Round 4 update and hopefully the last!!!

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Hey, I'm currently in Atlanta and I'm scheduled...

Hey, I'm currently in Atlanta and I'm scheduled for surgery September 18th with Dr. Baez in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I've contacted several doctors through out the years and Baez is Neo (the matrix) lol. She's the one! I've been to Dr. Jimerson for a consult and he's over-priced. Like every other female here, I'm guilty of stalking RS! I'm in here 40% of my day which is treacherous.

The most important thing is I need a surgery buddy who's schedule for surgery for September 18th. Direct message me or comment!

flight booked...

I've booked my flight. 63 days until take off! Im too excited.


Do you ladies know what are you suppose to wear under your fajas to prevent burns?
Panties and t-shirts? What are the best Fajas? Should I wait to go to DR to get a stage 2 garment or order it in the states?

Daisy's recovery house

Hey dolls! After doing extensive research on where to stay at in Dr I decided to go with Daisy's recovery home. I'm big on reviews so if something has too many bad reviews I'm immediately turned off. They said she was attentive, spoke fluent English, plus she's clean and sweet. I'm very picky and can take it there when I don't get my way. 0 to 60 in a matter of milliseconds lol. So me asking for pain medication, incision cleaning, and food a million times doesn't work for me. I was sold after I seen the place online. The looks delectable! (I'm a huge foodie). I paid my deposit and now everything seems so surreal. I'm planning on getting my pre-op stuff this week. Turn up!!!

Circle of support and community.

How have you ladies been getting the right people on your side for confidence and motivation? I need a community! A team of people happy to support!

My boyfriend is hot and cold. I just want him to be completely happy for me. One day he's telling me to go for it and looking at butts with me and the other times it a definite no. I need consistency. Ain't no straddling the fence motherfucker!! This is the last train to Paris.. Either you with the money team or not! I can almost guarantee he'll love it when it's all said and over. He's so quick to say you don't need it and then we drool over some big booty broad walking by. Lol a mess!

He's willing to come and take care of me, but I don't want him to see me like that. I want to come back and after my 8 day stay and have him ravage and fuck me senseless.

I only told a few friends. Just to bounce ideas off of them. My bestie since 9th grade is with it and it considering getting the procedure too, but she's not going when I'm going and again she's considering meaning it's on the fence. So looks like I'll be going alone unfortunately. My boyfriend thinks my bestie is going with me. He would never let me go alone. It's stressful trying to find a SX buddy lol. Somebody has to be going to DR mid September this year. If y'all know someone tag them please.

More Pre-op Pictures

They didn't post

Pre-op at 207

Medical Clearance..

It's has been task finding a doctor to give me medical clearance for surgery in another country. They won't even give me a medication. I don't want to get medicine in the DR because people say it's not strong at all; plus I have insurance. No need to spend unnecessary money. How did you ladies find a doctor to prescribe you all your prescriptions (antibiotics, pain killers, etc.)? What should I say? Should I not tell them I'm having surgery in the DR or what?


So I decided to play around with the plastic surgery app for realistic wish pics! I look damn good! I CAN'T WAIT!!! 47 more days..

Wait game and new pre op pictures!!

I'm stocking up on supplies from my mother's job; I need a few more things though. I'm so anxious!

New revelation

Ain't no way in hell I'm leaving DR without getting my arms done. It wouldn't make sense get this brand new banging ass body with the same sloppy nasty arms. These bat wings are out of control. My boyfriend said I'm about fly away. lmao!! All my weight goes to my arms and my chin. I can add that too, arms and chin done lol. She's charging me 2,800 my bbl, but I'll update you ladies about Baez's final quote.

Signed confused.

I've been looking at reviews on Baez's patients lately and her bbl's haven't been anything to brag about. Honestly they're average. I'm clearly going, but maybe I should look into other doctors. I emailed Cabral and Yily when I first decided to do it. The quote was somewhat reasonable, but those are the two most dangerous surgeons in DR with too many reported deaths and infections. Also, their follow-up's and bed-side manners are shit based on the few hundreds of reviews I read on here.

Cabral slays, but I don't want to die, get a infection, or get burned. I want to walk out confident in my results with no regrets. I'm also a student. I've saved money and did without just for this surgery. This has to go right; not because I'm a perfectionist but, because it's life or death. I'm definitely going to do more research. I have 35 days until check-in and I shouldn't be doubting my surgeon. I should know exactly who I am going to choose when it come down to the wire. I'll keep you dolls updated.


Passport in!!!

I have 25 more days to go. As I count down I get more nervous. This is a huge decision. I'm praying all goes well. My passport was expired and costed me $145 to get it processed. It took them a little over 3 weeks to send it back to me. Quick and to the point. I'm one step closer to my goal. Next on my list is the rest of my post op supplies, luggage, and outfits. Excuse the bare nails.


