Newly Divorced Starting The Chapter Of My Life!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

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It is with great enthusiasm that I say hello to...

It is with great enthusiasm that I say hello to past and currently waiting BBL Dolls! I'm so glad that I can start to share my journey with you all, like so many of u have shared with me. I feel that the only people who relate and understand are all of you. My surgery is scheduled with Dr. Molina in the Dominican Republic on February 23rd. I'm completely this journey on my on by choice. It's something that I want and need for myself after a long and bitter divorce battle. I'm extremely happy now and ready to fine tune my body. I stopped working out and lifting because of the stress of the divorce and got flabby and loss muscle definition. Thank God I only gained about 5lbs! I'm 5'4 145lbs and ready to look good naked again. I will be keeping a relevant detailed account of my journey and I hope it will help, as many of you helped me get to this point. Wishing you all good health and success with whoever you choose!

The Infamous Before Pics And Wish Pics!

This my body in its current state at 141lbs. I would like full back lipo, inner thighs, flanks, stomach, and inner arms.

Current body and wish pics!

Trying it again, pics didn't download the first time!

On My Way!!!

Decided to get pesos from the travelers exchange in the airport when I got to Atlanta. Didn't let my bank no ahead of time I needed them so wasn't able to get it before. I exchanged $600.00 which came out to $23,200.00 in pesos. If u exchange $600 and over there isn't a fee and u can exchange what's left upon your return, except for coins. Dr. Molina's clinic is closed on sundays so I will be meeting him first thing tomorrow morning.

Pesos pic

The pic of the pesos didn't load. I think I have to dump some stuff out of my phone

Out Of Surgery Ladies!!!

So blessed and thankful to God! I just got out of surgery about 30 minutes ago and I feel fine. Breast a just a little sore and I'm trembling could be affects of the anesthesia or just that I'm always cold and everywhere I've gone the AC was on 50.

Finally A Good Night's Rest!!!

I read on another dolls page that this pillow helped her along with the boppy and I'm a witness to it. I struggled the whole duration of my stay in the DR. Got home last night and didn't get up to adjust my body once. If u have space in your luggage u should definitely pack it. Also things I didn't use, the antibacterialwipes, ointments (if u get massages at the clinic u don't need any the DRa Lozano=Molina's wife will tell u to go and shower as soon as u get back so the wounds want get infected), the big underwear I never used one pair, surgical dressings(they clean and dress u at the clinic), the puppy pads u don't need if your going to the clinic, u don't need depends u need the pee ez, I always made it to the toilet no matter how long it took me, I didn't use laxatives I ate veggies and drank milk with chocolate boost mix, I didn't want my luggage to be heavy so I bought the powder formula and those pretty much helped use it daily with ease, I brought 12 tank tops and used none, they give u a tank after surgery and I had my nurse wash it every couple of days, I preferred their tank over any of mine. It was an actual long white tank, if u r taking vitamins just take along only the daily dosage for your stay there. U need a jacket at the clinic they keep it quite cold, big thirst are easier for them to get on and off. I took maxi dresses that were way to tight. If u go to Molina I can't stress enough about your own compression socks, u definitely will need them at the recovery house for swelling and on the plane home. I brought two different types, don't purchase the black ones purchase ones that actually say medical compression socks. These are white opened at the toe and come up to the knees. I wore one pair of flip flops and used the tennis shoes I wore there only to fly back home. Also I didn't need the travel safe at the recovery home I stayed in, their beds have drawers that lock which they give u the keys to, my valuables were perfectly secure at Venus. If I think of anything else I'll let u all know. Ohhhhh one very important thing Do Not Buy Any Post Surgical Garments! I didn't and I was glad I didn't waste my money, they will put u in your first garment and then go from there, u can't gage what size u will be before or after surgery. I didn't get my stage two until yesterday before departing from the clinic. I started with a small and I want put the stage two xxs on until the weekend.


Loving my results, everyday I look better and I'm getting a lot of wows and compliments from family friends and especially my guy.

Over 3wks

Feeling And Looking Great
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

He's very professional and has a true concern for his patients health.

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