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I've been on this site for almost a year and I can...

I've been on this site for almost a year and I can honestly say I've done my research. I've spoken to several doctors, gone to several consultations and I now feel comfortable enough to say that Dr. Jose Leon and his staff have by far exceeded my expectations as far as customer service, professionalism and most importantly his work. I've contacted some of his previous patients and they have said the same thing Im saying here...Dr. Leon is great! I have asked his assistant a million questions via email and by phone and she has answered them all promptly (within 24 hrs) usually on the same day. I also email Dr. Leon a list of questions and he in turn called me and answered them all and did so in such a polite manner and made sure I was comfortable with everything. He had me send him my labs and exams so that we could discuss my questions intelligently. One of the reasons I decided to go with Dr. Leon is that I heard over and over by his previous patients how important it is for him that his patients look great but are safe in the process. I can vouch that from my conversation with him and the conversations with his patients he does ensure our safety first. Another reason I chose him is his willingness to take time out of his busy schedule to answer questions and not make you feel rushed or like he's doing you a favor but more like he wants you to make educated decisions. He did this prior to me giving a deposit or having any assurance I would go with him.
My Mom lives in DR and decided to go visit his clinic and see first hand if everything was as I had heard. Both Dr Leon and his assistant welcomed her, answered her questions and gave her a tour of the facility which my Mom said is first class. My Mom was a bit Leary of me going ahead with this surgery but after meeting and speaking to Dr Leon and his wonderful staff she gave me a thumbs up! I know there are a lot of doctors in DR that can get you snatched but their main priority is not your overall health or safety. I'm not just speaking about making it to the flat side but ensuring that infection and complications are also prevented and if necessary handled appropriately. For most of these well known doctors it's about how many people they can get done in a day and the post op care is mediocre if at all. Ladies this is our bodies our health, let's ensure that when we make a decision it's not only based on the great pics a few girls post. People only freak out when they hear someone died, you should be freaked out by the amount of infections and complications some of these doctors have on a regular. Also, doctors letting their assistants perform surgeries because they've booked so many in one day. Several ladies I spoke to shared the same story about waking up during surgery and seeing someone other than there doctor performing procedures on them. Whether this be true or not, ask your doctor how many surgeries they perform in a day and then do the math. How long do the surgeries take on an average? Can your doctor take 30-40 minutes out of their day to call you and answer questions? How has the office responded to post op care? These are questions you want to ask actual patients...I did. I'm so happy with my decision to go with Dr. Leon, his work is phenomenal, he's very kind and personable but most of all he's a conscientious doctor. As of right now, I'm planning on having lipo of my back, abdominal area, inner thighs and maybe arms, BBL and breast reduction. Woo that was a mouthful!!! 90 days and counting!! Will post pics soon.
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