So ladies I spoke with Dr. Baez and she said she would lipo my chin and arms for $300 extra. Which is definitely ideal. I also spoke to her about me gaining weight for this surgery even though I was 200 pounds even. I am now 216 and I don't have a lot of fat in my stomach so I decided to make sure I did. I want enough for 1400-1600 cc's and she told me that it was fine. So a lot of you ladies that are concern with weight lost just talk to your doctor and have her evaluate your pictures again.

Updated supplies

I purchased everything from amazon. I bought a suitcase and everything that you see there. It came up to ($376.82). I'm still waiting on a few things like dermoplast, mederma, and baby wipes. They should be here tomorrow. I'm going to forever 21 to pick up a few basic pieces to bring with me. I will put a expense list up as soon the surgery is over.

It's 21 days until take off. I'm so scared, but as a Capricorn nothing gets in the way of our goals. Fear is never my reason for inaction. I'm proud of myself and all the ladies that are making this move. We are brave and fearless and that is something to be reckon with. I trust my instincts and will have a success procedure. I will speak all my desires and wildest dreams into existence. Even though I might go alone I know that my friends and family will be there in spirit. I'm ready to embark on this physical and spiritual journey.

At the same damn time.

So I also added a breast lift. Baez quoted me 4,600 and Almonte who I'm very much am considering quoted me 4,650. I'm a stomach sleeper and I was wonder how y'all ladies get both procedures and sleep?? Is there a special kind of pillow or contraption??? HELP!!!


So.. if you know me, then you know I'm the most indecisive soul. It drives my man crazy. I honestly don't feel like Baez can deliver the results that I want. I need my ass to be fat, my waist to be tiny, and my hips on 10. Plus, my chin fat ghost. From the reviews that seems like a tall order for Baez. Everyone is talking about her fat retention. Which possess a huge issue for me. The only person I see giving what I want to the T is Duran and maybe Almonte on a good day.

Like I said in previous post Yily and Cabral is off the table. Too risky.

I'm on a tight budget and I mean tight. This shit is too complicated.. I can't deal. Somebody lead me into the light of bootyland. Lord please give me a doctor in DR that's gives amazing results for pennies on the dollar. Lol

I might take a extra day in DR to interview my top three choices. It's actually interesting to see which doctor I'lI choose.

If I can get everything in these pictures I posted. I will be a happy camper!!

Medical leave for school

So I had to attempt to get medical leave for school today and everybody was giving me the run around. The lady in the registrar's office was really about to make me drag her. She had the most nastiest attitude. I couldn't really yell or cuss her out because I'm doing this thing where I remain calm and positive no matter what. Plus, it's not a good look acting a ass. The only thing I could do was cry because I was so livid. Then someone lead me in the right direction on getting the proper paperwork. It was a mess lol. I'm more mad I couldn't haul off in her ass. SMFH.

I'm trying to take two weeks off which is hard to do because I'm taking all of my science lectures and labs. Anyways I'll update you guys on what they say. 9 more days!

Relationship issues

Hey ladies and gents,

I'm weak right now and I haven't really been feeling like my usual self. Me and my boyfriend are having issues and I think we broke up. He didn't say it was over, but I feel it. I'm so depressed... I don't feel like doing anything. I honestly don't understand how I'm managing to get shit done. We've been arguing a lot lately and I don't know how to fix it. He has changed significantly and not for the better. Despite all the other shit that's wrong in our relationship he upset that I'm going to DR alone and to get this surgery. He wants me to wait until I'm 30 (yes, fucking 30) to make sure this is the decision I really want to make. This shit is so emotionally draining. I'm in shambles. I had being vulnerable and weak, but I'm tired of acting like I'm okay because I'm not. I'm suppose to have a amazing support system and right now I feel alone and unloved. I'm still going, but I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. Maybe this new body will help me feel better.

3 days pre-op

Signed broken.

DR Turn up is too real!!

It's so soon, but we made it. This journey has already been so stressful and I still got a long road ahead of me. I'm so excited and nervous and happy and scared. Big ball of energy!!!

Update on my ex. He said that I jumped the gun and assumed it was over. He's been saying he needed time to reaccess because we've been arguing a lot lately and also because he takes care of me while I'm in nursing school. I'm like okay whatever I'll give you ask the time you need. He's like when you come back from DR we can meet. I'm like yeah right; you just want me cause I'm next!! Yes, I still love him like a fat kid loves cake and yes, he's the most amazing man I ever met, but we don't really get along anymore. I'm a Capricorn and he's a Gemini. Those two signs are not compatible without hard work. That's what we're tired of doing though, working at it. I always live in a world of possibility so we shall see where this will go.

