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Helllo real self world im 29 mother of 3boys and...

Helllo real self world im 29 mother of 3boys and looking forward to this new change. Im looking forward to getting a tummy tuck and a bbl. With all my pregnancy I carried big baby's which left me with a large stomach. Im still working out but consistency is hard with kids and work. I've been wanting this for so long so I know I can get it done. My current weight is 217 and my goal weight is 200 or less believe it or not I do have a shape just my stomach is block the view lol. My doctor of choice is the lovely doctor Tania Medina

before pic

made it to dr

Hey dolls made it to dr around midnight and it was a good 3 hour flight. I was originally supposed to be here @ 2pm but I was 2mins to late coming thru security. Had 2 rebook flights with a 7 hour lay over yes 7 hours from New York. But I guess the mess of getting here evened out since coming in dr was a breeze. There were no long lines for tourists cards and my drive was on time. Im staying @ high recovery and the owner was there to greet me. Showed and went to sleep and now waiting to be picked up


Had sx March 8 everything is good so far a day or 2 after I started swelling really bad. Back legs stomach and having a tummy tuck and bbl at same time I can't say that was a good move at this moment. Trying to keep my head upward higher than my body has helped. I received a massage the next day after sx and skipped after that and now I'm everyday until i leave. They are so uncomfortable but i know there needed but it seem like she goes over that same sore spot. The doctor has her own massage lady but I just used the recovery houses for convenience. Also I had my recovery house get me grapefruit which normally works for me. They brought some yellow kind but it seems to be doing the job slowly. The plan is to take one everyday with lots of water since I leave Thursday afternoon. Well I'm out ill drop some more details after I land about the recovery house and my overall stay along with photos.

3 1/2 weeks post

Feeling good as time goes on the itching is working my last but just keep telling myself its apart of the process. Benadryl doesn't seem to help so I just deal with it and swelling is worst as the day goes on. I took my drain out last week that wasn't easy there was a stitch on the opposite side that needed to be clipped. Once I did that had to clip the one on the tube pulled at it and it felt like I was getting scratched from the inside so I stopped pulling. Had to take a deep breath and pulling slowly finally came out with the stitch on the end so that was the scratches I was feeling. Was a relief to get that out, I'm standing straight but as the day goes on not so much. Overall I'm happy about my tt results the bbl is to early because it looks great with the garment on not so much with it off.

recovery house review/ flight and wheel chair service

When I arrived the owner was there to greet me she showed me around and I showered and jumped in to bed after. The water was always hot when I showered or took a wash up I made sure to use anti bacteria wash which worked fine. The bed offered where twin bed with some added padding each bed was 3 to 4 feet apart but it worked fine. Meals 3 a day 2 snacks which was mainly fruit and Dominican food along with fruit drink. Food was ok just after 2 weeks you want some American food which we ordered out twice. Bring your own snacks if you have room in your luggage this especially comes in handy during your long wait 4 check ups. Laundry was stated that they only washed garments everyday and other items Wednesday but the ladys did whatever items you needed. Bleach wipes are a must every shift should clean common areas such as shared bathrooms but when requested it was handled. There's a lock box to lock your belongings but nobody in my room used it. Recliners on request staff was great so overall out of 5????? I give high class gets ??? . Flight home was long wheel chair service a must and im glad I did the lines were long I would have never made it standing that long or to my flight on time. The customs guy asked what was the purpose of my visit I didn't lie I said sx he said there seem to be alot of people doing it. Told him oh really I didn't notice lol and went on my way.

month and 4day

My bbl is still taking shape I'm wearing my faja faithfully. I'm Counting down the days til I can go without it but it's true you feel like you need it when your out of it for to long. My heal proces s is going good no complaints I even took my son out for a walk with no problems. Trying to building my tolerance for walking have a trip coming up and I wanna be able to handle it. Doctor Medina message me right @ a month to check on me which was great. I haven't had to contact her due to everything going well.

4 months

Still loving my results
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