Confused Between Dr Duran and Dr. Cabral :/ - Dominican Republic

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I had a TT lipo and BBL last year, and looked nice...

I had a TT lipo and BBL last year, and looked nice at the beginning and wayyyy better than what i was before. but i am not happy with my overall result. so i am going for lipo + BBl and BA. my head is spinning whrite now between Dr. Duran and Dr. Cabral uff. I know there are stories about Cabral out there, but i love his work and i have seen several girls that have gone to Dr. Duran that want a 2nd round with Dr. Cabral. So i might as well just go to him.

Nerves kicking in

I am leaving in a month and 2 days! and i am getting more ancious as the day approches. But i am also very excited to see my new body. RS have been sooo helpful, i can thank the ladies enough for taking their time to help us in getting prepared for sx.

Officially 1 month from my trip day!!!

i am 1 month away from my flight day and 1 month 3 days from sx day.
i finally measured myself 37-30-36. I have my appt tomorow with my pcp to check up on everything. i have been taking Geritol, though my hemo has always been over 12. i am deviating on getting my boobs done, they are a little saggy i want to be able to not wear a bra again.

1 month pre op pics

Wish pics

Lab results :(

So I got my lab results and I am sad. I am less than a month from sx day and my hemo decided to go lower 11.7 :( . My triglycerides are high! I have always have my hemo over 12 smh so disappointed. Well iron pills here I go. Ladies any suggestions on how to get my hemo going help!!!!


OMG I like Dr Contreras work. what to do? Desicion, desicions, Desicions....

8 days!!!

i am 8 days away from my surgery date and 5 days to my flight. i am beyond excited and my head between Dr. Contreras and Papa Cabral. Ladies please tell me where can i buy the anti embolism socks, i ordered a pair from walmart but i dont think there are the right ones.

The day is here!!!!

Finally my day is here. Got the labs done yesterday and everything is fine. Now just getting ready to head to the clinic. I will appreciate your prayers ladies.


There u have I choose DR CONTRERAS. so far so good!!!! I went in 10:30am came out at 3pm
Dr. Edgar Contreras

Very calmed doctor, which gave me a lot of confidence .

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