra cheap!

I found a massage place for after sx here in NY will post her contact info later :)

Yeaaaaa!!! Im excitedddd!!!

Massage Info Needed!!

Hi dolls I need your help!!!! HELPPPP

I would like to know if any dolls have any info on massage therapists that travel to you in Miami?????

I will not be renting a car so I need someone that travels :( do any of you have any ideas??

I need some info ladies!

Ok so I'm going back going through Salz dolls reviews trying to see if anyone had updated recently and I'm not seeing much action! I mean can someone please let us future dolls know what's really up?! I feel like some of the vets are unhappy but don't want to share.... This is just me going by what I read in some comments, but if you are unhappy don't bury it into comments not everyone reads let us know on your blog. Update show us pics, good pics, tell us how you feel. I could not knowingly keep something to myself if I can help someone else.

Even the dolls that seemed to be happy have kinda disappeared. Idk I just wishi had more first hand accts of what I'm in for... Again I'm making my promise to tell it ALL even if it's not all rainbows and sunshine!

I Seriously Want A May Date :(

Ughhh I need a miracle at this point! I need a May date so I can get this sx over with so I can move to TX! I'm so desperate right now! :(

About That TIME!

Well since my date change doesn't seem to be happening I'm getting ready for my date.

I got more supplies in including a new Vedette 944 garment in XL hoping I can use this post op. I really don't like the garment they provide so hopefully he will let me wear this one, only thing that I'm wondering is I think the garment he provides has the sleeves attached so idk if he will give me separate sleeves. I have to remember to ask Ari that.

Anyway so far I have:
Arnica gel
Arnica Pills
Pur Absorb
Ferro Sequels (iron pills)
Probiotic Pearls YB (Its a probiotic that helps yeast balance)
3 Maxi Dresses
2 T shirts
Vedette Garment
Salome Stage 2 Garment
Half Cylinder Roll from Amazon

Im still putting cocoa butter and baby oil on my bum to help it stretch :) still looking for alternate places to stay but I don't have anything set in stone since I told Ari I am willing to take any date that comes up.

I will upload a pic soon


Ladies my TIME has come!! My sx is tomorrow morning! I am the fist patient of the day have to be there at 7am. I met Ari, my new bff, and THE Dr. Michael Salzhauer! Ladies he is sooo funny and down to earth! Soon as he walked in he was like "What? Arent you excited to see me?" Me and Ari busted out laughing!! LOL Ladies I am soooo nervous/excited! I am all settled in at my condo so nxt time I update I will be on the other side!!!

All your well wishes and prayers have brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much!

In pain and resting update later

Ladies this recovery is no joke!!

This sx has been very tough on me ladies I had sx Tuesday 7am . Iron was good 13.7 had full back, full stomach, flanks and arms done.

I have been through it ALL if it wasn't for my caretaker and my sx buddies idk what I would have done! I'm going to be quick now but I love my results. Did not show him any pics got sick about my 3rd day and had to stop my antibiotics so all I'm taking now is iron and pain meds

I have not forgotten anything and I promise I will be more detailed when I feel better

feeling much better

Tomorrow is my post op appt with Dr. Salzhauer hopefully I'm ok to go home still off the antibiotics pain and stiffness is a killer. Uploading some more pics will update more later

On My Way home Thank GOD!

Ladies so I sitting at the airport waiting to board writing this update. Lemme tell ya first!! THIS SX IS NO JOKE!! It can really go either way. You can be one of those who are up and around like nothing or you can be me lol

So sx day was ok I was the first 1 so I was there around 7am with my nurse Liz! (God lemme thank you for putting this woman in my path!) So I met with Dr. Salz told him I wanted big to match my thighs and legs he said ok. After sx I felt ok I was eating and everything girllllllll then day 2 it and I was going crazy!!!! The anti biotics affected me really badly so bad I had to stop them altogether after day 2. I was just throwing up everything and nothing at all!!

I did not drain much, did not dirty any chux pads or sheets nothing I was just soooooo uncomfortable and sore! Imagine heaving and throwing up with nothing in your stomach.....not cute

I was in bed practically all the time only walked outside a day or 2 before today so my entire stay was confined to the condo (hey buddy I miss you!!! lol) sick as a dog

far as my results I AM IN LOVEEEE this ass WILL be a problem this summer! lol
The office I love them! Ladies I honestly could not imagine going through this difficult sx and such a terrible recovery with any other doctor or staff! those ppl are a well oiled machine over there! 100% on point! Nurse came to see me 2x and before coming to the airport I saw Dr. Salz again.

