29, One Child. Bbl, Lipo in Arms, Full Back, Abs, and Thighs - Dominican Republic, DO

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I lost over 100lbs 2 year ago. However I got...

I lost over 100lbs 2 year ago. However I got pregnant with my daughter and gained about 30lbs. Since than I have lost most of my pregnancy weight and still losing more. I would like to contour my shape and accent my shape more. I am so excited about my journey and I can't wait to get to the other side

I am so..... Excited 14 more days

So.... I will be in DR in 2 weeks. My actual surgery date is on 5/27/16. I am so anxious, I can not wait until I get my new body for the summer. I am trying to continue eating clean and working out. I wonder I I should try to lose more weight before surgery!!

8 more days

I am stoked about my surgery! I will be in DR on the 25th, and my surgery will be on the 27th. This day can not come quick enough. So I brought a few things for my trip, some gauges, antibacterial soap, anti bacterial medication, and some wipes. I also heard that i should bring flip flop and a few lose Maxie dresses. I am beyond excited and nervous at the same time. I pray my surgery goes well.

Finally here in Dr

So I arrived here in DR yesterday evening. The flight was smooth and I had no issue at all getting here ( Thank God) after I checked in my hotel, I met with my Doctor. I will say this, my Doctor and his assistant were very nice, however the customer service in DR is terrible. Seems like nobody smiles at all. I'm not sure about any other parts of DR, but Santigao is very sketchy! (At least where I am staying) I know I'm here for surgery but this area does not motivate me to sight see or shop at all.

Trying to stay positive

After meeting with my doctor he said my hemoblobin levels were low! He is sending me to the clinic to test my levels again. I am crossing my fingers that my levels are high enough. He also mentioned that he would not be able to do my arms! ???????????? I am trying to stay as positive as possible. He said if my levels are not where they should be than I would have to turn my visit into a vacation! This saddens me to even think about! I am praying it all works out and I am going to get some type of procedure tomorrow! Oh btw today is a holiday so now the anticipation is really high! I'm not sure if my results will be sent to him today or tomorrow! I'm hoping today and I get the green light for surgery! Oh did I mention there is no elevator here, and my Doctor recommended this hotel. If I get the surgery how in the world can I get up the steps smh Jesus take the wheel!!!!!

Surgery day!!!

So I got my results back yesterday and my levels went up! Thank God!!!! Surgery is in a few hours I can't sleep I'm so excited! Today is the last day of my big belly and flat booty! Btw my Dictir told me I may not be able to get Lopo in my arms he does nt want me to bleed to much! I'm ok with that ???? kind of! Well I will be updated later on woot woot #teambigbootyjudy

I made it!!!!!

So today is day one post op, yesterday after surgery my pain was about a 4/5. This morning I did not have my pain meds and my pain was about an 8. I am able to take pain as long as I stay still in one place. I got no sleep last night what so ever. It was awful I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. So I spent last night in the hospital and today I'm back in the hotel. I just took my pain meds and I'm hoping they will kick in soon, however my pain is at about a 7. I am able to tolerate it. Most of my pain is in my back not my stomach, which surprised me. If anyone is planning on traveling for this surgery I recommend you go with someone, although I am a tough cookie at times it can be hard just to get up. I was told to keep my faja on until I see my doctor on Monday, I want to take a shower so bad but I can't until I see him. I am anxious to see what my body looks like but I know the swelling won't go down for at least a month or two. I only told 3 of my very close friends about my surgery so I'm looking forward to to my compliments this summer woot woot! Although my surgeon was able to do my bbl he was not able to do my thighs or arms so I have to come back in a few months. To say the least I have had a pleasant experience here. My doctor was very honest, thorough, patient, and he took his time with my surgery. I am so excited to see. He put 1100 cc's of fat in my booty and 300 cc's of fat in my hips. Although I could have had more if I were to have gotten my thighs and arms done my hemoglobin levels were just average. Rather safe than sorry! The pictures below are the day of survey pre op stay tune for more updates and good luck ladies!!!!

Day of surgery pics

I still can't believe it's over, but it's also just beginning. Today I am two days post op, my pain is probably a 6 and it's more so soreness than pain. It's worst in the am because when your body is at rest for a long period of time at night, it's harder to walk around and be mobile. It gets better every day! Thanking God for bringing me through this! Stay tune for more pictures!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Raul is very nice and friendly. He answered all of my questions, he was able to work with me and my budget. I was a Little nervous considering the fact that he did not have that many reviews, however he explained that he has to get the patient's approval to upload their photos. He reassured me that everything would be great and he also arranged transporting and the hotel. I am confident that He will do great and I can't wait to Get a better shape! #teambigbootyjudy

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