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Today I am starting my journey. I called DR....

Today I am starting my journey. I called DR. Cabrals assistant to make my appointment, i called the first line which was the "international" line that phone was cut off.. So I called the number to the office and talked with the assistant she set my appointment but I was expecting to pay a deposit, she said I didn't have to, so I was fine with that I asked her " so I don't have to make a deposit?" Just to make sure she said no. I was expecting an email about which vitamins to take or an email telling me about a blood order to get from my primary care physician but she didn't ask me for my email just my telephone number so idk, I'm assuming I'll get a call.
Anyways I started my shopping yesterday and so far I have spent $15 dollars at the dollar store and and about $19 at Walmart. I'm still not even finished buying all of my supply's but here's a list of what I have thus far:
3 boxes of gauze (15 count)
Sheer antibacterial band aids (40 count)
Paper tape (surgical tape)
2 boxes Sterile alcohol swabs( 100 count) 1 dollar
Lysol disinfecting wipes
4 travel size Tide detergent
Dermatologist cleansing bar
Hand sanitizer
Maxi pads (need to get one more) 45 count

Any suggestions on Recovery houses? Also I need a SX buddy

I've been looking at a couple recovery houses:
Angela's recovery
I've actually consulted with harmony recovery deluxe so I know that's $100 per night driver included meals included and the lady seemed really nice. Any input ladies?

Real recovery armonia

I'm doing my research now on real recovery armonia. I want to stay there. I think I'm going to book a double room only because I don't want to be lonely lol plus it's cheaper $75 dollars a night I'm staying for 7 days and the night of surgery is free so that'll be 350 but with the 100 dollar deposit I will have to pay 250 when I get there ! Sounds like a plan to me! Any of you dolls have experiences at real recovery armonia if so please share with me :)


Staying 7 days but the day of surgery is free (double room) that comes up to 450 so when I get there it will be 350 which I think I'm going to just pay before I land anyways not to mention the driver is going to be $80 round trip

Yily got me thinking

Okay so I sent for a quote from Dra. Yily earlier this month for bbl/Lipo.. So she emails me back a template! I'm on an information overload. This lady has package deals! The package that includes my surgery the labs, meds, and the RH for 8 days will run me $4,440. If I just choose the surgery without the package it's $3,500 plus an extra $400 for labs and meds. My gut is telling me go with Dr. Cabral but he ain't give me no type of information I don't even know if my labs and meds are included with his quote I need help.

Passport and plane tickets ..

I'm planning this surgery out so that I don't go broke in the process lol I've already stacked the 3,800 (part time hairstylist) that's out of the way.. Now I have to purchase my plane ticket and passport which I expect to pay about $500 round trip bout $100 for the passport working on getting 450 for the RH already 112 dollars into that goal..

Going to primary care physician.. Questions

Okay so when I go to my primary physician I just ask her for blood work? I have an older doctor she's going to look at me like I'm crazy when I tell her I'm having Lipo done.. She already be telling me I'm fat ^__^ . I have insurance so she can just send me to labcore

Passport update!!

I called the post office to start this passport process.. And they told me they wasn't doing passports until July 14th there's a list.. So u called another post office and I decided to print the form offline and fill it out and take my picture at Walgreens later so it asked me on the website when the date of issuance was.. I looked at my passport and realized that It don't expire until 2017! Mind u I got this passport when I was 17. Whew breath of fresh air that's one less $100 dollars or so that I have to spend HAAAA GOTEMMM I'm so pressed


K so I made an appointment with my pcp to get a cbc.. I talked with cabral today.. He reassured me that I don't need to make a deposit.. To just pay when I get there .. And I asked him about vitamins he simply said, vitamin C, and iron.. He's not a man of many words via whatsapp he didn't tell me how much my labs would be.. Um I'm having a dilemma.. Ima need some Percocet.. Getting the Percocet ain't the problem cuz I can get Percocet and Vicodin lol but how Ima get it on the plane I feel like they going to go through my suitcase and remove my medicine if it's not labeled in my name.. Surely I'm going to try my hand with my pcp to get my own perception but I doubt she will prescribe me percs..what else.. Oh yeah I need to book my flight then make my deposit at armonia and I picked some more items


Just a thought I'm going to need a bigger suitcase cuz this lil cute 3 piece luggage set from PINK ain't gone get it with all these supplies I got Dtfl


Now I'm just stalking tripadvisor for a good price on flights I have $500 for that I'm really not trying to spend much more than that

Flight booked

Took me forever to find a flight after 1 that would land at 9pm i took off my last day of work but I just needed to be at work on the 17th to atleast say bye to my kids (I work with children) but anywho.. I booked my flight on Hotwire.com for $500 but that layover on the way back is going to be a bitch a 4 hour layover :( but Ill be okay wish I had some friends in Miami lol- P.s. Shit has officially gotten real.. Now I have to put my deposit down on my recovery and I'll b all set!! -American airlines

Yasmin's recovery?