Again, I'll keep y'all updated and be sure to take plenty of pictures when I get there. All I need to pick up is my neck pillow and some snacks. Do my hair, pack my suitcase, and clean my house. I also have to find a way to bring my school books. I'll do that today. I'm more excited than anything. I hope it doesn't change when I get there.

Medical leave was easier than expected.
I had to get Baez to send me a certificate stating that I was getting surgery and would need a week to recover. My instructors will send me what they can online.

No ass, no problems.

I don't have ass people!!! It looks that way because of my sway back. These are some of my last pre op pictures at 220. I went a little overboard with the weight gain. When I recovery I will be the gym rat I am at heart.

Naked Pre-op

Pictures without clothes. Be prepared. You have been warned lol. Me at 220

Money issues...

So I had to cancel my flight with delta because my school only released half of my refund check. Everyone was in there pissed off. The line wrapped around the building. They still didn't give a valid point as to why the rest of our funds weren't released. I waited in line for almost two hours. Note to self: Never rely on my school to deliver in critical times like this. Lesson learned.

Security had to haul a girl out of the school because she couldn't calm down and cussed the whole financial aid office out. She made nothing but valid points. People planned their lives around this and you're only giving out partial payments. It wasn't listed on nobody's fucking website to inform students. It's complete utter bullshit. I cried in my car as soon as I found out. I'm so stressed out from this. My blood pressure is threw the roof.

They said something about our loan amount has to accumulate interest. So the rest of the funds will be release 2-3 weeks from today. I made all these plans and bought all of this stuff just to not go on the expected day. I hate when shit like this happens because I'm too fucking organized and too fucking patience. I gained all this weight and had people rearrange their plans. I'm more so pissed about me having to walk around with all this fucking extra weight. I'm really uncomfortable.

I had to lie to delta and say that my mother got into a freak accident (God forbid) in order for them to cancel my flight without charging a re-book/ cancellation fee. They gave me a credit up to the amount that I paid for the ticket and I can use it up to a year. I want to re-book my flight today for October 1-9, 2014. It's the cheapest and I can't wait another month.

I'm sorry to those that was following my journey. Trust me I'm just as disappointed. It's fucking sad. I'm going to try to be positive about it. Definitely a minor (major to me) set-back. I will be going to Santo Domingo in 2-3 weeks depending on how soon I get this money. If I don't have the money by then I'll take out a loan. I'm so fucking livid. They fucked me all the way up. They did this same shit in January with my refund it took them approximately 14 days to get my money to me. I hate when shit doesn't go as planned. I don't like to bullshit people or waste someone's time and vice versa. Hopefully Baez and Daisy understands. I'm waiting on a reply from them.

It's just fucking sad. I'll keep you guys updated.

Baez response and daisy's response.


i am very sorry about your mothers accident i hope she is ok and she gets better soon, please tell me her name to send prayers to her, dont worry about surgery and deposit isnt necessary, maybe you will need money for taking care of your mother once your mother is fine you can tell me to schedule your new appointment


Australia she so sorry..ok hun dnt worry about anything..
If theres anything I can help plz feel free..

So we're going to start this party the right way!

I've had some time to reflect and re-book my ticket. The only thing I could discover is that SHIT HAPPENS. It's life. Things are not going to go as planned all the time and you have to be strong and committed in order to pick up the pieces.

I confirmed with Baez and Daisy that I will be coming October 8th 2014. Which is under 2 weeks!!! I'm too excited. I plan on sending Baez all of my money when I get it next week. I don't want to walk around with all that cash on me.

Me and my man are back on and we're working on things. I cooked him lobster with shrimp Alfredo and filet mignon and baked a pie to seduce him lol. I ain't shit!! We love food. I'm always cooking something.. I'm assuming we're all adults, but I'm about to get X-Rated. If you can't take it stop reading here. Cont.. I had to get real fly on his ass. You know the show up at the door with nothing on type fly. We had amazing makeup sex. He sexed me so good it felt like the first time. I mean the stroke game was strong and I almost put insurance on his tongue. It was the most passionate 7 minutes of my life. Lol He had the kitty saying woo woooo.

Y'all asked for a update. So I'm keeping y'all updated.. Lol. I'll check in if something significant happens before the DR turn up!!!

Anemia and Geritol

I found out I was anemic four years ago. I haven't gone to the doctor to confirm that now, but I want to be prepared. I'm 9 days pre op and I plan on taking Geritol twice a day. Plus, I'm bringing a bottle to take after surgery. Ain't nobody got time for blood transfusions and iron infusions.

