Revised Tummy Tuck and Lipo with Bbl with Duran - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi ladies so I am planning on going for July 2017...

Hi ladies so I am planning on going for July 2017 with Dr Duran I have emailed her and sent her a message via Facebook and whatsapp but still no response its only been a week though. I am so anxious to get the date set in so I could start buying my supplies and so I could know how much money I would need. So a little background I have had 3 children and in 2009 I had a tummy tuck and lipo with a doctor here in NY who charged me $12,000 but i don't like the outcome. I have what they call in the plastic surgery world the doggy ears in the side of the stomach where the incision was made. My belly button also looks horrible in shape. I already have some what of a shape and i have my natural butt but I want something that my husband would say God damn girl lol. I am 5'4 and currently weight 169 and I am 34 yrs old I waiting to see if the doctor is going to say I need to loose weight or not. I was researching many different doctors and the one that I like the most is Dr. Duran I also love Dr Cabrals work I have family members who have gotten done by him but I am too afraid to go to him. I am so anxious and excited this is all I talk about I think I have everyone tired already lol. I just wish Duran sends me my quote so I could book my surgery date.

Quote from Yily

So I just got a quote from Yily and thank God she said I won't need another tummy tuck because the risk is less lol. So she is charging me 4,050 for an all inclusive package with a driver that will take me to and from the airport and to my doctors appointments and 8 days in one of theach recovery houses she works with. Her price includes lipo of my whole back and abdomen a day flanks and armpit area. She said if I wanted to do my arms it will be $300 more. She also sent me a list of medications that I would need for the surgery. Duran better email me soonow because Yily is also good and is soo tempting.


So I am still waiting on the surgcordinator to get me a quote from Dr Duran and its been 2 weeks already and I am trying not to get desperate but I need to set my surgery date so I could start planning everything. Any advice on what is the best way to contact Dr. Duran would be very appreciated thanks.


I finally got my quote from Dr Duran via Laura the surgcordinator she quoted me 4000 for full body liposculpture and BBL I will be posting some pics soon. I am still trying to figure out how to do it so people won't recognize me because of my tattoos lol. The surgcordinator said Dr.Duran is booked until February 2017 but the surgery date that I want is the first week of July so I am good. I am planning on paying my deposit tomorrow.


Some pics of me before and the quote I got from Dr. Duran plus some wish pics.

me blaaahh

I guess is vitamin time

So Dr.Duran said that I should already start taking my vitamins. Are there any special brand that you girls recommend for the vitamins. Uuuuuh I am really not a vitamin drinking person but I got to do what I got to do. Helppp

Recovery house dilemma...

Sooo I am 8 months away of a big bootie and a tiny waist God willing. I already book my flight and I am now planning on making my reservation at a recovery house. My husband and my sister in law which is also getting surgery with Duran are coming along with me. I am interested in staying in Armonia recovery since I have heard a lot of good things about it.. I am planning on staying in DR for 21 days but I am only staying 10 days at the recovery house. The other days I am staying at a family members house. I know I still have 8 months to go but the more I do now the less I have to waste closer to the surgery date. I want to loose at least 25 pounds before my surgery date so I really need to pray on it because I love food lol. I am hopefully starting a diet this monday which we will see how it goes. If any of you sx vets have any advice please feel free to comment down below. Thanks.

New Life recovery

So I already reserved with New Life Recovery the owner Massiel is super nice. She was recommended by a friend who stayed there last year. I was told the place is super clean and that the staff are very attentive. My friend told me that they cater to her every need and that if anything went wrong with any of the girls the owner was on top of it without any hesitation. They currently moved to a new and better house from what I understand and they have a pool and all their rooms have hospital beds. My husband and I are staying in a private room and all the rooms have their own bathroom. I will be staying for 21 days my husband is staying for 7 days. I also purchased my vitamins these week and my weight lost journey is doing ok it could be better but this is not easy.

The closer it gets the more nervous I get.

just waiting on the day to get here I already have everything ready ????????????


So, did anyone else get this email. I am like 10 pounds over lol. I need to loose at least 15. I wonder if I weight less if the quote is reduced. Also why would she cancel your appointment if your over what you said just give a bew quote and thats it. Things happen people gain and loose weight all the time like seriously.

97 more days to go lol

So time is flying, I ordered my passport about 2 months ago and is still not here like omg. I still haven't lost any weight bummer. Well I did loose like 5 but I go up and down. I need to take this weight thing more seriously cause I don't have any extra money to pay for surgery. My cousin that lives in DR recently got done with Tania Medina and she looks so good but i want the exaggerated type body hers is more natural.


Yayyy my pcp gave me most of my medications except the trombocil and the Heparin injections. Less to pay for.

Is almost Duran time.

Well I am 8 days away from arriving to DR and 10 from getting surgery and this has been a very emotional rollercoaster for me. At first I was soo excited about the surgery and couldnt wait for the day to get here. Then I went theough a stage of should I do it or not. Now that the days are getting closer everyone is being so negative about my decision. 2 days ago here in NY in the Spanish news they were talking about 12 girls who came back with a flesh eating bacteria and 8 of them were from Cipla and of course I got concerned. I was also hoping my mom didnt happen to see it lol. I spoke to the Surgcordinator about it and she told me that they are investigating. From what I have read none of them were Durans patient but it still gets my anxiety to a hundred. I just want this to be over with already so I wont think about it so much. I know God is on my side and I have months and months researching and praying on this and until now God hasnt fail me. Now if they close the clinic for the time that I am supposed to go to DR I will be vacationing and the surgery wasnt for me. Keep me and my sister in law in prayers.


