New Me!!!! TT,Lipo,Bbl Dr.Medina - Dominican Republic

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So my journey begins!!!!...I've done my research...

So my journey begins!!!!...I've done my research an Im very happy to say Ill soon be a Medina Doll!!!!...Im so excited an a bit nervous at the same time. I research Dr.Augustina Baez also but no response. I sent my deposit to Dr.Medina my SX will happen in January 2016. Im looking into RH there's so much information an its a bit scary not knowing which one to choose. I thinking my choice is My Recovery Home if any of u dolls have any info on that PLEASE let me kno

Recovery House On Lock!!!!

I've made my decision on RH (my home recovery) deposit made!!!...Ive read reviews an it seems around this time of year(January 2016) recovery houses get booked least the good ones from what i read. Hoping i made the right chioce Dr.Medina also recommended it as well. Im sure she wouldn't recommend one of her own Dolls to a recovery house that is not sanitary ect.

Wish Pics!!!

Starting Getting My Supplies!!!!

I've started getting my supplies!!!!...I hear it can get pretty expensive and overwhelming, i dont what to forget anything!!!!! I buy it...throw it in a tote and ill sort it out later.

????No Smoking????

Im very happy to say its been 2weeks since Ive smoked a cigarette...The 1st three days were the hardest but I made it thru!!!! I Think its mind over matter now....Im actually saving extra money it was going to cost me an extra $600 for treatments if i smoked.

More Supplies!

More Supplies

Count Down Begins!!!

Count Down Begins 60 days until my SX Im so excited!!!!...Im expecting time to fly by being that the holidays will be keeping me occupied...Has any of u dolls purchased your meds there????...Im curious about pain meds

20 More Days!!!

In 20 more days ill be transformed!!!!...Getting all my medical paperwork in order an packing


Wondering if anyone can give me any information on a 2nd stage garment...i hear if i purchase in DR its expensive but im not sure of what compression to purchase if i buy it before....Im leaving for DR in 14 days

7 More Days!!!!

In 6 Days Ill be leaving for DR...Now its beginning to seem unreal. All my things are packed and ready to go!!!!

Its Real 4 More Days!!!!

In 4 More Days ill be leaving for DR!!!!...My surgery is scheduled for Monday 18th...I'm all packed an ready to go! Im very nervous but at the same time just ready to get it over an see the new me...The next time you dolls hear from me ill be at the airport!!!!

On My Way!!!!

So im on my way to the airport!!!! My SX is tomorrow im very nervous. Ill keep u guys posted!

Im Here!!!!!

Update!!!! CECILIP

5:30am George is here at RH to pick me me up an take me to Cecilp....I walked in an i absolutely love it...I was taken to my room(love it)...The nurse gave me paperwork to fill out...she place my IV in after she took me down to cardiologist got cleared for's a few pic

Made It To The Flat Side!!!!

Thanks for the prayers Dolls!!!!...I Made it thru.... How lets do this recovery thing...Lol


For those who had a Bbl an Tt at the same did u stay off ur butt at the recovery house in the bed..... i have a bbl pillow but it jus seems impossible for it not to touch the bed im afraid im going to loose my Bbl

Recovery House

Absolutely Love It!!!!!

4weeks Post-Op

Hello Dolls!!!!!....Im currently 5 Weeks Post-Op.. the recovery process is real I'm still a bit bruised and swollen here are a few pics of me at 4 weeks post op
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Loving Dr. Tania Medina already her response has always been in a timely manner...Where others im still waiting on a qoute!!!

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