New Pics! What You Think Ladies? Any dancers here?!?

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Ok ladies, first I never knew it was so many...

Ok ladies, first I never knew it was so many ladies who wanted this surgery I have literally been wanting this surgery since I was 14 & hit middle school & starting seeing all the other girls develop & I didn't, I got boobs but never gained any hips or butt. I have had a complex ever since, not filling out clothes like I want & just plain ol uncomfortable when naked. Not to mention I grew up around curvy bootylicious women so imagine how I felt. I know how to dress to give off the illusion that I'm working with a little something something lol, I already have a decently deep curve in my back so from the side I look like I got a lil phatty lol, but from the back is flat as a pancake lol. I will upload a pic so you maybe understand what I'm saying.

Height: 5'0
Current Weight: 155lbs down from 169 (YAY!!)
Measurements: 36 D, 33 Waist & 40 (hips/butt area)

I'm a by far in love with Dr.Jimmerson results, I'm schedule to have virtual consult 7/24, which is by far way to long for my anxious self. Then I came across this site & came across Dr.Yily & her amazing sculpting results, for dirt cheap compared to the skilled US Docs. I schedule my surgery with Yily for 2/20/13! I've never had surgery or been out the country so this is going to be one hell of an experience for me.

I'm going to start the passport process Monday 12/31 & will probably order the Vitamin pack from makemeheal Monday as well. I need to start gathering a list if other things I'm going to take as well. No one knows about my obsession, I recently told my bestfriend that I only told my bestfriend that I'm getting lipo (a small white lie lol ) I haven't really thought out how I'm going to explain my phatty lol & she's "suppose" to come with me but she tends to bs alot & if she chooses not to I will just stay at an Recovery house.

I found round trip airline ticked for $275 but I will have to drive 4.5hrs from where I live to Chicago to their airport that's the closet JetBlue airport to me or I will have to pay $600 to leave from my airport..if my bestfriend decides to really go then I think we will depart from Chicago that a way when we return she can drive is back & I lay down in the back so hopefully she doesn't bail on me! That's all I have for now I will update next ladies! Happy holidays!

I'm back ladies, I'm wondering do I just worry way...

I'm back ladies, I'm wondering do I just worry way to much or has anybody got blood work done before they decide to fly out the country for they procedure, I would just hate to get to the DR & I couldn't get the procedure done due to low iron levels or something, I would be so sad/pissed. I can't get any blood word done without a doctors order of course & I've emailed Yily asking her would she consider faxing a doctor order to my doctor so they will draw the blood...huhhhh am I'm over thinking this or what? I've also been looking in Dr. Perry, I love his work but he charges 7k & it's no purpose of paying double the price, I also started to worry about if I would like my results with Yily b/c of these "high hips" but I'm just going to repeatedly express what I want. I plan to get lipo on my inner arms, axilla fat, full abdomen, waist, love handles & full back..I want every drop of fat out that they can get lol. I'm so anxious about this surgery I wanna be healed by summer, I would get done today if I could but I'm in nursing school & they have an strict attendance policy..I've added some pre-op pics..well that's all I have for now

Okay ladies for a minute I was swaying toward Dr...

Okay ladies for a minute I was swaying toward Dr.Perry which I will still recommend you ladies if you can afford him, okay so for the last month month & a half I've been literally obsessed with improve my credit which I did increased my transunion credit score to a 658 & still got denied by care credit & fundmydoc, I did get approved for medical financing but they are a bunch of bs, they want me to put down a $2100 security deposit on the loan plus $700 loan fees & they want me to pay this up front before they pay the doctor...naw I'm cool I mines well just pay cash & stick with Dr.Yily who I can afford to pay for it. So I'm sticking with Yily, I'm still schedule for 2/20, I plan to stay at the recovery house, do any if your girls know do we contact the recovery house ourself? Do they speak English? Anybody want to buddy up? I started my vitamins, I didn't order the the makemeheal pills I went to Vitamin Shoppe & bought a bottle of Iron w/ Vitanin C, B12, Folic Acid & Copper all in one. I don't like pills so the less is better for me. I haven't decided if its worth an extra $400 for a first class round trip ticket, I don't know if it's worth it..anybody flew first class back? Tell what you ladies think. I don't know if it I should order another faja, I think I'm just going to have the ladies take in the waist of my first garment as I need to b/c I don't need pressure if my new hips & butt lol. Where do I order the Arnica & Bromelain from? Anybody know the weather there in feb? My list to do:
*Install new weave
* 3 Maxi Dresses
* Arnica
* Bromelain
*Maxi Pads
*Waist Cincher
*Travel Sized Hygiene Products
* Funnel, or maybe jus cut the bottom of a cup
*Anti-Microbial Soap to wash up w/ Pre-Op
*Feminine Wipes
*Flip Flops
*Books, Laptop, Headphones for entertainment
*Rolled towel or yoga mat for flight back

Am I missing any items ladies? Did you ladies pay American money to Yily or did you guys convert your money? I read on Superflyy review to convert $100 of their money to have for little stuff...time is dwindling but not fast enough!

