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Good afternoon ladies - I am very new to this site...

Good afternoon ladies - I am very new to this site. I'm looking for help to decide between these two doctors - both do amazing work but Yily has had some bad things said about her overall. Duran really hasn't had anything negative said about her ever.

a little about me... I am 38 year old (most people think I'm in my mid to late 20's) mother of two 5'2.5" and right now I weigh 145lbs. I am a 34ddd 28" waist and 42" on the hips. I am very curvey but before children 15 years ago I was 32d - 22" waist and 36" hips. I don't look bad now - I mean if I lost 10lbs and worked out like a beast I'd be ok but my butt will never be on my back where it once was. I don't necessarily need a donkey butt (although it would be nice), however, I want the fullness back and I want to look nice not only in clothes but outside of them as well. I know you ladies understand. I just want to be tight again. I am very afraid that she will say that I need to get a tuck - I am trying to avoid that if possible. That adds onto the recovery time and I am trying to be in and out if possible.

Ladies any and all advice is welcome please, please, please. I just want my hourglass shape that I once had while I still have time to live love. I am looking to go in January - so please all those who have had work done by either of these women please talk to me.

I have attached photos of me and what I want to look like.

Thank you in advance!

I am not having the best luck reaching either doctor...

I am not having the best luck reaching either doctor...what do I do? I want to get this set in stone already.

Cabral sent me a Quote for 4800

So, I know that he doesn't have the best reputation (some of that not being fair) but he is the innovator of this Barbie thing. So, I considered him of course and the work that he does well - well it speaks for itself. I just really am scared, he has had two deaths under his watch this year alone - I don't think they were his fault directly BUT it is still scary. That being said Yily got back to me and literally answered every question I had which was amazing but no quote - grrrr- and Duran - sweet Duran - she answers disappears and then answers and now has disappeared altogether. So, the stalking of Eliabeth begins.

procedures I'm asking for

I should have added this - I want lipo of my whole stomach, flanks, back, arms and chin, bbl and I want the bags under my eyes done. He quoted me $4800 for that. Seems a bit much no? I'm waiting for the 2 lovely ladies to get back to me to see what they say. Has anyone had their eyes done in DR?

Here goes photo op lol

here are a few pics of what I once looked like and what I look like now :( - no laughing.

Photo op lol

Here are some pictures of what I used to look like, what I look like now and what I would like my body to finally look like

Tiny waist vs big butt...

Ladies getting mixed reviews on Yily and Duran. Does duran not give the tiny waist that everyone wants? Does Yily not give the full kulo that we are all looking for? What am I to do? I have an ok bottom - my legs are very thick - I really want my waist to be super tiny!

Lumpiness after Lipo with Duran?

Did any of you Duran Dolls feel lumpy after lipo to the bello after Duran? Please help!

So, I'm going with neither Duran or Yily

It has just been far too complicated to contact these ladies. It shouldn't be that way - I know they are both skilled but i should be able to communicate with someone who will essentially have my life in their hands. I will say that I did get a quote from Yily but I could not do the procedure as early as she needed me too so it wasn't an option. Also her quote was very very fair for what I wanted done. Duran also gave me a quote but it was $1400 more than Yilly which I think is a bit too much! considering that I have to pay for the massages in addition to all of that. I honestly felt like Duran was pulling numbers out of a hat and just giving them to me - I will tell you why guys don't start bashing - I still think she does unbelievable work and if I were just doing the BBL I probably would just go to her but because I want a few other things done I have decided not to. Duran and I spoke on Whatsapp and she quoted me $6300 for lipo to chin, arms, stomach, back, bbl and eylid surgery. I mentioned a tt in our very first email but she told me that I did not have enough skin to do this procedure which by the way I was very happy about because I didn't want to have that cut on my stomach. I then asked her to please give me a quote without the TT. That quote never game. I called the office every day for almost 2 weeks. I finally got the Quote and now it is $5800. I was super confused because I know TT don't cost $500. Anyway, I was emailing another girl and some feel like she is putting the price up because Yily will not performing surgeries for 3 months due to her pregnancy which is completely understandable. I almost considered taking new pics for Duran and resending everything and asking her to give me another quote just for lipo and BBL. However, the new Dr I decided to go with is amazing and gave me the same price Yily did which by the way was the same price Cabral gave (I'm just scared to go to him, but he gives the waist yily does and the booty Duran does too bad he has all those negatives looming over him). I thought about Contreras who is suposed to be as good as Cabral but his lipo leaves girls very lumpy.