So this is what I am taking with me:
Poise Pads 66 counts
Box of 150 gloves
Hand sanitizer
Feminim wipes
10 chux
6 Ensures
Lipo foam
Back and front board
Arnica cream
Arnica pills
Dial soap
Eucerin Cream
Adult washcloths
Face wash
Pillow/ Blanket for Cipla
Gauze/ Tape
Dulcolax tablets
5 tank tops to wear under the faja.
6 or 7 maxi dresses
Flip flops
Medications prescribed by my pcp plus vitamins.
I have a feeling I am forgetting something on this list lol.

I am hereee

I arrived to DR @4pm but the line for those visiting the Dominican Republic was long. Once we got our bags we get out and see this man holding up a sign with our name it must had veen like 5:30 or something. Our drivers name is Neper but he wasnt there the man told us we needed to wait 20 minutes for him to get back to the airport since we got out so late he left lol. Well he picks us up and is like an hour or more to get to our recovery house.we choose New life recovery but they put us in Pretty and healthy which is and extension of New Life. I love it its so nice and clean and very secure. The place has camaras all over outside, a big gate that opens only if you are buzzed in plus the fence has electric bob wires just incase anyone tries to climb it. Once we get inside someone comes and gets our bags and they take my husband and me to a room and my sister in law and her man to another. The rooms are nice and clean and it has hospital beds, the bathroow is gorgeous and we even have a walk in closet. We have a TV with cable and the AC is awsome. We signed some papers amd they bring me a safe for me to put my belongins in and they called us downstairs to eat. Afterwards they come and tell us that @8:30 they will be picking us up to go get our test done at Cipla so I will be meeting Duran this morning yayyy. Hopefully all my test are good and I get the okay to have this surgery done.

Testing day!!!!

Omg this day was so tiring. My sister innlaw and I who is also getting surgery with Dr.Duran got to Cipla at 8:30 we go to room 212 which is Durans office and we get some papers to go getnour blood work and xrays. After we get out blood work and xray done which took about 15 minutes tops the wait for that we go back upstairs and wait for like an hour or 2 to see Dr.Castro Durans assistant she takes some pics and then we sit from 10:30 until almost 2 to see the cardiologist. We see the cardiologist and she tells us everything is good and if everything came out ok in the blood work we are go to go. So we sit again and wait for the blood results to get back and everything came out good yayyy!!!. Wakiris Durans secretary was very polite and friendly she told us to go to the bank and deposit a percentage of the money to Duran's account and the other tonpay it tomorrow at the office. She also told us to go Downstairs to what they call the Emergency and take our paper work. There another doctor gives us paper to sign for us to give approval of getting a blood transfusion if needed. He took our weight and re check that all teh test were ok for surgery and told us to be back at Cipla tomorrow at 7am for surgery.

Pretty & healthy

More pics lol!!

My experience at Cipla

Duran is sooo gorgeous in person omg her pictures do her no justice. She is very honest and doesnt sell you a dream she tells you ehat she could do and what she cant. My sistert in law and I went to the 4th floor and got assign to a room and it was so diagusting the hospital beds were rusty and disnt even work. We were both afraid to even sit on the bed sadly. Someone came in and brought us both some chux, water and the blue pill but told us not to drink it until someon came qnd told us. My sister in law when in for surgery at around 9:30 and came out around 12 then I went in and came out at around 4. Duran did an excellent job with both of us. The night at cipla was horrible even though they did change us to a somewhat better room because my hisband complained. The nurses have to be harassed in other to do their job and they take for ever to attend you. I don't recommend Cipla at all it was a nightmare. My sister in laws pee bag was full and even though we told like 5 different nurses to change it no one came and the urine bag started leaking and her boyfriend had to empty for her smh. The place is very dirty and the staff are very careless. Dr Duran I recommend but not the clinic.

My arm lipo by Dr Duran

5 days post op

Today I had my first follow up appointment and I was feeling like crap. I threw up before I went to my appointment and then when I get to Durans office I almost fainted. Dr. Castro Durans assistance took me to the office and her and Dr.Duran laid me on a bed Duran opened up my faja and was just looking at her work admiring it lol. She told me I was very swollen and that she did a better job then she hoped for with my body lol. Then she tells me just stay laying here until Dr. Castro comes and gets you down. I laid down for 20 minustes they Dr. Castro got me down and close my faja and sat me on a chair. Then she wet my face cause I was sooo dizzy and I didnt respond so ahe poured some water over me. She then goes to the waiting area and gets my hisband and tells him he has to take me to get blood work ASAP cause I am probably going to need a blood transfusion. Castro didnt see me too well so she decided to walk with my husband and I down stairs to the lab. As we are waiting for the elevator I am about to pass out again so my husband and Her sat me on a chair while she got me a wheelchair cause I was not going to make it. Well finally they take my blood and my hemo is at 7 so they gave me 2 pints of blood. They also gave me 2 bags of fluid because I was soo dehydrated. Dr. Castro was very worried and very attentive which I found was very nice from her part.
Dr. Hilario Durán

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