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I need thee, O, I need thee…Dra. Duran, I need...

I need thee, O, I need thee…Dra. Duran, I need thee…ok so for those of you that attend church I know that is not how the song goes but that's what I'm singing…don't judge me (lol). Greetings RS Sisters, as many of you I started as a bonafide stalker of RS before I actually decided to post a review. And actually I had the nerve to comment on people's review without having a review (the audacity of this sister). I gotta story to tell, you wanna hear it, ok here it goes:

I am 5' 4" and weigh 222 (lawd Jesus) and I have started my weight loss journey to get to at least 160 by my planned surgery date of April 2015. Prior to finding RS I was set on Dr. Perry but my co-worker told me about this site and I've been hooked. The obsession is absolutely re-donk-u-lous because all I did was look at donks. Anywho, I need a TT, Full Body Lipo and of course the infamous BBL with fat transfer. I have sent my pics in a Spanish and English email to Dra. Duran so I'm hoping to hear from her. I've been thinking about using BellaVita but I'm going to give it some time before I do that.

If any of you ladies have contact with Dra. Duran let her know that this sister is sending out an S.O.S. because I'm in need of her help!!!! Hugs, Love, and Blessings to all of my RS Sisters

P.S. Thank you to the countless courageous Women that have documented their journey to a new body, ya'll are the truth and I greatly appreciate each and every one of you.

Til We Meet Again…Hugs, Love, and Blessings!

Created by God Redesigned by Duran!

Hey Dolls, I've been busy exercising and trying to eat healthy so I can lose this weight. I still have not heard anything from Duran but I'm not worried because she probably saw my pics and said hellllll nah!!! Anywho I did contact BellaVita consultants and received a quote for their standard and premium services. I am not quite sure about the difference between the two but I will let you Dolls know more info when they answer my question. I'm impatient so either way I will use them. I'm even researching recovery houses and looking at supply lists so I can start

Yes, I'm that chick that is I also signed up on Instagram with fitgirlarmy to start a weight loss and exercise challenge for 30 days. I'm trying everything so that my body doesn't plateau cuz I have to be at 150 by April. Speaking of April I may try for a May date to avoid the rush of income tax sx (lol).

I was asked to upload my before pics and I feel it's only fair but I must warn you to be very afraid. But OMG when I get this redesigned body imma be a brick house oh wait I think the term now is MILFORD! Yaaaasssssss

Later Dolls, hugs love and kisses!

Making Progress

Hey Dolls! I just want all of you to know how much I appreciate you! To those that have gone before me, thank you for being kind enough to share your journal even when you were not feeling up to par and even when you were healed and could've just gone on about your business…thank you, thank you, thank you! And to those that are in waiting, let's keep each other encouraged even when you think no one is reading your blog…blog anyway. And to my sisters that are going through the weight loss journey like me…NO EXCUSES, let's eat right, run, jog, walk, lift weights, cycle…by any means necessary let's get those BMI's under 30!

So progress is being made..why? well thanks for asking (lol)….drum roll please…because Dra. Duran has finally accepted my request on instagram…well maybe one of her assistants but any who…I did a happy dance at 1:00 am EST when I saw that my request was granted. Now I know you are probably like, really girl? You are happy about that? Ummm yeah because I was able to see more of her work and I want to use people she's worked on as 1. inspiration pics and 2. wish pic. Why? Thanks for asking…I love it when you ask me to concisely explain my thought process. Ok, I've seen a lot of pics on RS however I haven't seen anyone with my body type nor have I seen one of her patients that had all this extra flabby skin. Well on IG…BAM there it is. TT's on people who have a stomach like mine and she let God use her honey! And as a matter of fact I saw a few girls that actually look a bit heavier than I am and it got me to thinking why is it that they (DR PS) require us to be under 30 BMI. But then I thought well maybe over 30 BMI is ok for people that live there but they want to take extra precautionary measures for foreigners. Which is fine with me.

