Who is a Dr.Cabral Barbie? How Do I Get in Contact with Him Please Help!??! - Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm going for my round 2 BBL I got pregnant 2...

I'm going for my round 2 BBL I got pregnant 2 months after my first one I had did in Miami. My baby is 6 months old and I'm ready for round 2. This time I'm going to the Dominican Republic I would like for Dr.Cabral to do my second since he us the KING in this shit I love his work. But I do not know how to contact him and have search the net high and low and nothing!!!! Please Cabral dolls tell me how. But in the mean time where are the good snatch Dr's at. I have a big butt but I want them to shape it up for me like heart shape. I'm also getting my arms did. I'm in my 30s and I want a tight body. I'm looking to have this did in March cause I know I have to lose some weight first. I'm 5'2 191 pounds. Can somebody help me find a Dr? Who going to the Dominican Republic in March and who doing you BBL? Let's go together!!!!

Need some help dolls

OK so I need some help!!! I been searching and it look like Dr. Duran is a good Dr. Dose anyone know about her?

So Confused.

I'm so confused on who I want to go with for my second round. I have like 4 or 5 Dr's in mind. Dr. Duran, Yily,Manon,Baez and Tina all are in the Dominican Republic. Yily quoted me $5300 for BBL revision, breast lift, arms,back,bra fat,flanks, stomach and arms and enter thigh lipo and so did Dr.Tina. This price also includes the recovery house stay and etc. But my fiancé is coming with me he will not let me come alone so I'm gone have to get the private room which is $100 a night for me and $65 dollars a night for him. I'm waiting to her back from Dr. Baez because I love her work it is beautiful she is cold on lipo. I hope this second round give me the shape I'm looking for. Dr.O gave me a big booty but it's shape like a shelf and I told him I didn't want that. So I'm hoping she can lipo some of the fat off top give me a longer slimmer looking back and a heart shape bottom with out looking like Nikki or little Kim. I also want the keloid on my back removed that I got from my first surgery it's small but it is noticeable. If anyone know a doll that had any if these Dr's that have post pictures please tag them in the comments. I want my second round to be my last round and I want a beautiful body out if my clothes that's my dream. My fiancé loves me just the way I am and don't want me to have anymore surgerys but it is not about him it's about me. When ever I decided on a Dr. I will be posting pictures of my self so you all can see what I'm not happy with.

Dr.Baez Doll to be!!!!!

Ok, so I'm going with Dr. Baez I just love all the good reviews and the dolls on reself. She is nice honest and clean and I love that. Plus she is a beast with the breat and I want a breast lift. She only does 2 dollz a day so that means she take her time and strive for perfection. I'm getting a bbl revision, Brest lift,arm and enter thigh lipo. My first bbl was with Dr.O in Miami and I'm just not please with my results my ass is big and to high you can't even see my damn tatoo on my back and his lipo sucks!!! Not only that I paid $300 to get my arms did and he wouldn't do them after I paid and I haven't gotten my money back yet. He is a hit and miss Dr. I look good in my clothes don't get me wrong but I look a mess out of them. And that is my fault I didn't do my research the first time. He is nice and super sweet but he gave me a self ass and left me with a bunch of scares so I'm gone see if DT.Baez cane remove them. Anyway I emailed Baez and she got back with me with in 24 hrs and asked for pictures. I sent them so I'm hoping to her back soon from her . I'm weighing 190 and I want to be 170 by my surgery date in march so I can look awesome with this new body I'm about to get so I got to get my mind right. I love food and have a hard time saying no to it. But anyway where my future Baez Dollz at I would like to follow and talk to you beautiful ladies. And are there anyone out there that has gotten there breast done by Dr.Baez?

Still waiting on Dr.Baez to reply back.

I'm still waiting to hear back from Dr.Baez its been almost week and still no reply. I went to the Dr. Today and she said I'm over weight and prescribe me some diet pills. So I will start taking them Monday. Lord I hope they work. Do any one knows Dr.Baez whatts app. I seen that she answer her whatt app faster then her emails?

