Doing Research Trying to Find Me in the Dominican Republic Doctor to Do my TT Liposculpture BBL

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Heyyy,Barbies I'm looking to find a surgeon in the...

Heyyy,Barbies I'm looking to find a surgeon in the Dominican Republic I've done research on a couple of doctors one in particular is dr. Fatima Almonte I have contacted her assistant Lesley she was good with answering me back responding very promptly I've also reached out to dr. Duran it's been very hard to get in contact with her um I been trying to get in touch with her on every end but it's just so hard to get in touch with her I was told that I had to go through a coordinator assistant or something like that to get to talk to her and that it's a $200 extra fee and that I found out when I was doing my research on real self also looked into a Yily and Duran haven't been able to get in touch with them also a couple more doctors here in the US but looking at their work I'm not really that happy with the results that I've been seeing I did get a quote from dr. Almonte when I send in my pictures and had my consultation and I'm happy with the quote and the things that are included like my recovery house that I'll be staying in for 10 days so I'm just still doing my research and I'm looking to get my procedures done sometime 2017 so I've been doing research for about a year now a little over a year now so and the only work I have been satisfied with is dr. Fatima Almonte and I love her work I've been checking her out on Instagram I've been checking her out on Facebook and her website and I've been seeing a lot of people that have had Almonte on realself perform their different procedures and my God her work is awesome I can tell that she takes her time and she's very detailed and I'm really leaning towards dr. Fatima Almonte to do my procedures so like I said she gave me a quote I'm happy with it so the only thing now is me just moving forward and making up my decision on when I want to go I know I'm probably going to have to get my hemoglobin up and things like that but on the other hand I'm pretty excited so I'll keep you guys updated...God Bless Barbies until next time
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