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Hello ladies. I am forever indebted to the...

Hello ladies. I am forever indebted to the wonderful ladies of this site for their bravery and honesty. R.I.P. to our sisters who didn't make it. God is using you as Angels to look over the Journeys of all the men and women on realself and mmh. Your passing is not in vain. We have learned so much because of you. Some of us were taking for granted that we would be ok but now we are questioning our health and most importantly the skill and professionalism of our selected PS. We now know that because he is board certified does not mean he can work miracles and he might not do well with our body types and we might need yes I will say it, the dreaded round 2. We are grateful when we make it to the Flat side because the alternative is too ugly. We focus on our aftercare because its the truth! Recovery is a Bitch but she's a Bitch we love. This is where we have control over the rest of our result. This surgery is 50/50. 50 is PS 50 is ME.

I have to thank all the beautiful sisters who have helped me out so far by sharing words of encouragement, words of advice, and your most precious and selfless Reviews here on RS. Thank you for because of you I am able to begin my journey. I have looked at and admired so many of your journeys and its left me breathless to see the incredible transformations that are happening.

My first clue that you can get an Ass from Zero Ass came while watching Extreme body makeover. That search sent me down a rabbit hole so deep I just gave up. There was little information given over the internet, you had to contact the office and send in pictures. A consult was anywhere from $100 - $500!! The surgery was around $20,000 with all the bells and whistles in L.A. and Dr. Mendietta promised similar results on the East Coast but was equally as expensive. They offered financing but I couldn't wrap my mind around the idea of financing my Ass!

I just thought the prices were too high. Just like I think Breast Lift is too high here in the states. They be playing us like they're doing open heart surgery! I went to another country and had a baby via C-Section for @$2,500 for Christs sake.

Although I am pretty sure I want to be a Duran creation I'd like to hear from you ladies. Who do you think is the best doctor for pulling a heart or bubble butt from a square/rectangle? I know some of you do't want to be bothered with sending pics so just tell me where I can see SOMEONE, ANYONE, P L E A S E :-( So far my heart is in the DR. First stalking RS I was all south of the border but now I can't even remember who was there to begin with. smh

5ft 4in
Gestational HBP
Borderline Cholesterol
Slightly Anemic
Early 40's
Mother of 3
Want 1 more

Please stick with me on my journey. Feel free to help out with any suggestions you may have. I appreciate them all.


Hi Ladies. Been thinking about the transformation we all are embarking on and what that means to me. For each of us I am sure it will mean different things. Some are doing it out of pure Vanity and that's fine, to each her own. Some of us are doing it for Medical reasons and then there are some of us who have lifelong image issues that can be resolved with this procedure. Whatever your reasons are I wish you the Best possible outcome. I pray your Sx exceeds your expectations and the beautiful you inside can Shine ever so Bright.

Shoutout to our RS sister NikkiBunz for being a positive woman. A lot of girls on RS seemingly lack character at times and can be CatTy. RS is a place to nurture, share and guide while we all take this beautiful Journey through Booty Land. It has highs and Lows, Joys and DisaPpointments but with the support of your RealSelf family we can make it. Its important & free to make a friend. Hey we are all friends here from the Newbies to the Vets. We all have something to offer in this wonderful experience that you will find beneficial.

I feel blessed to be a part of a community such as this and Thank God for this. I have received suh valuable information and insight on questions I had from you BootyLicious ladies and the Doctors.
Thank you RS for this platform.
Thank you RS Ladies for your Amazing courage!

If you have any questions you want to ask or information you'd like to share just post it or inbox me. Thank you Ladies!

!!!!!BBL!!!!!HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST!!!!! BBL!!!!!!

HCG, TMC (the Master Cleanse) & OTHER WEIGHT LOSS AIDS

Hello my Wonderful RS sisters. Just dropping in to share TIPS & some of my personal experience with Weight Loss. Be wary of losing weight too fast. You can drop pounds and shed inches but your internal organs take a lil while longer to adapt to the new changes, so give it time. I know some Ladies jump on RS and lose all this weight to have surgery but then end up having complications. There are many contributing factors to failed outcomes, some obvious and others not so much.

For instance you taking all these fat burner pills, protein shake and you lose the weight, you get the surgery, you have a hiccup, you need a blood transfusion is the least of your worries. We all know to have the $200 ready. I plan to prepay at least $400 just in case. I will hire the nurse and give her some money to pay for me or arrange for a RS sister who is scheduled for the next day to be able to pay should something arise during surgery... (Just a Thought) Ladies how does this sound? Do you think its realistic?

Remember this is an ELECTIVE surgery and all Surgery have Risks from teeth pulling to Lasik to getting a big ole Butt! If you can you should ideally give yourself 6 months to get in shape physically inside and out, financially and mentally. Keep your prayer lines open at ALL times because only God can perform some of the miracles I am going to need! lol

HCG & 25lbs+
My Experience with HCG was fantastic! I lost the most weight in the least amount of time and had the best results. Muscle retention and seeing the numbers move down on scale every day was a phenomenal feeling! All you need is a food scale and water. No juice on this diet! Little fruit and Lots of Veggies and Protein. Can have some type of Milk. SUGGESTION BUY LOTS OF EGGS!!! LOOK FOR MELBA TOAST IN DOLLAR TREE (if you taste them before HCG not so great but while on it your senses will be heightened to connect with the structure you are craving - CARBS!!) I suggest you follow the original protocol. Everything else is just a way for a company to make money or capitalized off of this man's research and findings thus the HCG drops. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE DROPS. It's just IMO slight starvation dieting and anyone who knows me I ain't for none of that B.S. You have to be careful what Seafood or cuts of meat you use because it will affect your weight loss. It can stall your weight loss but it will pick back up after a day or so if you return to the proper eating protocol.

I will see a Doc about HCG and get back to you with the low down on that. In my area the packages for 40 days come 42 prefilled syringes, Lipo shot, B12 shot & weekly supervised weigh in. I think they charge extra for the menu or food plan but I don't need it. I did HCG before and lost weight. My skin actually tightened too. Its one of the miracle side effects of this hormone. You don't really need the Lipo or B12 shots but I figured they will both boost the weight loss and give me the vitamins I need to be prepped for my Sx. DOWNSIDE IS YOU NEED A PRESCRIPTION FOR THIS. When I lived up North my doc refused to give me a prescription for it. I went to a Plastic Surgery Center and the quote like the rent was TOODAMNHIGH! I shopped around and found it at a hair loss clinic in the DC/Maryland area for $400 Easy Breezy since I visited Fam there quite often. Now I am in BootyLand Capitol for the East coast so I see it touted in the MINT & MONEY PAGES, everywhere. A plus for me I guess.

Google Dr. Simeons Weight Loss Protocol
Here's the link: http://www.simeonsdiet.info/Dr_Siemons_Manuscript.html

Master Cleanse Weight Loss & Detox
I have detoxed by doing the Master Cleanse or Lemonade diet and lost weight. THIS IS PRIMARILY A DETOX AND SIDE AFFECT IS YOU LOSE WEIGHT. I lost around 14lbs doing it for two weeks. I had an engagement to attend and it WORKED! This info was taken from diet.lovetotoknow website: How much weight you'll lose on the Master Cleanse diet will depend on how overweight you are at the start. It is not uncommon for people to lose five pounds the first day and even ten pounds in two days. If you have less weight to lose, the rate of loss will be lower. DO NOT USE THIS LONG TERM!!!
*You need fresh lemons preferably organic but any kind will work for the weight loss
*Spring water is suggested or bottled water but tap water will work for the weight loss
*Grade B Maple Syrup - NOT GRADE A OR JUST PLAIN BUT GRADE B! this is where you get your energy. GRADE B has Vitamins and nutrients you need on this skeleton diet. Similar You can manipulate the weight loss by adding a little less or skipping a serving of TMC with it in it (leave it out altogether) If you feel especially hungry DO NOT EAT FOOD a little trick is to add some extra Maple Syrup It WORKS!

Google The Master Cleanse
Here's the link: http://mastercleansesecrets.com/dl/mastercleanse-report.pdf

P90x is for those of us who are active and want a physique to sit that Bootay on! Yes baby. Need at least an hour a day and just do what you can. Can break it up Morning session, Evening, Just press Pause and Play. Link up with a RS sister to do your workouts in person, via phone or Skype or RealSelf. Its nice to have a friend you can talk to who knows the struggle is real. Will keep you focused and accountable to your partner and keeps it fun. My brother and I started at different times so were on different weeks. We shared the DVD set and just swapped for our upcoming days. So we essentially split the cost until my brain surgeon of a baby sister snuck and made copies of the set and sold them per disc to her high school friends >.< PISSED! This workout works because of muscle confusion so you don't plateau in weight loss. I still worked out on my free days. Took it outside to the track for a 2 mile walk or 40 times around - done in less than 1hr. or ran in place first fast then slow then marched with knees up ok so you got me mostly walked and Marched with knees up it sounds easy but doing this for 40 mins straight while arms up or twirling is like being in the circus!!! This is a 90 day program but you will definitely notice positive changes sooner. I lost @35lbs and my brother dropped an incredible 50lbs+ I enjoyed this because I definitely felt and looked healthier even though I had to get up and workout. If I didn't feel like using bands I would use different things as weights filled 32oz bottles, bags of rice, lifting the baby walker (do it for each side though), get creative and use the baby too. Its also okay to switch the DVD's too. My go to was the Cardio one. Once I used it for the whole week straight after I had a eating binge at City Lobster, BBQ and other various Indian cuisine. I lost weight.

Jillian Michaels
I love her workouts because they are short and sweet. You can do hers in one half hour!!! You will lose with her workout plan. I got so tired of hearing both her and Tony Horton from P90x that I did the workout on Mute or with Music only. Come on Ladies we can do this!

Track & Calistethics
Ladies Ain't nobody got time to make the gyms rich, you feel me? Work out at home. Run/Walk 2 miles a day on the track. Keep it Short, Simple, Sweet


Looking for Square Butt Turned into Hearts or Bubble Butt. Dominican Republic, DO
Hi my Gorgeous Duran Dolls. I have been salivating at my chance to become a Duran Masterpiece. I see so many reviews that now its gotten hard to keep track of who was born through Duran's hands or not. I would love to hear from ANYONE who has been blessed by her touch. Even if you needed a round 2. What was she like? Her staff? What recovery house did you stay at? What was included in your package? If its not too private how much did you pay. If you did a review let me know so I can check it out.

Thanks for looking in Ladies.
Looking at all you Amazing women I get lost thinking, dreaming, fantasizing about my results.

Rum Desserts

Hey Ladies. So here's the thing. I don't drink at all but my friend says once alcohol is cooked or heated just the taste is left behind. Here are a few pics he sent me to convince me. I'm like nah... lol


I am sharing all of the things I used to help me in making a decision to improve my health. I naturally am a reader/writer (that's why I write so much). Here a few visual aids to help you determine your body type, what kind of butt you want and most importantly for the DR BMI CHARTS!



Sorry I didn't include them in my last Update. Here we go.


Trying to post pics my son took from his phone but I don't see the option. I see the words Photo and video but no button or space to select a photo then the blue Post Update button. What am I missing here? I want to send them to Let you Ladies see what my body looks like now. You can tell me if Duran is the one to give me what I need in my life!
Please help me!!!!

Whi is your doc?

Hazani, Salzheur, Duran Spectacular Results

Ladies. I have been looking at these bodies who are nothing short of Am-Az-ing and asking myself a few questions like:

1. Who is who'screation?
2. Where are the Reviews?
3. Where are the quotes, cc's, recovery houses?

So far the only doc I see who has reviews and follow up posts is Duran. I see consistent work on small framed to big ole rolly pollies like me ;-) I see a doc soon for HCG where I plan to drop a few lbs safely and improve my chances for only needing a round 1.

Before getting this far in my journey all I wanted was a little definition, some shape and a butt because I have always been flat even before I gained all this weight. Since reading your reviews and speaking with my husband I have decided I want to get more than just a shape, I want to be BODIED!! I want my body to be my new accessory!!
I have looked at pics that Hazani Dolls put as wish pics but not sure if they are of patients. They seem to stop their reviews once they go have sx so no idea what they look like or what they had done. Salzheur seems to be for smaller women - his bodies are hot! Duran, well you know she carves out a new you - her bodies speak for themselves.
If you Ladies had any of these docs as your PS please drop a few lines on what your experience was like so I can get a better idea. I know sometimes docs do sxs but the pt doesn't do a review but if you know of a RS sister let me know.
Thank you!

Weight Gain Fast & Healthy

Hi Ladies. I am posting some information for our RS sisters who are looking to gain weight to expand their fat cells for BBL. When gaining weight you may think eat pizza, or lots of fatty foods. You will gain weight but remember those fat cells will shrink back down once you resume your normal eating habits. My advice is if you need to gain 5lbs fast this may work for you in two weeks time.