From what I hear the blood is different from US standards. They don't check the blood for things like malaria and so on and so forth.

I got it on sale at Walgreens for $5.99 Originally $11.99. Let me just say this shit is nasty, but I hear it works wonders and I feel a little better as far as my energy goes.

Ladies make sure your Hemo (blood count) is up. No surgeon will work on you.

1 day and 13 hours!!!

It's getting real and it's really close. I have my money situation together and everything in line. I got a international plan with AT&T for the meantime. I got all my apps and have been working on my Spanish. I have all my cash. I tried to stay so strong today, but broke down like a baby. I have so many concerns, but I know I'll regret it if I don't do it. Baez is the one that will deliver the results I want.

I need to get my life and fall through because it's happening. This is something I've wanted for two years now and I'm finally in a position to do it. Anyways, I'll update y'all the night before and morning of.


I was so stressed today a lot of to do and again consider. Everyone was trying to talk me out of this, but why is walking around like this okay? Why can't people just support you. Shit!! I was so aggravated today I didn't even eat. Currently finding Zen. I'll let y'all how that goes. Lol

I honestly want to get complete with my old body by meditating and introducing my new body with positive energy. So I won't sleep tonight. I'm actually not done packing and I leave in the morning. So I'm working on a million things and I'm trying to move everything powerful. I'll let y'all now how the flight was.

Here are some more pre op pictures.

In Dr

So my flight was soso. It was so tight up in there, but I managed. Navigating my way through the airport was fairly easy. Daisy's driver was there with a sign with my name on it. He didn't speak English so we were trying to communicate. I sat in Baez office and waited 60 minutes. She was seeing another patient. The language barrier isn't that bad, I managed with common sense and common knowledge. I'm like Damn I took four years of Spanish in high school and still ain't really learn shit. (Note to self: read to retain; not to pass.)

Baez is truly a beauty I mean she looks so young, my god!! She says I was too young, I'm like no no you too young!! I feel like she's sincere and she's doesn't speak much English, but she knows enough. She's very attentive and caring. She suggested that I a get a mini tummy tuck. She said that if she does the lipo it will be too much sagging skin. I honestly wasn't planning on getting a tummy tuck, but I trust her expertise and I want the best results possible. She says I have good fat to harvest for a bbl. I'm so glad I gained that weight! It's so worth the thigh rubbing together. I get the surgery done tomorrow afternoon. My hemo is 12.4 so I'm excited about that!! I'll post pictures.

Ay, caramba!!!

Thanks to everything that's supporting me. It's a long story! I had to spend extra money to change my flight because Baez would not do it if I'm not here a minimum of 7 days post op. So instead of the 15th I leave on the 19th in the morning. It's a lot of politics and I cant really post much until I'm home. Here are some pictures of the lab, Baez surgery place, and lots of other random shit. From start to finish it's looking like it's not in the cards for me to get this surgery done.

It's a lot miscommunication and it's driving me crazy and most importantly costing me money I don't have. It's backwards here.

I need to find a good surgeon in 24 hours

I came to dr looking to work with Baez and Baez only I didn't have a second choice. Comment or message me the best surgeon in DR. My labs are great, but sums up to be a miscommunication issue with Baez and daisy again I can't get into great detail and I will update when I get home.

Cabral, Yily, and Duran are out. What are some other good doctors?

I'll update in-depth details later

This Lipo shit ain't no joke. My stomach is really flat. I'm a stomach sleeper so I haven't had any issues with sleep. My butt is nice. I texted Contreras and told him off because my butt wasn't big enough. I told him I want every last dime back. I was going in. I had to text him back tonight to tell him sorry. Lol I wasn't all there after surgery. I'm happy with my new body. I'm swollen. He lipo'ed my arms, stomach, and thighs. I'm still at the hospital and been here for two days. I don't know why. I snatched the IV out after it was done. The nurse didn't know how to find my vein. I told her to stop poking me. So I've been with my IV, but I'm good I'm walking around. I can't believe I have a thigh gap now Wtf!!!

P.S. don't laugh at my wolf monkey. My man likes it like that. He would kill me if I shaved Lmao

Slow motion is better than no motion.

Thanks to everyone that helped me with the suggestions. It made it much easier to choose!! I went with Contreras. I did hear about his past, but I felt safe for the most part. He has his own clinic and it's huge. Very modern he took me the same day I went to see him. He was late to our 9am meeting. I'm like if I gotta get up early so do you lol. So a hour and 20 minutes pass and he examines me and ask me if I'm ready for surgery. I was calm the whole was through. I didn't wake up until hours later in his guest house laying on the bed. I do feel like I should have weight my options. I felt rushed. They're are some other doctor's who I know could have gave me the results I really wanted.

