Screaming Duran, Yilly Make a Doll out of Me! - Dominican Republic, DO

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My goal: BA, TT, Aggresive lipo (arms, legs, back)...

My goal: BA, TT, Aggresive lipo (arms, legs, back) BBL (small donkeys butt) lol! I had a tt, bl and lipo 8 years ago in the DR and I love their work and prices. I had a baby since then and gain weight 277. I've since had the gastric sleeve now I'm 154 lbs. I need Duran or Yilly to make me into a doll.

Just heard from Yilly, yeepy!

I've heard from Dr. Yilly via email with general info very detail but no date yet. I've received a quote, so just steps away. I'm ready when their ready.

Waiting for an appt.

This is the email I used to get in contact with Dr. Yily. When you send an email make sure all your info, questions and a date to get approved is there, so when u get a reply it's complete. I did send the same email twice, after about three long days of waiting. lol!

I'm less than 30 days away, so surreal!

Feb. 20, 2014 is the date, who going on that date? I would love a travel buddy. I'm excited. I have to get a last minute passport, so nervous. I'll be picking up supplies and posting it, of course a bikini with a before and after pic.

So it's confirmed

Just spoke to Liz at upscale RH and she was so helpful! I've sent my deposits to Dr. Yily and the RH, just waiting after midnight to book my flight (it's cheaper). So it's a go Feb. 20, 2014 it it is. I have so much to buy, so much to do.

24 hours til I take flight!

Well in 24 hours I'll be in the DR more nervous than today. It seem like it took forever but the process is really quick. Nice and simple Money Talks! If you can afford the surgery, the flight, stay, supplies, the break from work with no added funds then just do it! YOLO you only live once. I am a great mother and wife and this is all about me. Yes I'll make my butt bigger than I want for my Mr. But it's still all about me. Once i heal and recover back to reality kids, spouse, work then you it there's a 30th hour in the day. You all read and live well still my meet and greet with Dr. Yily tomorrow.


I would say team no sleep, but I'm up by myself! It's the worst. I have everything I need but didn't pack and I have a terrible head ache for the past two days. Oh team no aspirin products two weeks before surgery either. But team no regrets, so super siked!

This is it

What a day! I missed my flight, paid more for a new flight with a different carrier and extra baggage fees. when I arrived I waited at the airport over an hour. So not a good start with the RH. but when the driver Angel arrived he was so pleasant and welcoming all was forgiven. The RH is all that the pics describe, and I really feel safe. The young ladies working are very helpful and tries really hard to understand you. The cons: The RH needs better day before, day of, and 20 min after arrival conformation (being in a new place where you don't speak the language is scary enough). The home is as beautiful as it described without a doubt, but small changes such as he water pressure and hot water needs to be addressed. It looks like everything has been fully upgraded so, they probably haven't gotten to it yet. So far I feel like I made a good choice with Upscale and would refer friends and family. Until after my surgery everyone. Keep me in your prayers.

Over All Review

Hi future and previous dolls. My surgery's done and Im back home. I'll go in full details if the doctor, surgery and RH individually sectioned. But for the non readers who want straight to the point answers here it is.

My DR procedure

I really love my results! My surgeon was Dra. Yily and I would recommend her to my family and friends. The RH was more than I expected. Just as beautiful as the website and the staff was great. The country is beautiful. Being from a sunny place myself it wasn't a vacaa for me but it was nice. For more detail read on.

The RH

The RH was upscale. When I first arrived the driver was not at the airport. I waited for an hour. With no signal at the airport and no Spanish it was very uncomfortable. In their defense I missed my flight and caught the next ava, however to reach someone at RH and tell them 3 hours in advance was impossible. But when the driver Angel arrived he spoke English and was approachable not creepy. The house is a nice drive from the airport and Cipla especially in traffic. However if I could do it over I would not change a thing. There is a guard there 24 hours, no gun but the thought and his presence was reassuring. The home was spotless and cameras. The first night there the water pressure sucked and the water was cold. But since you can't take a bath after surgery I honestly wouldn't know. But all my roommates who cam and left said it was great. Everything was upgraded and new except the tub, the shower head and the actual cooking part to the kitchen.