Okay I'm looking into yasmines as well 65 per night for a single all amenities included and 55 for a double sounds like a move to me and the night of surgery is free. I just sent out an email to see when I can start paying

Faja came but..

I ordered a faja from alie expess for about $13. I just wanted to see what it looked like.. But I'm still going to get one from cabral or either order one of those good ol $140 dollar compression joints but here's what it looks like

Aliexpress faja

More faja's

I found some fajasssssss cheap too! I'll let you know when I order

I talked to Yasmin

Btw her response time is remarkable, I emailed her yesterday, last night and there was an email waiting for me at 7am! Any who I'm going with her that email she sent me was so articulate so I know I'll be able to communicate well with them, and she requires a 50 dollar deposit the day of surgery is free so my total is 275 meaning I'll have to pay 225 upon arrival. So I'm sending my deposit via PayPal on Friday.. No crazy wiring and going to western union and ect. Now .. What nobody is saying is that they charge you for your stay at cipla.. From what I read 100 per night which is probably why the night of your sugery at these recovery houses is free is because you'll have to pay to stay at cipla that night.. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong


Okay so my real faja came in yesterday. I called the company and the last directed me as to which faja would be best for me so I ordered it and it came in 2 days :) fastest shipping ever! It was 98.00

Here's a pic

Here's a pic of the faja it wouldn't load, I got it at http://www.caribbeanshape.com

Few more things came.. Anyone traveling to DR around June 17 2015?

Okay so I have about 16 days left im so excited.. Anywho.. More things came I had a shopping spree on eBay..
Ems compression socks (3 pair in a pack)
Arnica pills
A big bottle of the arnica gel ( I ain't running out of that no time soon)
So now I'm pretty much all set I'm just going to re-up on my vitamins and gather my percolates and then I'm set.. I need to go to forever21 and get some tank tops the Cami kind they so comfortable. Because I have about 10 white ones (old) that I'm taking with me so I'll need to buy some new ones for public use. Any girls traveling to the DR around June 17th my surgery date is the 18th ID love to link up

Hemo levels up!!

Okay bloodworm from Monday came back my hemo is 13.1 I just take an iron pill and stool softener everyday along with vitamin D because that's what Dr. Cabral told me to do

8 days away

I can't believe I'm 8 days away from my surg. Only thing I need to get is :
More bleach wipes
Replenish my vitamins
I'll try boost (don't think I'll like it)
Juice v8 slash

And I'm all set :) p.s. I got my percosets

I fly out tomorrow afternoon !!

So I had to get me some Dramamine and a nippy pillow.. But them nippy pillows was $30 so I just got a regular square pillow. And I got my tourist card yesterday I am all set pray for me dolls bags packed and ready to go I pray that everything goes well.


I took all my jewelry off in leaving it at home.. Diamond studs my man gave me for my birthday, the necklace I wear everyday which is an heirloom.. A ring my mother gave me also an heirloom.. I would be sick if I lost any of these so I'm going to just leave them home. Anywho I'm headed to work I called cabrals assistant yesterday she told me to come in as soon as I land to get my tests ran and advised me not to eat breakfast lol I'm drinking a smoothy and will be drinking water for the rest of the day that's a long time to go without eating then I can't eat until tomorrow anyway and by that time I probably won't want to eat.. But anywho I'm on my way to work for a couple hours, then airport see us on the sunny side :)

I'm here at Yasmin's

I have to be up at 5:30/6 so I can be at cipla by 7 for blood work ect. Let me take this iron I don't need no blood transfusion in my life his costs already went up

Day 1

D day! Surg day
I'm at CIPLA.. Top floor. It's hot in this waiting room but the decor is nice.. I was told to come at 7am for bloodwork. I'm waiting patiently I'm hungry as hell I only had a shrimp salad all day yesterday I just want to pig out.!
((The bloodwork: I like how they do their bloodwork even though I dread getting bloodwork.. She sticks you with a ???? needle fills the thing up with blood and then she's done. Vs sticking you with a needle and swapping out each vile as they do in the states..))
Expenses so far:
7:25am Blood Work $185
9:40 marked up $3800
9:50 payed for faja and meds $340
10:05 receive meds
10:22 still waiting for cardiology tests
10:47 waiting for cardiology tests he not here yet
10:57: cardiology
11:14 x Ray
11:19 administration
11:23 emergencia
11:49 blue pill
11:54 trying to figure out how I'm supposed to feel.. I feel hungry
7.25 finallay got feeling
3:22am I'm over this shit I can't move body hurt I want more medicine I reached my limit time going by so slow

