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All booked and ready to go. I'm super excited! I...

All booked and ready to go. I'm super excited! I am 5'10" and 200lbs. Haven't had surgery yet, but have been researching for 2 years now. Decided to go to Yily for her sculpting skills. My deposit is paid and airline tickets are bought. I have all of the supplies I need...just need a buddy. Will arrive in the DR on June 9th surgery is on June 10th. Yay!!

Changed up!

Will update later but I chose Dr. Contreras!

Surgery March 17, 2014

Did go yet am scheduled this March!

My Time Is Coming Soon! (But not soon enough...LOL)

March 17th can't get here fast enough. I lost a total of 21 lbs. I was 217 I am now 192.8. I want to get down to 185 lbs. I am 5'11" though. I will be going to dr. Contreras, sweet guy by the way. I will be having bl, lipo, and bbl. I can't wait. Summertime, here I come! I will post before photos soon.


I already bought my airline ticket. I also started taking my vitamins. I have been taking liquid iron, iron pills, chlorophyll drops (nasty stuff), folic acid, vitamin c, and b complex. I also eat lots of iron rich foods and vitamin c rich foods. Watching what I eat has helped me with my weight loss. I also work out...i do Les Mills Pump. That workout is intense, but I am more toned now. My measurements are as follows:
Waist-36 1/2"

I already gotta booty and hips so after this surgery I will be shutting it down...j/k LOL! Well, I might be serious! Either way LOL!

A few before pics...

More pre-ops

My workout routine....Les Mills Pump!

I do this workout 5 - 6 days per week. It's a cardio and weight lifting workout, using light weight on the bar. It's intense but, I feel great afterwards. I do squats, lunges, ab workouts, biceps, triceps, clean and presses, and dead lifts.

The 'Diet'

I have been eating very healthy. Now I don't eat healthy all of the time. I wanted pizza yesterday so I had Dominos Pizza....yes I did hunny! But I eat lots of foods rich in Vitamin C and Iron. This morning I made my favorite smoothie: avocado, cucumber, banana, almond milk, and guava juice with a tablespoon of chlorophyll. Yummy.
I also eat lots of:
-spinach (vitamin c and iron)
-Broccoli (vit. C)
-Rice and beans ( great source of iron)
-Orange juice (vit c)
-Lean meats like chicken, fish and steak (iron) very little fat on those.
-Whole grain breads and also
Dates (iron)
-Prunes and prune juice(iron) and it keeps you regular because iron pills will constipated you.
Here's a pic of my smoothie and the ingredients

Vitaminzzzz Oh My!

I do admit, I have so much more energy from taking my vitamins:
- liquid iron 1/2 a dose
-iron 1 pill
-folic acid
-b complex
-chlorophyll (disgusting stuff) and
-vitamin c
-don't forget the pre-surgery and post-surgery vitamins from make-me-heal

My results of Les Mills Pump

I have toned up a little and lost weight. Pics with and w/o clothes. I am pretty much happy with my body but I hate my stomach. It refuses to go anywhere, I could workout all day long and I have a pooch. SMDH!

Forgot one.

Received my board today! Yay!


Dr. Edgar Contreras

I will be going to Dr. Contreras.

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