Going to become a Pantoja Doll in 2016!

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I have been on RS for years now...I finally got a...

I have been on RS for years now...I finally got a good enough job where I would be able to save up. So I have decided to go after NFL season ends....so around April 2016.

I have been looking at Durans work for along time. I have sent her an email but have yet to hear from her....any advise on how to get ahold of her?

I am the mother of 7 sons...ages 9 to 21. I will be 38 at the time of my surgery so I am excited to look good before I turn 40! I am going to have a TT, BBL, Lipo, BA and see if she can put some fat around my whoohaa. Currently I am 210lbs and I am 5'3". I do carry my weight well and have some curves but I am far from where I want to be. I am going to try to get down to 185 by surgery. I don't wanna lose too much cause I want atleast 1000cc - 1200cc in each cheek. I am going to start waist training. I am buying my 1st latex vest next week.

I told my bf of 3 years that he can help choose my butt as long as I dont look like K Michelle or Nikki Minaj...lol...He is an ass man. He loves me the way that I am now though.

I'm super nervous about the whole thing but am so excited too. I wish the Dr's here in the US did as good of a job and were as affordable as the Dr's in the DR. I would feel a little better being closer to home.

My BF wants to come with me, but i don't know if it's a good idea. (he has never even seen me use the bathroom lol) Any thoughts from you ladies on that?

Anyways I just wanted to introduce myself. I will add my pics and wish pics soon.

Decided to change Dr's.

I could never get a response back from Duran for a quote. I have been no stop talking with Dr. Edgar Contreras and he is great! I love his work and he is a sweetheart. I am going to go with him at this stage in my decision making.

Changed Dr's Again....But for the last time!

I am so exited to go to Correa! Colombia here I come. I will be going in Feb 2016 with one of my good friends, we are getting the same procedures done and it's better to travel together. I can't wait! How many Correa dolls are out there? What RH did you stay at? Did you have a consultant? Let me know. I have so much research left even though I have been researching for years, but now it is coming down to the wire....6 months to go! YAY! Finally will have the body I have always wanted!

Changed to Dr. Sergio Alvarez in Miami!

Well so much has happened since I have posted last...I am usually on IG (MixedDoll2016).
I am not going to DR or Colombia for my 1st round. I am actually staying in the states and have
decided to go with Dr. Sergio Alvarez at Image in Miami. I will be leaving in 10 weeks and can only hope and pray that everything goes well. Round 2 will be in DR with Cabral for sure :)

I still have some weight to lose before I leave so I am working on that now!

Dr. Carmina Cardenas it is!!

Well I know just a week ago I said I was going to goto Florida. Well that has all changed. I can't see myseld spending all that money and not get the procedures that I want. So I found the most amazing Dr in TJ, Mexico and she is going to be doing my TT, BBL and Lipo for me. Dr. Carmina Cardenas. I am so excited to goto her. Honestly I feel so comfortable with her and she is such a sweetie! So now I just have to drop 50lbs. I am starting my cleanse tonight. Pray for me that it works. I have 2.5 months to drop it! No big Christmas/New Years dinner for me this year :(

Where are the Dra. Cardenas (TJ, MX) Vets or future Dolls that are scheduled?

Seeing Dra. Cardenas doesn't have an Instagram account, I would really love to read more about your past, current or future experiences, pics and surgery. I am scheduled for March 1st! I can't wait!

I needed MORE!

I had to really thing about what I wanted....and I want a flat stomach and a big butt! So I have to go with Dr. Pantoja. Cardenas is amazing! BUT, she said she could maybe only be able to put 700cc in each cheek. That isn't what I want. And if I am going to spend all this $$ I need to get what I want. So now I am scheduled for March 2nd with Dr. Pantoja at 9am with a 2pm OR time. My bf is coming with me (he insisted) and we are going to stay at the City Express across the street from his office.

25 days til I leave too see Dr. Pantoja!

I can't believe it's right around the corner! I feel like I am not ready, even though I have been preparing for awhile now. I only need a couple more things to take with me (Chux and Boppy Pillow)
I will be traveling with my boyfriend, we are staying at the hotel across the street from Dr. Pantoja's clinic. I am so nervous!! I go on Sat to run my labs and see where my hemo and everything is at. I am not looking forward to having the epidural as I am scared of needles going into my back. I already have back problems as it is.
I'll post my before pictures when I get to the hotel as I am still in the process of losing weight. I am almost to my goal...11lbs to go!

I wish everyone a safe journey! If your a Pantojas Doll, let me know so we can follow each other!
I am also on IG :)

Everything is in place...just counting down now!

Thanks to a fellow Pantoja Doll, my hotel is booked at City Express Rio for 9 days! It was the last big thing to do. Everything else is done. I just want to focus on relaxing my body and mind before we fly out on the 28th. Tomorrow I am getting my labs run from my PCP, and send those to Pantoja.