Ok ladies I've switched back to Dr. Perry, I've...

Ok ladies I've switched back to Dr. Perry, I've straighten out my finances, booked my flight & reserved my room! I depart 2/17 & return back home 2/22 round trip for $330, I've reserved my room at this newly built that looks really nice & it has a kitchen, from the pictures called "EUROSUITES" located about 10mins form the Miami Airport & Dr. Perry office. Dr. Perry is one of the most humble down the earth doctors I've came across, he make sure he answer all your questions, don't make you feel like your just another patient & doesn't sell dreams, I feel completely comfortable with him thru the numerous phone calls & emails over the past couple of weeks, & Norma is a sweetheart too, I can't wait to meet them personally! I've schedule for caregiver services recommended by Norma (Dr. Perry patient coordinator) & one of the BBL sisters here on RealSelf "bbeautiful". I was all for Yily after I got denied for care credit, but he was my first choice, I honestly just feel more comfortable about going to Miami vs out the country, but if I couldn't gather all the funds trust me I would've fly across the waters to get to that island lol, Yily work is the bomb, but she's not organized enough for me & it seems like she may be another "BBL Mill" which is something that's makes me feel a tad bit uneasy, but her work seems like it may be worth all the headaches.

Okay so I've started packing, I'm trying to pack light (need it to be light as possible for the walking thru the airport for the flight back home, I've order some racer back dresses from eBay $6 a piece, pretty cheap is they get blood stained I won't feel bad about throwing them away, I've pretty much ordered everything from my list above except epifoam (I can't find any) and can't find the board, any ladies know where I can find these. Do any of you ladies know if it's problem if I have acrylic on my nails & polish on my toes? I know this not a vacation but I still want to feel like myself b/c I definitely know I want be able to do it for a few weeks post op. Also does any of you Perry girls if they make you do a pregnancy test right before surgery? I'm suppose to fly to Vegas with my boyfriend March 1st, how do you girls think that it work, it's literally 11 days after surgery, I really wanna go but I can only do what my body allows me to...mind you he doesn't know about my sx or anybody else for that matter, I'm doing this all alone & could use some support, I know post-op can be emotional but I will get thru it...Welp that's it for now...ttyl

Okay ladies I'm passed ready, I wish I was leaving...

Okay ladies I'm passed ready, I wish I was leaving today instead of tomorrow, I went to an outpatient clinic at my local hospital & got my labs drawn & Ekg, they faxed the results to Perry's office & Norma called me & let me know everything was fine & she will meet me in a couple days! I have been trying to stay low over the past couple months but really the last couple weeks! I've been keeping in contact with my caregiver Nadege & she will be picking me up from MIA airport tomorrow & running me to Wal-Mart to pick up a few last items that I can't fit in my suitcase (chucks, depends & I think that's it) I got my Arnica Gel/tablets & Bromelain, I started taking the pills today so hopefully they will be in my system. I also purchased this PEZ this from Amazon, it's like a funnel thingy but more so to the shape of the vagina so leaves no mess! I will post a picture so you can see exactly I'm talking about. That's all for now

Day of Sx: My caregiver Nadge who was a jus a...

