BBL Revision & TT WITH DR BAEZ @ DR DATE 11/25/15 TT got Infected.

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Have my date set up for bbl and tt at Dominican...

Have my date set up for bbl and tt at Dominican Republic with Dr Baez . I bought my tickets alrady and Deposit done.
I been searching lots of reviews from her and most of it are positive. I speak Spanish so if any sister here need my help with her.let me know. I had bbl with Dr. Salama more than a year ago and he did an Amazing job but because he dont do bbl and tt at the same time I had decided to go out of seas. I did made a date with Deposit to Salama for bbl for November 10 but I dont wanna wait another year or more for my tt. I rather have both at the same anybody if you dont have a date yet with Salama let ne know. Dont wanna lose my deposit. Gracias. Thanks a lot. Hugs

pics of before sx

Didn't had time for pics .. here are some took it today 04/02/15 .
And still have the November date available with Salama I can come with you if you want. Dont wanna lose my deposit plus you save more than 1k .ty

New date. Had to change my date to November 23 2015

Previous date was August but had to change it because of my job but now im free and ????% sure . My new date is in about a week. Im staying at RH Yasmin
Deposit done. Im going by myself staying by myself in a single room with private bathroom and AC. Food is included .. 3 times per day and also they pick u up from and to the airport.
Well... first time im going out of seas but thanks god i speak Spanish. Can't wait im very anxious. Alguien mas ira en esa fecha? ^_^

Arrived yesterday at Santo Domingo airport afer 6pm. Nov 23

Yesterday was very tired couldn't sleep for 2 days befote the trip. My airplane was late so got at Doctor office about 7pm. They did the blood work. pee to make sure im not preggo the cardio test and chest x ray.
Came back to see Doctor next day around 10:30am my blood hemoglobin results are little bit bad so she send me again to run the blood work.omg! It unbelievable because 2 weeks ago at usa Florida my results were 12.8. So i can't believe it. She told me if the results comes bad again then i will have blood transfusion. .. anyways my surgery is tomorrow morning 6:30am DR time.
Im staying at Jasmin Arias RH I'll be here for almost 3 weeks so includes transportacion from and to airport. . Transportation to Doctor appointments. . Breakfast lunch and dinner. They have clean water to drink. I brought my own water bottle so i use it to drink water from here. They have free WiFi and if you want to stay here for a fast respond they also have WhatsApp.
Well.. Doctor told me to eat a lot today and not to eat after 9 because of the surgery tomorrow morning and the anesthesia. I have to wake up at 5am so i need to rest a lot. Im so nervous but more anxious about it. I wanted to have the surgery done today but cardiologist and because of the blood i has to wait till tomorrow.
If you want to know more info about the RH and Doctor prices please let me know.
By the way Dr is very sweet i hope she can do magic on ny body.

Fragoso Baez had tt and bbl November 25

Is 7am here. So had my bbl and tt 1 day ago.
Im still at the hospital.
On Monday the 23 my hemoglobin was low so jad to do the blood work again on Tuesday tbe 24 and it came on 12.0 .she still didn't let me do lipo on my arms well wasn't her. Was the anesthesia guy. I came on the 25 5:30am to feel out all the paperwork then was took to a room where i had iron and serum then almost 7am got this pill was taken again to other room the surgery room. The anesthesiologist put something in the serum that made me fall s
Asleep after that i woke up Dr. Baez was working on my tt. I remembered she was saying... shes losing a lot of blood. So i asked. Is everything ok? She say yes sweetie please dont talk.but no pain no nothing and i wanted to know about everything i was curious. Lol
Then they clean my body put the faja and got transfer to another bed. They took me to a clean room in which im right now and againg got transferred to this bed in the room. Fall asleep then woke up around 6pm. Dr Baez gave me a masage she told me negra your skin is very white it looks like someone beat you up.
After that i had my dinner it was a little bowl of soup. I was so scare to eat it because had nausea but i try it twice with the spoon and try to relax.. omg!! Almos came out.. waited like 10 minutes then i told myself. You can do it

Fragoso Baez DR 2 days pics

Hello my sisters thanks for all ur prayers and post...
Yesterday was little bit hard for me to sleep all the positions i tried it just wasn't working so i decided just to watch tv and relax .my eyes where so tired that suddenly finally i got to sleep about 4 hours i was so happy couldn't sleep anymore so i asked for help to stand up and walk for a little bit. I been walking from yesterday and thanks god i feel that is helping me a lot. I feel little bit stronger the pain is there it feels like when you made a lot of abs for first time and the pain of next day. And yes im on meds for 7 days .. for pain every 8 hours. For the stomach. . Iron.. for the blood to circulate better and also shots. Just had a baby waipes bath after breakfast .. Fatima and Christiana are amazing they taking care of me every time i need them .. Jasmin she also wake up in the middle of the night to come check on me. Christina and Fatima got my wound cure abd clean and wash my clothes . Im using the same faja but os clean now. My first massage is today in few hours. Oh i forgot. Im using Arnica for the body and an special fast healing cream for the tt wound. About $150 in meds and thats because i 4got my tape at home and also didn't brought enough gauges. The massages cost is $30 and the lady comes to ur RH. If you buy more than 6 then is $25 .im thinking about getting 10 or 12. Im very happy that finally did this step in my life i didn't had a lot of fat left from my 2 years ago liposuction but Dr Baez was still able to put 800ccs on each cheek .. we will see in 3 months how much fat survive!!! Have a wonderful day ladies ^_^

