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Hey guys! I'm 18 years old (I know I'm still...

Hey guys! I'm 18 years old (I know I'm still young) and I have NO booty and I hate the way it looks! Like it just doesn't look right when I'm trying to look sexy in little dresses or shorts or ANYTHING for that matter lol. So I've been doing some research on the Brazilian Butt-Lift and I ran across this site. The Plastic Surgeon I've been hearing about the most is Dr Yily. So I went on her site and saw some before and after pictures and I'm really impressed with the results! She gives her patients that body I want. The small waist, big hip & big butt (: And don't forget the affordable price quotes. I want a BIG butt but I don't want nothing that's like unnatural looking lol

So with that being said, if you guys have had surgery from Dr Yily would you mind sending before and after pictures, your experience, tips you would give me, and any thing else you would have to say. I don't really plan on getting one soon probably in a few months to a year. Oh and I messaged her on the contact part of her site and sent her a picture of me right now, does anyone know how long it will take for her to reply? Or if I was suppose to email her or something? If so can you comment with her email.
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