You can take a weight gain pill cb1 or weight gain shakes. They are sold on Amazon and at Walmart and you can even find some at Family Dollar!

If you don't eat that much, EAT! You don't have to gorge yourself on food but just like eating to lose weight you need to eat several times per day. Drink plenty of water to flush your body of toxins!!

Eggs - are a great way to gain weight. Eat the whole egg or scramble in butter, put cheese on it. Have to eat with fries and a sliced tomatoe.

Whatever high calorie meal you eat should have veggies included. You can gain and be healthy too. Be sure to rub Palmers Cocoa butter on your body to avoid stretch marks from your body expanding!!!!!!!!!!!

Lean Beef is a great way to gain weight and you don't have to have it fried!!!!!
Lean = 20% fat the lowest. Anything more is fattier thus you gain more weight.
Drink a Supplement drink with every meal instead of juice or soda.

Eat breads and pasta with your veggies, of course.
Add butter and cheese to your meals.
Have a slice of Pizza for a snack during late nights.

Liquid supplements
Slim Fast when taken with a meal will add lbs
Milkshakes with protein powder or weight gain powder

You can request weight gainer medication from your doctor too. Explain that you don't have an appetite and you rarely eat more than once a day. You have to have side affects such as dizziness, headache or sleepiness. Your doctor may want to run tests on you and this is fine because you need them.

My personal experience with unwanted weight gain is when I discovered that banana Nutrament tastes so good with Icecream and strawberries shake topped with Caramel. Yum :-) I was eating that all the time.

Happy eating and Gaining!

My Body Pics with Clothes

Here are some pics my son took on his Samsung 3. We had a hard time posting them from his phone. The husband is not fully on board with my review or planning to do this surgery here, there, or anywhere! I am treading very lightly because my relationship is first and of the utmost importance to me. I am in no rush to jump into surgery. I don't want to barely get my numbers up to have surgery. If you do, that's your choice its just my motivation is different.

You see how shapeless this body is. Don't be fooled that little poke is not A$$, it's a ridge of fat that goes across my butt. I can't ask him to take pics of me in underwear or naked and I don't want to give my son brain damage seeing my body either! I will figure out something when I have some time using the timer on his phone then deleting the pics of course. This body has got to go. It looks like I am a sandwich Master, like that's what I do all day, eat! I don't know if you can tell but I am knock kneed and that look is not what's up! I wish there was something that could be done about that. My back looks like I can carry some refugees across the border on it and my calves look like sticks. My diet and workout plan will hopefully correct or improve some of this. I need a miracle!

I am so excited of the possibility of a physical transformation. My husband not even- he says if there's was a surgery to make me listen to him, it would be a definite YES! lmao Dream on homeboy... I am not going to make it seem like I am doing this for him, he so not interested in any changes...

The Truth
He believes the surgery will change the attention I get from other men and women and that's not good for him - he's not quiet and kinda reactive and he thinks I am naïve. I will admit I was so naïve when I first embarked on this idea but you ladies have helped me learn so much. Thank you!
Knowing my man, who I am dealing with is why I am being really smart about this surgery. I have to know what I want and have a plan b in case there are any hiccups.
Since he commented that all I need is to workout, I think its fair that I do it and let him see for himself the changes I want aren't going to happen with any workouts! I am being very clear to him I am not looking for lb lost but SHAPING!! You know men, you lose weight to them you did it but still no ass and no hips but they don't care they act like they blind with you and don't notice the log you really are but they head be turning for Miss America in the supermarket.
When I see myself I see a woman in need of some help! Duran please help me!!! I want a BBL with TT. I am 194.5. Been taking some MY ALLI tablets and drinking smooth moves tea for past few days. Its working. I see a doc for hcg in a few days and within 40 days I hope to lose at least 25 lbs that puts me at 170lbs. I will follow that with the lemonade diet for two weeks. Then for the next 30 days eating Veggies and protein while doing cardio x and Jillian Michaels.
I want a true transformation here ladies and not just some A$$ on my backside. I want to be healthier and feel more energetic. I am going to be in pain but that's another story...
Once I show my level of commitment is serious he will be on board. My only issue is NOT getting pregnant. HIS BIGGEST REASON FOR NOT DOING IT NOW. Says I can give him al his kids then do whatever I want but I know that means = I give you babies you should be happy with that!
I waited late to start having children and I love them wouldn't do a thing differently. I love him, I love my children and I love my family. Its important to me he's in a good place with this surgery because if something bad happened I would be leaving behind a bad memory needlessly. Ladies get in shape, get your doc green light and don't play with your numbers. I'm seriously trying to make some lifestyle changes and commit to a healthier me. I see some ladies on here with beautiful results and they work out! I want the best look for my body type.
My goal weight is 160lb and in my wildest dreams I won't need a TT. Have any of you ladies gotten the BBL from the DR without a TT? Let me know please. Ms, Nikkibunz did inform me to request liposculpture not just liposuction. I will definitely include this in request for a quote. I was waiting until I was close to my goal weight but should I ask now then again when I lose some weight? I know Duran is going to ask me to lose some weight.
Should I stage my surgeries? Tummy Tuck with muscle repair and Breast lift with muscle tightening no breast implants then BBL with liposculpture and liposuction. I can have hips added if I need them. I hear they almost always disappear because they don't really have a place to survive on hip bone - temporary. So maybe I get them then they fade...
Thanks sisters for reading. Let me know if you think I will have a good result please.


Sorry, I clicked Post Update instead of Select Files. It's 2:21 am and getting sleepy. Think dozed.
Here are my awful pics! Encourage me yall!

**************************MORE WEIGHT LOSS TIPS****************


MY ALLI - from $39.99 - $69.99 take one with every meal at least 15 mins before. Its really important to take vitamins more than 2hrs after you take tablet or hey will be flushed from your system. Limit fat intake to less than 15grams. Any more you may experience leakage of fat - it doesn't hurt.

Prescription Orlistat - Comes in stronger doses but more likelihood of accidents.

Wear pads. Donot fart - its likely oil!!!

SMOOTH MOVES TEA - This tea comes in many flavors. Its effective and works overnight without cramping. Take by 10pm to have a bowel movement by 6am.

A tsp in 36oz Drink and follow with 16oz arm water
You may experience cramping


What is included in Duran's Quote?

Hi Ladies. I am looking for some input on what is included in the quote for BBL with Duran?
Do you get a garment?
Can I buy another garment before I leave?
Do you like her Garments or have you found better ones, where?
What is the name of the powder I see some girls use for their incisions? Where do I get it? What does it do?
Would anyone suggest staying at CIPLA for 10 days?
How much does a nurse cost?
Can I hire her for 10 days?
I am thinking to just go with basically an overnight bag with a few Maxi dresses, T shirts, boy shorts with hole cut out and toiletries and vitamins. I can pack Protein shake, Canned fruit, Nutrament, Ensure, and Fresh Herbal teas, water pills, antibiotics. I will be flying out of MIA can have connecting flight but return must be direct flight. I am thinking I can spend 3 weeks in DR. Is this enough time to be cleared to fly safely without threat of bloodclots? Can you take Aspirin after the BBL to prevent bloodclots?
Thank you Ladies



Sorry about all the caps!

They have muscle relaxers too and other pain medication. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! I WILL NOT ADVISE YOU ON DOSAGES OR NAMES OF MEDS but you can speak to Feed/Pet store and they will tell you the conversion. BE HONEST WITH THEM BECAUSE ANY MISUSE OF PAIN OR ANTIBIOTICS CAN BE LIFE ALTERING OR THREATENING!!!

I have some antibiotics used for fish, its the same kind for ppl just labeled for fish so obviously they are in drop form and taste TTTEEEEERRRRRIIIIBBBLLLEE!!! YUCK! Its just a part of my emergency kit so if anything suspicious happens I am prepared to use American meds to deal with it.

Once I have a chance I will post an update with my list so you have an idea of what I am taking. My three priorities are Infection & Pain & Low RBC's.

1. Antibiotics - doctor or Feed store
2. Pain meds - doctor or Feed store
3. Heparin shots - doctor or Feed store
********** What do I tell my doctor to get a prescription for Heparin shots?


I was in Marshalls yesterday where I spotted some perfect bodies, there was even a mother=daughter duo that looked touched. Well lets just say they must have all known each other because while in the dressing room I heard the giggles and oooh gurls and she did her thang on us!!! That's right, there were 3 ladies but I don't know who was talking but ALL of them looked FAB. I love it to see women getting along and enjoying their bodies in a way perhaps they've never have.
Can't wait for my turn. I had a smile on my face the rest of the day!



The HCG Institute Products serving patients nationwide. The HCG Institute is a physician supervised medical weight loss program utilizing human chorionic gonadotropin injections and sublingual drops designed to help people lose weight safely and effectively.


Phone: 877.228.2158

Fax: 877.395.0737


Monday-Friday 9am-7pm EST

Saturday & Sunday 12-3pm EST


The average HCG Diet Weight Loss:

30-day program – average loss for women is 15-30lbs, men is 20-40lbs

45-day program – average loss for women is 25-45lbs, men is 35-55lbs

60-day program – average loss for women is 30-60lbs, men is 40-80lbs

The only way to get results with the HCG diet is to stick with the diet protocol exactly. It is important you follow the proportions, like measuring your meat out daily. To receive maximum weight loss results while on the diet, it is crucial not to deviate away from the diet.

While the average weight loss is 1/2 to 2 pounds per day, it is important to be aware that this does NOT mean that you will lose 1-2 pounds every day. It is very common to lose a few ounces one day, and 2 pounds the next day. Averages are taken into consideration at the END of one’s round of HCG. So, don’t be discouraged if you are not losing 1-2 pounds per day. It will all average out at the end.

Ways to maximum your HCG diet weight loss:
•· Try adding a glass or 2 of green tea to your day.
•· Don’t eat 2 apples for the two fruits or cut down on the size of the apples.
•· American beef is fatty. Cut it down or out. Seafood and chicken are much better choices.
•· Check all condiments for any form of sugar.
•· If mixing vegetables, stop.
•· Try leaving out one or both bread sticks or Melba toast.
•· Try adding 2 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar to your daily routine.
•· Grapefruit is a known fat burner; add a serving to your diet.

The only way to get results with the HCG diet is to stick with the HCG diet protocol exactly. If you want the absolute best HCG diet weight loss, it’s best to follow the HCG protocol exactly.

Vanity/Spectrum Vs. The DR

First let me say these statements are my own and completely unsolicited by any person or business. I take full ownership of what I am about to say.

The DR - only some of THE BEST WORK being showcased on rs and mmh. Hands down skill and a run for your money. little girls, BIG girls, hips, A$$, tiTs, flat stomachs all of that. Seems to be a doc that Specializes in your type of body to give you exactly what you want or damn near close to it! Deaths - unfortunately it seems this is unavoidable and as unpleasant as it is we have to assume the worst on the part of the doctors as well as the patients. Recovery Houses are plentiful and the caregivers seem to be on point with at least getting you some medical help if you need it. Sadly some pay for services they never receive but lol they not paying a lot. Just pesos.
Infections - I read that there's a deadly infectious virus going around in the DR and its posted on a US travel site and I believe it! I guess that virus travelled through a phone line or something and hopped onto the backs of THAT DAMN VANITY/SPECTRUM. If what the girls are saying is true, shouldn't they be shut down? No matter how many girls jump on here and accuse the doctors of giving them infections or KILLING them we are only receiving 1 side of the story and possibly the biased side... Hasan = Cabral, Fisher=Yily, etc We should not rush to judgment or start casting stones... yeah yada yada Bull$hit! There's a presumption of shared responsibility for this type of shananigans. Where was this infection started, how was it transmitted, was the patient advised of how to care for himself to prevent or minimize his risk? Oddly, somehow being the strong Americans we are both born here and migrated to here We still Persevere and continue to patronize this doctor, his office, their business. We separate 1 from the Million and say its still good. 1 good review, 1 flawless pic, 1 survivor, 1 doctor and that's how we women are when we want something its them against us, her but not me until our number turns up.
From here on out whenever I read a review or statement about going outside the country because surgery here is safer I will A$$ume this sister is ignorant and just operating with quasi pseudo intellectualism as if she knows this factually, has some hard facts.
Did you know wealthy Americans almost never have surgery in the US of A? Did you know a large portion of Americans purchase their healthcare, really important life saving, life changing healthcare in places like Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, etc It does not serve the BBL industry any good to botch surgeries, lose lives or mistreat their patients. Their livelihood is vested in tourism. Medical tourism is why they are Rich and will continue to be. If they were losing patients like Hasan, Fisher or anyone in the Vanity/Spectrum house they would lose credibility on the world stage and NEXT onto the next cheap, and skilled plastic surgery outfit. Just because its cheap by American standards doesn't mean its cheap. The average woman in South America could probably live off that money for close to a year! They are not going to plop that on a a$$. Their a$$e$ work very well. It still sits and function as it should. Honestly by the time you add expenses to the tab they are running just a few thousand short of a surgery here in the USA without all the bells and whistles.
I remember shopping for my first internet service after I rented a office space for my business many, many moons ago and the only thing we went by then was the customer service report. I was hyped to have selected CompuServe as my email and HP for computer and printer then MCI for phone service. At the time everyone was telling me I should have gotten Verizon because they had a high customer service rating but then I thought about it. Its only high because they've had that many complaints. Customer service wasn't customer satisfaction, it evolved to that later. The Vanity/Spectrum house has lots of reviews but not many consistently satisfied clients. Its almost like a Oops I made it through the loophole and had good results kind of thing. Its fine if you don't have a complaint, you came out perfect God Bless You but I am speaking for those girls who have a hiccup, a problem... Like Robbed from that J that never happened! $20,000! I purchased a home no lie for less than $10,000 ... No calls no interest in fixing the problem?
Lets make this clear. Don't fool yourself telling women on here how to speak, be respectful, ask nicely... That's la la land bull$hit. She mad! She hurt! She confused. Its his job to be understanding, kind, see past the emotions and see the problem.
I have so much to say on this topic but I know I said a lot so far and not trying to offend anyone but put it out there. The surgeon is liable in performing for you on the contract, the agreed contract. No malpractice then lien up his estate, his home, his vehicles the same way they come after you for failure to pay on credit card. Very easy to do in Florida. File it in the County Record.