Also the most important thing I found is a posting from her or her assistant that provides the best way to get in touch with her. I will go into it when I post a picture of the post, I just have to transfer the pics from my phone to my laptop…why did I get involved in the apple world..uuuggghh.

Monday Motivation

Good Monday Morning Dolls!! Rise, shine and give God the Glory!!! May your week be filled with peace, harmony, love and wisdom! For those that are in recovery healing virtue is being sent your way. For those about to enter surgery the Lord shall guide the hands of the surgeon! For those of us that are in waiting let's keep each other encouraged!

Be Blessed!!!!

Wish Pics of Duran Dolls

I chose wish pics of Dra. Durans work because it should be easy for her to And yes I do realize that my results will be based on my body type but can't a girl hope wish and


So I just realized that I never told my RS Sisters about myself. I guess I was so excited to be a part of the fam that I forgot and I've been doing my usual stalking of RS every single I am so obsessed with this site that when I'm in meetings I am reading the journey of others and commenting...who does that?!

Anywho, I am a 43 year old mother of 4 children but I've only had 3 pregnancies...did you guess how can this be? People usually have to pause when I say this..LOL The third pregnancy was twin girls, I guess one got lonely and decided they needed company. All of my kids are in their 20's (yes I started way too early). My oldest daughter lives in Atlanta, GA, my son is in Hawkinsville, GA (trying to figure out what college he wants to attend) and the twins are at Bethune Cookman University. And can I tell y'all Cookman is so dang on expensive...geesh. I guess I should mention that I am married but he's irrelevant because this is all about me...teehee

I've been talking about surgery for about 4 years now but I needed to wait until the twins got into college and see what my portion of payment would be. I was stuck on Dr. J but then I saw a young lady that went to Perry and I was like..oh yeah that's my surgeon. So for the past 2 years Perry was my guy. But low and behold my co-worker told me about this site and I saw Dra. Duran's work and holy smokes I was hooked!!! Like most of you, my life revolved around making sure for my children, I wanted them to be exposed to different things so that they understand that they have the ability to create the life they want to live. You know give the kids some culture and experience. But now it is all about me. Besides I'm loving the fact that I don't have to pay $10 to $15k for surgery...thank you Jesus! Trust me, Cookman wants their money every

So I'm on a weight loss journey to be sure that I can have my surgery. Therefore for the next few months my blog will be about weight loss until surgery time.

You ladies have been very welcoming and it's truly amazing to see the support! Who says women can't get together without bickering? Tell them to check out RS!

Later Dolls!

Weight Loss and Hypothyroidism

About 8 years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and the two options the Doc gave me were 1) get the thyroid removed and be on medicine all my life or 2) keep the thyroid and be on medicine all my life..umm I'll take option three Alex. What is option three…no meds just attempt to live as normal as possible. Well here it is I've been working out 3x a day and eating no more than 1200 calories and I had not lost any weight! I was like "really God, really". Then my girl Turinky posted about hypothyroidism and all of a sudden I was haunted by my decision. My excuse for not taking meds was "God will heal me" but the honest truth is God provides us with tools to use until our healing comes. I was thinking taking meds would mean I had a lack of faith and the fact of the matter is taking the medicine would have nothing to do with my faith…smh. Sometimes we, I can be stubborn but I'm learning.

Nevertheless I chatted with Turinky and went downstairs to the health center (I work for a major utility company and we have a doctors office on the first floor) and told them I needed to get my thyroid checked. There is also a full gym with trainers so that's how I was working out 3x a day (before work, before lunch, and after work) it truly made working out easy and I had no excuses. Ok back to the story…I was scheduled for the next day. How about my results were ridiculous, my thyroid was operating at a 0.25 which meant it wasn't doing anything. It nah work! So the Doc gave me a script for Synthroid (like Turinky told me). And I told her that I was going to do HCG, she wasn't happy but cleared me for it anyway. The truth is I had already started and I was surprised they didn't see it in my blood…lol