I had to grow my sea legs because walking after Lipo is no joke. This was my first surgery. It was a lot of nurses in and out through out the night checking on me. I was in and out of sleep. Like I said earlier this was the time my ignorant ass texted him all kinds of ill shit (Damn shame), but I'm not one to hold my breath. I fell asleep and woke up and my butt was kind of poking. I was like hold up lol what happen? I showed him pictures of maliah and I don't feel like he gave me that at all. They say I have three months to see it. I've been making sure I don't sit on my ass Bobby or not. It doesn't hurt, but I'm protective. I was in the clinic for two days being that is was the weekend. The doctor had to check me out. The nurses didn't now how to find my vein so no IV for me. It was a mess!

People are complaining that there ass is too big. I'm like ugh I wish that was me. I wanted a big butt incase of my retention being low. I really hope I don't lose volume and it drops, fluff, and all that good stuff and soon.

I'm super concern that this faja is too tight though. I don't want to lose any volume. I asked the doctor if I should cut it out and he told me no. It must be tight.

Ladies and RS junkies, can a faja be too tight? Also, what do you think about my results? Do you think it will grow in time? Is it any different from my pre op? Message me and leave your comments below.

I feel like it, the pain and tightness from the Lipo is gone for the most part and I have trouble getting up other than that I'm walking slow but fine. I'm already planning for a round two in January.

Not slow after all...

So I'm home and let me tell you it ain't no place like it. When I look at my before and after pictures its a major improvement and one of the best decisions I ever made! I approve of plastic surgery 10x. I can't believe I was walking around like that seriously. I feel better about myself honestly. I do plan on getting some more work done in January. I want a chin implant, aggressive arm lipo, and a breast lift, and possibly a round two bbl. After that I'll have my dream body. All that I got done in DR was the bbl with lipo (stomach, back, flanks, thighs, and arms), chin lipo (a whole separate procedure), and a lip reduction (my bottom lip sagged and I really hated it. I always had to hold it in and it made me really self conscious about my mouth. Even though it's swollen I love it!! No more droopy lip. Yassss! Ladies I got this done two hours before my flight lol I wasn't leaving without it) Just the fact that these procedures get better with time is like amazing to me! I can't wait to see what I look like in the next three months. I will be taking my diet more seriously. No fucking around I fell off for a minute, but now I'm right back at it. Salads over burgers....sometimes!! lol

I was going to do a review on Baez and Daisy, but nothing of that stuff matters. I have nothing positive to say about that situation. It was just a minor communication issue. I do believe that it was the universe telling that Baez clearly wasn't the doctor for me. Would I recommend Daisy's Recovery House? Yes, I would. The nurses are great, the food is editable, the place is clean. The girls that stayed were resource when we exchanged information. Daisy is welcoming no doubt, but it's something about her that I can't key. Something off, but again that's just me. Would I stay there again, No. Honestly I think I was irritated for what happen in the beginning and I'm holding it against her and also we had a money issue (I was leaving early and overpaid her. I had to break down why I overpaid her and we got that cleared then she only gave me half the money and was trying to save that she gave me all of it. I was pissed, but she double checked and saw that she didn't. I'm like you should have double checked from the jump and not try to make me out to be a liar. I had to leave after that), but got it squared away.

When and if I go again to the DR for surgery I will stay alone in a hotel. The recovery pains wasn't that serious honestly. I was doing everything alone. I didn't ask the nurses for anything. I did pop a few pain pills the first two days and now I'm off them.

In the end it all worked out.
All smiles!!

Thoughts on Contreras

I think he's not a man of many words. He's quiet and didn't like me telling him what to do as a plastic surgeon. He listened just to make me feel like I was in control. Haha. I told him not to mess me up. He said, "I'm the plastic surgeon -- I know this". I trust his work and would do round two with him and any other surgery. I would also recommend him in spite of his pass. He didn't go as big as I would like, but again I'm content. My butt looks like its mines. Not too big and not too small. Definitely a dramatic difference. I went to him on a limb and blind; I didn't really see any other pictures of his work. I'm truly glad I did. I trusted him enough, after he did my bbl, to work on something very sensitive which was my lip reduction and he did a great job. I have no asymmetry.

Stage two garment

The new way they set RS up is confusing and annoying, but I digress. My stage one compression garment is too loose and I'm now needing a stage two. I tried stuffing my garment with pads for the meantime, but that didn't help. I've been trying to find the most common and best stage two garment. Also do you ladies know a product to keep my curvy waist. I haven't really noticed it when I take the garment off anymore. Would a squeem help? I've been up all night trying to find answers.


