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Hey RS users! I'm still trying to ge the hang of...

Hey RS users! I'm still trying to ge the hang of this app lol. But I've been wanting to get a Breat Augmentation for years and being that I'm soon to be 25 (sept 10) I feel like I'm the right age to start looking into what doctors and ideal shape I want to be.

Top three: Dr. Yily, Dr. Duran, Dr. Cabral.

I've been doing my research on all three but like I said I'm new to this app so I'm only getting started. I've checked out some reviews and pre/post op pic and the work is amazing. I'm just getting the nervous feeling of choosing doctors outside of the U.S.

I'm 24, 135 pounds, my height is 5'4. And I'm a 34b in bra but I feel like a 34aa once that bra is off lol. I'm not sure how a small c cup would look but here's some of my wish pics

So after posting about if I was an candidate for...

So after posting about if I was an candidate for BA, Lipo, & BBL. I've gotten a couple of replies from doctors and their input. But as I was reading more into one particular email I came across a PS profile (Dr. Alkon) and his work is flawless. So me going to DR or anywhere else outside of the U.S.

I read a couple of reviews that didn't sit well from doctors in DR and I can't take that chance nor want to be away from home for 2 weeks!! 

Also received a message from Dr. Tutela and pretty much made me finalized my decision on going out of the county. Which btw another flawless surgeon. So I'm very please and excited to start doing consultations ever soon. 

Ready for Consultations!!!

Now that I've found two VERY amazing PS on RS, I think it's time to start doing consultations. 

Of course I still look at more and more PS pages/reviews each day I'm anxious to see what Dr. Tutela and Dr. Alkon recommends. 

Both of their work is amazing and nothing but 5 start quality. 

Now I'm question if I still want Saline or Silicone. As much as i was against silicone I know technology has improved over the years but I'm still iffy on my chances. 

I know for a fact I would like to have the implant under the muscle.

Some more wish pics

I've gotten the call from Dr. Alkon office and I'm sooo excited and a little nervous for my consultation but from reading all the reviews I can't wait to get his opinion. All of his pictures are amazing.

Still indecisive about if I want saline or silicone. In the beginning I wanted saline only but looking at his patients post op is really making me reconsider.

Decisions decisions?!

I know it's been a while since I've been on here with updates but I've been doing doing so much research. It's funny how one minute I'm all for one PS then the next I'm in love with someone else's work lol. I been sending emails for consultations for about five doctors but still kinda in between who will give me the results but also no complications after surgery as well. My mom thinks I'm crazy about getting a BBL but why not take the fat from one place and putting it somewhere else lol. So my top doctors are DRUMROLL : 1. Dr. Jimerson 2. Dr. Ghurani 3. Dr. Velilla 4. Dr. Balgobin

Ok it's actually 4 now lol I had a fifth but like ppl say DO RESEARCH and so I did I read the good with the bad so with that being said I have no time or money to be wasted.

I'm in love with Dr. Ghurani work however I was told I can't get the BBL and BA at the same time and that I would have to wait at least three months. Bummer!!

Next Dr. Jimerson now I love his work as well I feel like I would get amazing results in both areas all my concerned areas will be gone and I'm just ready to go to atl. Not too many bad reviews at all but I heard there's a little attitude problem and I'm 50/50 with that only because I work at a hospital so I know how doctors are but I would be pretty sad if my areas aren't what I expect or can't get my point across.

Haven't send anything yet to Dr. Balgobin office yet so that will be in next update but I see he's in Minnesota I believe that's one place I'm not really trying to travel lol.

And Dr. Velilla I did research and well there's a difference between Plastic Surgeon and a Cosmetic Surgeon.

So I guess I'm in between Ghurani and Jimerson. Kinda leaning to jimerson because I wanted boobs since I can say the word lol and a BBL would just add the perfect touch.

So after all this time I deduced that I will go...

So after all this time I deduced that I will go along with the BA surgery. I originally wanted Dr. Urmen Desai who was in NYC but moved to California. So my next choice was Dr.Mel Ortega in Miami and his work is just as good and he decided that I will be a good candidate for my new boobs!!!! I can't wait to see how everything goes. Liz Martin who is my Surgical Coordinator answered all my questions without a rush sent me an email right away of recovery homes in case I go to Miami alone. I'll be leaving my deposit with them next week and figure out a date of when to fly out! I will have Silicone Gummy not sure how many CCs yet til the day of.

Silicone Breast Augmentation with Dr. Mel T Ortega

Finally paid my deposit this week to start my journey for my BA surgery! I'm super excited for the process and outcome especially seeing Dr.Ortega work. There's not one picture I seen that I wasn't in love with. My surgical coordinator is Liz Martin and she is so sweet and patient never felt like I was in a rush when asking questions. Only thing is the emails not getting replied to fast but that's ok because when I call the office I get in touch with Liz right away or calls back in a decent timeframe.

Wish pic

July 18th 2017!!!!!

Just booked my date!! My cousin will be helping me post surgery and I can't wait til I finally land in Miami Florida for Dr.Ortega
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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