Anywho, I started HCG because my weight wasn't moving (wasn't thinking about my thyroid). I started on Saturday which was my gorge day and Sunday was my gorge day so I actually started the 500 calories on Monday. I opted for the dissolvable pills because I couldn't imagine pricking myself with a needle for 40 days..I could care less how small the needle is…not gone do it. Well I'm happy to report that I had my first weigh in today and I have lost 7 pounds and I'm down 25 1/4 inches (this is my neck, chest, arms, and legs combined). Yay me! If I keep this up for 35 more days then hun-tee I will be right for Duran!!! Oh I forgot to mention that I didn't lose anything from my hips, not that I have much but in a sense I'm glad so that Duran can fill me out more and have something to work with..LOL

Here's my progress for this week: Monday, November 10th weight 226 (yes I gained weight during my gorge days…what the heck) but Friday, November 14th weight 219! Go me, go me, go me…LOL

Smooches Dolls!


Hello my Lovelies!

I want to provide more information on how HCG works because I am experiencing WONDERS beyond measure! As of today when I weighed myself I am at 214 lbs. So remember on November 14th I was 219 and today is November 18th so in 4 days I've lost an additional 5 lbs (whooohoo!!).

HCG is sold online in the form of drops and pills but I decided to go to a doctor so that I would get a physical exam prior to starting. They gave me the option of shots (the needle is microscopic but I can't see myself giving me a shot every thanks) and the dissolveable pill that you put under your tongue (yep, pill please). The doctors office called in the prescription for me and it took about two days to receive. Now for the good part.

You are on a 500 calorie diet, some docs do 800 and you are provided with a list of fruits, veggies and meat that is acceptable to eat while you are on HCG. Your first 2 or 3 days (depending on the doc) are your gorge days. This is when they will encourage you to eat any and everything high in fat content because HCG feeds off the fat without making you hungry. There is a 23 day plan and a 40 day plan, I'm on the 40 day plan. They provide you with a book that will help you track your meals and weight loss. This is another reason why I suggest going to a doctor for this because otherwise you may not lose the weight. My book has recipes and everything I need to know in order to be successful.

My routine..wake up shower, brush teeth, put pill under tongue..get dressed, gather food for breakfast and lunch, drive to work..drink my first 16.9 oz of water. I found that cooking my food on Sunday for the entire week helps me to not cheat. There is a cafeteria at my job and they cook every thing so I don't want to put myself in a position where I cheat. You should drink at least 64ozs of water per day. There are only certain ingredients that you can use to season your food and the salad dressing choice is nasty...I'm just going to be honest. But I use it anyway.

I pretty much eat the same thing everyday only because I'm a creature of comfort so my breakfast will be either half a grapefruit or a large apple with a grissini stick and water and tea (no sugar). Lunch grilled chicken (grain or vegetable fed only and you must trim the fat) 3.5 ozs only, one cup of lettuce with Waldens salad dressing. Dinner will be the same as lunch with a grissini stick and fruit. I try to eat a little more at dinner to trick my mind into thinking I've had a big meal.

Honestly 500 calories doesn't seem like much but I'm not hungry at all. And I've found that most of the times I only think I'm hungry or it feels like I should be eating. After about the 3rd or 4th day I stopped having those cravings however I still crave cookies and Truthfully you will have cravings but its different from being hungry, your body is having a sugar withdrawal so it will start playing mind tricks on

Once my 40 days is complete I will go on a transition plan (included in the price) to teach me to eat and not gain the weight back. However, because I have a goal in mind I will juice for 6 weeks and then go for a second round of HCG. You have to wait 6 weeks before you can do another round.

Hopefully this very long update will help some of my Sisters that are on the weightloss journey with me and for future ladies. Please feel free to ask questions, I'm willing to help and if I don't know the answer I will ask the doctor for you. I told her that I would document it for other ladies and she said "well ask me anything" LOL

Till Next Update, Love you Ladies!