A Few Wish Pics

I haven't uploaded my personal pics yet because on RealSelf you can't delete anything. So I will probably upload my before pics the day before I go into surgery. But in the meantime, I will post my wish pics.

Lets try this again....

I haven't uploaded my personal pics yet because on RealSelf you can't delete anything. So I will probably upload my before pics the day before I go into surgery. But in the meantime, I will post my wish pics.

Wish Pics

Ladies, I hope that this works...Wish Pics

Current Pre Op Pics

Stats as of 2/6
Height 5'3"
Weight 210lbs
Chest : 40
Waist : 38
Hips : 48

My goals : 36-28-48

My weight loss in 1 month

I came across this product on Instagram and I was shocked by the results, so I did some more research and ordered it. I got 1 starter package for $70, it lasts 1 month. I lost 24lbs and 2 pants sizes in a little over a month. You can see my tummy went down tremendously.

I wanted to share cause I totally believe in this stuff. The website is www.thebodyshotbar.com and the Instagram is @thebodyshotbar_

Packing for the trip... 13 days til I leave!

I'm pretty sure I have everything I need. My BF is nervous about taking care of me, but I am sure he will do a great job. My Best Friend just landed this morning in the Dominican, she has surgery scheduled with Cabral on Wed. I am so excited for her!

6 more days til I leave to see Pantoja! Sx is on the 2nd!

I am getting a little nervous now. I leave Sunday for San Diego. It seems like the days are just going quickly. My Best Friend had sx with Cabral last Wednesday and she looks amazing. He did a tummy tuck on her and lipoed her tummy too. I'm a little jealous seeing they don't do that in Mexico or the US. Maybe I can convince Pantoja to let that cabula slide a little into my tummy region lol.

I'm all packed. I don't need anything else. Now I'm going to start juicing and do a liquid diet before I leave. I don't want to gain any weight this last week or get my blood sugar out of control. I craved sugar everything for some dumb reason this past weekend. I can feel the heaviness.

Praying for a flat tummy and a fat ass!!

Anyone wanting to go to Cardenas? Let's make a deal!

Ladies who are interested in Cardenas.. I already paid my deposit and I'm willing to let it go for less than ($500) what I paid. I decided to go with Pantoja. I love Cardenas but I couldn't lose as much weight as she wanted me to. So if your interested, or know someone who is just let me know. :)

I'm at the Airport Girls!

Flying into San Diego...going to hang out with family until Tuesday then head to the hotel in TJ. Can't wait to meet all you Pantoja Girls! Let's Do This!

I'm here in Mexico Girls!! City Express Rio Hotel

Just wanted to let you know we made it here safely. I'm going to head over to Pantoja's office to make sure everything is good to go for tomorrow.

2 Days Post Op

Hi Ladies, Today is the first day I feel good enough to post. I am back in the hotel now. I'll try to catch you all up to speed.

3/2 - Arrived at Dr. Pantojas office at 9am sharp. There they got some info from me, went upstairs to do labs, Nadia took my before pics, Dr. Sanchez did my EKG and I was good to go. Then we meet with Dr. Pandoja, he is so caring and sweet. He took me in the room and marked me up, said I would look great and I would be second for surgery. The nerves hit a little but I was okay. Nadia took us up to my room. It's so clean in there. My BFF keep saying how clean everything was and he is OCD about cleaning lol. Then about 1:30pm they took me into surgery.
Dr. Mario was there and the Anesthesologist. I didn't even feel the needle go in my back. Then I was out... I think I felt the canula on my back and hearing 80's music in the background. I remember being flipped over, but that's all. I was done about 5pm or so.
3/3 - The am started off good then went downhill around 10am. My hemo dropped from 14 to 9. I was dizzy and my heart rate and blood pressure dropped quickly. Dr. Pantoja was right there and ordered 3 pints of blood. They got there around 1pm and he had them in me quickly. He and the staff hoovered over me the entire time. I felt safe and in good hands.

3/4 - Today I got up, Carolina helped me take a shower and Dr. Pantoja and Carolina helped put on my faja. Now I'm back at my hotel.

I can't see much or know what my body looks like. I'm so swollen it's crazy.

Sorry that I have been MIA Ladies :(

I am 7 months Post Op now. I am ready for Round 2! Sorry I haven't posted any pics post op, but I had a long recovery. Dr. Pantoja is freaking AMAZING! I will be going back to see in in 2017 to finish me off. I have all my pictures and story on IG. My name is PANTOJADOLL2016.
Dr. Salvador Pantoja

I can't say enough about Dr. Pantoja and his staff. He is so caring and attentive. I will be going back to him for a round 2! If you want an amazing doctors and great care, he is where you go!

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