I'm one month post op now. I still feel fine, but my stomach sometimes feels tight and hurts. This is truly a process ladies. I thought I'd get it now and deal with it later. And boy am I dealing with it. The faja is bothers me I rarely wear it during the day. Only at night. My ass it's present in most things, but I need for it should be poking at all times.

My stomach is not as flat as I wanted to be and my arms are not completely Lipoed. One cheek is bigger than the other, but only I notice it. I am doing a round two bbl with implants, complete arm Lipo, and breast reduction/ lift with implants with Contreras. OR round two bbl, complete arm Lipo, and breast reduction/ lift with implants with CABRAL OR YILY. CABRAL OR YILY DOES NOT combine butt implants and breast work at the same time. But do bbl and breast work.

The reason why I want implants is because I want that prefect projection and the whole retention shit blows me. I lost 30% of my ass and it hasn't even been 3 months yet. Hopefully by the end of round two I'll have the perfect body.

My quotes I received for round two bbl and breast implants was $4000 from both Yily, Contreras, and I'm waiting to hear back from Cabral.

I plan on leaving mid January and staying 5 to 7 days. I was ready to leave the 3 day after my surgery to be honest. Time is money and I felt fine.

2 month update

So within the next two months (ending of January/beginning of february) I'll be going back to get more work done as some of you know. Rhinoplasty, round two bbl, breast reduction with implants, and I need more lipo (thigh and arm). My arms are even bigger now. I always have to wear long sleeves to hide them. They clearly need to be gone.

I want to look like perfection this time around. My side breast annoy me and my breast are too saggy for my body. Again arms are huge. Ass doesn't have the right amount of projection. I'm not trying to go too big, but I want it juicy.

Ladies, please wear your faja. I seen the difference when I dont vs when I do. I look so much toner and sexier after I wear it. It tightens up my skin, etc. etc. It seems like you don't need it in the beginning, but you do. Trust me.

Also, I have a incision in between my ass that hasn't completely closed yet. It's not infected. I got it checked out plenty of times. I put antibiotic ointment on it and it's almost closed. It's going to leave a obvious scar.

I would recommend going abroad for surgery. Just don't stay at Daisy's recovery house.
Any questions ask them.

Oh Yeah...

I love my new body, but I am a perfectionist. There's always room for improvement. I'm currently wearing a 36-38 G bra. I was a 38-40 DDD.

I want to have size C-D breast through my reduction and implants.

I love the way I look on clothes. I haven't really been shopping because I am getting surgery again and my body will change again. So I find it to be pointless.

Lip reduction update: It looks great. Very realistic and perfect for my face. Check out my review.

Before and after 2 months post op

Yikes to that before pictures.. I love to look at before and afters to see my progress. I can't believe I use to be that girl. I'm slowly becoming the person I want to become one surgery at a time. I want how I carry myself and feel on the inside to shine bright on the outside.

Slow motion is better than no motion. Patience truly is a virtue. Wait until your 3rd month to see your results.

Quote from Yily and final thoughts

I received my quote from Yily for bbl and breast reduction with implants. It came out to be $4,700 and that includes my faja, exams, and one night at Cipla.

I need to book a recovery home and I'm only staying for 4-5 nights this time.

Ladies go with your first mind it never lies. My first choice was Yily, but because of the bad press on here I didn't go. Listening to people that never went to DR and they cousin sister baby father grandma did so they don't recommend her. I seen with my own two eye what Yily can do.

Again my results that Contreras gave me are great. But I'm looking for perfection.

Round two pre-op pictures

I will be doing my final and detailed 3 month round one update before I leave again in January.

Pre-op Breast reduction with lift and implant and round two bbl with aggressive arm lipo.

What bothers me about my breast is that I have bra rolls on the side and that really bugs me. The weight causes severe back pain and bad posture because they're too big. I'm now a 40DDD-G. I want to be a full C and my reasoning for getting a implant is to achieve upper pole fullness.

I'm really considering if I want Contreras to do my rhinoplasty. I love the profile of his work, but not the front facing view. My main focus of this rhinoplasty is to narrow my bridge and get definition. If I don't let him I will get it done in the states or the Philippines in May of 2015.

Flight book and update

So as a few of you dolls know I will be going to DR for my second round of surgery. I will be going to get a nose job, breast reduction with lift and implant. I want to be a full C or D cup. I want breast implants because all the reductions with lift look so boxy. I want a round and perky effect on my new breast. And last but not least aggressive arm lipo.

I won't be going to Yily this time. I can wait for my 2nd bbl. Its not such a disappointment. My main focus is my face and upper body. Then in May after my vacation to Aruba. I'll go to Yily for my bbl. I do plan on having surgery 4-5 months apart, Until I'm satified. After my second bbl in May I don't see any need to get anything else done.

