Future medina doll. Dominican Republic, DO

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After hours and hours of research ... YouTube...

After hours and hours of research ... YouTube videos .. Reading countless reviews .. If all goes well I will be a medina doll August 2016! I must say reading others journies on here has helped me feel so much more relaxed.. However I must say there are SO many people unsupportive of this surgery & I feel like people judge me. I came on real self to build up a support group. I have already started buying some things in preparation : my Lipo boards , compression socks , the pEZ for women . I am traveling from Connecticut and would love to chat with anyone that's either booked or contemplating using Dra medina !

Some of the items I have already purchased !

I figure I would start buying things little by little that way the expense doesn't come all it once !

Officially booked !!!!

August 18th is surgery day ! I will be flying to DR on the 16th and staying until the 28!!!!!! It's REAL!

Slight dilemma .. Need advice

Okay so work is telling me I need to take fmla ( family and medical leave of absence) . I haven't told my primary care physician about the surgery but I am worried he won't be fond of it as I am going overseas. Dr Madina wrote me a medical note however I really don't want to hand something in for work that says the info about plastic surgery center on it and the fmla paperwork would need to come from my doctor. Anyone have experience with this / their primary care doctor and how did it go ???!!! Help !

Traveling safe

This looks / feels just like a book but is actually a safe .. Genius .

Pain meds ????

I leave in 18 days !!!!! I'm reading a lot about their pain meds there aren't strong and wondering how other ladies feel is that true ?? My doctor here won't give me Percocet or anything like that but should I still be trying to get pain meds before I go somehow ?
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