No matter where you do your surgery get all the facts about the surgery. Manage your aftercare before it begins so everyone knows what's normal and isn't. Be healthy!!!


I visited with the doctor on Friday but after listening to what I now realize is sales push for the Lipo and B12 shots I left with a rescheduled appointment to come and buy a different package. Now that I have had this week or so to think about it I am going to just stick with the original plan and get the 42 injectable for the 40 day plan where I could lose from 25+lbs

I am up North right now and was thinking about going to get a consult with Ayman Shahine. I never had a real live consult before. Just thought about it, I don't think I want everyone to know what my plans are and Helloo this is NYC everybody and their Mama would recall seeing you around a area and put 1 + 1 together. lol
The DR its more private.

So this past week has been filled with some non stop action. I am visiting family and friends in NYC and everyone is treating me like a tourist. Please stop! I see the area has been developed a lot with premium shops from Brooklyn to Far Rockaway :-) None of this impresses me to the point I want to return, in fact I actually have had enough already. When I was here I always hung out in trendy, upscale places so I am over it. I have grown to be wiser with my dollars and am focused on my health right now.

Extreme Home/Body Makeover

Hi ladies! Been getting settled in at home with the fam and preparing to do some home repairs. I wish someone would write in to Steve Harvey, Ellen, Rachael Ray or HGTV and recommend me for a home makeover. I purchased the home despite the WDO and Mold report because I desperately needed a home for my family. Income changed, rents went up and I was priced out of my home so luckily I found a home so my children would not be displaced.
I wish I could hire someone to go through my boxes and just throw everything out! It's depressing looking at all this stuff. Honestly the boxes literally are taking up three rooms!
The mental energy is exhausting to even motivate myself to think about going through a box. Mostly I just avoid those rooms. I have no place to put the things once out of the box because the rooms are not finished. Smh
Too much to go through. My wood floors need to be sanded down to bare then resurfaced. Paint, bathroom needs complete overhaul, fireplace needs rebuild - its livable but not inviting with exception of kids room that have been painted so it doesn't look dreary.
Hopefully by the end of next week I will be in the process of putting a new roof on the house and garage...
My Nutrabullet suddenly stopped working luckily I have a second one. Whats not cool is its a part of the mystery island of boxes and has to be hunted down! I found my p90x dvd box set with two dvd in them Yoga and CardioX. The weather is still nice here so I can go for two brisk walks a day then make a green smoothie. Got my bike out so I will go out with the kids tomorrow morning from 7am to around 11am.
Just writing to say hello and let you ladies know I'm a real woman with a
family and dealing with real ish.
I recently returned from out of the country. Coming through customs I saw some butts that were RiDonkiLous to on PoiNt! I mean these girls had to be on TV or something because they were wearing see through tops with thongs and panties. Their waists were unnaturally small so I know they were the product of some PS's hand.
Just a sidenote:
I want shape and definition and realistic results. Jessica Rabbit in real life just seems off to me. Personally I want to be like some women in my family not a human transposition of a actual cartoon or doll. I just don't get how these new shapes of huge A$$es and super tiny waist LoOk nice to some women? I remember back in the day a fluffy girl would say all she needed to lose was her stomach, needed a flat one and maybe tone up her arms but now this Plastic surgery game has taken us all to another level. We have our backsides overstuffed and TitTies plumped like they are going to be floatation devices and our waist pulled in as if they were drawn on.
Excuse me but sometimes I think about it all and have to keep my perspective. To each girl her own thing and more power to her but lets be respectful of how we treat one another here. Not everyone wants to look like a Porn star or stripper, some of us want to just be a more beautiful version of themselves.
I remember getting my hair and nails done, a new pair of shoes and new color lipstick - rework some clothes I had in closet and I went out feeling like a brand new woman. My oh my how things have certainly changed!

Quotes Vs Actual Expense

Hi. Am up wondering what the actual costs are for this BBL procedure. Let's say I am quoted $5500 and pay $500 for massages and another $500 for airfare and $600 for Recovery house... $7,000 should cover everything, right?
What am I missing?
I notice the smaller you are the cheaper your quote in the DR.
Would love to have a quote under $5,000!


Hi Ladies. I have always been top heavy and for the most part still considered myself such until I moved down South. These women here both young, old, black and white put me to shame! I mean girls in elementary school look like women from the back and truthfully their mannish mugs make them look older than they are too. smh
I noticed my level of beauty was upgraded here too despite my size because I really don't look any worst than women here and I am way smaller than they are even though I am shapeless and big. Everyone pegs me for some sort of Caribbean type and depending on the wig cap or absence thereof that day I may be my young kids vibrant grandma or mid thirties mother.
Up North my shining attributes were my legs and my boobs and when I had hair it was definitely something I was complimented on by men & woman alike. I was cute and I was fine with that. I never had a reliance on how I looked to get anything.
I see a lot of ladies are motivated to get this procedure and get back at their Ex's? He's an Ex for a reason. Keep it that way. I don't know but I wouldn't let him even have a pic to look at, let him hear or see me on a humble and keep that ish moving. I don't understand giving him a benefit and its supposed to hurt him how? Make him want you more, how? Men can have J-Lo then turn around and fuck RihanNa and BeYonce the same night! Women, we are no better we can get down too. We are the Reason these Paternity court, Maury shows exist!!!
I see Ladies either living it up at clubs (not about that life) or shopping (with no where to go) or prowling (old school - men hunt - Read Steve's book!) and eventually she gets bored and goes back to an Ex. smdh Ladies I know this seems like a good idea and your ignorant (just means don't know) friends support your ideas but Don't do IT!! Do the opposite. Go to Barnes and Nobles, read a book, have a Starbucks, Go see a free play or hear some Chamber music and sleep a few hours at your local college's music school... No temptation. Get out of the rut, jump off the wheel - Don't let him even taste the cookie!! His sorry Ass not going to appreciate you any more, no epiphany going to happen to make him love you any hardeR.
My husband already knows its going down I just gotTA make it kinda feel like he has some say in at least when. (Men have control issues) We talked about BoOTyLanD taking away his CoOkie and he said he can't make any promises for his TongUe - he might eNjoy some Oral S&M!!


Please correct me if I am wrong but I thought if you had a HATER on your team you had a FAN? I am reading that some of you have been found out by a hater or two or three or more. Your business has been put out in the street? Some bruthers and situhs are NaCl (salty) and somehow THIS BOTHERS YOU HOW?
Lets go over some rules:
1. We LOVE our haters just for dangling by the hair of our ****Y with their teeth (Yes our Pu$$Y is Always in their mouth)
2. We never ever Validate the existence of a Hater. No upGrades. No acKnowledgments. Never.
3. We Don't haTe the HATER, Noooo We Just continue being our own Positive, Pleasant, Delightful selves. Its the reason why they HATE, HELLO?
4. We do know we did have plastic Surgery and our Genes is for flat a$$es. Beat them to the punch. If you talk about it first then what can they say afterwards? Start handing out cards. Make it uncomfortable for anyone to say anything to you about it. Let them know you will text them or email them the information later. Feel free to point out her 10 year old baby fat pouch - Don't you have a anniversary coming up to celebrate that thing? While looking over your shoulder quickly touch under your chin and say hmm mb you can help me out I still have some stubborn fat to get off. My face looks chubby to me, what do you think?
Ppl will always have something to say. This day and age, nobody has any manners or tact. They staring, nudging their man tell him you can hook him up by giving her my docs #! Ladies its p to you to own the skin you are in Big or Small.
Your hater is your #1 Fan so treat him/her with some respect. Keep doing you, being happy and they will eventually fall off!


When I first joined Real Self there were a ton of reviews on here from Ladies having surgery done in Mexico, I don't know if its just because my sights are fixed on the DR but I am not seeing many reviews of docs there. I remember seeing two or three reviews that made me decide this might be something to consider. The reviews stood out because of the # of procedures being done, the cost and the skill. I recall thinking Dayum Meheeco! It's like that? lol How they know how to give a$$ and all that when they typically don't have all that themselves? I guess its the same thing as going to a Chinese buffet and getting American cuisine and Soul Food too. The docs are just catering to the market. Smart!!!

If anyone knows of a fluffy girl RS sister who had great results in Mexico then let me know please. Thank you!

$$$$$Facebook Bodies$$$$$

Hi ladies. Been on FB and joined Yily, Almonte and Duran but am only seein updates from Yily - badass! Big girls transformed! And Almonte Yassssss!
Nothing from Duran and not on her FB page. I am not seeing many reviews on here, recent ones.
Can you suggest?
Been piqued by Hazani but not seeing work on big girls and Shahine because of cost and location.
Have not heard of any deaths or infections from this doctor. Many complaints about TOD and twilight sedation but I can get over that.
Instead of waking on a table I go in settings and leave the same. It's just dealing with the wait I guess.
I am close to ready to book my surgery. Everything is falling into place. Roof under contract. Floors under contract. Paint under contract. Waiting for plumbers and electricians then it's a go!
I want to do it around Turkey day or Snowman day or definitely before Egg day! If not by then I have to do it towards the end of next summer. Hubby being more relaxed now so maybe soon I hope

:-) :-) :-) :-) LOL TOO FUNNY LOL :-) :-) :-) :-)

Found some videos I think are funny. Lift your spirits.
Today I am encouraging all the women who have issues with men in their life to think above your situation to get out of it. Stop complaining to ppl about it - they know - the ball is in your court. Take some initiative to crawl out the hole you are in. Start saving some money - under your mattress if you have to! Less nail appointments, less EWC - do 1 yourself and save the money. Save for a 1 way ticket out of there and don't look back.
I know some of you are talking to men about your problems with your man. Stop this. Down the line the one you attract will do the same to you. Don't expose your weaknesses like that.
Start reading self help books. Volunteer at Senior center. Find your way out.
Don't stay with a man who hurts you. Stop giving away your power. Stop the vicious cycle.
Ppl always say don't blame the woman but I have to give you responsibility to change your life!
You were not born or created to be abused or used for anyone else's shortcomings!
This post applies to women in relationships with women too. You deserve better. That better is in you. Don't jump into another relationship until you have dealt with the reasons you got caught up in that abusive relationship. Seek professional counseling. Can get it free if your insured or not at local hospital or church. There are plenty online groups to join. Be careful because the unfortunate reality is this is a sick world and predators are everywhere including the church, the school, online groups, counseling clinics...

kmock kneed******CORRECTIVE SURGERY******bow legs

Hi ladies. I was reading the doctors Q&A section and found a question posted by a RS sister 6 years ago that was never answered. It interested me because she was asking if there were a surgery to correct bow legs or knock kneed ladies?
I was excited because I an knock kneed. For the most part I am not focused on the fact I am knock kneed because I can't see myself walking.
I went online to You Tube and found a ton of videos showing exercises that sounds like it makes a marked improvement!
I am going to start now.

Is 40 the New 20?????