Anyway back to my Dr. he is apart of ISAP - only one of 4 doctors in DR who is - which means that god forbid something happens after the 10 days I am spending there a doctor here in the states can take care of whatever is wrong at no charge to me - he obviously will make any corrections or revisions free of charge if you travel to DR. That being said, he speak perfect english which may be a plus for some of you girls. I was able to explain exactly what I wanted which is a Yily waistline with a Duran Booty. I explained what my concerns were with lumpiness and burns and what have you - I have sent him about 20 emails and he has answered every single one and we spoke for an hour on the phone. He is just great! I am set for November 18th - I am very very very excited - I will take pictures of my journey and once all is said and done - I will let you guys know who the doctor is.

Surgery Buddy....

Ladies - is anyone going to DR on the 18th? I have a 1bedroom apartment versus staying at a recovery house - I have someone coming with me and have read several stories that some of the recovery houses can make you crazy lol so I am opting to stay in my own spot. I can get a 2 bedrom for just a little more if anyone wants to share in the cost and stay. I would love to share in the experience with someone else. There are the options of getting a nurse to come to the house and the apartments are centerally located near the clinics - apparently DR has plastic surgery clinics the way we have CVS's in the city LOL. Just throwing it out there. The apartments have AC 24 hours a day - bathroom, kitchen, wifi, tv with 200 american chanels - all for 38$ - not as close as i would like to the beach but I probably wont go to the beach anyway lol. Donald the Host is amazing even knows my doctor and massuese lol. I'm very happy - so, I will be booking in the next 2 weeks as I want to wait for my passport to come in. Let me know fellow bbl Sisters please - I don't want to do this alone and if you are coming with someone this is a great way to go. I'm staying at this place regardless a 1bedroom is 38$ with cleaning and all for 10day - 380 - that's bananas!

Dra. Australia Fragoso Baez - November 20, 2013 - 42 days...

Well ladies - I have made my final decision and I am going with Dra. Baez - she is amazing and her husband who is painfully shy is as well. The well being of her patient is her main concern. I have spoken personally to people who were/are considering both Dra. Baez and Dra. Duran and they have said that their personalities are very similar. Some decided to go with Duran while others decided to go with Baez - no decision is wrong but they did what they felt comfortable with. Initially, I was going to go with Estevez after the communication with Duran was just getting worse. Ladies she is very busy so, if you are a patient person then this is fine. I did not take it personally that she wasn't answering but after receiving answers and getting quoted for a TT that she was clear I didn't need - I started to feel nervous that she wasn't focusing and frankly, I need the line of communication! Earlier, I told a few girls that I had emailed her and hadn't heard back - I was mistaken - when I pulled her name up in my e-mail it was still in draft - I never sent it - jeesh! Well back to Estevez-Hernandez, he is amazing and informative (Answers every single question). My only problem was I wasn't completely convinced that he could give me the shape I was looking for. Not only do we as women want to leave DR with a big culo but we want it shapely and I kept going back and forth about it and I think I was driving him crazy drilling it into his head what I wanted. Oh - he speaks perfect enlish which if that is your native language is a huge plus! I have no doub that he is skilled but I went with my gut and it didn't feel at complete ease with him where after speaking with Dra. Baez I did feel completely at ease. I know that she doesn't have many pics on here but her library of work is extensive and she does the BBL procedure 5-7 times a week which amounts to about 250 a year. I have told her to show more of her pictures on her website because she has some work on there that would make people run to her lol. I will just say that she can give a Duran Booty if you ask her for that BUT she will not jeopordize your health in that pursuit. When girls walk away from this procedure and aren't happy with their size - no matter the doctor - they leave us thinking the doctor was incapable of performing the procedure correctly (I'm guilty of thinking this as well) - when in fact there is a science to this BBL - not every girls culi will allow for 1500cc's to be injected into their butt and not all fat can be harvested. There is a technique to harvesting this fat and if it is overprocessed the fat will not live. The fact that she took the time to explain that to me was very much appreciated. So, if I don't get the results I want I will ask exactly why and she will be honest with me about this. She is a great sculpter but another big concern for me was the lumpiness and as of right now I haven't spoken with anyone of her patients that have the lumpiness. Granted this is a natural sided effect of lipo but you want it to be as minimal as possible. I know I was speaking to some of you that were back and forth about her scarring with the lipo - I have spoken to those girls and the scarring is very light now and almost gone. I know 2 girls are scheduled for the day before - I'd love to chat with you if you are out there. I have already started ordering things. I have the following in my possession:

1. vita medica recovery pills
2. Daily vitamins
3. Iron pills
4. Wife beaters and tight white T-shirts from H&M
5. Maxi dresses and wrap dresses

This his week I'm ordeing
1. lipo foam -
2. tummy board -
3. lower back board -
4. house coat/pj's - local d&d store
5. Arnica Gel
6. Arnica Montanna pills -
7. ultrasound therapy massager

Can't think of anyting else at this time but I will continute to update as I go - have a great day ladies!

Counting down 33 days and counting...

So, I have met and spoken with some amazing people on this site and I am grateful to each and everyone of you - No matter which doctor is chosen - I want all my bbl sisters to have speedy and healthy recoveries. Now, after speaking with a Yily doll on my choice of doctor she said you will change your mind 5 times before you come to a decision but once you do you will feel at ease. I am so happy to say that is 100% true with Dra. Baez. I have so much confidence in her and her abilities that even after Duran giving me a quote for 1k cheaper than her original and the date that I wanted I am still staying with Baez. She has shown me she is a perfectionist and that makes me happy - she said "your body is my work of art, I want it to be as close to perfection as I can get it" I love this motto. November 18th is around the corner - I almost can't believe it myself lol! I just ordered the last of the little things that I needed on Monday - I'm super happy about that - I am super pissed that I didn't get my tickets earlier - they went up $80 FML - but hubby didn't have his passport yet so I didn't want to purchase it until it came and it didn't get here until Monday - Oh well - it is what it is I suppose. As for Baez - I have been reading reviews of her and I am loving what I read - she is asking if you want the big butt - most of her patients want a natural looking body therefore the results may not be what some are expecting but she is capable of the Duran booty that is so sought after.

I am staying at La Residence the first night before surgery $33 courtesy of the Special One - she has been helpful and detailed.

I am supposed to stay at the Tropical Apartments with Donald but I haven't decided yet - I want to see how the hotel is first.

Super psyched...

Ladies, time is approaching quickly! 27 days and counting. I am following as many Baez Beauties as I can and let me tell you she gets better and better - she put 1500cc in one of the girls - I'm super excited because that was what I was hoping for and the girl was taller and thinner than me - I can hardly contain my excitement lol. I have decided to add a few things to my suitcase though -

bottled water
electric blanket
heating pad

I'm looking for a cook becuase I want real dominican food while I am there lol - I have heard girls mention cooks and nurses.

CBC results

Ladies can you please tell me what is reading is supposed to be over 12. The only thing that made sense to me was the (RDW) mine was 14.1 is that what we are talking about my doctor wasn't in so the nurse was giving me my levels - I'm just trying to understand what is supposed to be over 12.

14 days guys....

OMG - time is flying - I can't believe it - I started my vitamedica today - I am super excited - is it crazy but I don't feel nervous at all - I just want to go and get this stuff done and over with and fast forward to February when I will feel whole again lol. Ladies - I m going to drive everyone crazy with switching my docs around lol but I'm back to Duran - long story short Baez is a beautiful person and I'm positive a great doctor BUT - for what I want she isn't the right doctor - proof is in the pudding and Duran has the proof. Please do not be negative - I only want and need positive energy at this point I am 2 weeks out - thank you! I am staying in an apartment and have hired a nurse, masseuse, cook and driver - Zara and her crew - she gave me a great deal. This whole process is surreal lol - but it is really happening and I'm very happy about this!

I'm officially a Contreras doll - 20 days post op

Hello all - I know I had all but disappeared - I'm sorry - this thing has just been such an emotional roller coaster that I can't begin to explain.