3 days after sx .. Massage n Appointment with Dr Baez

Is 5am. I have an appointment with Dr Fragoso Baez this morning i hope she take some pictures of my butt. Had my first massage yesterday around 3pm. Omg i have a lot of fluid on my right side and the massages felt so good.. no pain at all or maybe im strong hehe but i like it. I bought 12 massages for $300 . I have 5 days already here in Dominican Republic and i haven't got sick which is good. Please ladies avoid eating outside milk lettuce all uncooked beggies bring a lysol spray and use it ones every other day into ur room it helps a lot some of the girls get sick of their stomach and is because this country is different a lot of germs every where.. just an advise.

Recovery Home ( RH) Yasmin S info and review

Im so happy here don't believe all the bad reviews or spams about Yamin Room prices..
I wanna let you all know that on top of the ladies that take care of you the 24/7 this RH also has a certified Nurse she speak English. You will barely see Jasmin because she's always busy taking care of the business. The ladies that work for her are very sweet every room has call aids like in the hospitals and they come to ur room right away and don't be shy having this kind of surgery is something serious and you will need a lot of help from this ladies. They work very hard to make u happy and get well asap. Remember that they also have families. .by the way i can't believe it but their salary here is between $5 and $10 per day and everything is extremely expensive so don't forget to bring some extra money for tips they really deserve it. Any RH ladies in general that is taking good care of you.

I hear by the ladies here that Jasmin has rooms available so here is her whatsapp number.
She has the best prices

Massages straight to the comfort of your room info

Yanira is her name ..most of the Massagist don't come to you .well she does and there's no pain she's very professional and very sweet. If you buy more than 6 massages then u save because you pay $25 each. Most of the massagist will charge $30 or more and it doesn't matter the quantity you want.
Her cellphone number and or whatsapp is 8094785700 Massagist Yanira Rojas.

Vertical stitches looking ugly

So the think line from side to side looks ok but there's also a vertical wound you could see it on pics is close to the bellybutton. That1 is looking very ugly.she sais she had to do it because i had an stretch mark but the problem is that it seems like a line ugly line is coming all the way from the bellybutton so I hope that line goes away with the time otherwise i won't be able to show my belly. Feel a little bit down for now but i know. .. need some time for the results.

Im still with the drainage nothing is coming out but finally Baez will remove it tomorrow Friday ugh.

My butt is almos the same 800ccs??! Hm i don't think so but anyways i know i need to wait at leat 3 months to see the real thing.

Tt and bnl with Dr Fragoso Baez DR . Drain gone

Drain gone woop whoot. .aftet 10 days!! Im so very happy im almost walking straight got on RH bed by myself and got up also by myself . My feet and legs never swollen most of it is close to the tt stitches and under my breast.
About the vertical stitches. . She had to do the vertical line because my strength mark was looking bumpy . And yes she told me about it before sx so that ok but i was worried because only that vertical thingy was giving me some problems it been bleeding is not dry like the whole horizontal line but now this day im very positive i been looking for tattoos images oh yeah I definitely want a tattoo to cover my tt scar so im very positive ^_^

Sick.. yeah i been with cold the last 2 nights sneezing coughing sore throat. . Let me tell you sisters.. omg i sneeze only ones but it hurts all inside me so afyer that i hold it and if a had to cough i do it very slow and carefully. There's a flu season in this country right now even Dr Baez and her assistant is sick shhh hehe.. so yeah today after coming back from my 9:30 am appointment i asked here a lady to go buy me some medicine and thanks god i feel better I hope to sleep the whole night 2nite . So because of my experience i wanna tellya all to bring medicine because you never know.

1 girdle size was 38 i think is XL . Today im using size Small i had to buy it here for $140 . Ill need to buy X Small but I'll buy it from home at Ebay.

Soon ill post the total i had to spend on this trip and also the item that i brought with me and that i been using...

Im very happy of how my silhouette is looking day by day don't have a big butt but oh well.. some day! But no more surgeriesfor now. I probably would do my face when i get

Thanks all the ladies that been reading my review. Besos ^_^

My last day at DR. 2 weeks after sx . Australia Baez

Hi everyone. . Im very happy that finally today is my last day here at Dominican Republic .
And exactly today i have 2 weeks. I have everything ready. My fly is in the morning so have to wake up very early.
I always forgot to take pics without the girdle sorry. But Doctor took some the other day and I'll ask her for those pics.
Have my last appointment with her today.

