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I was looking for a Doctor who could do my BBL,...

I was looking for a Doctor who could do my BBL, and a friend recommended Dr. Nelson Rubio. My friend had a Lipo done with him, after being pregnant. She came out looking like a doll, which made me look into his work, and I was very happy with his work. I cant knock his skills. Now with that said I contacted the Doctor through whatapp, and he responds very quickly which made me feel like he cares. He game me a price of my surgery and I was very happy with that price. Now I have an issue so I normally have to ask ahead of time to see if its a problem, I was diagnosed with Von Willebrands Type 1, which is a bleeding disorder but with proper medication should be a problem . he told me that no there wasn't a problem that I would only have to come in and have some test done. I felt great, he seemed that he was aware of my condition and was not worried. I told him about the medication that was needed and he was alright with it. I told him that I would probably be doing the surgery in few months, he was alright with it, and told me to give his office a call and to set up everything. So I did, I flew out to DR for three days to visit a friend, and while I was there I meet with the doctor and he was kind enough to open the office up on a Saturday since I only went down for the weekend. I told him in person that I would like a BBL, and to my surprise he told me that he didn't think I would need one since I didn't have enough fat , but I explained to him I was planning to gain a little extra weight just for the fat transfer. He continued to discuss the option of a nose job instead, I politely I told him that I didn't come to him for a nose job and that down the road I consider the possibility of having one done, even though I don't have a problem with my nose. Anyways after everything he raised the price just a little bit but still was fine with me. After the three months passed I had booked my ticket and was planning to spend a month in DR, One week prior to the surgery to have some fun and relax and then two weeks of recovery and then one week just to relax and enjoy some sun. After the first week I went to his office and started the test and he sent me to the cardiologist (everything checked out fine) then he sent me to the hematologist which she sent me to get some test done, and i spent extra money on blood test, but I left it was alright since I have some "special" blood. I have to say that I left it was weird that the hematologist didn't know anything about me until I show up at her office. She was nice and told me that she knew about my condition and she was gonna have to test for it in either case. when I paid for the test and was getting my blood taken they told me that the results were not going to be in until two week from that day, so the doctors tried to do everything they could to speed up the process but there was nothing to be done (money wasted) I asked the doctor if they could just give me the medication since I already knew I had it and my time in DR was already limited, after two days I return to the hematologist and she tells me that the medication could not found in DR that I would need to go home and bring the medication from the US. OKAY here is where I come to believe that Dr. Rudio is unprofessional, after explaining my situation in advance him, meeting with him in person prior to the surgery, and giving him 3 months to ask a hematologist for an opinion. He didn't look into anything, and every time I spoke to him the price of the surgery continued to get higher and higher. Now if he didn't want to do the surgery I would think he would just say he didn't feel comfortable with doing it, but I feel like he was trying to take advantage of the situation and raise the price to see if I would pay it. I cant say his work is bad, because I wouldn't have gone to him, but it seems to me that he does bare minimum. And although his staff is very nice and the doctors are very nice as well, it seems that they just show up to work and hope for the best. The doctor's word to me after everything, was " come back again and we'll try again or you can do it in the states" I am happy I didn't get it done with him and am not planning to return or recommend him, I need a doctor and his staff to be more professional and more concerned with his patient's well being, and not trying to make money. Thank you for listening and happy hunting everyone :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

He is a skilled surgeon and does amazing work, and while he and his staff are nice; he is unprofessional and irresponsible. And because of that he made me lose time and money.

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