Soooo....I am confused now.... I see that Duran gives major

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I am 24 and have become obsessed with this...

I am 24 and have become obsessed with this procedure. So much to do and so little time. Been reviewing for a while now so I figured I would finally write my own review and be supportive of all you ladies that have helped me make decisions regarding this procedure. I have a question.... does the butt in faja shrink your butt and does the out faja make it bigger? I have noticed that different doctors use different methods. I know it has a lot to do with cc's, but it seems like Salama and Jimmerson's (butt out) girls tend to have bigger rears...This is just my observation. I am planning to go to yily because I love her sculpting, but I also want a huge butt. Help about the Fajas please!

Big Booty Judy

I find myself on this site everyday all day. I cant help myself. I love all the stories, and all the support that everyone gives. It is like a big booty family here. I got my quote from Yily. It was $3300 for bbl, and $5400 with tummy tuck. I am not sure if I am going to go through with the tummy tuck. I havent had kids yet. I sent my pics to Salama today just out of curiosity...I love the booty he gives...but Yilys lipo is amazing! And i have a fat back so I need that sucked away, asap! I done a lot of research about the fajas. So looks like I will be buying a butt out faja so I do not kill any of my big booty cells. Going to upload some before pics today...yucky... but so many of you girls have shared your bodies so I figured I would share mine. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks ladies!

I need an hourglass in my life!

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I am stuck between Yily and Duran

Yall I am on the fence now... It seems like Duran can give me what I want. I love Yilys work...but she gives okay booty with the occasional donkey booty. I am just going by what I have seen stalking the site for the past year and a half. Not trying to make any Yily vets mad because yall are all banging. And now there is the Duran craze going on and she gives consistent POW ass. That is the booty I am looking for. Any advice would be greatly appreciated ladies. I am still researching, and I am hesitant about sending my deposit because I want to be 100% sure my surgeon can give me what I want. I have enough fat for a donkey booty so i want to have it put to good use. Also that whole deal about hitting the sciatic nerve...I know complications happen but that makes me nervous. And again...I am not trying to make any Duran vets mad... just expressing myself on here. Some people get very offensive when it comes to a surgeon. Both surgeons are so talented, but based on technique ladies....who do yall think can give me a clapper lol?! I want my booty so big to where I can have my own twerk team...With the team just being me! Haaaay! But on a serious note....opinions please ladies... The master of big booty judy? Yily or Duran? Starting my tally board now.
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