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So I have scouted, obessed and been on a quest to...

So I have scouted, obessed and been on a quest to get a new body, the RIGHT body for about 7 years now. After the birth of my first child I lost all form of shape and curves replaced by sagging breast, butt, and stretch marks. I am hoping to get Liposculpturing, BBL and a Breast Aug from a 34 C to a full C or D cup. After much research I have decided to have my surgery done in DR for reasons such as costs, and desired outcome. The Dr's in NY and in the U.S results are just unparallel to DR doctors with maybe the exception of Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta. Anyhow, I have emailed Dr. Duran and received a response from her in in a few hours with a quote and medication and RH info. The email also included her Bank Account information and requesting a $250 deposit. I know my good friend who went to Dr. Capra and he didn't request a deposit. I am extremely paranoiac about sending money places so this has given me a quite of bit of anxiety in addition to the fact that Dr Duran also suggested a Tummy Tuck. Her prices were as follow :
us6,600 if it is lipo bbl tt and bl w implants
If the procedure is liposculpture bbl and bl w implant us5,800

She said she would determine if I would need a Tummy Tuck or lipsculpture which I'm hoping it will be just liposculpturing because I'm terribly concerned abou that scar from the T.T. My husband will also be traveling with me so any detailed suggestions on Recovery Houses along with any other opinions and experiences, would be greatly appreciated.
I am looking to go in Mid February, right now February 24. There are many personal reasons why I'm hoping and praying this will be a successful, safe experience in which I will be extremely happy and pleased with the results.

So a quote from YILY finally :)

So yesterday an email form Yily came and she said she could do my procedure for 4500 which is significantly cheaper and at this point I am really indecisive about who I should let do my surgeries. Yily also said "right now" there's no deposite and while I understand the need to secure a spot but I get so much anxiety about sending money because of the frauduent situations that I've heard about with things like that. But in any event if I can get an earlier date like March (Feb is booked) then I think I will go with Yily, however I'm wondering if I wait until May for Duran will it be well worth the wait...any suggestions ladies please!!!

IS DR. DURAN'S REAL EMAIL : hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com???

OK, So I got an email from "Dr. Duran" via hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com and I' ve gotten comments saying that this email is a scam! I wanna get to the bottom of this because it's been a crazy process between not getting emails responses, "consultants" trying to get money and I'm totally turned off and skeptical about everything on this site at this point! SMH! If anyone has actual information or phone numbers where I can be assured that I'm speaking to Dr. Duran or staff PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know...ALL I WANT IS A NICE BOOTY AND BODY! GEESH!

Cabral DOLL !!!

So after much thought I decided to go with Dr.Cabral. Despite of the negative talk about his history because I know his work will be what I want, he did my friend's surgery some years ago and she still looks great, also I appreciated his timely response via email and whatsapp. Maria Isabel his assistant was very nice and I got a quote today for $6300 for a tt,bl, and breast aug for Feb! I am so excited I will book my flight on Mon and confirm some last details. I am looking at Upscale RH and waiting for an email from Armonia RH as well hoping I can get the needed dates. I'm expecting to be staying with husband for about 10 days in which 7 days he will have to leave for one. I must admit, do have a lot of anxiety about all the drama at CIPLA and the fact that I'm going out of the country for surgery in general but I will stay positive and I I hear so many negative things about MANY of these cosmetic surgeons in general, so I'm just keeping a positive outlook! I KNOW how Dr Cabral gets down when he blesses with his touch!


I also wanted to mention that Yily and Duran were two other doctors in CIPLA that were highly considered, but it was a big problem with the communication, or lack of there of. I got a quote and bank info before there was even any talks of date confirmation and availability. I mean Yily did respond but I was still unable to conform a date in April for Yily (which was said to be available) and Duran was completely booked until May. I will be unable to travel around those months, so Cabral works for me. I need constant or consistent and detailed, personalized communication in a life changing decision like this lol. So it just didn't work with the generic, arduous communication. Time for packing list and Doctor's Appointment!

Any Pics of Camellia or Upscale RHs????

So now that I've received a quote from Dr. Cabral I'm on the hunt for a RH...I'm considering Armonia, Camellia's, and Upscale. I would like to see more pictures however on Camellia's and Upscale. I'm still awaiting a response via FB for Armonia, but I'll try calling Monday morning. :)

Want to gain 15-20 pounds BEFORE Feb 25th surgery!!!