I'm only staying for 4 nights. I wasted so much time and money down there last time. I'm very resilient so I was able to do everything on my own. So no need to stay down there. I booked my flight with spirit airlines and it was $398. Unfortunately, I have connecting flights. The direct flights were double the price though. So I'll try to push through. Im flying in on February 9th - 13th. I wanted to be back for V-day.

I don't really need to buy a whole bunch of supplies. Only my upper body compression garment and medicine. I have so many things left over from round 1. I haven't booked my recovery home yet. I'll update.

I'm too excited and been in this really good place lately. Can't wait to show you ladies and gents my results.

Reading is fundamental.

I hate repeating myself. I truly do take the time out to write these updates. Please read what I'm saying first and then if you have any questions I'll be glad to ask. I have aleast 50 emails asking me who I went to and things I already posted.

I'm having second thoughts about Yily

After doing my research. I'm not a fan of Yily breast lift. They're coned shaped. And I can't. This second time around things need to be just like right. So my original surgeon Baez has the best breast in DR from what I hear and see. She said she would give me a discount for the incovenience in October. This will be my last time going to DR for work. So I want to play it safe.

Hell I'm confused as a bat in daylight. I'll let y'all know the day prior. Lol so many thoughts and such little time. Less than 3 weeks to plan.

I am staying at silhouette recovery house. The owner angela seems really cool. I definitely like her so far. I'm staying in a thriple room for $75 a night. Her communication seem to be A1. I can't complain........yet lol

Oh snap...

Baez is booked for February. "Kisses" Got damn it. Back to round one.

photo update/ wish picture

Where at V.S. where I want to be.

DO NOT use BellaVita and Update

I'm not one to bash, but I'm sharing my personal experience. I recently had a change of heart after seeing the work in Colombia and I wanted to go. After reaching out to them several times in order to obtain a quote from doctors they promote. I got no response; I mean from email to WhatsApp. No response. My money is not funny and I had not problem to paying them. They're communication is so off. I'm like your lost if you don't want my business for your services. They can be on IG all day, but can't respond to a email requesting payment info. Anyways...

I don't chase people down to take my money. Moving on...

So I won't be changing my ticket to go to Colombia and so DR is still in full effect. I'm just researching doctors. I have a week until round 2 and I don't know who I'm going to. Yily's breast work is still sketchy to me.

I'm interested in Dr Molina and I'm currently waiting on a quote from him.

Signed confused 2.0

I'll be taking updated pictures of myself before I leave.

I don't know what doctor I want to go to. It's so many to choose from and I want optimal results. I don't want to go back for another bbl and I don't want to leave botched. This is breaking my piggy bank. I don't want to spend too much money down there. Everyone is quoting me 4500 for breast and bbl...


$4500 - Surgery (bbl, lipo including arms, and breast reduction with implant and lift)
$700 - Veneers (top 6 teeth) and whitening
$498 - Flight roundtrip Atlanta to DR
$225 - Recovery home (Gianna's RH)
$0 - supplies last round

New pre op pictures

Contreras is doing my breast lift/ reduction, lipo, bbl. I told him my concerns and he told me that he would address these issues with this second round. Arms are ridiculously big. And I need to be contoured. And he gave me a returning patient discount that I can not refuse.

Nothing is packed. I've been working like a mad woman! I'll do everything on Sunday.

My surgery is three days away. I'm too excited. I really hope I get everything I deserve. Deserve meaning paid for.

I'll update y'all when I get there! Thanks for all the support guys.


What a experience

"I'm stressed, I'm scared, and I'm starting to regret things. I really want to go home. I will update in more details when I get home. I'm only here for 5 days. May God be with me."

This was the note I wrote to myself minutes after my first interaction with Gianna Colombo. She was late picking me up from the airport on the 9th. So many people walked up to me asking if i was with a recovery home and that i should go with them. Dangerous!!!! Red flag!!!! Something told me that I should just wait. Some lady who happens to be Gianna asked me if I was here for recovery I asked her name and she confirmed.

I had to pay for my taxi rides because her car broke down and she would be losing money if she paid for them. Okay moving on. I was getting my veneers done and she charged me $10usd to go down stairs for a ham and ketchup sandwich. Like seriously... So Contreras didn't show up to our appointment and she FLIPPED because of that and started cussing and telling me how much of a bad doctor he was and I shouldn't go to him. That was the unwarranted stress of my first day in DR.

Contreras told me that I had to be at the clinic 7am to go to surgery the next day and she told me that she wasn't gonna to take me until 8am because he's always late and thats the time surgery is. Her energy was rude and unpleasant the whole time. I didn't read much reviews on her before I left but should have. She doesnt really speak English.

