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Well I have been reading a bit of everyone blogs...

Well I have been reading a bit of everyone blogs and checking out some of the out comes. I have e-mailed a few doctors and some have e-mailed me back and some haven't or some are lost lol I'm was not blessed with what I would call a "perfect body" since I was small,, I was never skinny. After I had kids, things got out of control. The most I have ever weighted was 162 when I was pregant with my 2nd and 165 non-pregant!! Now at 130 and at 5'1, I'm ready for a new body. I'm hoping for a summer date, maybe June 2014. I had a TT and a BA a year ago. I hope a lot of you can help me with more info about recovery places, transportion and so on. I also hopee to meet new pple here!! here are some random butt pics, I'll post my wish pics later and of myself!

More random pics

I just posting pics since some are somewhat close to what I want. I really don't wana say they are my wish pics cuz you never know what your results will like. So I don't wana get to excited, if you know what I mean. Well as you can see, I'm going with Dr. Baez. The reason becuz she has e-mailed me with great info. and has taken her time to answer my questions. I asked her for a BBL, lipo my whole arms, (i don't want a small waist with big, wide, fat arms and back, there is a pic I uploaded so you can get an idea of what i'm talking about) armpit area, whole back, my whole tummy flanks, small waist and a revision of my flanks where my TT scars are pretty high. Most swim wear covers my scar, but now that my sides are loosen up (mind you I had lipo to my flanks with my MM) from the lipo, I would like the extra skin gone and my side scars lowered. I haven't seen no D.R done a revision, yet but I sent. My photos to Baez showing her my extra skin on the side and she said that It looks like I have enough skin to lower my side scars :) I'm not looking for a miracle but would like them at least an inch or maybe 2inchs lower. I'm kind of freaked out since I went online and saw alot of revisons of thw whole tummy tuck scars and a lot seemed like the scar was higher!!!!! So I'am freaking out a bit, then I do feel like I have enough skin to pull it down skin and make the new scar lowered. My front part scar is low, its just the side im worried about. I just want that bigger booty and hourglass! Is that to much to ask jajaja I really want to post pics so you all could see what I''m taking about, but I feel its too soon for pics since I wan the BBL in summer 2014. The reason I haven't set a date is becuz Dr. Baez e-mailed me letting me know that she is not booking for summer dates until Dec. 2012. So she told me to e-mail her than. Once I have set a date and deposit, I will than look at recovery homes, transportion and so on. My husband said he wants to come along (cuz he freaks when I say D.R) but I feel that if I find a recovery home and pay for the care than he does not need to worry. I love him :) I took my measurments 9/13/12 and so they are bust=36, waist=31, upper hip=34 and lower hips=38. I didnt ask Dr. Baez for added hips since I want my natural hips. Little by little I'm going to buy some items here and there. Not too much since I have seen some girls here buy so many things and don't even use them! For my MM, the only extra thing I purchased was a faja. Lol well girls, I'll leave you with more pics and can someone let me know more about the "buddy up" deal? Does Beaz do such a thing???????

My phone is acting up here the pics


Don't you hate when yoou have 2 options to choose from. Either I get my BBL or go back to school?? That is the question. My husband is very supported and tells me to go ahead and get it done next year, but I don't want to have debt again! I had a MM and we are just about done paying it off! I have been trying to find a job so I can save up for my BBL and use what I have for school, but no luck so far here in florida. We'l see what hapens! Also, I'm thinking of going with Yily instead she already quoted me and alll and now just wants to know what date I would like for next year. I'm still thinking June or March 2014 since I'm thinking about joining shool in the summer. Don't you gals sometimes feel selfish at times??? I know thats how I'm feeling but than I want that new body!!!!
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