I remember this phrase being touted when I was younger when Demi Moore was the it older woman. I heard so many great things about 40. The sex is better - I can't imagine that and yeah the sex is better. What other changes are there for better or for worst?
I am putting out there just an idea:
A few RS sisters go out on a cruise to an island or local joint just chilling and teasing. I like Jazz and history we can do Karaoke take a ballroom dance class together. Just do sister stuff. I am far from my family in a new town with my. Family and it would be nice

How much are gold braces?

Other adult cosmetic surgery. Aside from this I need a EWC and serious foot soak. Just saying.

Lichen planopilaris

This is a terrifying debilitating disorder. Auto immune like lupus but many women are misdiagnose and not treated. There is no cure in USA being offered but holistic cures are available.
Hair falls out because failure of lipid absorption so.... Without getting too technical the beta receptor is turned off which causes hair loss. I was put on there was a problem because despite iron tab intake I still was anemic. Doctors study and specialize in one system so don't focus on treating other systems. Everything is connected. I had to start treating myself. Stop enciting inflammation in my body. Yes you guessed it. No sugar. No bread. I had to go on the Candidiasis diet.
Aside from losing weight you feel more energetic and skin looks great. You have to floss and brush more often.
Ladies just putting it out there. If you are shedding and feel sluggish you should check into this. Check your Ferritin levels and stop eating anything with sugar food or liquid. It will change your life!

Get LIFE insurance

Ladies. Please get some life insurance if you don't have any already. I was looking at some YouTube and saw Cabral was fined for practicing and other stuff in USA. A husband told his story about losing his wife in DR while his patient. So sad to leave a family especially on financial hardship.

We are all taking a chance here so let's be smart. Don't go in borderline wait and go in as healthiest as you can.

Looking for Dates

Looking for a date with Duran for mid November, early December. Let's see what happens.
It would be nice to have some company but I am also ok with going alone if I have to. I kinda figured out this experience is ultra personal and the most important thing is the medical recovery which I will need a ton of help with. I haven't decided on recovery house yet either. Any suggestions Ladies. I want attention medicine. Can I ask for the medicine I want and pay for it?
Will they write the scripts for me?
All of my girls birthdays will be celebrated and there's vacation off from school. I can rent a house on the beach for the family and go let them have fun. Better if we stayed at all inclusive resort so there's swimming child care services and food. My children will be fine just hanging out wherever they can play in the water or sand or computer or Netflix.

Last Minute Questions

Hi Ladies. I am in no rush for this surgery meaning I am flexible with the dates. I have decided on who I wanted to be my PS from the onset of this review and I have not wavered from it. I have seen some Stunners from quite a few PS old and new to me on here like Hazani, Goico, Robles and Shahine but for my body type and issues I haven't seen anyone who stands out. Its really important to me not to look cartoonish or like Jessica Rabbit but I don't want to looking like who did it and ran either. Who took my money, poked around some with lipo and got out before putting my fat in... I feel comfortable with what I see coming out of the Duran House. The most complaints I see are from women who in my humble opinion are experiencing the naughty booty greed.

Being shapeless and standing in front of my home mirror I say if only there was a little less pointed lines and more curves that would be enough but this is an opportunity to get a rebuild of what nature skipped out on to give me BRAINS! lol I want to look great naked. To myself. Alone. Then I want to turn a camera on and send video instead of pictures to my husband and SURPRISE the crap out of him. After that the energy probably be gone to follow through with these kids and renovations going on... lol I want to shop and enjoy the clothes I have on and yes ladies this means the attention from it too because lets face it, we like that sort of stuff. I was wondering about all that's going to change in my life because of this surgery and I cannot be any more pleased with this decision to do something!

I have not shopped for any supplies because from what I gather I can go to DR with a case of WIPES, 2 MAXI DRESSES & SOME CHUX and I will be fine. Now That's my kind of packing! No bags to check, and lug through customs. Honestly there should be an express line for ppl without bags!! I found SQUEENS formerly Surgery Queens on Facebook to get a package that includes stuff like water, ensure and other things to have while there in the DR. Packages can be customized. I plan to ask for some Pineapple, Papaya, Guava juice along with some other stuff. I rather pay and have everything waiting for me when I get there so all I have to be concerned about is myself.
If I am traveling with my children, would be cool too so all their stuff could fit in 1 carryon. Dresses and undies, bathing suit and sandals - done!

I have to finish this review later... I am cooking Haitian black rice and already ruined a pot messing with RS. smh

Be back ladies...

Personal Care Package

Hi Ladies. Today has been tough for me. Car down. Kids all over the place and all these darn boxes I have to go through. I secretly wish I could come home and they would just be gone! My neighbor offered to drag them to the curb for me on garbage day saying if you haven't used them in a year then trash it. I can't disagree more. My Wolfgang Puck pots and Silverware and Crystal picture frames and my book collection just stuff I will use once the space is professionally cleansed and painted and decorated.

I am moving at a lightening speed throwing things out so I can have a space ready to recuperate when I return home. I want to go as early as possible. I thought I sent a email to Duran at plastics but I don't think my pics attached. I will have to Figure it out another time.
Lately I haven't been having much of an appetite. Have any of you experienced this?
Next week I plan to make a trip to feed store to pick up some antibiotics and some supplies like Chux and vitamins. I found a few moo moo dresses I can use while I am in the DR and once I return home. They were in the boxes and I forgot I even had them. I still have some oversized maternity dresses and shirts so I will use them as well. I am bringing my chucletas with the big Velcro strap just in case my feet swell up. My C-section with one of my children I experienced foot swell. I had the machine on to prevent the blood clots and although it reduced it greatly it was still noticeable. I plan to get a pair of those socks. I saw them on eBay. Battery or plug in. I need them.
I take garlic pills every now and then to keep my pressure in check but you have to be careful. Too much garlic will give you low blood pressure. Carry some with you just in case you need a quick dose to lower your pressure. 5 Pills.
I am also looking for old fashioned body suits to wear underneath the faja. One with snaps down there or not. If I have to make one I will use sewers tape to put a Velcro piece on. Going to look for the pure absorb iron too.

Pure Absorb Iron
Vitamins including Garlic pills
Old dresses
Chucletas with Velcro
Pressure socks

In my state I can go to Any Labs and get screened. I will do that probably next Saturday. I can also go to one of those fast clinics and get seen too.

I thought I was going to be able to write more but I am sleepy now. Later Ladies.

So much

It's 3:08am and I cannot sleep. I joined RealSelf in 2013 but have been reading reviews for longer than that. I remember being pregnant and coming across this RS members page where she described her frustration with being fat and pregnant but nobody could tell. Her husband nor her parents could feel the baby kick. Boy I am sorry but I laughed so hard until my sides hurt! I completely and totally understood having a B belly instead of a D belly. Not only does fashion fail on a shapeless big girl but so it does on the pregnant shapeless big girl.
I see a lot of women get pregnant soon after they get the BBL and I won't blame it on that. Maybe you are just having more fun and you secretly want to have his baby.
I am not tying any tubes because I think that interferes with your nature and things get turned off. I could be wrong but I don't think I am.
This week I plan to visit the feed store and I will either update you from the store or after my visit depending on how my phone is behaving.
I plan to pick up or order from the feed store:

Blood builder
Various antibiotics
Pain meds

I will speak to the Farmer about my plans for surgery and get his recommendations for vitamins, pain medications, antibiotics, and aftercare.

You can even plan your surgery with the Farmer based on his Almanac. He'll match up your cycle to the moon and seasons and get you aligned for when the best time would be.

I seem to have all my babies in the Fall and I am a Spring baby myself but my personality says I Harvest in Fall and it's right. We are in perfect harmony the children and I.

I was reading the Q & A section here and read some responses from my doctor and after I clicked follow a pop up to consult with the Doctor came up so I filled out the form. It says someone will respond within 2 days. I am patiently awaiting a response from Doctor Duran.

I was reading some reviews from Dr. Hazani but no big girls like me. They come out with very nice results nonetheless.

Oh my Goodness I read some posts about Dr. Shahine and my lord he sounds just like Hasan to me. Smh. I am so sorry for the ladies who were traumatized by him. I can't fathom any person willingly going out their way to hurt a client but I know it happens.

This site, this surgery has motivated me to begin a business venture that will have all you ladies talking and satisfied. I met someone tonight who is on a prominent board and who can potentially serve as my platform to launch my business idea.

Things seem to be looking up for me and it's happening right on time. Once I decide on what I am doing I will post.

I have approximately 2 hours before I get up. Today is my baby girls birthday and as requested I made her favorite Pineapple Upside Down Cake no coconut.

Ok. I will speak to you guys soon.

Yily responded!!

Ladies, I got a quote from Yily but nothing from Duran yet. I like what I read and am impressed with the thoroughness of the quote. Its actually a lot of detais and I really just skimmed through it so sometime tonight I will take some time and look through the whole thing. I was offered 2 different packages one with recovery house for $6,400 and the other without implants or recovery house for @ $5,400? There's a list of medication included with package 1 and I kinda like that so I am not worried about it. Cipro is a US broad spectrum antibiotic and is considered strong and that's one that's included in the quote.
If for some reason Duran wasn't available and I had to I would definitely use Yily. She produces art as well as Duran does. She did mention that a lot of wish pics she gets sent are of females who have used PMMA and she DOES NOT USE PMMA, FAT ONLY!!!
Ladies what do you think? I am a little scared of Yily results, I think they are beautiful but really BOLD! I want to come out gradually...
Who the eff am I kidding? There's nothing shy about this transformation, nothing! I don't know I just think a super evaporated waist and the biggest ass in the world doesn't look natural but cartoonish and I don't want to look like a human reincarnation of Jessica Rabbit. I want to be a sexy Vixen. I want a shape that fits my frame, my shoulders.
Feels like I am one step closer to getting turned out. I realize the quiet little philosophical creature has to give her alter some time to shine.
Been thinking about the negative to doing this and classless comments from men is one of them. When I was younger I ran into the lewd men who would drool all over my breast but I have 6 brothers and raised by my dad so I wasn't phased by any of it. Now packaging yourself up to be sexy, to wear your body as your 24/7 accessory, you can't escape the nightmare of sexual invitations from any and every tom, dick and harry.... Learn some self defense, carry some protection, don't sleep on the creep!

ok ladies. ttys.


Hi Ladies!! Been watching Love and Hip Hop in Atlanta and Loooooving it! I love that Jocelyn, she is fierce! So much opinions but let me get to my point before I forget. I just saw this woman from Miami who is in charge of a million dollar company selling her own Waist Trainers called the PrimaDonna Waist trainer. There is a thing going on now where women are doing the waist trainer challenge without surgery and seeing results! check out Amazon for the trainer. Am going to order one and try it until I ship out to the DR for some work. She holds Waist Gang parties where she sells her products. Google it and check it out on youtube. Here a a few pics of her latex trainers. The way it works is you sweat and lose. You should not wear a size smaller, it can hurt you. Consult with your doctor or a local Plastic Surgeon on how to measure for the best fit.
Good Luck Ladies!!

eBay Waist trainers

Just purchased this waist trainer from eBay for $24.99 free shipping. I ordered a 2xl bc I want to wear it now. It's latex so I should swear this winter fat off my body. I will wear it under my clothes but not to sleep in. It has metal bones so it relaxes better than the plastic. The eBay seller has instructions on how to make it last for 1&1/2 years.
If I like it I will order that size Small for the DR waist I am going to get! Call me crazy but I am saying to myself a size Medium would do me just fine. I would like to fit easily into a medium. Can't imagine what I will look like with these knockers being emphasized on a tiny waist!!
Latex Sports Waist Cincher Vest
I think I like this idea of wearing it like a shirt. What do you ladies think. Is this better, worst, or same as garment?

FlipKey Rentals

Am thinking of renting apartment in Santo Domingo. Saw lots of homes, full apartment rentals. They say near grocery stores, has full kitchen and bathroom.
If it sleeps 6 like this one, note its 3 beds.
This one is around $1,000 for 9 days and split between 3 ladies you do the math.

Sex or Not?

Hey Ladies. Am up thinking about how hard it will be to abstain from the Beefcake and I am sure without the distraction of this surgery I would fold. Right now the hubby is being his save sexy self so I am enjoying the lovemaking. Lately we've had to get it in wherever we can, the closet, bathroom, the porch, our truck just wherever we can.
Just the other day we got down in a empty room in the house
with a chair up against the door because there are no locks. Smh Well while riding his lap I closed my eyes for a few seconds to open them to him squeezing his tightly and pulling me into him by my shoulders. By the time i realized what was happening it was too late. After the breast kisses and neck bites I went straight to the restroom to pull it out but nothing was there. I panicked but kept my cool. I went back to hubby with a cloth and yep he definitely did cum!
This is my fertile period and yesterday, today and tomorrow are my potential ovulation days aaaargh!!!
It seems he knows my cycle but i don't want to think that hard. He does not think I need the surgery but knows I want it. He always says no matter what he wants more sons.
My head hurts just thinking about this. I am ready to transform my body now...


