Yily??any Toronto girls?? Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey Girls! I have decided to get a BBL...

Hey Girls!
I have decided to get a BBL!
ive always had a small butt but large chest, i want to even out my body.
Im looking to go to the Dominican Republic to either DR.DURAN or
DR. YILY around the end of the year or beginning of 2014
i will decide once September comes.
I'm from Toronto, so i'm on here also looking for a Buddy whos also getting BBL done to
split cost of hotel or we can go to a recovery house.
If your from toronto too that would be great cause we can plan on booking our dates close or same day and travel there and back together.
If your from elsewhere thats cool too, im just looking to make a BBL friend so we can help the other out and have some company.
Im serious about getting a BBL done and hopefully i can find someone else too thats looking to get it done around when i am.

Take care :)

Paying for your BBL/BL

Hey so i was wondering if anyone who already got there bbl done if you payed in cash?
was it in US/ Canadian dollars?

Change of plans

Hey ladies
So im 2 months pregnant, and was going to have an abortion.
This is my second child i have with the same guy.
I was going today to get the procedure done, but i honestly think i got a sign from God today.
I ended up walking in the wrong place, To a Abortion Information place.
And i have changed my mind.
Even though me and the father arent together, its a living being.I love my son so much hes three years old, so i know i will love this baby just as much.
I am happy i have decided to keep my baby, i changed my mind and was going to abort because of the father, he didnt think it was a good idea, had me thinking, and was telling me he did not love me anymore, so i guess thats why i thought about aborting. But I am SOO BLESSED that i walked into the wrong place , and these two woman helped me realized i was going to abort for the wrong reasons.
I got this huge weight lifted off me, i was starting to feel guilty and having bad thoughts.
But i am strong , and will have this baby even if im not with the father.
There is no love like a childs love.
So this being said, I will be getting my BBL done later on in 2014 probably august or september.

I will head down this journey like the rest of you girls, just right now isent the right time.
I hope every woman on here has a safe trip and a safe surgery.

I will be updating after i have my baby which will be in January.

Goodluck to all you ladies!


Ready for Contreras June.2015!!

Heh ive been off this site awhile because of my pregnancy and baby but now im finally ready to do this! I booked June.1with Dr. Contreras

Im 22, with 2 kids, 170pounds and 5'4

So excited !
I will be getting a tummy tuck, Lipo and bbl
Also considering Rhinoplasty.

Beaz baby??

Ok so ive been researching like a mad women and now I think I may go to dra.Beaz! Just hearing her reviews and other womens stories I get this comfortable feeling in my gut. She gave me a quote for 3800 for bbl and tummy tuck. So im lIke 80% sure of Beaz, now ineed to find a recovery housee!


Hey any lady up in here from Toronto planning on going to Dominican republic in June/july!?? Love to have a sx buddy from tdot :)

Can anyone give me Durans email??

hey can anyone help me out and pass my dra.durans email? thanxx

okay soo

Now I'm thinking of going to Yily!! She quoted me 5600 for bbl lipo and tummy tuck and ten days recovery house. Imbgoing so crazy over here I'm even driving my man nuts lol all I keep talking about is the surgery and doctors and showing him pics lol. Yilys dolls look amazing and I think I'm going to her. I have a feeling she can do me good but the only thing is I ALSO really want rhinoplasty: ( I want to do it all in DR and get me looking good and finally be happy with the way I look. I will be going in June or Beginning of July from Toronto. I'm like 75% sure so far on Yily. Unless maybe Duran msgs me lol but for now Yily has my eye. I just might be a Yily doll!! :)

still so confused

I'm still so confused between Contreras and Yily. I would love to go to Yily but I haven't seen any of her rhinoplasty work , and Contreras would do my lipo,bbl,tummy tuck and rhino for 4500.
I love yilys work especially her hips but I really want to do all my procedures with one doctor and at once while I'm in the DR. Anyways I don't think I will be going in June anymore going to have to push back until October. But that's okay gives me more time to lose some weight.

switched date to august.24

So I'm about 85% sure I'm going with contreras , and I decided to switch my date. I will arrive in the DR august.22 and will have surgery august.24. So excited! Anyone going to the DR in August? I am mostly likely staying at Betty's rh :)

sx buddy for august

Anyone going the the DR in August?? I'm traveling from Toronto on the 22 of Aug. Looking for a sx buddy. Haven't book a recovery house yet still researching.

yily doll!

SOooo ive finally decided on Dra.Yily.
There has been a Couple Bad reviews on Contreras nose jobs that I. Have decided to not get my. Nose done in the DR. SO Since im only getting my body done I will be going to have sx on August.24 :-) going to be a Yily doll!!!!!!!!
Dr Edgar Contreras

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