Here are some pics with my girdle on.

At the airport whoot whoot. .. no problems

Hi beautifuls .. so im at the airport right now im exited after my last appointment with Doctor Baez yesterday came back to the Yasnis S RH but i couldn't sleep thinking about my morning flight is weird but im so happy that im not sleepy. . Yet!
I left the RH 5am got to airport at 6am i left most of my clothes and stuff that i don't need so still im bringing with me 1 baggage with 33lbs.
So got to the airport and thanks god everything were very smooth im flying on Jet Blue im taking the xtra space seats and when i bought my ticket i order a wheelchair so when i did my check in they got me on the wheelchair all the way to the Gate the cute guy helped me with everything and i was surprised that o wasn't asked for the paper that Doctor gave me and i didn't had to get on the RX machine. The only problem is that im stopping at Puerto Rico and i will need to claim my baggage there and wait 3 hours to get my plane to Tampa. Had my last shot today that's for the blood and also a pain pill I'll need it because is a 7 hours trip plust my hose is anout 1 hour away .

About my tt it was bleeding yesterday but because when my wound was cure the bandage it moves and my T shirt got on it when i took off my shirt i saw that some black stuff was on the shirt so thats why my wound started to bleed a little bit I was worried about get it infected but Doctor tols me. My love its ok don't worry about it it will heel again you fine.. that makes me feel better. Im still using the bandage to cover the tt wound cream and powder to heel faster.
Im seating on the wheelchair waiting with my girdle very tide my compression socks looking pretty hehe but have some pain on my back and is because 5 months ago had a car crash someone hit me from behind was took in the ambulance to the hospital results 3 damage disks on my back i dont want surgery so they tols me i need some kinda shots but i don't know if taking it . Anyways im here happy with everything i found a tattoo that i like to cover my tt scar and i don't know what else to say.. lol
Time is running fast is 7am just hear that airplane is coming in 30 minutes yay..

Oh I almost forgot. . I found out that that the other Doctors didn't wanted to work on my body doing my tt because they thought i didn't had enough elasticity but yeah the only doctor that decided to see me was Doctor Australia Fragoso Baez so you can't imagine how happy i am. She's the best. She's so sweet and worry about your health so badly.
Any suggestions or questions?? Thanks for following girlfriends..

Arrived at PR.waiting 3 hours

My final destination. Tampa
Have one hour here at Puerto Rico already but time is running quick because of the customs had to claim my baggage then had to check in again. This time i had to get off chair to be scanned on the machine but ones g
Again everything were smooth they help me out the inspection lady was very sweet everybody were helpful all what she asked was if i had faja girdle and again i didn't had to show the medical paper from Doctor Baez.

My boarding time is 11:45 .plane is living few minutes after noon .

Oh don't forget to bring snacks. I had a morning fly so im hungry but im eating my snacks yay.
Can't wait to be over.

Im at the Hospital. Wound got infected badly

Im crying. Don't know what to say...

Home sweet home. . Still on antibiotics because of infected wound

Hi sweeties. . My last post was about me in the hospital. Got fever nauseas dizziness because my wound got infected they did ultrasound didn't had fluid to drain so that was good and since that day im on antibiotics. The infection is not gone yet but is looking better day by day.. so thanks god the antibiotics are doing their job. . Still 5 more days with it. Thanks sisters for all your prayers. Please if you ending up with an infection don't hesitate to go to emr asap this is serious. .. don't be afraid it can happen to anybody. . It happened to me at Dominican Republic im pretty sure it got infected there I noticed some difference right there even told Fatima the lady taking care of me a Yasmin RH a day before living DR but yep im little bit down but thanks god im in town and in good hands and taking care of it . I not even care how tbad the scar gonna look after anymore my priority is to heel and take care of the infection. . Luv ya all
My prayers for all my sisters. . Blessings

Im 4 month's now.. been through a lot . I feel deformed

Had to deal a lot with the infection. Had a whole looking so bad and nasty that made me cry every time that i look at it. It took 2 months and a half to heal the scar is a big hard bumpy igly etc..
Dr Baez told me to go back so she can see it but nothing is free. Who's gonna pay for the stay the plane and the whole trip?!!
Also i have a bump by my bellybutton. I have a hernia she told me she will repair that but she forgot. Really!! So my bellybutton doesn't look aline the position looks more to the right of my body and the vertical incision looks bad also.
So yeah.. not
I spend 7k on that trip for this??!
I'll try to fix my bellybutton and hernia when i get money. Grrr
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Haven't done it yet. My bbl and tt date is for 11/25/15 Todabia no me hago la cirugia .

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