Day of Sx:
My caregiver Nadge who was a jus a sweetheart by the way picked me up from my hotel at 7 hotel was like 10mins from Dr.Perry office..I didn't get the best sleep the night before due to me thinking I'm going oversleep & thinking about all the other things that could go wrong lol. I showered the night before & the morning of with the antibacterial soap which is really harsh by the way made my skin peel in some areas...but anywho we made it to the office & started on my chart & completed tons of paperwork, labs which my hemoglobin was a 13 & my EKG was completed previously faxed over so that was out the way..I took a pregnancy test the night before b/c there was a chance of me being pregnant but it was negative thank God but Dr.Perry has you take one at his office the morning of. I was also the first patient of the day..After all the paperwork he asked me what I wanted & so I verbalized & showed pictures of his previous patients..I basically told him concerned with a better shape then a make my waist tinyyyy & give me the hips my mama didn't lol..he cracked up! So he drew on me & boy did he draw alot I got lipo arms, chin, full stomach, waist, lower back & inner thighs. I remember going into the OR getting on the table telling the anesthesiologist about how good my veins were, he agreed & we were talking about me being in a nursing school since I graduate in April & he was encouraging me to go back for my RN, BSN & then I was out..I swear it happens just that fast..I woke up on my stomach in no pain just uncomfortable & my mouth was SO DRY, so one of the nurses have some apple juice & then called my caregiver & told her I was ready..Once they stood me up, I was still loopy from the anesthesia but I wanted to see myself but they wouldn't take me to a mirror they stood me up to put the garment on, which isn't that bad b/c it's not a faja like the DR doctors use, it look like spanx material to me..I was oozing like crazy like big puddles of blood at my feet & everybody saying how good that is I'm thinking yeah I'm high af or they crazy...they put me in the w/c & took to the car & Nadege helped me lay down in the back of her truck. Once we got to the hotel, we found out they didn't have any w/c yeah it took me like 20mins to get to my room but Nadege was very patient. She laid me down which I had a very high bed (not a good idea if you have thigh lipo) fed me pineapples & boiled eggs gave me my Tylneol w/ Codine & I was out for a night. I slept with my garment, my bra, a depend & a chuck around my waist waist, the depend and chuck are both used to help absorb the fluid bc you will be leaking heavily the first 2days. The more you drink the more you will leak & you want to leak it helps the swelling go down as well. I didn't leaky much the 3rd day but I didn't eat/drink much either..I'm 4 days post op & I'm back leaking so yeah.. I woke up thru out the night having to use the bathroom using my little urinal thing which works like a charm it was just a process getting in & out of bed..

Day 2
The anesthesia wore off & this day was not good at all I felt all the pain & bs those good drugs were hiding from me & boy that massage yeah I went to Eric & only got ones b/c seriously the pain was just too much..I did alot of laying down b/c it's most comfortable for me.

Day 3
I decided not to go get a massage done day 3 bc the pain was jus simply too much, I do have lumps so I'm going to look for someone who specialize in lymphatic messages in Ohio, I ended my trip early & flew back home yesterday & I'm actually at clinical's today wobbling around but no pain really..I sat my entire flight on my butt but with the majority of the pressure on my thighs, I know the whole no sit rule but I figure I'm either going to lose the fat cells of not but I'm not going to have an anxiety attack worrying over em..I think my butt is kinda too big, I wouldn't mind if it goes down some. When will I be to walk normal ladies?! & when will my butt soften up?!! I overall love my new shap I'm just waiting on my butt to drop some & soften up just look more natural yo know?

My post op measurements 34, 33 & 44 I'm 160lbs so...

My post op measurements 34, 33 & 44 I'm 160lbs so I know I have some water weight my back is so swollen & my thighs! Like extremely swollen! Do you ladies think I should buy a faja?

Okay ladies I need some advice...I didn't ask for...

Okay ladies I need some advice...I didn't ask for a big butt like I didn't want the ppl that knew before to think sx when they see me...No matter how natural it may have looked ppl just don't wake up looking like a video vixen when they had no shape before! Lol so I think I may have a Seroma, one side of the bottom of stomach is bigger than the other & it's very obvious ugh...What should I do? I've been massaging myself like crazy so serious & it doesn't seem to be helping..I need to order a bigger compression vest bc they one I got is in a size xs & I can only wear it for no more than a hour at a time..Besides that recovery has been cool, I can do everything for myself, I stopped taking my pain meds 7days post op & started taking NSAIDS..I had more headaches then the they something serious I cringe thinking about em..I've been sitting since day one I started drive 2wks post op..I get uncomfortable after sitting for a while & have to move around...I will post of pic of my stomach later after school so you can guys can see exactly what I'm talking about

Okay ladies also on the right side of the bottom...

Okay ladies also on the right side of the bottom of my stomach fills like fluids...seroma right?

I also have this burning sensation on the bottom...

I also have this burning sensation on the bottom of my back ugh it's so annoy & I used to itch like crazy but once I discontinued the pain meds the majority of the itching subsided...My butt has soften up & jiggles some...the best is yet to come..ladies don't panic if you develop a seroma it's not your doctor fault sometimes your body just don't corporate I just hope it subsides before summer I will love to wear a swimsuit lol..Ask any questions ladies!