This man is 100% accessible AT ALL TIMES can ya imagine how refreshing that is?? I don't even know how he does it lol

Well gotta go board! Ask away boos!!! lol Iam all yours again!!


The Flight from HELL and other stuff

My flight home was PURE HELL!!! I flew United from FLL to EWR (Newark) my flight was at 1pm didn't leave till 2 and then we had to be rerouted to Raleigh, NC so didn't get home till 1am!! yes 1am!!

Friday I slept ALL day got up around 5pm to get ready for my first massage. I am going to Mary, found her on IG on Dr. Cabral Instagram. Ladies she is THE TRUTH. She use to work for a PS here in the city who also did not recommend massages but knowing the importance of them she just recently started her business. She is FULLY licensed and trained and honestly after the massage I felt 150% better. I am going to put up pics after this post from my phone..

Results: I LOVE Dr. Salz! LOVE LOVE LOVE that man! first few days my man was tripping smh but now he seems to be getting use to my phat juicy new booty lol. This weekend I have been running around a lot, I even drove Saturday. My bff got married Friday so Saturday she had a small party at her house so we got home around 12am. Sunday we ran some errands and got some stuff for the house. I don't know my measurements , honestly have not measured but I see and feel the difference!

Ladies let me know any questions you may have! Or if I haven't discussed anything you ladies need to know :)

Pics & Massage info

Just got back from 2nd massage!

Ok so I feel dipped 2 by my first massage experience lol this second time hurt like heck! But Mary is a doll and again I feel so much better. Today she put me under This red light that helps with healing.

My Lower back is super tight and I hardly have any sensation there kinda like when you don't lotion up after a shower but way worse.

some pics after massage

3 Weeks Post Op

Hi ladies I'm 3 weeks post op and I'm feeling so much better I do have 1 concern but I'm waiting till next week when I'm a full month post op to contact Dr Salz and discuss with him. I don't even know how many ccs I got. .... lol crazy I know but I'm so happy with my outcome the number doesn't even matter. I still feel tightness but I haven't gotten the itchiness some vets complain about may be its still too early but I'm dreading that part because I can't even touch my skin imagine scratching!! Lord I wouldn't be able to deal!

My hubby was in the hospital because of his appendix just got out so now we're 2 idiots who can't do much lol we both need help ughh im going to try and take new pics for my dolls later!

Lord This is DEF A Rollercoaster!!

Ladies first lemme apologize for being away so long but honestly I hve been a little depressed :( Some days I love my booty some days I feel like it looks EXACTLY the same. Honestly I feel like he could have gone bigger but didn't because of how I expressed what I wanted. I thought I wanted natural result but girls I have been experiencing the booty greed blues........All I see is huge booties all around me and I get so depressed, then 1 day I'll wake up put on a maxi dress and be like damn my ish is huge!!!! smh idk.

I spoke to Dr. Salz about my concerns and he told me I needed to wait 5 months for my revision. Cant wait!!!! One of my hips went down a lot and I experienced a bit of flatness on 1 cheek.

Overall I love my body :) I will post pics now from my phone.


new pics!

So today is a good day. I woke up loving my results and thinking my ass is huge smh I told ya this is a rollercoaster!

Anyway my dent on my right hip is still bothering the heck out of me Im going to go crazy waiting 5 months to get it fixed. I'm uploading new pics I took in this white I got for my Courthouse ceremony :) I swear I wasn't even looking for a ceremony dress but I couldn't resist! I also got the cutest panties from VS I'll show you ladies those tomorrow.

8 Weeks Post op

Hi ladies! So I was officially 8 week post op yesterday woohooooo!!! My dent is still there and im still down for my revision hopefully around Nov - January depending on ya girls money situation. Im uploading pics of my concern to inform my girls but if I had to do it over YES I would still choose Dr. Salzhauer 100% because the level of care we receive plus the accessibility of the doctor and staff is by far the best. I still txt with Dr Salz and he asks me how I feel so I'm happy that is this had to happen at least it happened with a responsible doctor I couldn't imagine being unhappy and having to chase a doctor down for answers smh.

So lemme see I still have tightness and this feeling like my skin is going to crack open my lower back im using shea cocoa butter on my skin and lotion up well after my baths.

Well that's all for now! Lemme know if you have any questions :)

The tightness is killing me!

So yea I have this tightness on my lower back and waist its driving me crazyyyyyyyyyy!!! I put on cocoa butter and lotion everyday and it doesn't help! :( can't wait for this to go away.