Ladies, I need a date with Duran. Am considering all dates right now. Please hit me up and lets see what we can do.
I have been trying to contact her for a quote but keep getting her surgical coordinator. I am not interested in filling out forms right now but will if I have a date.
I have about 5 months left on the quote from Yily so I have time to try and get my #1 desire.

Please reach out if you're interested in buyout of your date.

I have a few things left in my list to get and do and I should be ready.

Thank you Ladies.

Spirulina Plus Blood Builder - CHEAP EFFECTIVE NATURAL

Benefits - Why Take Spirulina?

Spirulina is the ultimate natural nutritional supplement. It contains the most complete source of nutrients found in any single food. Spirel Spirulina typically contains over 65% protein, more than any other food including meat and fish. Proteins are necessary for maintaining tissues, sustaining growth and making hormones in the body. Spirulina contains the eight essential and 10 other amino acids and a greater concentration of vitamins and nutrients than any other natural food. Just 3 to 10 grams of Spirel Spirulina a day gives impressive amounts of beta carotene, B complex vitamins, Vitamin E, essential trace minerals and gamma linolenic acid (GLA). Spirulina is also a major source of iron and calcium.

Our bodies are constantly subjected to an onslaught of toxic chemicals from the air, water, food and drugs and need to continually eliminate these toxins. It has long been known that spirulina accelerates detoxification especially during fasting as spirulina has a unique combination of phytonutrients that can help cleanse our bodies. There is also evidence that spirulina significantly reduces kidney toxicity caused by some heavy metals. Spirulina was widely used to treat children suffering radiation sickness after the Chernobyl disaster.

Immune Booster 
Spirulina is a powerful tonic for the immune system. Research and experience indicate that spirulina is an immune regulating food. Small amounts can help balance and stabilise the immune system, freeing up more of our metabolic energy for vitality, healing and assimilation of nutrients. The blue-green natural protein pigment phycocyanin has been shown in animal studies to increase lymphocyte activity and stimulate the production of blood. Phycocyanin probably prevents a host of degenerative organ diseases by increasing immunity. Complex sugars from spirulina have been shown to increase antibody production and infection fighting T-cells. Mice have shown increased immunity, bone marrow reproduction, growth of thymus and spleen when fed complex sugars and phycocyanin from spirulina.

Vegetarians & Vegans
Spirel Spirulina products have been approved by both the vegetarian and vegan societies (except Spirel Royal and Spirel Gold which contain Royal Jelly). All our other products are of 100% vegetable origin, including Spirel Vegetarian Capsules which contain 100% Spirel Spirulina in capsules made from vegetarian cellulose. Spirel Spirulina is, in fact, the ideal food supplement for vegetarians and vegans. It provides a natural plant source of protein and is rich in other vitamins and minerals that vegetarians and vegans commonly lack in their diets, such as certain amino acids that other vegetable proteins do not provide. 

Spirulina is a superfood suited to a high intensity workout. Taken before exercise it delivers energy and improves stamina. Spirel Spirulina offers 65% protein and amino acids and is low in fat. It is helpful in reducing calorific intake, essential for boxers and weightlifters who must maintain competitive weights. Cuban elite athletes have taken Spirel Spirulina for many years as it helps them intensify training before competition. Spirulina also helps to create and repair muscle and retain iron in the body. It is beneficial to hillwalkers, mountain climbers and marathon runners as it improves endurance and reduces cramp.

Weight loss
Various studies have shown the effectiveness of micro-algae in weight loss. Spirulina on its own will not bring about weight loss. However, it does provide the right conditions within the body to help achieve this goal. Much has been written recently about the “Glycaemic Index” (GI) of certain foods. Low GI foods that are slow to break down into sugars are better for you as they don’t produce a rapid rise in blood sugar that triggers an increase in insulin which then lowers blood sugar and starts a food craving. Spirulina is the richest natural source of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). It provides three times more GLA than Evening Primrose Oil. Like low GI foods, GLA helps regulate blood sugar levels and helps prevent cravings. Spirulina also contains the amino acid Phenylaline, which helps satisfy your appetite as it triggers a substance that is found in the appetite control centre of the brain. Effective weight loss requires a healthy lifestyle. Spirel Spirulina as part of a healthy diet along with an exercise regime is an ideal way to achieve weight loss.

Iron is the most common mineral deficiency worldwide. Iron anaemia is prevalent in women, children, older people and especially women on weight-loss diets. Iron is essential for healthy red blood cells and a strong immune system, but typical iron supplements are not well absorbed by the human body. Tests have shown that the availability of iron in spirulina is more than in other iron supplements. Athletes in intensive training can suffer from non-anaemic iron deficit, with symptoms such as exhaustion and muscle fatigue. Athletes who took spirulina for two months showed a distinct rise in iron reserves. The addition of Spirel Spirulina to your diet can eliminate iron deficit symptoms and optimise athletic health and physical capacity.

Most people are aware of the need to reduce cholesterol levels in order to lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Spirel Spirulina contains no cholesterol. However, its main benefit is in reducing blood cholesterol levels particularly the bad LDL type. Work in Japan has shown that men with high blood cholesterol who took spirulina for eight weeks without changing their diet showed a marked reduction in serum cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL cholesterol.

Many people are aware of the value of food supplements for an aging population. It is well known that the antioxidants Vitamins C, E and beta carotene attack free radicals that roam throughout the body wreaking havoc on cells and organs increasing the aging effect and the risk of cancer. Anti-aging foods such as spirulina are ideal for older people who do not eat much, eat inappropriately or cannot absorb enough nutrients. Spirel Spirulina is the ideal anti-aging whole food and its high levels of natural beta carotene have been shown to be much more effective than the synthetic form found in many supplements.

Spirulina is 95% digestible because it has soft cell walls. It promotes digestion and bowel function. People taking Spirel Spirulina often notice an immediate change in bowel regularity and elimination. It suppresses bad bacteria like e-coli and Candida yeast and stimulates beneficial gut flora like lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. Healthy lactobacillus in the intestines provides humans with three major benefits: better digestion and absorption, protection from infection and stimulation of the immune system. For these reasons many people take lactobacillus supplements. Research in Japan showed spirulina increased lactobacillus by 300% compared to a control group. The study also showed that spirulina increased the absorption of vitamins in particular vitamin B1.

Wound healing
People use spirulina in face and body creams and body wraps. The Kanembu people in Chad use freshly harvested algae as a skin poultice for treating certain diseases. In France it has been found that pharmaceutical compounds containing spirulina accelerated wound healing. In Japan it has been shown that cosmetic products containing spirulina promoted skin metabolism and reduced scars. Spirel Spirulina cosmetic products, including moisturisers, sun creams and anti-cellulite creams will soon be available. Alternatively, why not try making your own Spirel Facemask with Spirel Spirulina powder.

Lichen Planoparis, Wound Healing, Regrow Hair, $12.95 Scar repair

Nustock Reviews
Nu-Stock › testimonials3
Mobile-friendly - After two weeks we have newhair growth! ... Not supposed to use on humans, but I just couldn't help myself! ... The vet told me hair would never grow there, but I thought.. hey, after it heals a little, I'll try ...

Nu-Stock - Topical Skin Product - Herbal Healer Academy

www.herbalhealer.com › nustock

He also mentioned to me that it has helped manypeople with skin cancer, but that can never be said anywhere ... Then I saw NuStock advertised in a magazine saying it would grow hair on a door knob.

Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Durvet Nu-Stock Ointment, 12 ...

Amazon.com › reviews

Mobile-friendly - Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Durvet Nu Ointment, 12-Ounce at Amazon.com. ... 397 of 404 peoplefound the following review helpful .... see on the shafts demodex, and sometimes more than one on a single hair.

Anyone use Nu Stock? - Homesteading Today

www.homesteadingtoday.com › 492780-...

Aug 11, 2013 - 15 posts - ?8 authors

There was an ad in there saying, "this will grow hair on a door knob!" My horse had a big spot, bigger ... I often wondered if it would work on ahuman! I just found it on eBay for $16.45 ...

Pierce's All-Purpose Nu-Stock | Jeffers Pet

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Mobile-friendly - Pierce's All-Purpose Nu is an effective topical treatment that provides fast relief for ... hot spots; growths; most skin disorders; relieves itching; promotes hair growth.... Also using it on us humans!

Best Product for Growing Hair Back? [Archive] - Chronicle Forums

www.chronofhorse.com › ... › Horse Care

May 28, 2009 - 16 posts - ?13 authors

What product have you used that really encourages the hair to grow back??? ... bag-balm, healthy hair care, human hair conditioner products, etc.) nothing comes close to nu.

Nu-Stock Animal Ointment | Horse, Dog, Cat | All Purpose | Mange ...

rollingtstores.com › pet-wound-infection

Mobile-friendly - It stops the itching immediately & then re-grows the hair. ... is it safe for people to use nu on our hair or skin ... However, she now has a spot thinning on her mussle, how do I treat that with NuStock ...

Questions about Nu-Stock - Pit Bull Chat

www.pitbull-chat.com › showthread.php

Jan 5, 2011 - 14 posts - ?6 authors

Mobile-friendly - Our female, Onyx, has hair losseverywhere... not complete hair loss but only her under coat is there.

Pierce's All Purpose Nu-Stock | Revival Animal Health

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 Rating: 4.7 - ?3 reviews - ?$11.99 - ?In stock

Mobile-friendly - ... treats most skin disorders and skin-related ailments. Use Nu to heal cuts, bruises, burns, swelling and hair loss.

We Actually used this for scabies! - Bed

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Mobile-friendly - Goodwinol slowed the hair loss, but new spots kept forming. Ivermectin ... I think it just gets in your nose and stays there andpeople have overreacted. ... Get your Durvet IncNu Stock Ointment 12 Now!

$895 Laser Hair Regrowth?



FDA cleared Theradome for home use. Save thousands on surgery & creams.

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Hair Regrowth Supplement - Hair Essentials Has Helped My Hair?


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Jacksonville, FL - From your Internet address - Use precise location

 - Learn more


Ladies, I am so sick of not having an attractive shape! Maybe I need to get off of RealSelf because the Madness is surreal. This journey has made me question who I am, why I want to change, what I want in all aspects of my life. It has me face to face with my VANITY! Sometimes its ugly! Eeew!
Sometimes I don't see myself literally for long periods of time. I have to consciously tell myself to look in the mirror. I had to confront the reasons why for this and I know it's because I am not that thrilled with one thing or another. Be it my thinning hair or increasing moles on my face or my dry skin. I just shower and conceal and I am done with that routine. I take time to look intently in my own eyes to see what men say they are attracted to, what women say they trust and my children love and associates respect. This is a journey of discovering the woman I am and loving her to the fullest.
Because I want to have this procedure I am taking actions to improve my health. I am not ignoring the possibilities of impending conditions. I have a renewed sense of self worth and am ready to shine in it.
My friend says I should work out for 6 months and I will do 3 because I don't want to belabor the point of my transformation any longer.
Ladies, I think its effed up to get this surgery and still feel empty and lonely or insecure. Remember there are tons of beautiful women everywhere you go. So be the best yoh that you can be and stop settling for the crap at the top of your $hit list. After all its your $hit list!
I just want a A$$. I can't wait!

Hair Skin Nails, Turmeric, Prenatal, Spirulina Plus Blood Builder

Hi ladies. Been looking for sime quality vitamins to invest in and found some specials. Hair Skin Nails was buy one get one free at Winn Dixie which made each bottle @ $9. Turmeric which was buy one get one free at Wal-Mart was $9.99/2 @
$5 each.

Chicken Livers & Molasses & Okra

Been eating chicken livers for lunch with either Kale Salad with fresh made tangerine dressing & a great big ole banana shake spinach smoothie! Just threw banana in it and it improves
I swear eating just greens and drinking just greens ALL day can get me
depressed! I throw in a few baked sweetpotatoes, cucumbers and honey with cottage cheese or yogurt and
gallons of water.
Last week my baby girl treated me to gourmet water. What's that you asked?
Ya'll ask good questions. It's water with
cinnamon sprinkled on top or some
cloves on bottom or a smearing of honey
or syrup on lip of glass.
I don't know about any of you but I am kinda tired of all these tricks and hoops to get healthy I just want it to be done! I am ready for my.transformation to begin.
What else can I do to keep this interesting?

Phen or not to Phentermine? Or Carb Cutter Pills?

