Still Look Prego After 4 Kids 28yr Old Wants to Be a #Barbie - Dominican Republic

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Ok, real self ladies, I've been on this site and...

Ok, real self ladies, I've been on this site and gotten quotes flipped from Drs and I'm just a tornado right now lol.

First I want to say, ughhhh I've never been soooo big in my life!!!! I'm 5'5-6ish 200lbs more or less...
I am on here day and night!!! Reading girls' stories and its beautiful. I want this now more then ever. It just sucks for my husband BC I can't be happy until I'm happy with myself and all my body insecurities is the main problem. He deserves to have a wife that can wear sexy things for him. I deserve to be confident in my own body!

Ok ok, enough of my sad bad body sorrows lol
After finally swallowing my pride I talked to my husband and he just wants me to be happy and feel good. That he's by my side regardless how I look! I'm glad he's so supportive.

Now, the shape I showed him that I want he's a little offish about it.... I thinks ill leave him lol
(that means he likes it lol)

So, with all my looking for Dr.s I was thinking Miami!!! Home of the thong bikinis... I was looking and its not the shape Im looking for at all!!! I want fat transfer to my hips!!!! Oh btw, the procedures I want is, tummy tuck, lipo, fat transfer (bbl) and boob lift. All the Miami Dr.s pretty much told me its an unnatural look and the lowest I found was 9gs. Not bad price at all!!! Look, they want their patients to come out looking like skinny Baywatch girls, that's not what I want. I WANT SHAPE!!!!! SMALL WAIST, WIDE HIPS, BIG DONKEY ASS!!!!!

So, I've seen a lot of girls with the shape I desire get their work done in Dominican Republic....
These DURAN DOLLS and YILY BARBIES is really what I want!!!! I'm really impressed with their work... Some reviews for Yily are not great, ntn bad for Duran. But the thing about these Dr.s is I see only post-op pics. Well wat did you look like before??? I wanna see how they did!!! Have they done woman of my shape and carved them into DOLLS &BARBIES???

Some Dr.s in D.R. Have passed trying to get these results. Yily apparently don't do all her surgeries, they are awake the whole time, the unknown man surgeon slapping girls in the face when woman wake up during surgery... Ugh I'm worried... Here are pics of my body and I suppose unrealistic wish pics that ill probably never achieve. If anyone has knows anyone with before pics with Dr. Duran plz let me know.

Over Weight Wanting to Be a DURAN DOLL

Does anyone have pre op and post op pics of DURAN DOLLS that were over weight and had the big belly and mommy flap? I just wanna see her work on a body like mine.... I'm soooooooo excited. I dnt expect to be sooooo skinny but I want shape!!!! Duran quoted me 5200, but the insurance and all the extra stuff and air fair and rh for 2 weeks and 1000 to take with me I'm estimating 6700 still an amazing deal!!!!

Chiseled Lux

I see a lot of you girls asking for post op sx lists, supplies, fajas, ab boards, back boards. I found an awesome website that has everything sx related. I think they are even coming out with postop supply boxes!!!! Love them!!!!!!

Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez Pena

So, I have scheduled with Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez Pena. He has been such a sweet heart very helpful and his communication is awesome! I love his work with girls my body type. I'm all set for Aug 2. Flight paid for, RH (Maria RH) deposit paid. Passport I finally got a couple weeks ago.

Ok, my quote and what IM getting done. I'm getting tummy tuck with muscle repair, hernia repair, lipo of back waist flanks armpits and chin, and bbl with fat transfer also to hips and laterals. I was quoted for 3800. Includes meds (only while I'm at cipla) and stage 1 faja. Cipla charges $350 for analysis (blood work, ekg, xray) if you need to see the lung Dr $100, meds I believe are $150 (px after u leave cipla) transfusion $115 per bag, stage 2 faja $150, overnight nurse $50 (12 hrs) $100 (24 hrs), Massages ($150 for 10 at Marias RH) Maria quoted me $720 for 14 days (Aug 1-15), plane tickets $404 (rd trip JetBlue 6 months advance), passport ($120) 4 months advance and got it in 6 weeks
That altogether $6000 plus $1000 extra to bring for emergency's.
Also, I'm going to Dra. Jan at Cipla dermatologist. She has a special if I put my deposit down this month ($50 April) that she has a special 200 units Botox for $350. 50 units for forehead and crows feet. 150 units for under arms to prevent sweating. Also lip filler $250 and mole removal $100 per mole.
Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez Pena

Scheduled for August 2016!!! I love that I can contact him directly and that we speak often answers all of my concerns!!! Will update for postop care. ❤

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