Well, Let's start form the semi beginning lol - I have been from yily to duran to Cabral to Estevez to Baez back to Cabral and/or Duran then to Contreras - I felt immediate comfort with him IMMEDIATE - I didn't post about him because he has so much negative stuff floating around about him that I didn't want to have any negative vibes going into my surgery.

Results - I'm happier with my body than I was before but am I a vixen NO - I wanted to be though lol - now is that his fault - NO - I truly believe that he put as much fat into my ass as my body would take - I wen't from 41.5 to 44.5 - I am now down to a 43ish - depending on the day waist fluctuates between 28 and 29 - I'm not squeezing myself to death I simply don't have the ability to do it - it gives me an intense headache to do that - I chose Dr. Contreras because in DR he is basically the face doctor and I also did the bags under my eyes - the eys look great - they are very tender right now - so I am not wearing make-up at all yet and my right eye still has some slight bruising. So, all in all I am pleased because my face is is good. Now, do I think another doctor could have done better - it really is hard to say because I don't know that my butt could have taken more and frankly they would have had to go more aggressive on the Lipo and there is a longer recovery time with that and I simply cannot imagine being in more discomfort than I am at this very moment. I HATE HATE HATE - how I feel. I gained 15lbs for this thing and feel like had I just lost 5lbs I'd probably look they way I want lol but then again I wanted booty that I'm not sure I'm going to really get but we will see.

Why didn't I go to the other doctors - this is a personal take not to be criticised or sway anyone else's opinion in anyway:

Estevez - extremely knowledgeable but I didn't think had enough experience with shaping to give me what wanted. But, if I had to do corrections, hed be my go too guy.

Yily - pregnant - rushing - bbl in 1.5 hours (where, how) - a friend didn't have a great experience with her

Duran - communication was very poor

Baez - the more girls I saw the less enthusiastic I was about the results she could give

Cabral - I was going to him even with the deaths BUT all the add ons became to much for me - I want to know what my surgery will cost with no surprises end of story

I believe all these surgeons are fully capable and would not suggest anyone to not go to any of them but they weren't the right choice for me at the time.

I haven't taken any recent pic and to be honest I feel so crappy that I am not in the mood at all to do so - but when I am feeling better I will let post pics.

Is it just me....

My butt looks huge and great in the faja but outside to me it looks just like it did before I had surgery :-(

My assessement of BBL's...

So, I was doing my massage on saturday and we were just talking about random things about the surgery - she actually did the surgery when she was 23 in Colombia (she is now 31) - she is so good at what she does that she doesn't look like she ever had lipo her stomach is flawless but anyway...I was telling her I was a little sad that my butt didn't have much projection which was what I wanted. She actually thinks that my doc did a really nice job. Here's the thing she doesn't like big big buts - she like it full the way mine is. She explained that when the doctor does it right you do lose volume initially but then gain it back and then some. I will try to wait and be patient. Then I showed her some pictures of our favorite vixen's ladies and to my surprise she said "ha - if you want a butt like that you have to get implants" she explained that she works with girls who dance and bartend but wouldn't name names - and yes they have had BBL's but they also have implants and that implants these days are so good that you can't even tell. She also told me the healing process isn't as long as the bbl - because it takes months to really recover from that but just weeks for the implant. She said that the bbl is very unpredictable and results vary for everyone - and while it is possible to get a very big ass from a bbl - it is near implossible to have a perfectly round cellulite free ass which is what most of these vixen's have.

Now my thought process after she said this was bingo - if these girls have had a round of lipo and bbl already - where are they getting the fat to do the supposed 2nd and 3rd round - aside from thighs and arms but still - I think butt implants are still considered taboo so no one mentions that in addition to the bbl but the more and more I see the more and more I believe most of these chics that we are looking at have implants in addition too.

What are your thoughts?

Some pics

Approaching 9 weeks...

Not much to update you ladies measurements are the same - I look like I did before I started gaining weight for surgery so I will not be posting anymore pics since there is no difference lol - I will be going for round 2 toward the end of the year.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I went with Dr. Contreras because he is the face man and I was getting my eyes done - he was extremely responsive and a very humble man - I am not sure he is the best for a big butt, but I am happy overall with my results.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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