Hola Chicas

Greetings Sisters,

I've been away for a while but that's because nothing eventful has I pray that each of you had a fan-tab-ulous Thanksgiving! Well mine was bland because I was surrounded by food but nothing was HCG I have been to restaurants with friends and drank water with lemon while others indulged in My motivation to not cheat has been the sole fact that I want this surgery. So today is Wednesday, December 3, 2014 and I am 204lbs. I am addicted to the scale and for about a week I stayed at 206lbs so I am happy to have broken that plateau.

I still have cravings for sweets and the crazy part is the cravings have intesified! One would think that since I've been doing this diet for 25 days I would no longer crave red velvet cheesecake...oh but not so. I dream about red velvet cheesecake every night it even invades my dreams about the I am still unable to exercise but I can't until I'm done with HCG so that I can exercise. Once my last 15 days are over I plan to do the Master Cleanse for 10 days and transition into a healthy diet. NO WHITE FOODS!!! I'm staying away from that stuff. It is my intent to make this a healthy lifestyle change although in the beginning it was all about the surgery. However, we can't get these new bodies and still eat the same we have to maintain it.

Also, if you are on instagram follow me @choznphenom...that's where I've been spending most of my time. I found a surgery buddy there and have met a great group of ladies. We are in the stages of planning a trip to Vegas in September 2015! It will be our first time meeting up and we are going to have a BLAST!!!

Chow Bella!

Surgeon Update

Almost I paid Bella Vita $200 for a quote from Duran and received the quote on November 24th. $6800 for TT, full body Lipo, BBL, BA..but prior to receiving that quote I started researching Dr. Cabral and I must say his work is consistent. Now before you start with all the issues in the past, I want you to know that I've read it, I've prayed about it and he's my doc. Truth be told at first I was nervous but the more I see girls go and come home ALIVE and looking good my nerves subsided. Also, he's been quick responding to me on whatsapp and I appreciate that! I mean I love Duran but what if I need to ask a question when I'm in the RH how will I get ahold of her and will her response be timely? What about while in the states? Cabral has answered every single question within 2 to 4 hours!!!

Also if you look at his work his is by far the most consistent. So yes I've changed docs and y'all know I was all about team Duran but her non responsiveness and having to pay someone to contact her made me look at other surgeons..oh well.

Oh and I whatsapp Cabral for a quote with my pics and 24 hours later I had a quote of $6,500 for the same thing I wanted from Duran and I received a surgery date for May 6, 2015!!! Can you believe I already purchased my ticket..LMBO I'm so excited and I just can't hide it..LOL


Weight Loss Update

Hi Dolls and Barbs! So I've been MIA because I've been preoccupied with IG. I really like it because it has real time information but I remember where I on RS and how the information I received from the site helped me with my research and decision.

Any who..I came off of HCG a week and a half early because it dawned on me that I needed to start preparing my body for the trauma of surgery that it will go through. No matter how you look at it, this surgery is a BIG DEAL! I want to take the necessary vitamin supplements and I want to exercise. While on HCG it is recommended that you do not exercise because you are only getting 500 calories per day.

I purchased a Bowflex and the Total Gym which I use at night, during the day at work I do a brisk walk and job on the treadmill. I am maintaining my portion control and making good food choices. What are good food choices? Lots of fruits and veggies, lean meats, no sugar, light starch. I am also increasing my HIIT exercises (high intensity interval training) these exercises are good for your heart! I want my heart and breathing to be able to withstand the stress of surgery. The vitamins are for hemo levels to be 13 or above so that I can have all the procedures that I want.

I am also getting full blood work in January and April, stress test, EKG and full body MRI. These procedures are not required but I am doing it for my own sanity. I want to go into surgery with my body in tip top shape because it will need to be in a position to repair itself accurately and with speed. I will admit I have not treated my temple good by any means but with the preparation of surgery and the need to maintain optimum results afterward, this is a lifestyle change for me. My body houses my spiritual temple and I am learning to take care of it..not for vanity sake but for the sake of having mobility of all my limbs even at 105 years of age (lol)...yes I plan on living well past that.

So that's all I have for Ladies are the best and chat with you later!
Dr. Hector Cabral

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