I don't know who I want

Still waiting to her from Dr.Baez,Manon,and Cabral for quotes. I got a quote back from Yily but I'm not going with her after doing some research she a hit and miss DR. not only that so many girls done woke up and she is not doing their surgery. I done did this once all ready I don't have time for that. This time is my last round and I want to get it right.Anyway as I said before I'm getting a bbl revision, breast lift, arm and enter thigh Lipo. I'm trying to drop down to 175 or 165 to get the best shape I can get. I have always had a nice shape but I done had my last baby and I just let myself go. Today I started my diet and I did pretty good. I can't believe I'm 195 I was that much when I had my baby...smdh. But anyway here is some pictures of me now and the bbl I had done a year ago. I looked way better then this I just let myself go. Ladies you have to take care of your self after these surgeries cause you still can gain the weight back again.

What's Dr.Duran Whatt's App Number

OK.Have you'll seen Dr.Duran IG page and snap chat? That women is a fucking beast and she knows it.I love her work I sent her an email and DM weeks ago and of course she haven't replied back because she is the shit and don't have too.smdh!!! I wish I could get a quote from her. I got a quote back from Dr. Baez for 3800 for a bbl and tummy tuck and that's not what I even asked for. I want a bbl,breast lift arm and thigh Lipo. Where the hell she get tummy tuck from that so I'm waiting for her to send me a different quote. Dr.Manon quoted me $5400 for every thing that also includes 7 day stay. I'm gone try to get in touch with Duran and get a quote cause I love her work before I make my decision. If anyone knows Duran whatt's app number please give it to me I will love to have it.


So here are a few pictures of me from my last bbl since then I done had a baby and gained weight. I took these pictures today I'm almost 200 hundreds pounds and I hate it. My ass is big and wide and it's a shelf and I hate it. I'm having a hard time deciding on what Dr. I'm going with cause I want this time to be happy. I want to lose about 30 pounds so when I do have my round so I will look my best. So this is what I'm looking for. I'm wanting my ass at the top gone so my back will look longer and my bottom rounder and my waist smaller, I all so want a breast lift and my arms smaller. So I'm gone hit the gym next week so hard with cardio until I lose the weight. I want to be a slim thick. I'm hoping I can tone my arms so I want have to have them lipoed. I have changed my eating so I hope I can lose this baby weight it is so hard. Tomorrow I will up date my review with all the DR's I'm looking at whatt's app number so the future dolls that looking for help want have as much trouble as I did looking for them. I'm waiting to here back from Dr.Duran with a quote but I'm so confused everyone is so good. I'm looking at Dr.Baez, Dr,Manon, Dr.Duran and Dr. Cabral if they're any more good Dr's out there that is good at bbl please let me know.


Dose any knows Dr. Almonte whatt's app number?

Who have the best Recovery House. I'm bringing my husband with me.

I'm loving Dr.Cabral IG dolls and so far I'm leaning his way. He quoted me 4200 for bbl and arm lipo. So when ever he get back with me on how to send the money and where to send it to I will be sending it to him. I really love is work they call him king for a reason. I believe he will give me just what I'm looking for. I'm gone do my part in losing the weight. I will add the breast in when I get over there so I will just take 3000 extra dollars with me for spending money. Anyway who has the best recovery house. I'm bringing my husband he will not let me come to the DR alone so I'm gone need a private room. See we did this before already and he seen how much I needed his help and he doesn't trust anyone to take care of me like he will. And being away from him with a surgery like this for 10 to 14 days he is not having it unless he is with me. I'm just so happy I have someone in my life that has my back like he does. So dolls please drop recovery house names that was real nice and clean with good manners nice english,and food. I'm so excited I'm gone keep y'll posted on everything. Are there any Cabral dolls out there? And I have read his past and I am covered by the blood of Jesus and I am not worried about nothing with that beening said it's time to get this health right so Dr.Cabral can get this body tight. Who is going to the DR in March?


I really like Dr.Baez work but I hate dealing with Dr's and there assistant's that do not reply back to your messages. That goes for Dr.Carbral and Dr.Manon too. It's very rude and unprofessional to go weeks without replying back to someone message that is trying to book you for a surgery. Especially if some one is reaching out to you repeatedly. So with that being said I will start looking for new Dr's today cause they're just to damn popular and feeling they self to damn hard and Dr.Duran skinny ass want even give you a damn quote till you pay $200 I'm gone block her ass off my snap chat I'm sick of looking at her ass anyway and want answer any of my damn messages. These Dr's done pissed me off. Dr. Duran with that red ass hair and orange ass lip stick know she see my messages. I can just scream I'm so mad. Anyways I'm not trying to go till March they need to get they shit together.