So I'm currently 5'5" and 148lbs and I want to gain about 15-20lbs in approximately 50 days so I'm playing on trying to gain about 2-3lbs per day by trying to intake at least 3,000 calories per day. I plan to do this by drinking whey protein with 8oz glasses of milk, eating more peanut butter, steak, yogurts along with my veggies. I want to have enough fat after the tummy tuck to give me some nice hips and full nice fat booty. So let the journey begin!!!


I spoke to Maria and confirmed a date for February 24th. I'm sooo excited and very nervous at the same time. My hubby is also very excited, he will be coming with me on this trip and he has been an amazing support system at times when I get anxiety about traveling to DR for this surgery. He's always so positive and comforting. Maria told me to call her two weeks from the flight and to email her two weeks before the flight. I must admit I was expecting an email telling me what is needed for the trip, medications, etc. etc. But she said to call her two weeks from the date of my surgery. I will be positive and thanks to many of the reviews and updates from all of you guys I have a thorough list of what I need to buy, and supplies. I will bring extra money for expenses for medications, massages and things of that nature. I am still waiting for a response from Armonia RH, and I am also considering UpScale who seems to be extremely pleasant and always responds quickly to my inquiries. I will go to my Doctor Thursday and get my Hemoglobin level and have a series of other test done such as Full Blood Count and Glucose test. I also will purchase my vitamins C, B, I already take a multi-vitamin with Folic Acid, and Iron. I am trying to put on a few extra pounds for my hips and booty so I'm going to start eating more protein and start drinking a lot of healthy shakes with natural veggies and fruits. I'm so excited, I can actually see myself with my new body and I can't help but to day dream in the mirror of how beautiful and confident I will feel afterwards!!!


So I confirmed my stay with Armonia RH and my date is confirmed for Feb 24th wow!!! Flight book for the early AM on Jetblue!!! Now doctor's app next week and I will start shopping for supplies and sticking to my healthy eating regiments. SUPER excited. I'm debating on still bringing my boyfriend, things are a bit weird with it and I'm thinking on taking a break from the stress and just focusing on myself, a successful, healthy surgery and getting back to my beautiful baby girl! In fact I'm LOOKING FOR A BUDDY! I HAUE THE ARMONIA RH BOOK FROM FEB24TH-MARCH 6TH. Please hit me up if anyone in the NYC area is going around this date and may want to buddy up.

DOES anyone know where I could get lymphatic Massages at CIPLA and how much do they cost?

DOES anyone know if I will be able to have lymphatic massages done at CIPLA and if so, how much do they cost? I'm thinking of just going with an all inclusive resort in Santo Domingo instead of a Recovery House if my hubby comes with me. I'm still debating... Dr. Cabral said its best I stay for 3 weeks which is impossible for me I have a 5year old and other responsibilities to attend to and I cannot stay away that long. Hopefully 9-10 day (2 night at cipla) and 5-6 days at resort or recovery house will do me justice. I'm debating on wheather to even book a returning flight. I know I'm pushing it considering that I want a BA/BL, TT, and BBL. I have faith however this will work out and I will be traveling alone possibly now if my hubby and I dont fix our issues. One of my other friends is interested in getting work done and coming with, but I don't think she wants Cabral because of his history. Things are a bit confusing and overwhelming at the moment inside my head, but I'm confident things will iron themselves out as the surgery date approaches. I'm feeling so ambivalent about where to stay, what surgeon to choose, how long to stay, optional and additional cost and things are pretty much reaching the $8000-9000 mark ALREADY! And not even considering you want to enough money to cover additional expenses that may come up. All I can do is take one day at a time and keeping my ears open thankful for REALSELF and all of it's DOLLS right now! The excitement of a new me and new body will alleviate my anxiety!

Had to push surgery back

Hey everyone I decided to push my surgery back because my blood count was 11 and I really need to get my plans thoroughly straighten out. I was also debating on changing my doctor to Yily but I really don't want to send a $300 deposit like I completely understand the intent but I just don't want to. I may just stick with Cabral for late March or early April.

Recent Death At CIPLA?

Does anymore know about a recent death at CIPLA ? I noticed on Dr. Yily's Facebook page she was sending her condolences to a girl named Treena Jackson (RIP). Has anyone else heard of this?

Still preparing in the mean time....

So while I stack up my blood count with iron pills and b-complex & C vitamins, I am keeping the positive energy going and hopes for a successful surgery brimming!!!
Dr. Hector Cabral

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