Day 2

Day 2
I just want to get up.they got me up about 8am to clean me up and put my faja on blood everywhere she took the catheter out at 7:30. It's 1052 and I had to pee so bad I got myself up and used a cup it was 3 cups full of piss. I didn't take my faja off now it's blood and piss everywhere I don't care that pee had to come out. About 10:45 Dr. Cabral comes in and tells me I need a blood transfusion.. Of course. They told me I only need one bag. I want some food but not no nutass soup I want some real food I'm hungry as hell I can't wait to get back to Yasmin's.
Got back to Yasmin's bout 5:30/6 they are so helpful here I been peepee Susie since the took the catheter out this am.. Passed out a couple times before the transfusion smh I'm good now just sore


I'm sore but mobile :) don't regret this one bit.. I don't want to go back for a check up with cabral especially if I have to wait. I can go to the ER when I get home I ain't tripping. These meds they give u.. I feel like I'm taking medicine for my health I need some real meds I been slipping percosets I got 7 left they gotta last my till Tuesday when I can get more. My aleve is stronger than the pain meds they give you here. The ferroprotina is gross it's liquid yuck lol I'm spoiled I'm just ready to go home and stop being so damn sore

Almost a month Post -op

Okay I had to take a break and just relax myself.. But this has truly been a journey I'm almost a month post op. And I am feeling good.. Still sore but I am moving faster and with more flexibility! I was driving as soon as I touched down. But it has gotten easier to get in and out of the car. My dude convinced me to sleep on my back so half of the night I sleep on my stomach the other half I sleep on my back. As far as the garments go, the one I ordered don't fit so I'll have to order another. The garment Cabrals assistant sold me Was a large so I'm going to go to the website and order a stage 2 in a medium I guess but I don't want that to have an affect on my ass so I'll have to call them and consult with someone before I make that order. But the garment I have I have been wearing daily ladies learn to love it because this garment plays a huge roll in your recovery.. I just ordered the ab board because my stomach has a crease in it from my posture but I'll fix that! I've been doing massages with arnica and my massage wand lately! And nobody is going to tell you about certain things like don't use your fists in the beginning of recovery to lift yourself from the bed because your knuckles may get dark, open your hands and push up! My last drain hole JUST closed and it's still slightly puss-y. I'll think of more stuff later I'm only posting one picture

Lipo burn

I have one lipo burn that I noticed after my landing at home.. It didn't freak me out because A. I knew of the possibility and B. I am numb in that particular area so I can't feel it. What I did was put A&D ointment on it until the dark burn peeled and to this day I am still putting that ointment on there and will continue until it gains pigment again I'll post a pic of it

Doesn't hurt to lay on side

Today is the first day I don't feel the pressure when laying on my side.. My left side. So now I'm trying to figure out what to do about these dark areas of skin, I've been putting Shea butter and Shea butter oil on my inner thighs. I don't think I'll be wearing a bathing suit this summer because my inner thigh so black lol

Help! 2nd stage faja!

I just ordered a medium vedette faja couldn't get it past my damn calves -__- any suggestions as to where I can get a faja that fits my needs bbl, thigh, stomach and back?

Things I wasn't told

I'm a hairstylist by profession.. And I noticed on my first client back that my fingers started to cramp and get stuck in position.. My nerves were off from surgery.. Doing better now though that was about a week post op. It's absolutely normal.

How do I look

Updated pics

Round 2

Y'all I think I'm ready for round 2

Dr. Cabral has quoted me $3000

So I'm ready for round 2! It's all a matter of when. But I'm calculating my labs medicine and faja in. I'll spend about $3530 (a couple hundred more if I need a blood transfusion). Then Dr. Molinas quoted me $2500 with the faja and meds at $500 some basically $3000 is what I'll end up paying with him. Yily sent me a whole package deal, if I just get the bbl and lipo it will be $3500 plus $500 in meds etc. I guess I'm too fat for Duran to even email me back *rolls eyes. So I'm leaning towards Cabral. :) this journey

Round 2 Dr. Contreras

So.. I'm ready for round 2! Initially I wanted Cabral again but it's tax season, I forgot all about it.. Anywho he's booked until May. But I inquired months ago with Dr. Contreras whose respond time by the way is wonderful. He quoted me 2500.. I'm rolling with Yasmin again! I have all my supplies already all I gotta do is book my flight and I'm all set.. Coins all together just waiting looking at flights I'm excited

Dr. Cabral

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