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Hi ladies allow me to introduce myself. So I am...

Hi ladies allow me to introduce myself. So I am going for my round 2 this year I will be around 1 year post op when I go in this time. I first went to Dra Yily and I loved her work and how I still have a booty when I didnt have nothing to begin with lol. She was very honest with me and direct and that is what I loved about her.I got an TT,Lipo, and BBL. I decided not to go back to Yily because I simply wanted to try another doctor nothing really complex about it lol. This time around I am going for Lipo/BBL and possibly rhinoplasty.

With that said I am currently looking at two doctoras , Baez + Duran, I love Duran's work and so does every other girl out there but I'm still on the fence due to her over-popularity theres no ability to be personable because she is too busy attending a high volume of people. That is what happened with Yily as now when I wrote her for my return surgery I receive an automatic message instead as if I never been to her and didnt know things such as the airport!. -_-

With Baez my quote was 3,000$ for lipo of the whole stomach/arms/thighs/back with the fat transfer and $4,000 with the rhinoplasty included. along with the quote it included
10 lymphatic massages
night in the clinic
and pick up from the airport

these things are not usually included in the quote so this was a great package..

I am looking for a buddy or have a group of buddies to cut the price down on lodging and just not to have to do this alone. last time i stay in a hotel with my dad but i think i would prefer a buddy(s) this go around.

I will be leaving around the 8 or 10th of Dec.. and I am looking to stay up to the 20.

my pre nd post op pix

Here are my pre nd post ops from round one with doctor Yily

this is 6 + months post op

Before Yily I was flat as a pancake nd I had my BBL over six months ago nd I still have booty I have booty greed so I want more lol. I took these pix yesterday

UPDATE LADIES! Doctora has been decided!

So I am deciding that I will probably go back to Yily. I was really interested in Duran but getting in contact with her is like getting in contact with the president! I read reviews from girls that "oh do this, she always replies to me on her, oh she's answering emails today, oh go to this messenger go to that messenger" ... It's too much lol I feel thirsty chasing after this doctora just for a quote lol its not like I want it done for free I'm paying you for your service! I can't I just can't! I dn't want to step on the toes of her followers but I really prefer a quick response thats less than 2 months.

Moving on...

So I was thinking ok I am going to go to Baez maybe but when I think about it I don't think her lipo will be as aggressive as I am desiring. So I am going to go back with Yily. I am comfortable with her she writes me back and forth on what I want .... plus her work is just as great as Duran I don't care what people seem to believe she is a top doctor in DR. I love her work and I am gonna stay loyal to her =] plus she is brutally honest and you can't go wrong there because she puts your health first !

To the ladies who are going to DR in the month of Dec and even before and after. I do have a secret Facebook group that is very helpful in finding hotels/garments/doctors/etc! Please don't hesitate to contact me there are a great group of wonderful girls.


Anyone going to Cali Colombia ?
Dr Flores

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