Ok so I know this woman who started taking her Phentermine pills about a month ago and she has lost more than 10lbs. Closer to 15lbs and it's noticeable. She pays @$30 at cvs because insurance
didn't cover it. I read a lot of the side effects and what I get is this is not meant for long term weight loss goals!
Am going to order some online and keep them for my ninth inning stretch to surgery. Hey if I can use them to drop 20lbs - 30lbs then Mb I can get a revised quote, a lower one. $1,000 cheaper is more money for me.
I have been thinking I should go in to surgery at 180lbs. I will have a TT so that erases pounds and inches. I don't see myself dropping 60lbs - 90lbs in the next 5 months so I will most likely be getting a TT for sure.
Found some old weight loss aids I ordered once upon a who and never got around to using and was thinking I have enough for a two week trial.
I can start off with Slim quick, then Bob Harpers Flush, then Ballerina Tea & Smooth Moves Tea, then Oatmeal & greens or cucumbers and 32 ounces of water for a week then Fish and Salad for a week, then Black Coffee and Boiled Eggs and 32 ounces water 6 times day, then the lemonade diet for 10 days. I know that sounds like a lot but you have to confuse the body so it won't plateau. Kinda like muscle confusion on p90x.
This would keep it interesting because I get bored sometimes then I don't do too well.
Oh when eating the eggs, its just tge whites but I would sneak a few whole eggs in. Lol I wouldn't drink an juice or sweet fruits. Would include onion, tomatoes, garlic and peppers, parsley and cilantro too. They add flavor. I would also use salt moderately because my idea is to mimic a lifestyle I can maintain most of the time.
I think this is why we get so disappointed because we go off the diets and vitamins. We stop walking, running in place, weighing ourselves and cutting out extra carbs, fried foods and candy.
I ordered some carb cutter pills on ebay and will get to using them ASaP. I wonder what kind of results I will get?

Looking for Duran

Ladies. I think I made a big mistake speaking to Liz the surgical coordinator for Duran via email & REAL self. I don't want to be bothered filling out forms and such right now, I just want a quote.
Yily sent a quote with just my pictures and pertinent information so what is the deal with Duran? I am not mad just confused somewhat. Why do I have to fill out any information for the service before getting a quote? Mb I will decline the service as I did not join it anyways and hopefully I can move forward from there?
Kinda feels like if I decline I will be blacklisted or something or put on some watch list. Lol
Do any of you know about this service, does the $200 get applied towards your services or is it a seperate fee?


Looking to get quoted by Duran - the Master but kept getting caught up in the SurgiCoordinator spin. I finally filled out the online questionnaire but received email saying something about $200 fee for faster services and declining. Ladies do I have to pay this fee to get quoted? Please tell me so I can move forward. I am ready for the next step!
I called the DR and spoke to Maria Isabella (sp) and asked about speaking to Duran and she told me its a holiday in the DR right now, Constitution day? Anyway Duran is not in her office today. She said she works for Cabral and gave me his email so I went fishing for a quote. Ha! I am a fan of his work but his bodies look like Stripper bodies for real and Idk but I just started watching some porn with my dude and I don't think I want to look like I am ready to get it 24/7!! Smh
I want to look sexy and classy and like I can still do playtime with my babies at the Gymnastics hour at the Y or swimming and don't look too over the top. These days I am bold just spotting work all over the place.
Last night was out with the hubby at a restaurant. He drops me off by the door because it was raining and goes to park the car. Well just as he pulls off another car comes and out pops lil Mrs Perfect ASS with stiletto and still couldn't meet 5 feet. I was like hurry up and come inside Beesh so my boo won't see all that. >< Well needless to say he strolled over just as she finished sashaying around her car for the 2nd time saying please hold la door! (rolls eyes) I just disappeared inside like I needed to get in and ignore all of that. lol Damn but I want to be that chick!
Duran better hurry the hell on and quote me so I can roll out with that hot little mamita who obviously had some work done.
My hubby was like she naturally come like that. I couldn't help but be right so I got her to write it on a piece of paper. She wrote CECEIP!!! Its in DR. Ugh when yourown dude can be so dumb thinking like Christmas just started happening for women all over the world? Yeah Santa giving Grown A$$ Women A$$ Cakes for presents!!! Where's the young girls with these types of A$$e$? She looked way cartoonish to me, in my opinion like a drawn doll but dayum her work was impressive!
Once I get quoted by the Super 3 I will feel so much better. Am ready as soon as the great Duran quotes me. Been trying to imagine a Yily body and its easy because she posts religiously on FB big girl transformations. Her quote includes everything, RH and Meds... Just waiting. Do I have to pay Laura before getting quoted by Duran?

Duran's Information

Dra. Agustina Hilario Durán

Cirujana Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva


1809 565-5348, 1809 707-7163 y 1809 331-5050 ext 212

DRA_DURAN Instagram, @drahilariod Twitter

I just called Dr Duran because hubby was all up under me for the past few days and I couldn't take a break to do that so he could distort anything I am doing to mean its more important than him. We date every Sunday so you know how it is ladies, one thing leads to another... Now we are here and he is not so I gave the DR a rang. I spoke with Fania its prounounced like Tania but with a F instead of the T and she was an absolute sweetheart. She stayed on the telephone with me trying to get the information for my email to see if she can find the one I sent from Hotmail, yahoo, gmail. She did not so she had me send out a test to see if I had the correct email and from there I sent her the pics and she followed up with this email with questions:

4 photos naked without underwear (front, back and both sides) without showing his face.

Your weight.




How many pregnancies.

Date of last pregnancy.

If they were normal or caesarean sections.

If you suffer from any medical condition.

If you smoke.

If you are asthmatic.

You have HIV, Hepatitis B, C.

Previous surgeries, few.

What type of surgery and makes time


Take alcoholic beverage.

Telephone numbers and e-mail.


Duran is in surgery, she said all the doctors are in surgery right now so I have to call back in 20 minutes. She then said I will have a quote by Friday if not today or tomorrow. I get the feeling if I just showed up in the DR they would squeeze you in. You know what I mean, I guess I can see the different patients and choose a doctor like that.

Ladies, I am not nervous at all or anxious. I feel superb. Was trying to wrap my head around the idea of a Yily body but I really want Durans hands on me. I just tried calling but no answer. I guess I will call again tomorrow because I have other things to think about like getting my tickets for my transformation. I have a wedding to go to in January but I really want to be done up before Spring 2016. If then it doesn't happen whenever is a good time will do. I just want to be in optimal health.

Hubby really doesn't want me under the knife so his offer is to workout with me for the next 3 to 6 months and we can even do HCG together or Lipo shots, he doesn't think I need surgery. Was doubtful about the truth in that but I have 6 brothers and every one of them says its nice but not a requirement. After all nobody or the average woman does not have a body to the extent that the notorious BBL gives you one!

Was having a heart to heart with my husband after a session where he rubbed, licked, sucked on and kissed my C-section scar. After playing with my belly button he lifts my breast and looks me in the eyes saying, this all mines. I love how they hang because of his kids. Sweet. This man has a fit anytime I change anything, a hairstyle - weave of course or clothes - high boots, tight form fitting jacket, lol He says I'm giving him a new B*!ch to cheat with! You have to listen to your man. Turning him onto something he never had will only make him want more. How many of the new you come out every day? How many new Models popping up from Miami, the DR, Georgia or NY??? Think long and hard about what you getting into and respect what comes with the territory!


So Ladies. Here's where we are at. I finally contacted Duran. I am one point above her BMI limit. El Padre Cabral request I lose 20 to 30lbs but Yily will take me just as I am. I am pretty sure Almonte would too. On FB her transforms look amazing. Its just from RS I see it look that way immediately after but not so much 6 months later. The complaints of volume loss or not enough fill are so many.

I have been using slimquick and water for past week. Lost 4lbs but now I have my pd so will just drink protein shake, water, vitamins and will continue with slimquick once my cycle is over.

After the slimquick I will do Ballerina Tea & My Alli for 2 weeks and see how that goes. I am using all the supplies I already have laying around. Hopefully I can squeeze at least 15lbs a month out of all these aids/tools I have. I want to be out of the 200's. If I get to 185 I know that would be okay. Afraid to work so much on my legs because I want some fat to be able to fit in my butt but if I tighten it won't. I already don't have anything there. Smh

I have been eating Okra, Chicken Livers, Beef Liver, Kale smoothies with bananas and Vitamin C.
I take a multivitamin with minerals in it and drink EmerGenC for that concentrated boost of vitamin C.

Just a quick update. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

LOSE 12lb Week with THE EGG DIET

The Weird Way I Lost 12 Pounds in One Week Eating Eggs

November 11, 2015 By homestead


During my years of experience trying to get a slim body and lose weight, I’ve stumbled upon some weird ways and diets.

And I must admit, I’ve tried almost all of them.

Simply put, I am curious to see if something works or not. And that is how I found out about the egg diet.

It might sound strange and weird, but I lost more than 12 pounds in just one week, and eggs were my primary dietary product.

If you want to lose weight, try this diet.

The benefits are that you are still consuming healthy and nutritional food, and the diet is easy to follow.


It is not a strict diet that will leave you starving and craving for snacks and some calorie rich food.

In fact, you have meat and fish included in your lunch.

It is a low-calorie diet, but the downside is you cannot use it for long periods of time.

Depriving your body of healthy nutrients, in the long run, will cause more harm than good.

However, if you want to lose some extra pounds quickly, the egg diet is perfect.

The diet

One thing you must remember when you are trying this diet is that eggs are actually a very healthy source of food.

They are rich in nutrients and are considered one of the best sources for protein.

Consuming eggs provides your body with a healthy dose of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins.

One week is all you need to lose some calories, speed up your metabolism and get a better body.

Keep in mind that drinking water is also essential for this diet, so keep your body hydrated as it will help you get rid of some of the toxins.

After the week is over, you can get back to your normal diet.

However, in order not to shock your organism, try to include grapefruit, oranges, eggs and cheese in your diet as you are getting back into your normal diet.

The Diet Plan

As mentioned previously, the main ingredient and primary source of food in the diet is eggs.

You will need lots of it, but also some other food sources.

Let’s look at the diet plan and how and what should you eat for one week.

Day 1

Your breakfast consists of 2 boiled eggs, one cup of low-fat milk and two orangesFor lunch, you need skinless chicken meat, around 6 ounces of it, and one cup of Greek yogurtYour dinner is one boiled egg, one orange and 4 ounces of boiled chicken meat

Day 2

Breakfast: two boiled eggs and lemon juice from just one lemonFor lunch, you can treat yourself with one serving of roasted fish and one fresh grapefruitYour dinner is just three hard-boiled eggs and nothing more

Day 3

This time, for breakfast you want three scrambled eggs, and you can throw in some parsley, dill, and onion into the mixFor lunch, you want one serving of cooked chicken and some green vegetable salad (leafy greens, cucumber, arugula and similar veggies)Your dinner consists of one hard-boiled egg and two oranges

Day 4

For breakfast, squeeze one fresh lemon into one cup of warm water and get two hard-boiled eggsYour lunch includes one serving of boiled beef meat and one grapefruitFor dinner, as with Day 2, you get three hard-boiled eggs

Day 5

This time, for breakfast you include some veggies, or two carrots, along with your two hard-boiled eggs and one tablespoon of sour creamYour lunch includes carrots again, along with two poached eggs and tomatoesFor dinner, you have one serving of boiled fish, can be tinned fish as well, and salad

Day 6

Your breakfast includes one glass of Greek yogurt, and one fresh orange or lemonFor lunch, you get two boiled eggs and two grapefruitsFor dinner, you get just a glass of fresh water

Day 7

Breakfast includes two boiled eggs, slice of dry toast and one tomatoFor lunch, you get 6 ounces of beef meat and one grapefruit or orangeYour dinner is just a glass of water.

Green Smoothie Cleanse

Check it out on Facebook. Amazing results 10 - 15 per week!
Must try!

YILY Has a Special!!!!!!!

Was on FB and saw that Yily was having a 2 day special.

Drop pounds fast with this diet

Found this on YouTube. Let me know how it worked out for you. I have been taking carb blocker pills and seeing some gradual slimming around the midsection. Waiting for Slimming Garcinia Cambodia and Slimming colon cleanse to come by the 13th. I am hoping to get 10 - 15 pounds dropped by then. With the sc and detox I hope to lose 20 in thirty days. That would put me in a great place for bbl so I am serious. The green smoothie challenge on Facebook is really encouraging. Wish me luck!

YouTube video of diet


Dropping @ 1lb/day HOLY CRAP!

Hi ladies. Have been doing a modified version of the GSC and am still losing weight. Right now I am on day 4 and have lost 3lbs. From what I see this is on the lower spectrum of the range. Ppl on the veggies/no meal are losing anywhere between 3 and 7 pounds by this day.
I have ordered some Garcinia Cambogia Max & Cleanse and will begin that over the weekend.
So far my skin looks brighter? It feels like its breathing? Just feels different, good. I can lose potentially 25lbs+ on 30 to 60 days but am cool if I drop 20. Thinking I can maintain this diet for 90 days and lose enough to avoid having to HAVE a tummy tuck.
Getting tired. Ttyl.