RH continued

Pro's- the RH staff is awesome, they clean constantly. Dra. Ana, Dra. Yily's medical doctor comes to the house. Being careless at times I've left money and things of value out and the staff was trust worthy. The Food and juice was fresh and tasty. There was a 24 hr on staff Nurse who was gentle. The the laundry was done daily and the AC was freezing. Liz the owner was helpful from the start and when I had issues with Yily and her staff she listened and spoke to Yilys and assistant about my concerns. Liz has a beautiful concept with her RH and with minor changes and adjustment she could not be beat. So worth my money. The Con's- The laundry room is in the cooking kitchen. Is that unheard of in the US no. But with the space being so small and blood and bodily fluids it needs to be in a different space. The staff saves gloves and don't wear them enough. With taught standards in the US you get worried( oh and I brought my own gloves and they still saved them). Their needs to hand sanitizer machines at the door of every room and though out the house. With the food at least a 48 hr menu choice of at least 2 options would be nice. The portion size for everything is great except for the meat, too small. There was no blankets in the whole house, unreal right. We Americans love the cold at night but we want a blanket. So stupid but the tissue can't go in the toilet (understandable) but the trash can needs to be in the front so you can't miss it and anyway after surgery the tissue and can should not be in the back to turn and reach . Last but most important it needs more staff when their at capacity some type of call button for each guest. Especially after surgery in a multiple level home with limited staff. I know it sounds like a lot but I'm a realist. Like I said better than expected, and compared to the RH complaints I heard at the doctors office I was so at peace and couldn't wait to go back to the RH instead of the clinic. With what Liz has done she's on the right track. I would let my kids go there with no hesitation.

Dra. Yily Yes!

I never spoke a word to Dra. Yily until 5 mins before my surgery, okay maybe 15 mins. Now before I go on I've read a lot post and when you are saving $7000 like I did on my surgery and loving my results do I care if she did the surgery by herself or if she's nice to me. The reality is none of us knew her before surgery only the work and the saving and at the end of the day that's all we want. She marked me up in the bathroom because she was pressed for time and wanted me to be next for surgery. She was over booked for the day, so I was told she may not be able to do my thigh lift depending on my bodies relation during surgery, but she would do my Tt, breast implants, bbl, and arm lift. I know it sounds like a lot but I was told by her she could do it. When I woke up after surgery no TT no thigh lift. Dra. Yily told me I didn't have enough skin for a TT, so why didn't she do my thigh lift? As far as I counted she had 6 ppl the day she did me. But some surgeons in the US work 24 hours straight with small naps in between, so I wasn't sweating something she does well on a regular. Then it was a hassle with her assistant to get my money for the difference back until Liz from the RH stepped in. Dra. Yily could have been a B***h and said I got my money she's one patient F her, but she didn't. Which is expected from a professional but it was not was some post has said about her. However on their national holiday she came to the RH to apologized about my concerns told me about the scheduling issues, space and other issues she's addressing. She was very professional and apologetic, which we Amercians sometimes don't get from doctors who have become popular and arrogant. I was so pleased with her efforts to make feel better. Am I in love with her work. It remains to be seen. I felt like I could have gotten a mini TT but she said no, so only time will tell. Will I go back to her, without a doubt as long as her price is still worth the travel and extra expense.

Real self

I tried to be as detailed as possible because real self was so helpful and if anyone else lied or didn't share in full I wanted to tell all. Good, bad and indifferent so this sight could to what it did for me; help me make my surgery decision. Oh the RH needs a second driver but that's the small stuff. I won't be on real self as much to be honest because now it's time for me to go back to being a full time mom, wife and employee. I will upload pics as the weeks go by and I will answer any questions I can as I come on and see them( not being funny, being real with life). Thank you real self and everyone who has posted especially before and after pics ( we know they all make the difference). Happy chopping and choosing to be a better you!
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Still waiting on the next available appt date & doctor.

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