Here's the kicker... I had to stay in the clinic for 2 days and she said that I was suppose to pay her for the two days I was away. She made this big fuss like I was trying to scam her out of $150usd. I'm like that's not how other recovery homes do it. She went on and on and we couldn't come to an arrangement so she kicked me out and told me I had to find and pay for a taxi. She promises 5 massages in her special and I got none. She only answers WhatsApp when its benefits her.

I had one of the "nurses" call a taxi that charged me $40usd to take me to the airport. I didn't know this taxi driver at all. He could have been anybody. I had to stand up for 2 hours waiting on my flight to check in after having major surgery. Rhinoplasty, breast reduction and lift, lipo and bbl. I couldn't buy my faja while I was down there because she took the rest of my money and I had to pay for all of my taxi rides. I went to the airport swollen and in pain. I was practically on a nervous break down.

She owed me $50usd being that I overpaid her with my deposit of $200. I only stayed 2 days in the house and she's saying I owe her $175+

Ladies this could have ended so badly for me. I could have gotten kidnapped, beat up, raped, robbed, etc. Understand the risk that you take when you travel aboard with little knowledge of their language. WE PUT OUR TRUST IN THESE PEOPLE. Make sure you are in communication with your family and friends. Contact the embassy to let them know where you're staying and most importantly be cautious. Bring extra money! Bring extra money! And bring extra money just in case you run into a rotten tooth scam artist like this one. These people are about one thing and that is money. They think because were from america were rich. That's not the case. I'm truly shook up from this experience and makes me really consider traveling without protection or a friend.

So I texted her to let her know I was uncomfortable and pissed from how she treated me after I paid my money. She said they her and her husband should have robbed me and killed me. Don't fuck with these people. Please be safe.

Any questions ask them!

Surgery update coming soon


Round 2 update (rhinoplasty, breast lift/ reduction, bbl)...

I will do a updated ethnic rhinoplasty review on my experience. I want to put this out being that its not really talked about in our community. A lot of people want to get it done, but don't have the proper resources. Keep a eye on that.

The breast lift is your typical anchor scar lift/ reduction and the bbl is much better this time.

Gianna Colombo is still very unprofessional and very dangerous. She responded to a review I made about her with profanity and she looks really bad. If you don't want to get robbed, killed, threatened, and abused please don't go Dream barbie recovery house. I also woke up with a really bad rash on my neck after staying there.

Trying to remain positive ????

I'm going to Colombia June 22 to get all of this fixed. I already booked my ticket. I begged Contreras to fix this and he agreed weeks later. After careful consideration, he will not lay another finger on me. I won't and cant risk any more fuck ups.

My nose came out perfect after the use of steriod cream. I had a keloid on the side of my nose and asked him should I use steroid cream. He told me no, but I did it anyways it helped with my swelling and the keloid disappeared. I follow some of his rhinoplasty patients and they're so depressed after he butchered their nose. I don't know how mines came out right. I'll do a more in depth review on that when I have time.

My body is much better than the first round. I do feel like he could have achieve this in round one and during this round two he could have lipo more areas.

He didnt touch my arms for some reason this is the main reason I why I went. I don't see why they weren't done. It bothers me so much. I don't want to have a sleek body with huge arms it doesn't make sense.

I do feel like Colombia will give me the results I desire they have amazing doctors down there that offer procedures you won't find in DR.


°breast implants with the removal of dog ears and scar revision
°Ab sculpture with possible mini tummy tuck and muscle repair
°Full body HD lipo
°Round three bbl (fill in hips and dents)
°calf implants

Quote- $5300-6000

Colombia here I come!!!

I booked my ticket and as always I'll keep y'all updated.

Quick Round 3 update.

So I changed my mind about colombia after I purchased my plane ticket. It didn't really seem english friendly and I didn't want to be lost and stranded in a foreign country. So I went back to Dominican Republic for dog ear removal, implants, and arm lipo. I went to a new doctor called Manon. I received 360cc implant. I stayed for like 3 days. Spirit messed up my recovery day stay with a unexpected delayed flight with caused to be late for my next flight. I had to spend the night in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It was actually quite refreshing. I got to relax, meditate, reflect, and regroup. Us vets know how important that is before surgery. He did a good job on my boobs, it seems the internal sutures we placed to closely to my superficial skin which caused spitting which led to horrible scarring. I will post updated photos of before and after.


I plan on going back to manon for a scar revision, arm lipo and upper body lipo, plus a vaginaplasty. He quoted me $2,800. I will be staying 8 days for scar post op care. He will be using nylon suture this time and then take them out this time. I will be going on March 26. Next month... Hopefully this will be the final and last round.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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