ROUND 2... DR Here I Go Again!!! ~ Colombia bound

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I'm at it again. Planning to go back to DR for...

I'm at it again. Planning to go back to DR for another Lipo/BBL. My first round was a bit eventful, not scary, although, my results were pretty good (I am my own worst critic). I am now looking for an enhancement to my current figure (32DD-27-38)... Hoping this time around (32DD-24-42) Wishful thinking LOL


Yesterday I went and got my blood work done. Got results back this morning and no surprise... I am still anemia (11.2). Not worried as of yet. I have about 6 months to get where I need to be. This time around I'm going to try and take more natural supplements. Last round I bought so much vitamins, supplements, crap I didn't use $$$. I watching my funds this time.

and also try to gain about 15 pounds.

Now the pounds will be the hard part only because the summer time is coming up. My weight goes to my face and mid section. So traveling looking pregnant when not pregnant isn't a good look. I figure I'll wait till the end of July to start gaining weight. Possibly 3-5 lbs a month should be good. 3x Ensure PLUS was my best friend and also Apetamin (appetite stimulate). I'll gain the weight easy.

Made some change's to my journey

Ok, so I was planning to go to surgery around this time this year but my husband thought it would be a fine time to purchase a house. I agreed! Now we are in our home and I'm on my mission again. But, I have a surgery buddy now "My Husband"!. I was flippin through instagram and seen ab etching on men. I was intreged and showed my husband. He felt the same. Now we are on planning together or more so I'm planning for us LOL...

Colombia bound...

Hubby and I agreed on our surgrey to take place in Colombia in January. I've been to DR already and he was there to care for me so he knows what the in's and outs, good and bad of DR. Everything that we've researched about Colombia looks like the technology there is more advance plus not as many stories of infections or burns (less percentage wise).

This journey is a bit more tedious than DR's journey because everyone was or is going to DR. There was so much more information as far as doctors, places to stay, drivers, massage therapist, personal nurses, etc. I guess I'm not looking hard enough. I just can't seem to find the hidden gems. Also, the doctors in Colombia are not 10 deep in one clinic. They are spaced out as far as 8 hours away. We are down to 3 doctors now (Cali-Villalobos & DueƱas; Medellin- Daza).
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