High Class Recovery

Can any dolls tell me anything about this recovery house. I ran across them on IG today and they help dolls get faster quotes and appointments with the Dr of their choice. They also help you with the recovery process you don't have to do anything but show up and pay. They have direct contact with Duran and Cabral the main two Dr's that is hard to get in contact with and if you do it's very little commutation with them. I'm looking for a good recovery house that cares about my health.


Can some 1 translate this I do not understand what he is saying.

Dr.Rodriguez who know anything

Do anyone know any thing about Dr.Rodriguez I seen him on IG his work is amazing. He is awesome on bbl's and breast lift's he work in the same building as Duran and Cabral but he doesn't understand a bit of English. I can't find anything on him on RS and what I have it's not complete.He answered me on whatt's app and was like Spanish only I'm like WTF do he not have an assistant to help him! I follow 1 of his dolls on SC and she look like she came from heaven..lol her name is doll_blonde215 she bad. If you know anything about him please let me know!

So upset

So I finally got a quote from Dr.Cabral and it was $5000 for bbl,arm and thigh lipo 6,900 if I get bbl,arm,thigh lipo and breast lift. All the other Dr includes 8 or 10 day recovery in there price in it was no where near this price. If I have to find a recovery house plus plane ticket food,surgery items, medications, clothing etc. I'm probably gone be out of almost $8000 or $9000 dollar's. I got to talk to my ole man about this. I know Dr. Duran will not be this high and she is damn good I may jus have to go on and pay the $200 to get a quote from her then another $200 dollars to book her. This a damn shame Dr.Duran so fucking popular you got to kiss ass to get a quote that should be free to get like any other Dr.

Finally got a quote

OK so I don't know what to do. I don't know if I want Dr. Robles or Dr.Baez. I'm in love with Dr.Robles work she is the best she is better then Dr.Duran and Dr.Baez. I'm telling you. She is over looked because everyone is always talking about Duran but if you go on her page and look at her dollz and then go on Duran page and look at hers Duran does not have nothing on her. The reason why I am confused is because I want a bbl and breast lift done at ounce and she will not do it. She will not do a bbl and breast at the same time she want me to do two rounds and I don't want to do two rounds. I want to get this shit over with. She quoted me 4500 for the bbl and lipo and it comes with the recovery house pretty much everything all I have to do is buy my ticket and and what ever I want to bring and show up. Plus it's just $55 dollars a day for my husband to stay with me. Now its $5000 if I get breast lift with implants plus lipo on arms,back,stomach,flancks,etc... With out bbl. Now Dr.Baez finally got back with me after a month are so and quoted $5000 for bbl and breast lift with implants and Dr. Baez is good to and she only does 1 or 2 patients a day but most likely 1 so that means she takes her time.Her quote does not come with the recovery or transportation or meds or anything really just surgery and I think a garment.I like Dr.Robles for 1 because her assistant always replied back to me within 48hrs and that means a lot. Not only that she sent a surgery book of every thing to except from beginning to end and I haven't even book with her and even if I don't I can us it for the next Dr for some helpful information. I really want to go to Dr.Robles but she will not do both. I don't understand why she want though all the other Dr are.

Hey DollZ

So I have an IG ladies and it is dreamgirl2017. Real Self is just not supportive enough. I still will be posting my journey for future dollz that is looking for help cause I know how hard it is. Please fill free to follow me I will only except SX pages only so if you have one all ready please send me a friend request. I will not post again until I decide the Dr. I will be choosing. I'm still up in the air right now . It's between Baez and Cabral cause they will do my bbl and breast lift at the same time. I will still be on real self but it will be to look up different Dr's that I see on IG and I will keep you all updated on that. I will all so be posting all the Dr's whatt's app numbers for the future dollz so they want have such a hard Time like I did to get them. But for now IG is where I'm at the dolls reply back and are very helpful. Maybe if real self get a app this site would be better. And Dr.Cabral has a SC????
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