Carbral Vixen Coming Soon!!

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Hey Everyone I'm Asha and new here to this...

Hey Everyone I'm Asha and new here to this community I am a hardworking twenty-one year old single mother to a beautiful little girl and I am looking to get that dream body. I was heavy set for most of my middle school and high school years I dropped almost 100lbs ad gained little more than half of it back after having my daughter still on my weight loss journey and hope to drop 50 or more by my surgery date which I am going to set for December hoping to get bbl , breast lift and lipo in back and arms and tummy. I have done a little research and don't know where to begin and I am hoping to get a little guidance I plan to take this time to save the money and lose weight and prepare...I so far am interested in travelin abroad for my surgery possibily DR I've looked into Yily and Durean and I am leaning towards Yily to give me my goal which is the pic below and avi. I have contacted both Yily and Duran but have not received any response, does anyone know how long they take typically and if I contacted the right contact info? Well Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to chatting with you ladies and getting the goal bodies we all want:) Thanks in advance

More research

I also am looking into Cabral he has been the only one who has responded and his work outside of the negative press is impressive he quoted me 4500 so looking into him as well my sx planned date will not be until the end of the year hopefully between October and December so I can get most of my healing done before summer so in the meantime I will update with my weight loss journey want to drop 50-60lbs are few of my wish pics

Still no reply?:/

I still have no reply from Yily or Duran I sent like 5 different emails in english and Spanish to all of the emails I have gotten for the doctors can anyone help me out or is the turn around time usually like that?

I think I'm going with Cabral.....

I resent another email to Yily just to try again but I'm stating to lean towards Cabral but we shall see I actually think my results will be more wow with Cabral

Wish Pics

Just updating with a variety of wish pics!!!
Once my incomen comes in I will be able to put down a deposit so far im going with Cabral

Cabral is my official choice and Deelishis is my official goal

So it's official I'm going with Cabral he has gotten back to me prompt I followed his instagram and am absolutely in love with his work and have conversed with someone who has gone to him I will be calling tomorrow to set my date I think I want to push it to December so I can take the winter to heal and be ready for next summer....... I have chosen an official vixen Deelishis who I'm hoping to get similar results to (not as extreme) ill add some more wish pics ill add my pics and measurements after I talk to Cabral!!!!! So excited just want to get this going!

Wish pic crazy:P

I'm not going to lie I'm a little obsessed but I just want my dream body and when I'm determined I get what I want

Scheduled with Cabral Nov. 24th

Whoohoo!!!!! I am scheduled for Cabral on Monday November 24th I got a quote for BBL, TT, and Lipo for 4500 but I want to add a BL so Im guessing around 5800
I emailed him to get the full estimate....The good thing was no deposit was needed to schedule ......Was told by his assistant to eat healthy and to call around the time of my apt will be looking for flights and and start getting my list together and recovery housesI want to start paying for everything im going to need now so I wont have to worry later I'm too excited

Just keeping myself relevant :)

Hey ladies I'm still a little ways from my date but still none the less excited I am going to Cabal on Nov 24th have been following his ig and his work is absolutely amazing I'm going to update with my pics also pic before baby then now and my ultimate goal pictures hopefully he can get me close to it which I don't doubt we'll good luck to you ladies dates who are coming up closer and to all who have a little bit of time like me
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