I'm taking better care of my body now I'm not trying to lose or gain more like maintaining in case I need to gain for revision it will be easier. I eat better but still eat rice, bread and fried foods on occasion jst less of the bad stuff. I also have a protein shake every morning or for lunch. I use bananas, strawberries, papaya and sometimes mango. I add benefiber too to help me go to the bathroom it tastes yummy so I have it everyday. I added some new pics in the new VS panties I got :) today was an OK day not great but not that bad.

Just wanted to show some before and after side by side

Uploaded a collage to show my results!

3 Months Post Op

Soooooo I'm 3 months op lol I can't even believe it myself it's crazy but all worth it! I'm still going for a revision hopefully in December I don't know if I'm fluffing since I don't measure frequently but I'm happy.

The reaction/look i get from men are crazy! Women ughh forget about it they stare and look. Yesterday I'm in a pizza shop with the boo eating a slice and this girl comes in and sits behind us so me and her were back to back so my man keeps telling me she staring at my body everytime I get up, like had to put stuff my slice then get napkins and my drink etc, so we finally get up to leave and this itch damn near broke her neck to look back me! It bother me a bit more when women state then men cause when men stare they are really admiring but when women stare is usually hate like they trying to figure out whether it's real or not smh

I added new pics for my ladies!!! Dr Salzhauer lipo skills are on point! I can kinda see why he didn't recommend massages. I have no uneveness no lumps NADA

Well that's all for now!


Hi ladies I'm officially 6 months :D yeaaaa meee! I tell you once you cross over its like youre living a whole other life ladies! Let me think what I want to share.......

1. I still feel tightness thats the first thing and also idk about the girls but my upper booty and hips still hurt whenever there is rough touch...minds out the gutter ladies lol I mean like if I hit my hip or something like on a table or someone smacks my ass hard....I feel pain when that happens. Not sure what it is and I havent asked Dr. Salz but I do still txt him from time to time and I sent him updated pics of my concerns (see nxt numeral)

2. My hips are still uneven :( I lost volume on one side up top and lower on my leg so I have this bulge that pokes out in the middle....Im going to upload pics but yea it is so unappealing I cant stand it. I dont know what I would do if I could not get in contact with the office or if Dr. Salz was not as accessible as he is. I have read some horror stories of doctors just dropping ppl after sx smh I swear it makes me mad.....

3. I've gained weight for my revision, when is it idk lol, he asked I gain 10-15 lbs and I have. The weight does come back ladies it just looks better my ass is like a 46 last time I measured waist a 29 but im sure its grown cause my belly is starting to hang ugghh so I'm going to start working out cause my stomach looks so perfect I swear I dont even want him to touch it lol. I have no grooves no lumps nada!

4. Concerns: besides my hips the top of my ass seemed to lose volume I had a small shelf so that you can really see how he scooped the hell out my lower back but since the fat loss its more of a slope so I want more fat added there. Also I have some dimples on my cheek (weren't there before) that I want filled...I think thats all....if anyone has questions please comment or inbox I always try to answer in a timely fashion :)


I uploaded some pics to show my progress and concerns. Hopefully they are used as intended....do not take without permission please some of my pics have distinguishing marks.

Also I must say I'm still glad I went with Dr Salz he stands behind his work and dies not give the run around when it comes to fixing any issues we may have. Ari and him have been great with all my concerns. They don't belittle them or make me out to seen crazy when I point things out. All I get is solutions no bs or oh you must have done this or not done that. Very thankful for that.

Another thing I highly believe in massages I may have healed the same without them in the long run but they were sooooo good and my masseuse was awesome with telling me what to expect and knowledgeable with all kinds of procedures she was just great!


I'm adding more pics in regular clothes and work clothes. I don't really go out so I don't have any pics in dresses or club outfits sorry

Year and 7 months post op

Sooo sorry I've been away ladies but after moving to Houston things just got hectic. Anyway I still don't have my revision plus I'm also getting a breast lift with Salz. I've added some new pics for u ladies. If you have any questions please inbox me I don't get notified of comments but I bet pj's messages straight to my email!

I still wear my $10 garment from Burlington but only when going to the gym. I don't do cardio and I don't diet I guess since I know I still have to go back I honestly don't really watch for weight gain. I'm actually 170 now don't know my measurements though I'll add that later
Thanks :)

Been a while! UPDATE WITH PICS

Hi ladies I haven't been on in a while and honestly I'm writing this update on my phone so it will be short.

Yes I'm happy
Yes I'm still going back
I want tt and breast lift
Don't know when I'm going lol
Miami Plastic Surgeon

5 Star Team!! I am forever grateful to Dr. Salzhauer and his team!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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