Ladies I didn't ask for drastic change..I wanted...

Ladies I didn't ask for drastic change..I wanted something believable like maybe I really just been in the gym lol..My seroma is slowly shrinking & I actually feel comfortable naked..this surgery has boosted my confidence..It would take me so long before to my find a decent out for not anymore..if'y waist shrinks a little more I will be 100% happy but I honestly just started being able to take wear the whole day & I'm seeing a difference already! Do you ladies know of anything to help fade scars I pulled outta own stitches & it's left scars :( I still haven't gotten any massages but I don't have any lumps & I & my bestfriend massage myself like crazy! I will prolly order a self massager soon...Any questions feel free to ask! Ttyl

Yup I said it, I'm planning a Round 2 in the DR!...

Yup I said it, I'm planning a Round 2 in the DR! First let me say I love my results b/c did his thing with changing my shape..I started off "ill built" in opinion..ugh ladies I hate even saying it but it's the truth. I didn't need a little help I need a lot! I think Dr.Perry was a fantasic doctor & would go back if I could afford another 7k but I don't want to pay that much again & honestly I feel like some of the DR girls results are just as good or better for half of the money but it depends on what you looking for right? My waist only shrunk 3 inches from this surgery..I think Dr.Perry gave me what I asked for I asked for modest transformation but now I regret it because although my shape is 10x better I want a even bigger butt & smaller waist. Yes ladies the booty greed is real! Far as my recovery I'm 2 months post op & I haven't seen any more changes in a while, I think far as my results these this is good as it. I'm no longer sensitive on the areas I got lipo'd & my butt jiggles but I'm still learning how to twerk lol. I emailed Perry asking for my pre & post op pics & prices of touch up awhile ago & still haven't received a response so still waiting on that. So now I'm waiting on my quote from Dr.Duran. I love that's she's a woman first off & shes great at sculpting like Yily but she gives projection too! I also love how nice & caring she seems to her patients (like Perry) I'm looking to enter the adult entertainment world (dancing) & you definitely need a fat ass to get paid in that industry okay! Any other dancers on here? I would love to talk to some of yall I have tons of questions. So I would like to go for my Round 2 as Dr. Duran will let me, hopefully around June & I plan to stay in the Dr at least a week 1/2 or 2 & try and sneak a mini vacation in. I literally only stayed in Miami for my first BBL 4 days & I was back on the plane on my way I plan to do it right this time! LOL I plan on going to apply for a passport this upcoming week so everything won't be near as rushed & go more smoothly!

I went out to a club recently & I must admit I...

I went out to a club recently & I must admit I never had so much attention makes you realize how shallow guys really are but now I have both of both worlds so I'm not mad waist is steady shrinking & I'm Wearing my squeem & foams everyday all day but it's worth it bc my stomach look so smooth & flat when I take it off but can't leave it off for long or I will swell back up though out the day ugh $ almost 3 months post op..what you guys think of my new shape..Any dancers on here? I wanna start dancing & would love to talk to some of your ladies!

Ass Ass Ass....I still want a Round 2 more so for...

Ass Ass Ass....I still want a Round 2 more so for the lipo but mines not waste that fat! Lol

Almost 4months post op & ass still fat!!

I torn on should I get more fat transferred when I head to the DR in a couple months or just lipo? What do you ladies think?

What's Yily's email? & new measurements

My new measurements 34 29 44 ;)

8 months post op!

I want more lipo more fat transfer tho...just more lipo to the midsection, back & arms. I have a flat lump on my tummy..I'm posting pics so y'all can see..I'm more comfortable necked but not all the way so Round 2!

9 months PO & Ass Still Fat

So ladies its been a long 9 months but nothing has changed, I am in fact going for a Round 2 with Dr.Yily in Feb, no more BBL just liposuction to the arms, axillia area, stomach & get rid of these back problems, she quoted me 3,150 for lipo, i may throw a breast lift in there to. This round i plan to be more organized & take the time to recover, last time i was 3/4 days PO before i got on a plane back home & only got 1 massage & i never wore a compression garmnent, but things will be different this time around!. Things I'm unhappy with is my back rolls, lump on stomach & dark marks one on each thigh & four on my butt. I'm using a scar gel from Walgreens but I'm not seeing a difference, any suggestions? Here's a few pics I just took....feel free to ask anything. Also looking for a buddy to go with Mid FEB to Dr.Yily
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