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I'm a mother of one looking to have bbl , tt, lipo...

I'm a mother of one looking to have bbl , tt, lipo & also breast reduction I'm not new to r realself .. I've been here for awhile its been a long road but my final decision is Dr. Cabral please don't come on my profile telling me about cabral & his past I am very much aware of it .. Thanks for your concern but I've been doing research for awhile & my heart tells me Cabral!! ?

And so the count down begins!

T minus 65 days till I get the body of my dreams Thank you Jesus *Sighs* Whew!! my time is almost here ??? I'm still in the process of looking for a recovery lords knows I heard bad things about all of them but everyone's experience is different.


So I've recently spoke to a woman that had breast work (Breast reduction) done by Cabral & she basically said that he's good in a lot of areas but for breast NO she had a lot of complications Hmm now I'm at a lost. I really don't want to take that chance i'm wondering what should I do now.? I really want my breast done but I don't want him to jack me up lol There's hardly any pics of his breast work. Anywho I just seen pics of a Cabral 6 days post & she looks excellent Omgee I can't wait !!

Wish pics

54 days

Me & my buddies are booking with Janet Rh $80 a day. 10 massages $200 So far I've heard nothing but good things about her also not to mention her home looks beautiful & comfy. I'll be putting down my deposit $100 tomorrow 7 weeks & counting for my transformation I'll be posting pics when I get close to my date. I Also decided to take that leap of faith & let Cabral do my breast too. :)

Her website



Cabral Dolls

45 days left!

I'm will be buying the rest of my supply some more tanks, granny panties & also maxi pads next week . I spoke to Janet a few days ago deposit is confirmed. I'm kind of nervous leaving my baby for a whole 2 weeks I've never been away from her for more than a day :( I wish I could take her with me. I leave everything to God that I come back home to my family safe & sound. Whoot! Whoot! I'm almost there. Oh & I almost forgot I got my lab results my hemo is 12.2 I need it to be a 14! I seen someone in my fb post a pic of tea that might help ill attach the pic below for you ladies to see. It's sold on Ebay for $5.99

RIP Treena Jackson

So I got wind of a Duran patient that died yesterday may god rest her soul. My condolences to her family especially her mother who witnessed this :( Ladies don't ever take life for granted because you never know when it's your time to go.

Down to 30 days!

Hello My Sweets I'm down to 30 days till I catch my flight only thing I'm considering ordering at this point is my tummy board its about $30 at thepinkroom.com but lipoexpress.com its $20.00 also ebay has them for $16.99 if I'm not mistaken.. So happy it's almost over I really need some pain meds though my pcp wasn't it. :( Any who Yay!! & the 30 day count down begins!! €€

My pic!

A pic of me I needs hips a fat booty,a flat tummy and smaller breast,

Some of my Supply :)

12 days till I'm D.R bound

Not much to update on I'm trying to see if I could come up on a couple more hundred dollars because I really want to have rhinoplasty but not with Cabral tho with Contreras he does excellent facial sx . I just want him to reduce the tip of my nose a little something suttle. I download this sx App to show how I want it to look because I don't want any mishaps I'll be dam if I come back looking like Michael Jackson. I'll be raising all types of hell lol Anywho I'll be checking muly hemo levels again in a few days then by gods grace on my flight for my transportation!! Whoot! Whoot!



Another Death at Cipla

I have alot of anxiety now. I will post what I read in the group.


5 days til my 1st flight & 6 days till D.R!

By this time next week I should be in Dr I'm nervous & feeling alot of anxiety just got my hair braided I still have to pack me & daughter's things my mom will be taking her of her but I plan on staying with my mom for a month before I go back home. I'm flying out of Palms Springs CA I have to drop my daughter in Tpa then from there I'll catch my flight to MIA then to DR I know that seems like a lot 4 different flights but thats the price I pay for not having any relatives close by but oh well. I'll put more b4 pics before I leave.


Taking care of her


I'll be on DR by this evening Yay!
Hector Cabral

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