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Ah, where to start. Well I can start by saying it...

Ah, where to start. Well I can start by saying it feels good to be in "serious" mode about my BBL procedure. I have been obsessed with it for quite a few years now. have a question how long was your journey from decision to SX table ive done research for years but still feel like it too soon my goal is a 26' waist and a 39 to 40ish hip :)

I have been wanting to get the BBL since i was 16....

I have been wanting to get the BBL since i was 16. NO JOKE I gave birth to my daughter and boom my body went flat! she stole all my curve ( of course i wasnt done growing) but my mother isnt a curvy woman so I kind of know what to expect.. so here I am now 20 years old ... I had a baby boy when i was 18 and let me tell you he gave me a booty! but he also gave me muuuchhoos love handles! that has always been my problem area... i didnt try working out after him so my muscles underneath the fat are very soft.. my body is so unporportionate(spelling?) saggySMALL boobs.. my waist looks like it wants to be an hourglass figure then huge love handles.. big "dents" then my some what curvy hips?? wtf? looks ugly so when I go out i put hip pads where the dents are and i have a banding hourglass body but I want to feel sexy without any clothes off I dont want to go another summer turning down going out to the pool or the beach with my babies :(((((((( yily please answerrrrr... I have also contacted Dr Campos ( we have the same last name ;))) and he answered right away ( maybe he feels a connection???? who knows but hell probably hook it uppppppp ;DD I also need help!!! im trying to get these quotes now because they keep going up .. but the thing is I have like 000000$$$ :(((( what can I do to save money ladies... I dont work ... My fiancee said hell get it for me but in time :(((( I feel like ive waited forever and i feel there is no better time than now.... its hard saving when you have (in my case) rent, car, ammentites and living expenses ... if you put aside money from a pay check how much did you put and how long did it take to save up... does any of these doctors take some kind of financing? please help! sorry for the horrible spelling.. im usually a stickler for this but my crazy kids are jumping in their beds & my son is out of his crib way past their bed time!! :)))))) thanks everyone

P.s. I am about to post some pre op pictures.....

p.s. I am about to post some pre op pictures.. when i took these to send to the Dr. I cried I cannot believe this is me! Im so ashamed... Im little .. but now im a little fat girl.... Im 5'2/3 137LBS I wear a size 9 in jeans and a medium on top everyone tells me I look smaller.. even when I go to buy jeans the associates bring me sizes like 5/6 and I have to literaly try them on the show them they do not go past my knees

Smf still no response from yily :/ maybe its not...

smf still no response from yily :/ maybe its not meant to be... thankfully my heart wasnt set... i was interested in Dr Campos from the get-go his assistant emailed me to tell me to expect a quote from him in a few days and I cannot wait to recieve it !!! does he finance? hmmmm I have 2 small children (4&2) im a sahm so im their everything (they have their father but he works full time & they will have someone to care for them when im gone but i like to be the one watching them) what is the absolute minimum i have to stay in mexico ( still being comfortable/independent enough dont want to push it ) 5 days? 6 days? Im a very strong person so i handle pain very well MIND OVER MATTER it always works for me so whats the min?

Hey ladies so I got my quote from Dr Robles today...

Hey ladies so I got my quote from Dr Robles today and she quoted me
Dr. Robles reviewed your pictures and determined:

Liposuction of back
Liposuction of flanks
Liposuction of abdomen
Breast Implants

All-inclusive package for 6,100 Dollars

but I havent seen enough of her work to really be excited about it
is there someplace I dont know of yet that I can find more info on these doctors?

So yesterday I had updated you ladies with a quote...

so yesterday I had updated you ladies with a quote I received from Robles for BBL & BA and she gave me the grand total of 6100$
well I messaged her back asking for seperate quotes for both opperations & this is what I got
"Breast implants are 4,100 Dollars

Brazillian buttock lift (liposuction on back and lipotransfer) is 3,600 Dollars.

Breast implants and brazillian buttock lift is 5,300 Dollars.

All prices are for the all-inclusive package. "

WOOOo I dont know if any of you caught that but now the total for both the BBL & BA just went down about a grand hahahaha

I'm loving the results I see from dra Duran!! She...

I'm loving the results I see from dra Duran!! She hooks all the women up!! The before pictures of some of these gals you think to yourself they probably won't look good because they "appear " almost husky or their backs look really flabby but damn!!! They're dimes!!! I love it do beautiful I DEFF. Will be sending her an email soon!! Anyone have a consultation with her? How much does she charge for lipo of the BACK FLABKS WAIST LOWER AB & AMS. Also I need a. Sep quote for ^^^ lister before and Breat aug. :)))

Hey sexies! I want to get the bbl & BA done...

Hey sexies! I want to get the bbl & BA done together.. I'm a stomach sleeper so that will be perfect for the bbl but what about the boob job??! I have read on here someone had these two together and she said she slept on her boobies no problemo it was the bbl that gave her discomfort.. Who else has done it and how did you deal/cope/sleep. Any input will be greatly appreciated not only by be but a lot of other curious ladies on here :))). P.S a lot of you keep asking if I'm having my sx done soon, unfortunately, at this point in time I'm financially unable to undergo my dream op. but I plan to have the means by early jan 2014 :))) I wish all of you the best of luck in your journeys

it's been so long !

It's been so long since I've been on here.... I kind of gave up on the dream of having a bbl because it didn't fit anywhere in my future .. but since then I have bought a house. . Kids started school for the first time and I have been working ... things are looking good and I do see me possibly having this procedure this year ! Back when I first started my search yily was all the hype but I'm pretty sure I want to stay in the states and Dr fisher has caught my attention. .does anyone know if he does hips?
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