The DR Outfit <3

Ladies it's no secret what I think about the wonderful DR. I get updates frequently from Yily and her transformations on big girls is BADASS! She be putting it down, well her or her cabana boys be getting it ennn!
Walkiris Robles pops out head turners too but hers be right after surgery before you can tell what it will finally look like.
Almonte, her dolls look great with their mommy makeovers too.
I just think Duran is the chick to carve out a new booty from this old log ass. Yily is a close 2nd. I am really feeling her work.
So this past week I have been eating like there's no tomorrow, chips, fried plaintains, fried crab, shrimp and lots of bread and olive oil. I completely forgot about my weight loss goals. Was at a wedding, mini road trip and just got caught up. STUPID! STUPID! SMH
So my weight loss projection on being at 199 today is gone. I am 204.8 when I woke up and 205.2 just now. Smh
I will drink Green Smoothies 3x/day for next three days then have 2 Green Smoothies with a light meal each day thereafter. If I get really hungry I will have a protein shake on either day. My Garcinia Cambogia came but it says Max not Slimming. I am going to look into this. I paid for Slimming not Max!
Ok. I will be back later to update you on my weight loss progress. Hopefully to tomorrow I can drop close to 2 lbs and by Wednesday I can be at least 201.

Weight Coming Down

From 214.7 to 201.2 but under 200 most days. I think its all the water I am drinking. I lost this weight basically drinking more than 100 ounces of water each day.

Starting tomorrow I will be doing the 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse (GSC) by JJ Smith. You can get the book on Amazon for $10.95 or oder it on Bonanza (digital) for $2.95 This book is everywhere WalMart, Winn Dixie, Costco, Publix, Amazon, Ebay...

You can just google here and get the information that motivates you and teaches you how to lose and maintain a healthy lifestyle with no exercise or surgery.

I know a lot of us have weight issues and need easy, safe and affordable solutions to reach our surgery goal and ladies this is the Holy Grail!

Can drink any green smoothie, take in protein, fiber and most importantly W-A-T-E-R!!! I promise you will lose weight in no time flat and there's even a maintenance phase for life included in the plan. The support of her facebook group is phenomenal and I love it!!


Ladies, I tested this past Saturday and got the two lines, instantly & strong so the waiting game begins. He is determined we have a big baby but I am focused on eating healthy. Lots of big green salads, boiled eggs, clean protein and green smoothies!
I am already overweight and I am not going to gain anything for this pregnancy. I vow to get rid of this B belly and have a beautiful D belly this time around. I already see progress. The top part of my stomach is almost gone!

Will continue to watch & wait.

Miscarriage 8 weeks

As of my 8th week I started passing brown, pink, then red blood with increasing clots. I had a subcorianic hemorrhage and lost my baby. Suspect my c-section, scar tissue, I don't know but am devastated by this. I have 3 children and never had any issues other than morning sickness so this is a shock right now.

My 13yr old daughter was with me for the entire thing, so supportive and asks so much questions! Staying focused on my children has helped me a lot to not fall into complete depression although I am crying all the time


Hi Ladies. I want to thank you for your sweet words of kindness. I really do appreciate them. It seems like I may have been pregnant with twins bc I passed two huge subchorionic clots/hematoma. each found no discernible fetal parts so there's no definitive answers can be had. I have already had a normal period and a second one with lots of flat clots - the doctor says this is normal.
My low grade fever has subsided but my cravings for spicy shrimp have not. lol My little ones are so active its hard to stay depressed for long but I do ache a little because of what is missed. My husband is better now - you know the we can try again thing... I just keep asking w,w, & w? Some things you will never know though so I have to accept this and move on. Thank you again for all of your support!

Is Duran Dirty NOW?

OMG I was just reading someones review and I feel like I am in a twilight zone, like the world is upside down! WTH? Duran is "known" for using dirty instruments? Say it ain't so, pleeeeze!!! Since when, ummmm since when?????

It was just yesterday I was holding her up as the epitome Goddess deliverer of the natural looking BBL now she turned into the MIAMI disease given monster of the BBL? Say it ain't so, pleeeze!!!! I read a too thin lady was told to gain weight, um is there any cases of too full needing to lose weight chicks getting infections too? Something about lipo where tummy tuck causing necrosis? I am like damn and whaaat?

I am sorry for all you ladies experiencing this nasty infections anywhere especially in my sacred DR bc you can stay here for that!! I am going to have to be antibiotic down after surgery bc I don't want infectin but more importantly what happened? La Cabana boys no trabajo bueno no mas? Yily's boys be banging out the slayed bods and thats what I want. Is this a new crop of boys being trained I can't really, I lost some babies but I am not about to lose my life!

Any new dolls done in 2016?

I feel lost and confused about RS, the BBL game, the doctors... Seems I blink and everything has turned upside down. Where are all the hot bodies at? Who is giving A rated transformations? Who has customer service wrapped up and who is giving the best body for the buck? Please help a sister out and drop a few names. I am getting my body back to normal and want to put something on the horizon!




$6500 For No scar Breast reduction. He uses Lipo then Thermage to contract the tissue then fills you back up!

Been looking at Horndeski Ultimate Bra Lift & I absolutely love it!

Can't find any doctors in DR to do it :-(
Colombia Dr. CORREA does this scarless lift too. The scar is around the areolar so that's fine with me!

Under my breast or around my areolar is fine. I have big ones, I like it, hubby likes it, never stopped me from getting a dick down so No I don't want any cutting to lose sensation!


What in all hells is going on around here?  Duran say no mami you too grande fatty! She said I should lose 30 or 30 lbs or Cabral, I forget which but she definitely would not do my surgery because I needed to lose weight.

I took that as a sign I needed to start being serious & lose some weight. Now I am 25lbs less and hearing you can get surgery if your BMI is under 35?

That's not the story I am getting for every doll. Some swear its 35, Coordinators are saying its 30 & some dolls too. I guess if you are taller & your weight is distributed differently you get a pass?

I am not mad because this journey of health made me see how valuable it is to in fact be at my healthiest weight as opposed to getting surgery while I am borderline.

The results I am looking for will come at a lesser BMI too. I am also hearing her turn dolls down for multiple procedures? Like really? Wth? Is it because of their BMI, Hemo levels or a new standard to give 2 services cap & have you come back to spend more money? I can't really be mad at that either because I was thinking most of our wish pics, except mines (30'sdanew20) are at least 2 rounds, at least. So I could get BBL & TT with liposculpture because she's Awesome with those. Mb when I get there we will see what to do with these breasts. I refuse to lose any sensation because thats a big part of my sex game so um, hell no!

On FB they be shooting daggers at her Breast Lifts but I am wondering....

I have these 44DD that as you can guess do not sit up. Could putting an implant in there improve my look? I love my breast & hubby does too but he being a real Fuck Boy lately.

Ladies, if you are married, boyfriend, live with your Pipe, he see everything & being a man he going to notice a lot more women & start doing dumb $hit! He going to actually do the same dumb $hit he always do it will just make you think crazy $hit like hitting sb new off once you get your new outfit bc that moment of a big sexual reveal is gone when you see he done been a Fuck boy with a Doll already.

These streets are flooded with Dolls, at the Bank, at the Title Office. At tge Doctors office - all you nursing or medical field dolls know who you are! IMO you have been the worst, no lie bc most of you are young, don't show any type of respect & think you born looking like what this money paid for. You forget too easily & have the nastiest hearts.

One newly fluff Doll had nerves to say something about me being the wife with the flat ass, blah blah blah. Lmfao she was a hot Mess! Toothpick legs with a Messy K Michelle (1st round) Ass. Yuck! Her face was mediocre at best and obviously didn't have the money for her boobs bc them $hits was flat as fyck. She had a big ass tatoo - must be the body ones bc it was across her stomach (tt sign), on her neck, breast & half her arm. Dumb bytch thought she was doing something. My hubby flirts, he's like that. If you flirt first & we are at a service oriented establishment he will try & get us some service. Get this kid seen now tf! She mistook my pissed off face for her when it was for him. The one that got him the Fuck boy award was a straight up dime piece, not any better but oh well, right?

We ladies go through so much with holding it down for our families & men we lose ourselves. I am glad I am going to get my work done. I have been popped tf out of my bubble. Gone through so much this year & feeling just a little bit overlooked. Let me stop lying - a lot overlooked!

Moving forward I am my own best friend, yes you can believe it, I am not interested in going with you everywhere or you leaving your phone with me or your mother or sisters calling about me or my children but I will accept every wad of cash you leave under my candy jar on the dresser & hell no I am not paying any of these bills with it!

Does Duran Process the Fat?

Hi Ladies, I am hearing that in the DR they do not process the fat so this is why the a $$e $ look so big then we complain if volume loss. Is this true? I don't want a big ol waterlogged azz! Wilberto Cortes says 30% of fat harvested is water and other non fat materials so I want to know. I don't want all them hips either, I will be fine with normal size hips & the laterals um no thanks I don't want to look like a circle from the front.
I see some dolls in pics look amazing with it but in real life it looks kinda freakish to me. I am not sure if I saw enough balance between the two to say I will try it. We'll see.


Hi Dolls,

I am reacclimating myself to the current events of DR as seen through this community's eyes.

I know Yily has moved onto Vergel but Duran & Cabral are still at CIPLA. Has CIPLA improved as far as their overnight care?

I know now the term nurse is used loosely there to make Americans feel at ease but most of these females are nothing more than watchmen. Have they upgraded to real Nurses or not?

I read a few reviews where a RH let you hire a overnight nurse who literally watched you sleep but nothing else. The language barrier is an issue especially during a time you are unable to advocate for yourself. That will be some unnecessary stress I must avoid ladies. Now private care is available but costs so damn much for pretty much the same thing just you in your own space recovering. Any ladies use this? With who? How much?


I love me some Duran but I need help deciding if I want her to touch my babies. They are precious to me. Was going to reduce the bc the hubby wanted me to but since Fuck boy enjoyed him a Doll with some DR tits, mines aren't going anywhere!
I am going to move with my body the way I see best, for me - very selfishly & with some spite! I like my babies, I just want them lifted & I thought I had to get reduction to that.
How is Duran with breast work? Is she better at reductions with lift or what?
I read on FB about a doll who went to Cabral and woke up with 2 different size tits, he tried to tell her after she healed he could revise it! Wth? She went off & he wheeled her back in the OR & fixed it. I know that's right! And that was her 2nd surgery with the man so she just knew he was going to do her right. I hear Yily struggles with Breast work but on FB her dolls look on point. On FB nobody seems to know how Duran is doing in that department like she is a top secret agent! I hear she posts on instagram but I don't have instagram. I searched for some 2016 Dolls andvDuran is doing her thing.
I want a heart kind of teardrop, thought about bubble but I don't want my azz to sit on top of my legs, it needs to transition into it like that slight curve on letter S.

Medicare covers Breast Reduction?

I found a doctor in Texas who accepts Medicare payment as full cost as least thats what it says about him on Medicare website. I am interested in this procedure because the scars are hidden in the inframammary fold & around the areolar
My only question now is will I retain nipple sensation? I have to, there's no negotiating this. Obviously I have to get the ball rolling with my doctor & paperwork. He brought it up to me last year after our consult for other things. He said he'd fill out the forms to get me approved with Medicare. With all that's going on I forgot. Blessings if this comes through its just the cost of travel & hotel mb, not sure what follow up schedule would look like.
Any dolls have Breast Work done in the states? How soon after did you have to follow up? I am sure this will be a requirement of insurance. Did you have to be hospitalized, for how long?


