Round 1 in Miami, Round 2 in the DR! BBL, TT, BL+BA, arm lipo, liposculpture... I'm ready!

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Had my round one BBL in Miami with Dr. James...

Had my round one BBL in Miami with Dr. James McAdoo (amazing job, amazing doctor!!), but this time I want the DR treatment! I have booty greed now lol! I want to be sucked dry, have a TT, and possibly a BL... Still unsure about touching my breasts lol! They're really fine, but the overall full look comes out great when everything is symmetrical lol! I did receive a response back from Dra. Baez with a medical questionnaire and photo request, which I submitted yesterday once she responded. Took 24 hours to get a response via email. I tried her WhatsApp that same day, but got a faster response via email (FYI). I'm anxiously waiting to get a response for my quote, so I can start planning my trip and second journey! So exciting! I'm looking to have surgery the same day too lol! Guess it's a lucky day for me! I stopped sharing my last journey (as some of you may know) due to ignorant comments. I don't intend to have that same experience now as a vet! I'm swerving on all negative comments! I feel I let a lot of dolls down that looked to me for advice, support and info, because I allowed a few bad apples to spoil the bunch! Not this time! I have a positive outlook, and I want other dolls to be able to ask questions and share their experiences as we go through this journey... TOGETHER! Maybe I'll add some pics of my post-op with McAdoo since I didn't add any to my last review, and deleted all the ones I did... DR... Here I come! They not ready y'all! Lol! Yasssss hunty!!!!

I'm finding it extremely hard to get an accurate quote from Dra. Baez???

Has anyone else had this issue? I've been going back and forth for days on a quote. My friend that will be flying out with me got her quote for a BBL, TT, Lipo, and a BL with implants for $5,700... I was quoted $5,600 for the same... no implants??? Now why would I pay you $100 less than she's paying to get implants? I think not! I will not be hustled. I'm not one of these body hungry girls from the US that will just throw my money in your pockets. Nope. I will not be hustled or have my intelligence insulted. So I said I'd keep my quote for the BBL, lipo and TT for $3,900... haven't heard back yet. My friend was confirmed for our date that same day, I wasn't. But I won't sit in silence and let you play me either. No ma'am. She's such a sweet person and has such great reviews... There's no WAY I was talking to her! That was one of her assistants trying to make a side hustle, and that's not gonna happen. It's been 4-5 days going back and fourth asking if I can be confirmed for our date so I can send in my deposit. Has anyone else had to deal with this? I'm sick of emails and WhatsApp. I need to know am I being locked in or not so I can start considering other surgeons and stop wasting my time. That's not too much to ask for though. Smh.

Rant over! I'm booked for Baez OFFICIALLY 3/2/17!!! Yay! I had my RH (Highclass Recovery) contact her directly! Baez Barbie!!

Wendy, the owner of Highclass Recovery is so helpful!!! I love her already! I told her the issues I was having with communicating with the assistants of Baez giving me run around, unclear quotes, and she contacted her directly for me to get my date confirmed! I couldn't be happier! So pleased with them already! That's how you go above and beyond for your dolls... It starts from DAY ONE!

Here's my email confirmation from Baez! So excited lol!

Got my email confirmation and I'm so happy. I thought I'd have to start looking into other doctors hahaha! Glad I got her... I'm going to look amazing!

Some photos of before and after with Dr. McAdoo to show y'all where I'm starting before round 2 in the DR with Dr. Baez!!

Here's some before and after pics of Dr. McAdoo's great work! Love that man, and will forever be thankful for him! Hope y'all love my results as much as I do! If you're on the fence... Go for it! He will do the job!!

More photos of McAdoo's work because I could only add 10....

More photos...


Just adding my countdown! I'm so ready! Good afternoon dolls!

I added a few procedures!

So I've decided to add on a breast lift with implants, and Botox to my underarms for excessive sweating. Go big or stay home! Lol!

I ordered my tourist card online last night! Yay!

So I ordered my tourist card online last night to save myself from hours of waiting in line to get one before I can go through customs! Luckily I do my research! I like to be well compared!!! So exciting dolls!!!!!! It's $10 FYI... I blotted it out because I shared it on other social media, and because it's printable, I don't want anyone obviously using or copying it... But this is what is sent after you pay... A downloadable PDF to print for when you fly....

Almost forgot to update you guys... My RH is paid too... Highclass Recovery!!!

I paid my RH September 22... I'll be staying in the DR for 10 days. 3/1-3/12!!!

I got my passport today! It only took 16 days total, not 4-6 weeks! Plane tickets next!!!!!

Processing times are far faster with the standard delivery says right now! I'd apply now if you're going to the DR soon! I sent it in Oct. 3rd, they updated the website with my processing details on Oct. 7th, and I received my passport in the mail today (Oct. 19th), for a total of 16 days, including the turnaround! I'm more and more excited everyday! I'll continue to update in hopes of helping someone else through the process! Ttyl dolls!

I got my flight tickets Wednesday!!!!

Finally booked my flight and sent the info over to my RH and Dra. Baez! I'm super excited and anxious dolls! Round two, here I come!???

Just a countdown update!!!

Excited and anxious...??

53 days!!!

I'm soooo ready! I've changed up my procedures a bit. Not doing Botox, doing arm lipo instead. I don't want big arms and a lil body lol! Time is flying! No stress!

Current pics from 12/24!!!

Here's me now... Looking like a mf meal lol

What to wear INTO the DR?

Question in photo....
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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