Feeling great right now because my scale is loving me back. Decided to do a round of HCG & some Phentermune and I have to say it's working great. I am not getting the results some of you are but it's okay bc I am basically losing 5lbs per week. Except this week I have a stall on most days but I also have my TOM. Mines go on for 6 days & I find it unusually light but HEYYYYYY!
I am eating 2x a day protein & veggies and part of the Ocean too, at least 6 bottles of Dasani water but am not weighing or measuring my food. Basically no carbs is making me lose & Phentermine really does suppress my appetite. I have not once been tempted to eat anything other than the food on the protocol despite cooking lasagna or baking cookies or making pies...
I have to admit I barely exercised at all either. I may have fooled around with some 5.5lb kettle bells to tighten up these arms. I want to do something with my legs but I am scared to not have enough room to put in my flat, firm ass!
I read on here some advice Dr. Macao gives for his BBL & TT patients. He recommended they use 5 pillows to lay on, 2 under the legs and under your back and something even softer for under your boots like some soft foam. He says this encourages your lymphatic system to collect fluid there so your skin can expand & increase the likelihood of the survival of your fat grafts. I definitely will start trying out some of these recommendations. I was going to use my outdoor lounge chair, just pimp it out for my BBL. Cut out a hole and put enough padding on it so I can be comfortable.
I am taking my time getting healthy right now. My high blood pressure or heart disease has to be controlled. I know most ppl don't think they have heart disease but that's what hbp really is.
I have goals of redesigning my temple for the long haul. If I take some time now & delay my procedure to get my body right then that's less money, pain & suffering for other surgeries.
Right now I want a TT but notice the girls who are smaller & get TT pay way less by at least $3000 so I want to get smaller to save some money, hell yeah!
I am 178 from 192 on the 5th of this month. My goals for this month have not been met on 2 alternate weeks but I am not mad at a @5lbs weight loss every 7 days! Whoop! Whoop! Now I am thinking how small do I want to get because I want to have enough fat & get sculpted too. Yass hunny I want my muscle repair & TT & some liposculpture up on this piece!
I am going to keep working out my arms and get my sides & legs on point by doing some JJ's. I hate it but can wear weights & do some calf raises to beef up my lower legs. I used to have dynamite legs but time, lifestyle, stress have definitely taken a beating to me.
Contemplating whether or not to get my inner thighs just sucked out or a little lift. I think lift because it can remove all if the dark skin between my legs from friction. I would love to hear any of you Dolls' experience with this.
By losing weight then losing the stomach this gives me more fat to get from the rest of my body for my butt. If I gain weight it will be in my butt & stomach area of course bc I don't think they liposculpture the stomach if you are getting TT.
My next doctors appointment is @ 2 weeks away and I already told my doc I was interested in getting some services. I will discuss in detail my plans for PS especially that it's out of the country. Unless his plastic surgery friend is Hassan I will not even consider doing anything! Then again that's still a NO Maury.
I am looking to get bodied hopefully before the year is out, so December would be nice bc school is out for my child. Next option is Easter vacation and that would be nice bc it's before my birthday. Then it's the beginning of June but I would hate to do it @ Easter time bc it gets warm here in February & will be especially hot in June & I kinda am not looking forward to 6 months of Faja. I rather begin that in December instead of June.
I am sure about my decision to take barely nothing with me. I really want to bring my children only bc I can hang more if I do. Been looking at Karleigh Harris of Dollhouse Recovery & Ortega (sp) Recovery but keep seeing High Class Recovery. I haven't seen any reviews yet. I am open to a buddy or a few buddies. I think a group of us together can be cool. We get that whole day of surgery with Duran so anyone interested LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN. I am thinking of renting a house or condo on Air BNB. Jose Brito has recommendations & have a real nurse come check on us for at least the 1st 3 days. Maybe even 2 or 3 different nurses working in 8 or 12 hour shifts. I say the 1st 3 days because I hear that those are the toughest.
I like my music some weird stuff so I will wear my headphones & won't torture anyone.
I have 3 children but my eldest is 13 & can manage them especially if there's swimming & food involved. Lol
Maybe you can bring your child(ren) as well. Just playing around with some ideas.
Been thinking too about drains. I have been reading a lot about our surgery & it's risks & complications what I found is a lot of issues could be avoided if we didn't get drains & just compressed & ate lots of veggies & protein to promote healing. If you are using drains it's best to drain for as long as possible to minimize serias or tissue hardening. To me it makes sense to stay the 14 days or even 3 weeks like they require in Colombia. If I do this option I will most likely hire a maid who speaks Creole. If any of you ladies speak Spanish or Creole it would be really helpful on this journey.
I want to be in DR a few days before the Sx day just to check out the rentals & see some places. Mb check out the recovery homes & go on some consults just for the fun of it. I like to watch so see all the Dolls by the different doctors. One doctor of particular interest to me us a doctor Hernandez. He can do magic on the shapeless in 1 round.
Mb mid October I go fishing for a quote. Just for fun.
OK ladies, thank you for taking the time to read my review. I know it's long but it's been a few years & a lot has happened so forgive me.
Once my Sx happens I will post here but on Anniversaries after 1 year Post Op I will continue on a new blog.
If you have any thoughts on my ideas please post. I can use some input. <3

Looking for Sx Buddy Flexible with Dates

Hi All. Am looking for a Sx buddy. Am flexible with dates. Can go:
Xmas 2016 possibly Thanksgiving 2016
NEW years 2017
Easter 2017 / Spring Break
Then Anytime after 1st week of June 2017 before 2nd week August 2017

I am not going to lose any more weight. Been reading how ladies didn't have enough fat after that TT! Not playing myself. I meet the 30 BMI requirement so I stop there.
I read ladies only lose like 5lbs from the TT! Then I started thinking yeah its because they not removing your entire stomach just the lower half!!! So I might lose only max 10lbs so I need the fat on the rest of my body to reshape me.
I need an artist. I need Duran. That row of fat that goes across the top part of my ass needs to be suction out and then the ass sculpted from there. I can't wait ladies. Am so excited. This is about to happen.
I want to stay at High Class or Dollhouse Recovery but am open to your ideas or suggestions.
I decided I will leave my kiddies out of this equation.
I really want a group of us ladies to go together. We don't have to be going to the same doctor but should be having surgery around the same time. I would love to go a few days earlier to check some things out, get labs done & check out the area.

Anybody do wall in for Duran?

Boy have I got it bad ladies! I want my transformation so bad I can taste it! Am mentally prepared to recuperate in as low stress an environment as possible. I want to be on my way and NOW!
I am sick of wearing these boring clothes. I just purchased some random lipsticks by LA girl well lip gloss & I am impressed with how it covers my lips & shines. That's still not no ass!

Anybody just show up in DR?

Anybody? What did you do? Where did you stay? Which doctor?

Feeling bold!

What is the name of machine to test iron in your blood at home?

I need to know what the name of this machine is so please help me out. I keep seeing blood glucose meters but I am not diabetic! Where do you get it from, Ebay, Amazon, Walgreen or your local Wal-Mart?

Me & that man are talking somewhat so I now have the opportunity to go to Dominican republic & get bodied because he will stay with the children & has time off because the holidays. I am looking at tickets around $450 to $800 rt flexible on the return so I don't run into any problems.

I am ready for my walk through. I am serious about the no baggage thingy too. I can buy the Ensure once there and BBL pillow from Cosmiatra, most of the recovery houses sell them or rent the wedges. I will purchase my garment there too. Just bringing my iron and creams but will have to buy that Thrombocoid cream and white antibacterial powder there as well, otherwise thats all I got. I am taking in my purse or laptop bag or backpack undecided).

1. thigh & knee high compression socks
2. 3 tee shirt dresses 2 short & 1 long sleeve (will be chilly home)
3. slippers
4. 5 pack mens tee shirts
5. 5 pack large cotton panties (for my back booty instead of my front one ;-)

Tell me what you think & please, what is the name of the machine? Thanks!

Updates on Vanity in Miami. Is Hasan back?

Hello. Been seeing some wonderful work from Hasan popping up on my feed and I am a little confused, is he back?
I hear Dr. Omulepu has been banned from practice but I am unsure about the truthfulness of this.
My wariness of this place far outweighs my intrigue so I will not be making any plans to have surgery there. I have always believed it was the doctors skill level to question most in any outcome of a surgery then other things come into play. It SEEMS there is a lot left to be desired with this end of Miami plastic surgeons. Google showed me all these DEATHS this year from there and its just frightening to see how blatantly we are at risk of a surgeon who can perforate an organ and keep it moving. Worst is the process we are all taking with not being hospitalized or just going to recovery houses without any REAL professionals! Do your research!
Large volume surgeries are bound to have an error here or there but come tf on! I am not about to sit up here and lie and act like I am not afraid to die! I want my surgery, I want my transformation but not paralysis or Death.

I read the heat is on a few doctors there like Fisher, Hasan, Mcadoo, Llorente (who is that?), Omulepu & more so I guess they all acting ultra conservative and careful because now they are defending their pocket books = livelihood = that LICENSE! YET AND STILL SOMEONE PASSED AWAY AS RECENT AS SEPTEMBER OR OCTOBER THIS YEAR & I AM LIKE ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Good luck to all the Vanity/Spectrum/Encore House dolls as well as those in Dominican Republic, Brazil,Mexico ans Colombia <3 May we all survive our wish to be blessed by the Gods <3

Looking at New Year for surgery 2017

Been thinking about Cabral. I think he is awesome with his lipo skills! I am now at 178, 176 some days so I think I want to lose at least another 15 - 20 pounds. I see ladies with awesome results at 150 - 160lbs who get tummy tucks. It's just some of his tummy tucks - the lines not straight across like with Baez or Duran. Struggling with even considering him because the fboy really prefers his Dolls? Wtf? Since when are you "into" Booty Surgery? Oh since you been "experimenting" with Booty Surgery Dolls, oh ok - Um that's like a BIG NOOOOO! I feel conflicted because I want the best results I can get and the King is definitely a contender but these fboy antics turning me off. Wish he just go sit down somewhere fr! Always asking about it (showing interest ><), tryna plan it with me (so he can tag along - please do I look stoopid, huh?), reminding me he's paying (weak ass fboy apology but I definitely taking that in all CASH!) - boop!

I be feeling some type of way but like Beyonce I am going to put it in my music and make some money aka put it in my body and make you jealous, hmmm. lol He be acting weird about sh!t I do every day and he don't know how much a turn off it is because that's what made me suspicious and how I found out about his Fboy activities. smdh

Anywho I am doing a cleanse beginning sometime next week after my daughter's birthday so I can lose around 15 lbs in 10 days so Wish me luck. I know I can do it its just I am not excited about doing it - it's Holiday time and I have to cook! I am about to just get a bird and a roast and make 2 to 3 sides & salad is one of them then call it a day. Hey, it's what you get when you have to pick at Boston Market ijs. I know I am making 2 SPP's & 1 Coconut lemon cake with Egg Nog and Apple Juice. Done.

I can't wait to get this started.

I have been working on this update since around noon today and have just read a CBC report I had done on September 1st and ladies it is NOT good! I need to pump my brakes with all of this laid back, complacent attitude with my health. Fake playing like I want to be healthy but only doing it 60% - 75% of the time!

New regimen beginning tomorrow morning 6am:


1. 2 tbsp BSM 4oz soy milk & 4 oz water (hot) because I just want to drink it warm - 2x day AM/PM
2. Vitamin C with Rosehips - slow release
3. 2 Curcumin & Turmeric capsules with Bioprene
4. 2 Chelated Magnesium - this works to lower blood pressure & increase iron absorption
5. Mega Blood builder - begins when I get them next week
6. Miracle 2000 - begins when i get them next week
7. Pure absorp - begins when I get them next week
8. Drink 40 oz water with ACV now all I have to drink is 3 bottles of water

Beginning at 10am
Green Smoothie #1 48 oz no fruit, chia seeds, wheat germ, nopalina - Kale


At 2pm
Green Smoothie #2 48 oz strawberries, chia seeds, wheat germ - Kale


At 6pm
Green Smoothie #3 48 oz Grapefruit juice (4oz), chia seeds, wheat germ - Kale

Smooth Moves Tea

If I am especially hungry I will drink 40 oz of water with ACV in it and if that still leaves me starving I will eat a cucumber and lemon salad - no salt or oil - brush my teeth and starve myself to SLEEP!

I intend to do this until my issues are resolved, eventually including some protein like grilled chicken (foreman grill or fish but No carbs, soda, alcohol).

I am anemic so I knew this was a problem but seeing crazy liver #'s and other stuff is sobering. I have been having passing out spells I thought might be related to my anemia but what I saw in my report is far worse signs of possible damage. Low on B12, Vitamin D as most Americans especially AA's are I strongly suspect are the culprit for the low liver #'s & Ferritin levels. Hair loss has been happening for close to 15 years and now that its mostly gone and I have a "look" now - ha ha ha...

I will update you ladies with where I am every Thursday & Monday. By next week I will just order my blood test online for $29 then walk into a place to see where my levels are currently. My report is from September 1, 2016. My Hemoglobin says 9 but then a Special Chemistry says my Total iron is 14 but its still far lower than the 35 it says for the range! I am calling tomorrow to have it explained to me.

I am decided that I will go for surgery next year 2017 just not sure when. I am optimistically going to say in January or something. I want to go before tax time, I hear thats when its busiest and also when the Cabana boys start appearing to handle the onslaught of Americans seeking plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic and its when the death toll rises. Makes sense - more bodies so more practice.

I have a lot to look into in the morning - my results - getting referral for iron infusions with vitamin D, B12 & C or I will look into ordering some online, I have read some ladies buy their own heparin shots so I will see and give an update tomorrow or so. If I get some crazy ridiculous number or appointment for consult I will just go to a lab to get the IV administered. ttfn
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